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First I want to thank all of you for sharing your...

First I want to thank all of you for sharing your experiences. Until I found this site, I didn't know it was possible to remove the implants without being deformed, which is what my PS told me. I wanted to share my experiences as you have all been so kind to share yours.

I have had three sets of implants. The first set was put in in the early 80's. Saline. I was always very flat chested and discovering breast implants was like a dream come true for me. However, the minute I saw them, right after the operation, I hated them. They looked weird, they felt fake, and I asked the PS to take them out, but he said I would hate my body again and I should just live with them. Being young and naive, I did just that.

They broke about one year later. My then-husband said if I didn't replace them, he may not stay. Again, insecure and naive, I replaced them, this time with silicone, and this time the PS went bigger, even though I asked for smaller. Again I hated them. And the then-husband left me anyway.

I developed cc in the worst way over the years. That set of implants were in over 20 years. I finally got the courage to seek out a PS to remove them. I still got the lecture that I would be deformed and they showed me some awful pictures to prove it. I agreed to be reimplanted, but with smaller sizes, 200cc. They actually looked great and I was happy for a while, still feeling fake but at least I wasn't deformed.

Recently I have been thinking of my age and my health. My health is great and I want it to stay that way. Also, the implants started to get firm again, and both looked different. I decided that I would do a little research and I found this site. All of you look so amazing after explantation that I went back to the PS and said take them out. She agreed.

I had my surgery Sept. 19, about 5 days ago. It was an easy surgery, no complications. And I feel wonderful! I love the way I look too, I have my real body back and I am walking on a cloud! Yes, I am flat, and yes I am sagging, but I am so happy I finally got those fake plastic balls out of my body. They are small, but they are soft and warm.

My husband thinks I look fantastic, by the way. He is extremely supportive, the kind of guy who looks to the inside of a person as opposed to the outside. He said he doesn't understand why women would do that to themselves, put in fake breasts. I told him he is a rare breed of man!

I want to share something else with you all. Someone on this site recommended the Handful bra. I have already bought 5 of them! They are fantastic. Soft, comfortable, no wires, and they have removable pads, pads that are pretty small and flat, but give definition. And you can stick two pads in for even bigger sizing. I would highly recommend these for those of you who are as small as I am. They even look good under tee's. Their website is called and it's a company started by and run by women.

Thank you all again for your frankness and your pictures. It gave me the courage to go through with something I have wanted to do for 30 years. I hope my pictures don't discourage anyone. I feel real and beautiful, and think that I look great for having these things in me for 30 years, not as saggy as the PS said I would be. At 58 years old, I finally have my real self back.

Forgot to mention this: the new Handful Bra now...

Forgot to mention this: the new Handful Bra now comes with adjustable straps. I would recommend that one. It fits much better than the original!

It's been six days now since my removal. No...

It's been six days now since my removal. No changes to speak of. Which is a good thing because any change would mean my breasts were getting even smaller, haha. I still feel great and happy and wish I would have done this years ago.

Shame on all those doctors for making us women feel we would be deformed if we removed the implants. My main regret in this journey is that I didn't appreciate the positive things about my body when I was young, but instead focused on the one negative - small breasts. I have an ok face, a healthy body, good skin, good hair, and if I would have looked closer would have realized I had a cute little body.

Now I have my little body back, but with scars. The first implants went through my nipples. Why on Earth I would allow anyone to cut into my nipples is beyond me. They never looked or felt the same since. The second implants went in under my armpits. The third set went in, and came out, underneath my breasts. They are my battle scars, my battle with my insecurities, and I finally won that war.

Again, I want to thank you all for your stories. They gave me hope and courage. You let me know I was not alone with these fears of removal.

Today is one week since my explant. I still feel...

Today is one week since my explant. I still feel great. I am posting a new picture. The tapes are off and my scars look pretty big and ugly, but my PS went in through the same scars to take the implants out so I wouldn't have two sets of scars. I am sure they will get better with time, and honestly they just don't bother me that much. I feel like my breasts are settling in a bit more, not so dented looking. Still flat, but that's fine with with. There really hasn't been a whole lot of change.

I am feeling so much more like myself again. I never felt right with those implants, even after all those years. I had my little flat chested image in my mind all that time, and then I would look in the mirror and go "oh, yes, that's what I look like now, ugh" It feels wonderful to have my real self image back, and to feel like an individual again, not just some cookie-cutter big breasted woman.

I am going bra shopping today. I have my Handful bra's for when I want to wear my tight tee's and sweaters, but I want some cute little cotton and lacy things too. I am feeling so good about being small again that I may not even wear the padded bra's as much as I thought I would!

Hello everyone. Went for my one-week check-up...

Hello everyone. Went for my one-week check-up today. My PS said I am doing great and I don't have to come back for any more check-ups if I don't want to. She said my scars will heal up just fine. She also said the pockets that were made for the implants will slowly close up too, so maybe my saggy skin will start going away.

I told her that in a month or two when I am fully healed up I want to go back and have her take some pictures of my "after explant" to put in her picture book that she shows women so that women can see that implant removal doesn't always mean deformity. She thought that was a great idea.

On the bra shopping front, I did find a few cute things. Nordstrom is always good for choices. Not much in my AA size. But I did find a couple of lacy bralettes and a couple of soft teeny bra's for when I am feeling brave enough to go out without padding! Which I actually did today!

Update to my love of the Handful Bra. I hate to...

Update to my love of the Handful Bra. I hate to say this, but I put in a big order and out of 5 bras, only two had a good fit, even though they were the same size. And the tanks are way big, and not cute. I feel like I went on and on about the bra's as I had received one and it was so flattering and comfy and cute that I ordered a bunch of them. Well, when the order arrived today and I tried them on I found they all fit different and did not fit me well. I would still promote this bra, because I love the two I kept, but just don't order a drawer full like I did, haha!

Update to Handful Bra: OK, I know I am acting a...

Update to Handful Bra: OK, I know I am acting a little crazy here, but I just had surgery, haha. Anyway, I re-tried on the Handful bra's before sending them back, and they all fit good except two of them. And I have decided to keep the tank tops as well. I have actually lost some weight during my recovery period (I lose weight easily) and everything I own looks a little baggy on me now. I think I was being impulsive in announcing the bad fit on these bra's when in actuality, my body has changed a lot in the last week or so. Anyway, I am keeping most everything I bought. I have been trying on clothing with them today, and I look like my old self, but with my real body underneath it all. Wish I would have just gone with padded bra's years ago.

Still feeling great. Not much change to my breasts. My PS put the tapes back on my "cuts" because she said I wasn't fully healed and they would rub on my bra and maybe open. I can't wait to start exercising again! Another week.

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Did you delete your photos? I can't see any.
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Hey Rosie! Hope you are well! How are you feeling? Do you still have the tape on your incisions?
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My surgery would be more complex than yours Rosie that is why there is such difference in price.
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was told mastopexy 5250.00, explantation 800.00, operating room 2100.00, anesthia 900.00 without implants would look sagging need my implant removed soon had accident
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do not understand why you blocked me You don't have your break down of prices when you just had surgery
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Hi Dawn1221, I just had my implants removed 5 days ago and love it. But, watch out because most doctors will say, "oh, you won't like the shape if you remove, just go smaller". Mine said that, I went smaller and still hated having the implants. So, a year later, I had them removed regardless of what others said about how I would feel. My doctor was wrong - I love my little boobies! Stick with your gut feeling no matter what...
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Hi Dawn, We all got caught up in the idea that we could have bigger breasts! And trust me, we are all worried about what we will look like after removal. I was very worried, but finally decided I didn't care what I looked like, I had to get these things out of my body. You will make the right decision, as NoMoreD says "stick with your gut feeling . . ." Good luck with your doctor appointment!
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Thank you for your post.. I am almost embarrased of the fact I got caught up in the hoopla of implants and went from a cute little body of 115lbs,34A to fast forward 5 years, at 43 years old, I am 130 and have 34d implants. I think about it every day, getting these things removed. They are so uncomfortable. I am going to see a dr. next month. I am just afraid what I will look like afterward. Again thank you. Keep us posted
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Hi Beba! I really haven't had any discomfort. I am healing very fast. I read your story. Don't despair, I have heard it takes a while for the "pockets" that the implants were in to close up, and then your skin should start to firm up. It takes time, especially since you had larger implants. Mine were only 200cc for the third set so my skin had time to shrink in the 7 years they were in (I previously had 300cc in them). I am sure in a short while you will start seeing positive changes!
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Hi Rosie, I am recovering from explantation and wanted to know if you experienced any discomfort in your nipple/areola area. I am getting a lil discomfort sometimes and it feels like a shooting pain inside my breast when I move my arm. Thank u x x ( hugs)
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I saw them and man were they cute but 44 dollars a bra is a little steep for my taste. About 15 dollars for a sports bra is about the most ill do lol.
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I love what you said, "They are my battle scars, my battle with my insecurities, and I finally won that war.". I am still battling mine. Your story is very helpful. Thank you.
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Hi MominCA, good luck with your journey to be implant free!
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An amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing. You look amazing after such a short period of time and from what I have heard it takes about three months before you really start to see the final results. Please keep us posted. P.S. after thirty years I am having my explant after Christmas (my gift to myself).
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Hi Sophie. Wow, another woman with 30 years of implants! Thanks for the kind words. I think that not having much breast tissue is probably helping me heal faster since there is absolutely no weight on my chest anymore! Good luck with your explant. I am sure you will look and feel wonderful once it's over!
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Thanks Rosie2, as I get closer o my surgery I will post before pictures as well as the post op. I feel that your story and outcome was so positive for so many. Actually I just show my husband your before and after pictures and he said he thought you look great and that he preferred the more natural look.
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My husband is thrilled with my natural breasts. I had implants when we married so he never knew the real me. I told him I was very flat chested without the implants and he said "who cares!" He likes me better this way. You sound like you have a great guy, just like I do!!
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You look amazing!
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Hi Elle, thanks, but I wouldn't quite say amazing, haha. But not too bad for having implants for 30 years. I feel really good and love having my "real" body back. But it's a skinny and flat body!! I just don't have the self-consciousness I did when I was in my 20's so it's not all that important anymore to have that perfect body. Being healthy is more important now, and the thought of having to deal with operations on my breasts the rest of my life (if they rupture, if they get cc, etc) is just about the least appealing thing I can think of!
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You look really good. I am amazed. I love everything you said. I only had mine for 5 weeks when I explanted.
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Hi 4vanity! Gosh, I wish I had been able to explant after one week! The PS said, "what do you think those are, zippers. Live with them, you will grow to like them" I was in my 20's and I went home in tears. You are lucky you explanted early.

I read your profile and I have to tell you, I look OK when I am standing up straight, but when I lean over or sleep on my side, my skin goes into puddles too. Supposedly that gets better over time.
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You give me hope! I would like to have mine removed after 4 yrs and two pregnacies they look and feel bad. Soo saggy too. Wish j wouldn't have gotten them. Hope to have mine removed next yr and hope to do it with just local . I don't want general again.
Thank you , you look great!
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Go for it Cbus! If they don't work for you, it's time to say goodby to them! Good luck!
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Hi Rosie

You look fantastic! X
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Thanks Lainey, so do you! We all look so much better without the plastic, don't we!
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