Concerned About Injections to Dissolve Stitches After Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

I am happy with how one lower and one upper turned...

I am happy with how one lower and one upper turned out. I did it because I had excess skin on upper lids and hollow dark circles under eys. The post op brusing was very bad. I looked like I was beaten and the brusing lasted for several weeks.

I had upper & lower eyelid surgery in June. Was told that any scars would be hidden in the creases of eyelid. Surgeon told me that he used dissolvable stitches and that they haven't completely dissolved yet. In mid-January he will inject something to make the stitches dissolve. I am worried that it may be worse if I do this...what do you think? What else can be done?


I have very noticable scars, on both eyes, after two months later. It looks like I've been in a car wreck. The surgeron had assurred me, there would be not scars. This is not the case with me.
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I am having similar issues. Mine haven't disolved either but it has only been a month and a half post-surgery for me. I think they would have already disolved if they were going to. What are they wanting to inject to disolve? Did the surgeon say if there are any risks to this?
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Hi, some kind of cortizone (sp?) to make it dissolve. No risks that he mentioned. Tiny needle so hopefully limited bruising. I have appt on Thursday. Will let you know how it goes. He only mentioned doing the injection on lower eye area. I am not sure if he can do the injection on upper lid. Stay tuned.....
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Overall he is a good surgeon; some concerns about standing behind his work though (making sure patient is 100% satisfied)

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