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I will be having smartlipo next month and I am so...

I will be having smartlipo next month and I am so excited. I am 5'6 145lbs and have a pooch that just wont go away. I work out a lot but the truth is I lovvve bread ;). Bad but true. I am having my procedure done by one of the top surgeons in NYC. I can't wait to see the results. I also plan to have my bra rolls done at some point later on. I want to see how the smartlipo on my abdomen goes first. I can't imagine that I would be comfortable having both procedures done at the same time, especially when it comes to trying to sleep. I will upload before and after pictures after I have the procedure. Wish me luck real self peeps :)

Luck wished & sent your way, I am still researching doctors, please post as much pictures and feed back as possible.
So far the Dr.S and his staff have been extremely courteous. Dr. S is very knowledgable and he has this way about him that makes you feel comfortable. I did not feel ackward at all during my consultation. I will post a few more pics at some point this week. I will be giving this pooch it's last photo op before we part ways. Lol

Today is the day. I am super nervous but excited...

Today is the day. I am super nervous but excited at the same time. I took my last dose of arnica and an iron pill. I will definitely pop a valium before I go in. I also uploaded my last set of before pics.
Your going to look great !!!!! Keep us posted, and share the pics

Today is the morning after my surgery and I am...

Today is the morning after my surgery and I am sore. It's really hard to move around at this point so you will definitely need help. So far my results are amazing. If I am still swollen, it sure doesn't look like it. I am not oozing much at all. I know some people mentioned having to change their sheets due to oozing but the gauze and tape seem to be sufficient for me. I am really stiff but I guess that comes with the territory of skin tightening. Now about Dr. Shafer, the man is a miracle worker. Not only does he have wonderful bedside manners but he delivers. My stomach looks wonderful and my thighs look a little slimmer as well. I can only imagine what I will look like in 3-6 months. Do yourself a favor guys and go see Dr. Shafer. I promise you will not be disappointed. He is the best of the best. After you visit him..let me know what you think.
P.s. I will post pictures at some point this week.

Day 4- I am feeling much better today. I can move...

Day 4- I am feeling much better today. I can move around more freely now and I am not as stiff. I am swollen today, more than I was the day after the surgery. I look a little lopsided so I've been massaging the bottom of my stomach a bit. I've also started using an ice pack. I am able to wear a smaller pair of my spanx so I am happy about that. I am still taking my arnica and the antibotic. I am only taking the pain meds when I really need them which tends to be at night time.
Glad to read your feeling better, as the day goes by you will look better, and better; I can't wait to see your pictures. I am still doing my research.

almost 3 months post op

I am almost three months post op and I am happy with my results. I am still swelling occassionally, most often after
workouts. I also believe that the
heat is causing me to swell. I
started getting lymphatic
massages and that helps. I can't
wait until I am 6 months post op. In the meantime, I will just enjoy not wearing spanx. The smallest pair I have is a size small and
they are almost too big now. ;)
Hi Macgirl, Glad to hear your procedure went well and you are healing well also! Oh yea! you did pay for a small waist:-)! I've spoken to Dr S and I actually feel pretty comfortable and confident to go ahead with my procedure, hvnt booked a date though. Enjoy your new body!...:-)
Hi Macgirl07, Glad to hear your procedure went well:-) I'm scheduled for a consultation with Dr Shafer for next week, so I'll just like an insight as to how urs went, which procedure did you have? I want to hv smart lipo on my knees/calves/ankles/arms/midsection And also can you put up pics? Needing all the motivation I can get now:-) Thanks!
Chi1- My procedure went very well. I did not have any complications what so ever. I still swell every now and then, especially post workout which is normal as I am 3 1/2 months post op. I continue to see improvements as far as appearance as well as how my clothes fit. I have to wear a belt now with everything which is a good thing. After all I paid for this smaller waist/stomach. Dr.S is great. You will be fine, he will put your mind at ease. Don't worry. He is also very realistic and if he thinks that you may be a better candidate for something else, he will give you his professional recommendation and leave the decision up to you. He is not pushy at all yet he will make you aware of all of your options. I just love him.
Dr. Schafer

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