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I had a TT and lipo to the flanks and I'm sure...

I had a TT and lipo to the flanks and I'm sure that my incision is not healing right at all. It's bulging out swollen and red. It even had black areas in it. I'm very depressed by all this. I hope it heels ok. I see others incisions on here and they are all nice and flat and that's how I expected mine to be.

So I had my 1 week check up this past Monday

And my surgeon said I was fine. But I honestly don't think so as you seen in my picture which was taken a few days ago because it takes a day to activate this a profile on this site. I asked my ps if the skin was dying because of the black areas and he said no but to just clean thoroughly which I have. I just called another ps to get a second opinion and they are gonna call me back to set an appt. here is my today's picture.

I forgot to add

That I'm 10 days post op if it helps any. Also I posted these pictures in the ask the dr sections and the dr that responded said it was normal and I have a small bit of necrosis. That's for all your ladies concern, but I truly don't want a ER trip to night. I'm gonna wait it out until Monday. Hopefully it gets better by then. I'm still on antibiotics and washing it with antiseptic soap. I really hope it gets better. This is so depressing. :(

Ugh this is just plain annoying!

So I had a check up and my dr says I'm fine and the black stuff is just a scab. Ummm I know it's not just a scab. He says it will fall off on its own and that all I need to do is clean it and it is not infected. It may not he infected ok fine but the least he could do is clean it and make it look better rather then just looking at me and saying I'm fine then sending me on my way. I'm really hating all this shit I'm dealing with. It's so annoying.

You can see in my pictures it's looking pretty nasty at this point. I'm so irritated by this process and just annoyed. I still can't stand straight and my leg/thigh where my crease is to my vagina it's all yellow and opening up and that part really hurts. I can feel it stretch and pull when I walk and my panties rub on "crease" and really irritated my skin as you can see in my picture. I have a second appointment with another dr tomorrow at 130 so I will see what he says.

Right now for care I'm just cleaning it and putting neosporain on the wounds with gaze because I have bad drainage. I change that once a day. Oh also take a look at my drain site that got removed today. Yea..one more thing to deal with.

So I dunno what do you ladies think...I think it all looks freaking horrible and I hate it. I wanna cry!

I see the light at the end of this tunnel!

Sooo I saw another ps surgeon the other day and let me just say how I WISH I went with this dr. He was so warm and sweet to me and even gave me a fuzzy feeling inside. Lol the way he spoke to me and listened to what I had to say without interrupting at all (like most dr do) just made me feel more then just a patient. He was very caring to my situation. And answered allllll my questions. Felt like we talked forever. Haha

Anyways he reassured me that I have no infection and that I did in fact developed mild necrosis. He said at this point just leaving it alone and keeping an eye on it is my best bet and to wait until the skin falls off on its own because I have no infection. He believes that I will heal just fine and that I will like my end results. But in the end if I did not like it he could revise my scar, but to just give it some time. He even said my bb was cute. Lol

Pretty much he knew my ps who did my work and tho I could tell he had some personal opinions about him he was professional and kept them to himself. He did say that what I was missing was the reassurance that my ps failed to give me. He also said that he would be willing to see me anytime I wanted with any concerns I may have. But the fact is I'm my current surgeons responsibility by law for the next 90 days. But he wouldn't mind helping me along the way as well.

So with all this good news and all your ladies help I just feel so much better. I feel like I got out of a depression slump and found some strength. That day I saw the second ps I slept in my bed for the first time in weeks, I'm standing up straighter, actually leaving the house now, and just enjoying all of this. I feel good about my body even with my hurdles. I've even put on some make up and some cute clothes. I looked in the mirror and realized I love the way I look!! And I can't wait to be fully healed!!

I just feel really good right now. Lol

So here's the reality of things!!

Sooo besides feeling amazing and living my figure the truth is I'm battling that horrible hole in my tummy and possible openings?! The second ps said he believes I will heal fine but it will just take a bit longer.

Here are my pictures as of today. I warn your they are kinda yucky. But I needed to share so you ladies can see how it's combing. I hope it's looking better in your eyes. Drainage seems like it's been lately and u get sharp pains in some areas.

I'm also bummed because I'm heading back to work tomorrow. Booo I hope I can make it through. I'm a barista.

Wahh :"(

I just don't know what to do anymore!! It's just looking worse to me. Maybe I'm being paranoid but I just feel like it's not getting better and that no surgeon will help me. Whelp!! :((

Wet and Dry method

So last night I started the wet and dry method that you all suggested. I wish I would have done this sooner because I think I see a small improvement from just last night. I know all you ladies had already told me about this and how to do it I just wasn't aware it was an actual from of debridement until after I google how to debridge at home. So far I think it's working. So happy face from me :)

Also I made an appointment with my primary care giver this coming Friday. So if I don't see a major improvement I was see if my dr will write a referral to a wound care center so my insurance can cover my care and see what the wound care facility can do for me. So we will see.

Hope all you ladies have a wonderful weekend and a special thanks to the ladies who reached out to me via messages. I really don't know how I could be getting through this all without all you wonderful members on RealSelf.

Happy healing you all! Xoxoxo

A few extra pics

Here some pics after one night of the wet/dry method. I know it's to soon to tell a HUGE difference but I think I see a small improvement just from the few dressing changes. The green/yellow drainage also is slowing down.

Small improvement

So I've been doing the dry method everyone suggested and changing out every 8 hours or so. Discharge is still yellow and green, but I've noticed less yuck since I've been doing the at home debridement. Now that some if the yuck is pulling up I didn't notice how deep and round my wound is until recently. Kinda scary to say the lease. But there's still a corner where there is a lot of it still in place and it's not coming up just yet. Still keeping my fingers crossed. I even noticed a stitch poking out in the middle of my hole!! Really concerned with that!!

Other then that I'm still super duper numb in a lot of areas and I do have 2 hard lumps by/around the hole. Maybe fat necrosis?

I just can't wait to be healed because this is all pretty exhausting.

Thank you all for your love and support!!

Graphic pics beware

Here's the pics as of now. I'm 3 days post from wet and dry method. You can actually see the stitch in it. I think it looks a little better? What do you all think?

Took an Urgent Care trip last night

And turns out I was indeed infected!! No surprise there to be honest. I had a feeling I had an infection for a few weeks but my ps said if I had no fever, chills, or pain then I'm not so I was just listening to the one with a degree, instead of my own body. So glad I went because now I have antibiotics. Another step closer to full recovery.
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Hi there. I'm going through the same thing but have a big hole in the middle of my abdomen. Been doing wet to dry for 3 days now and I finally stopped crying when i have to pack it. If you have a minute I would love to know how everything worked out for you? Hope all is well. Take care!
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I'm happy to say that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The silver sulfadiazine work great! The wound specialist reassured me that I would see results in a week and I did! I saw my ps about 10 days ago and he said everything seemed fine. I'm still getting lymphatic massages for the swelling. Hang in there !!!
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Hi, I just read about your post TT situation. I am 4 weeks post TT. I too developed a hole after my drain came out and was told that it was fine. They said to wash 2xday and use a blow dryer to make sure it was dry before putting on the dressing. It got worse and then told to continue doing the same thing but to add bacitracin. That still didn't work and I too was also told that I didn't have an infection. Then steri strips were applied 2 times and that didn't work. This week I was given a RX for silver sulfadiazine (used for burns) I still see no progress and today I say my primary physician who was not happy with my wound and referred me to a wound specialist. My appt is tomorrow and I hope he gets to the bottom of this because I am emotionally drained, I'm so depressed and frustrated. I've had to miss another week if work. Sleeping is horrific the swelling and all the skin sensations are so uncomfortable. I've been ting 2 Benadryl and 2 extra strength acetaminophen at night to take the edge off. So now you are 3 months post TT , how are you feeling? How is your incision?
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Hope this last month has had you healing like crazy! Wishing you the best.
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Hey there... Checking on u to see how things are progressing. I hope ur healing
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Been flowing your journey! Checking in on you and hoping your doing better and your recovery is progressing! Wishing you health in the healing process! ;/
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I'm so sorry that this is happening to you! What an ordeal :( I hope that the antibiotics heal you super quick and this will all be over with. Please keep us posted, thanks for sharing. You're in my prayers.
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wow I am just so sorry your surgeon didn't take care of you, I could go on about this but its not my place, glad you listened to your body and went to urgent care, im kind of surprised since you have open wound they didn't have you on antibiotics for precaution and people on this site told you about the wet/dry packing and now you are not sure if stitch will go away or make things worse, so sorry for you going thru this, hang in there, you have listened to your body so far thankfully, keep us updated and take care of yourself............
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Glad you got the antibiotics! What does ur PS say about the stitch? I think sometimes the body rejects them, so if that's what is happening w you then it might need to come out. But it may also be helping hold deeper tissue together? That hole will be a memory in no time!
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Oh yeah u gotta get that stitch out. That may be part of the problem. I had 3 open holes all from popped stitches.. PS says has to come out or hole won't close.
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Really? So the stitches can really cause a problem? Even if it's dissolvable? Kinda scary that I can see a stitch!! Show how deep my hole really is. :(
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You could see a lot of my stitches, they had to be cut out. My holes went all the way down to my fascia right above my organs. Glad you're getting some help now.
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Hey calikat, how many centimeters deep were your holes? Im trying to get a time frame together on how long my hole will take to close up.... it isnt too deep but its wide.
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I'm not sure what the first measurement was but my estimate would be 6cm.  I need to see if I can get my hands on the measurements that the wound clinic took when we were going there.  I do know that they were counting it all as one wound instead of two holes.  I think they thought that I would lose that bridge of skin and tissue that separated the two holes.
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Ahhh that's rough ;((. Hope it closes up soon so you can enjoy your new tummy!!!
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Yea it's been a pain!! I just want to wear cute clothes and not worry about my pants rubbing all on my wounds. Haha
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Looks like its coming along!
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Looks a little better huh?! Super stoked and that's after a few days of the wet and dry method!
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Hope your doing better. I had a hole also not as bad but it took kine about 4 weeks to close. I cleaned it only with water from shower hy letting it run over it and evey other day I dappled a little Proxide miss your water on top beforei applied the bactrim oinment. My doctor had me on bactrim antibiotics also. People also dont know keeping it moist kind of slows down the healing process so even though I cleaned it 2x a day I would lye in the bed with nothing on ot for about 30min every other day.
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Yea at first I was erring my wounds wet from showering but I think at this point it's best for me to not even risk it. I do the wound wash tho between gaze changes and sponge bathing. Lol I feel so yucky! Good thing summer is over and it's chilly where I'm at so I'm not all sweaty. Haha
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Just checking on you. It does appear the hole is looking a little better. Is that yellow part dry and hard?
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I'm not to sure. I think it's stringy but that there's just so much in that corner that it doesn't wanna come up. I was thinking of taking a qtip and seeing if I can pull some out myself. I don't know tho cuz all this grosses me out. Lmao!!
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have you gone to a reg doc.. not plastic surgeon
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Not yet. I do have an appt on Friday for one tho. I wanna see if she will referral me to a wound care center.
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OH, I am soo sorry you have to go through this! Prayers for a quick recovery!
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