Lolli lift with down sized implant

Hi everyone I'm somewhat new to this site but love...

Hi everyone I'm somewhat new to this site but love all of your reviews, they are so helpful.
I'm 5'3 122 and need some extra love in the cheeky area ! After kids is just not the same.
I'm nervous about picking the right Doc to do the job and get the results I want. I'm picky
and want the best ...don't we all!
I've been reading reviews and have some ideas but just not sure yet.
Time will tell. I'm planning on getting my BBL in January in case I need to gain more weight. I'm about 5 pnds over now and trying to loose it i just don't seem to have the motivation or time. I gain it on my belly and love handles ;( hate it !
I would recommend Dr. Kenneth Hughes on the Cali, Dr. Wilbert Cortes in Tx, Dr. Jimerson in atlanta, Dr. Salamas n Dr. Perry in fla. If u want to go outside of the states I would recommend Dr.Yily, Dr. Duran, Dr. Baez they are in the Dominican Republic. I hope this is helpful these are the top Dr's that some of the bbl's are using. With Dr. Jimerson he is booked for the next yr but his work is very good it all depends on what u looking for and the money u want to spend on the surgery. Good luck on ur journey.
Thank you - Who did you go with?
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