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I have wanted a tummy tuck for more than 25 years...

I have wanted a tummy tuck for more than 25 years but have not had the resources to make it happen. Well the time and opportunity has come and I researched many doctors and come across the California Surgical Center Web Sight and liked what I saw. Scheduled my consultation and was satisfied enough to make the commitment to schedule the surgery. So in 12 more days I will undergo a full tummy tuck. I am excited and nervous and I am looking forward to getting it done and getting through the healing process. I am looking forward to feeling better about my body and continuing a healthy and active lifestyle for years to come. I can't wait to pull up a pair of jeans and not have all the loose skin to content with.

No sleep for me tonight. It has been one of those...

No sleep for me tonight. It has been one of those days. 5 days until my preop appointment and 8 days until surgery. I am started to second guess my decision even though this is something I really want to have done. I don't feel like I have a big enough support system even though my husband is attentive he seems distracted and not as connected to me emotionally as much as I would like. Maybe I am just getting nervous about the recovery who knows. Lack of sleep doesn't help matters any. I normally take some over the counter sleep aid to help me relax and fall asleep but with surgery so close I have stopped taking them as I don't want to add anything that may complicate things for my surgery. Just feeling quite lonely and a bit blue with any luck it will pass as they days go by and I will feel better and ready to go when the time comes. Glad to hear many of you are healing with each passing day on your recovery. And for those of you awaiting ... my heart is with each one of you.

Added some more pictures of me before....just to...

Added some more pictures of me before....just to share with you all!! Can't wait to share the ones from the flat side!!

Husband and I both ride our own harley's, he has...

Husband and I both ride our own harley's, he has arranged for us to ride to San Juan Capistrano this weekend and enjoy and outing before my surgery come March 20th. So Friday after my pre-op off we go. It will be great to have a distraction like this before surgery. Plus I won't be riding at all for quite a bit of time after my surgery. And we will be doing quite a bit of walking around to see the sights. So now I just need to keep food choices in a good place.

I am usually dedicated to my work-outs at least 5...

I am usually dedicated to my work-outs at least 5 days per week. However, even though I am getting closer to my surgery date..I have been slacking in that area. But I am happy to say that tonight I had a great work-out and feeling relax and enthusiastic about all the ladies who have had their Tummy Tucks and about all of us waiting our turn. Good night ladies and God Bless

Tomorrow is pre op.... changed my profile picture...

Tomorrow is pre op.... changed my profile picture to something better than my flabby tummy ....you can click on my link to see my pre-op pictures....Can't wait to post the post op ones!!

My big day is almost here. I am not sleeping well...

My big day is almost here. I am not sleeping well at all. I am not the most organized person in the world and I am feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of not being fully prepared. I still have to go pick up my prescriptions which I am somewhat surprised that the PS did not prescribe something like Valium for the night before and the morning of surgery to help keep my a bit more calm. Got antibiotics and Vicodin for pain which I am hoping is strong enough. I feel like crying because I am so emotional about everything. I know it's because of the lack of sleep. I started taking the Arnica and Bromelain this morning as suggested by my PS. I have all the supplies I think I am going to need. House is clean, I still need to get some things from the market. Both my daughters live in Texas and will not be around to help me at all. And each are going through some very stressful stuff in their own lives which only adds to my stress. But I am trying to staying focused and positive. This is something that I have wanted for longer than I care to remember and now it's going to happen and I want to feel excited and happy.

My big day is getting very close ..the day after...

My big day is getting very close ..the day after tomorrow. I have spent the last 24 hours trying to make sure I have all I need to be comfortable. Picked up my scripts from the pharmacy. Got button down PJ's, slippers, a couple of light weight button down gowns, rubber gloves, chapstick, a pad for under me on the bed, some new books to read, a word search book, some sports bras, MOM, baby wipes, throat drops and lots of good stuff from the grocery store. Started taking my Arnica and Bromelain this morning. So for all intents and purposes I feel pretty prepared. Hoping to enjoy some sleep before Wed. and emotionally I feel somewhat less than fantastic but it's full steam ahead! PS office will call me tomorrow with the time of my surgery.

My turn just 14 hours away. Got my call from the...

My turn just 14 hours away. Got my call from the PS have to be at the surgery center tomorrow morning at 7:00 am. I have been overly emotional today and very anxious and I must admit a bit scared ... but nevertheless I am excited to see this journey finally come to life as I lose all the excess skin and join all my sisters on this sight on the flat side. I am prepared as I can be. So wish me luck ladies and I will update when I am on my way and as soon as I can.

Well ladies I am about 18 hours post op. Was in...

Well ladies I am about 18 hours post op. Was in quite a bit of pain when I woke up in recovery. When they got me up I got really dizzy and thought I was going to throw up...nothing came up. They gave me a shot to help with the nausea. Got me in the car and I managed to feel a bit better and got home and settled in my spot. I have quite a sore throat and I am very glad I got throat drops ahead of time. Been drinking lots of water and getting up to pee every couple of hours. Pretty sore and hunched way over. Feel the bellt button and lipo the most CG is very tight and dr. said DO NOT remove or release it. I see him at 11:40 this morning for a post op. 1 and a half hour drive each way. Not looking forward to the drive. Not sleeping as much as ai had hoped and feel pretty good. Hubby has been great. I know he's exhausted. He says I am doing great and is proud of me. Lots if recovery ahead but at this point I am glad I got it done and happy with the Dr., the staff and the facility. Time will tell...

Hello ladies! 2nd day post op...and while it is...

Hello ladies! 2nd day post op...and while it is somewhat challenging...I am so happy to be on this....the flat side of my surgery. I came home right after surgery and it was a bit rough going...dizzy, nauseated and in a significant amout of pain. But it was tolerable so of course I just keep pushing forward to the next day of recovery. My appetite is mnimal drinking protien shakes and smoothies...as they seem to go down the easiest. Drinking my water, staying on top of my meds (antibiotics, pain meds, arnica and bromelain) yesterday I had my 1st preop...70 miles one way in the car...I was wiped out when we got home. But while at the PS office they removed My CG and hubby and I were beyong happy and amazed at the difference. I told the PS he is a miracle worker! He said its just going to get better! I did not see my BB as he keeps it covered for one week. He did say it turned out beautiful! So that made me smile. Last night I was pretty uncomfortable. ..gas pains like nobody's business...and although I was able to pass some and get a bit of relief...I can tell there is a lot more to come..no BM yet...peeing like crazy though and of course I Started my period yesterday (completely off schedule). Emptying drains every 8 hours....about 50 cc from the left and significantly less from the right. Hubby is taking good care of me. Bless his heart! I just have to heal....can't wait to see myself in a sexy pair of NOT mom jeans! Thinking about all of you and wishing you good luck on upcoming surgeries and happy and healthy recoveries!

3 days post op....feeling pretty good. I washed my...

3 days post op....feeling pretty good. I washed my hair this morning and that felt luxurious!! Then the hubby and I went out to the grocery store and I drove around in one of the motorized carts. Then we took the groceries over to his parents house (the are in the 80's and depend on us for everything) after that we went to the vitamin store and I waited in the car. Once we go home I was pretty worn out but felt good to get out. CG still wrapped around me as snug as can be. Belly button still covered and taped and according to PS it will be until Wed. When I go to my 2nd post op appointment. My pubic mound looks bruised ... but I guess that's to be expected. My scar line is very low...which I am loving at least in the front and as low and it can be on the sides. It looks pretty smooth and flat at this point...hope it stays that way once it heals all the way. I have the Biocorneum scar gel which I will start after my next post op appointment. And oh yes!! Had me 1st post op BM this afternoon. Took a dose of MOM and it didn't seem to be doing the trick. So even though my husband didn't care for the idea I inserted on Fleet glycerin suppository and low and behold 10 minutes later I felt sooooo much better!! I weigh about 8lbs less than I did the morning of surgery and at least 8 inches less on the waistline circumference. And I am still pretty swollen. Hubby had been wonderful preparing all my meals, emptying and recording my drain tubes. Which are starting to slow down some. Especially the one on the right. So with any luck I will have them out come Wed. I've grown quite use to them and they don't bother me as much as I thought they would but I will still be glad to see them go. I can't express enough how happy I am to be on the recovery side of this tummy tuck....the anxiety and stress leading up to it was more stressful for me than being on the recovery side...even though it does have it discomfort it is worth it.

Good evening to all my past, present and future...

Good evening to all my past, present and future tummy tuckers! I pray you have all had a positive day. It is 4 days post op for me and I have been feeling very restless today...up and moving around a lot. I have been obsessing over my appearance as if the fat, flabb stomach is going to come back like a bad nightmare. I know it is just my emotions getting the best of me..but I had to take the CG off and look at myself just to be sure and of course tummy is flat...I wanted to take the gauze pad off my belly button...so I could have a look. PS said to leave it covered until my 2nd post op appt. on Wed...so with his directions sounding in my ears and the hubby telling me to leave it alone...I left it alone...when hubby helped me put the CG back on we pulled it a bit tighter because the nurse said as long as it is comfortable its okay to adjust it. Well after a couple of hours it felt to tight ...like I was buldging out all around the bottom and the blood in my drain tubes looked thick and slow..so of course I loosened it up some..I milked my drains to make sure everything is running smoothly. Both drains have slowed down since yesterday especially the one on the right. I am feeling a little restless tonight...I know it will pass...I am anxious to go to my next appt. See my BB for the first time since surgery, to get these drains out and move to the next phase of recovery. I had a BM today...very happy about that...second day in a row and today was without any laxative or suppository. I am hoping for a restful nights sleep...going to try and get a couple more post op pics up for all of you. So with all that said...Good night friends....happy, healthy recovery and sweet dreams.

Good evening fellow tummy tuckers....Been feeling...

Good evening fellow tummy tuckers....Been feeling pretty good today. Everyday seems a bit better. Emotional and crying one minute and laughing the next and of course laughing makes me want to cry.....lol ....actually it's not all that bad. Washed my hair, face and upper body in the sink and then washed from below the TT scar down in my shower with the hand held shower nozzle. So for the most part I felt like I had a pretty good shower. Can't wait to shave my legs though. Been home all day taking it easy for the most part. Helped hubby unload and reload the dishwasher, cooked dinner..but I didn't eat it, I made goulash and it had canned tomato's in it and I took a couple of bites and felt like I was swelling as I ate .. so I opted for a less salty dinner. Feeling bloated even though I am 3 BM's in 3 days which is amazing!! Been looking at myself in the full length mirror several times today coming to terms with the changes. And I feel like a normal woman. With curves in all the right places and no deformed looking flap hanging off my midsection. It is so surreal. Can't wait to put on some normal clothes and not see a muffin top. I am about 12 lbs down from before surgery and that in itself feels wonderful. I wanted to lose another 20 lbs before surgery and was worried that I should have waited but had nothing to worry about as I feel as though I will surpass my goal by the time this is all said and done. I am excited to start working out and running once I get the clearance from the PS. Have one more full day before my next Post Op appt. Hopefully the drains will come out and I will fall in love with my new BB!! Happy and Healthy Healing all....Sleep well and Sweet Dreams!

Hi all my wonderful Tummy Tuckers.....Post Op day...

Hi all my wonderful Tummy Tuckers.....Post Op day 6 and feeling pretty much the same as yesterday. Although I am especially tired today for some reason and I can only assume that my body is finally winding down from the events of the past week. I took a walk down the street where I live with my husband today and it felt wonderful to be out in the fresh air and sunshine. I couldn't make it very far because of the burning pain where the MR was done and the lipo of the flanks. But I enjoyed it nevertheless. It was very strange because I run miles and miles around this neighborhood in the course of a month and today it seemed like I was walking it for the 1st time. Gone is the insecurities of seeing other woman with their flat and sexy tummies only to try and hide my secret from the world. Now I get to enjoy the feeling and the sight of seeing my own flat tummy on what feels like an incredibly feminine body of my own. It almost makes me want to cry over the years lost and the emotions spent on dealing with feeling so uncomfortable in my own sagging skin. Instead I am going to rejoice that those days are forever gone. Tomorrow at my post op appointment I am fairly certain my drains will be removed. I can't wait to take a long luxurious shower and shave my legs ....to smooth lotion over my entire body and to bask the wonderfully glorious feeling of pampering the physical and physiological the woman that I am! I know that to some I may sound silly .... but to many of you ..I know that you completely understand. I am thankful to each and everyone of you for your support throughout this journey and wishing for a healthy healthy healing and may the joy in your spirit be lifted as you enjoy your beautiful bodies!! God Bless, Good Night and Sweet Dreams

Good Evening to my fellow Tummy Tuckers......Today...

Good Evening to my fellow Tummy Tuckers......Today is 7th day post op. Went to my 2nd post op appointment today.....Got the drains removed!! Yipee.....felt weird and uncomfortable but tolerable and not having to deal with them is a huge plus!! Got to see my belly button and it is quite lovely!! The binder they put on me right after surgery has given me a pretty good rash.....Nothing serious but between that and the swell hell (pubis very swollen and bruised, tummy below belly button and hips very swollen. Some bruising on the flanks) .. I decided not to post the pics hubby took today. They took off all the surgical tape.....so it was just me all natural with the surgical binder back on until I got home. Then I got in the shower and took my 1st shower in a week, washed my hair, shaved my legs, washed my incision and belly button....and then stood there and enjoyed the warm water running down my body easy all my aches...Then I towel dried very tenderly and instead of slathering myself with lotion as I always do I baby powdered myself up....carefully as not to get in caked into my incision. I feel the moisture from the lotion causes irritation under the compression garment and the baby powder felt more comfortable and also made it easy to squeeze into 2nd stage garment. It goes from above the knees (open crotch for convenience) and pulls up all the way to under my breasts. It fastens with little hooks and zippers on each side. Using the hooks to bring the fabric together which helps with easing the zipper up. I fastened the hooks and zipped up on side the slipped in to it and had hubby fasten the hooks and zip up the other side. Very strong compression and was a bit uncomfortable at first but it's getting better the longer I wear it. Dr. wants me in it....night and day for 6 weeks. Except for to take it off to shower, apply scar therapy and wash it. My next appointment is in 6 weeks. So now it is all about time....healing and taking good care of myself. I have lost 13 lbs since surgery. Tried on the Jeans that are my goal and I can pull them up all the way ...but about 3 inches from buttoning them up and that is with the Compression Garment (which is quite bulky) under the Jeans. I am optimistic that I will be in those Jeans happily and comfortably by the time my swelling is under control. All of the beautiful shirts (Harley Davidson T-Shirts from plain to fancy from all over the United States and beyond) I have in my closet....look amazing on me. They were all to short when I had "Jabba The Hut" hanging from my gut. But now they lay nice and flat and look Sexy. Tonight I move from the couch back into bed with my husband. We have a 4 poster bed which is very high off the ground so I wanted to wait until the drains were out to get back into it. I have a stool next to it to help me ease my way in and out. I feel very good physically and emotionally. I think about many of you throughout my days. I look forward to posting my updates and reading all of yours and as always Happy Healthy Healing ....Good night and Sweet Dreams.

Good evening to all my Tummy Tuck buddies ... I...

Good evening to all my Tummy Tuck buddies ... I hope you are all enjoying your day! I am post op day 8 and while I am able to get up and get around fairly easy...I even went for a 1 mile walk today. I stopped at the half way mark for a bit of a break but made it the full mile. I am stuffed into this compression garment and I must say even though I look much smaller than before the surgery I feel so swollen and when I take the compression garment off to shower I look very swollen. It will be a relief to see some of that decrease as the days go buy. In addition the binder on had on during the week after my surgery did not do my sensitive skin any justice. My skin is all red and bumpy . I have a pretty good rash going on. So that makes me even more uncomfortable. My skin has always been very sensitive so I anticipated some issues beforehand. But I just took a shower and the swelling has gone done some since yesterday and overall I love the way I look!! I think the one thing we all must understand is that this is a very slow but steady process to heal and feel even better than we did before the surgery. The euphoria of feeling so good often tricks us into thinking that we should be up and running a couple of weeks after this procedure and with a bit of patients and a lot of Tender Loving Care we will enjoy the rest of our lives being truly comfortable in our own skin!! May you all enjoy your evening....Happy Healthy Healing ....God Bless...Good Night and Sweet Dreams.....P.S. One new picture added today with plenty more to follow!!

Good evening all my fellow Tummy Tuckers....Today...

Good evening all my fellow Tummy Tuckers....Today is post op day 9. started running a slight fever last night .... have a call into the Doctor as I finished my antibiotics on Wed. So maybe I need more. The fever has made me feel body aches and a headache most of the day. I went out this morning with the hubby picked up his parents took them to Kaiser, then dropped them off to get their hair done, while they were getting their hair done hubby and I did their grocery shopping for them and brought the groceries back to their house. I walked the grocery store but of course hubby didn't expect or want me to help him carry groceries. Once we picked them up from the hairdresser we took them out to lunch. So given the fact that I wasn't feeling all that great this morning ... I was worn out by then. So I came home and took a brief nap. Then I got up took a shower. Took some new pics to share with you all and now I am in my pajamas ready to relax for the night. I hope you are all doing fantastic!! I think about all of you throughout my day....wondering how you are all doing ... Well happy, healthy healing, God Bless, Good night and Sweet Dreams!!

Good afternoon to all my tummy tuck friends

Good afternoon to all my tummy tuck friends

Good Afternoon Tummy Tuckers.... Well as you know...

Good Afternoon Tummy Tuckers....
Well as you know I had been running a fever of approx. 100 the last couple of nights....accompanied by the headache from hell. Regardless of this fact my schedule has still been very busy so I just pushed forward. I did get a call back from the PS and he wanted to see me this morning. He looked at my incisions and said that there was no infection going on from the tummy tuck and that if the fever continued through the weekend he wants me to see my regular doctor to rule out any other issues. He said he would recommended me slowing down a bit as the fever may be a result of me getting a bit run down. I have grown very fond of my PS he is a quite and shy man but he makes me feel cared for. So after we left the PS's office we stopped by The Fraternal Order of The Eagles (we belong to this organization) for a drink ...Hubby had a beer and I had a glass of water with a lime squeeze. Been enjoying that so much lately. Then we headed to the grocery store to pick up some things we needed. Got home made lunch, did his parents laundry, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher. And now I am done for the day. The 2nd stage compression garment I am wearing has hooks and zippers up the sides to make access easier for viewing and tending to my BB and incision. The hooks even though they are covered have been rubbing on my the left side of my incision make it red and feeling a bit uncomfortable. So my husband suggested putting some gauze or a maxi pad over that spot so when the hooks rode over the top it if it didn't rub and put so much pressure on it. Well I looked through our huge back of 1st aid supplies (Hubby had major surgery on his foot a couple of years back and I found these non adhesive foam dressing 4x4 inch pads!! The work perfect. Keeps the area feeling comfortable and keeps the compression garment from making dents in my skin near the incision. This has eased my mind quite a bit! Finding the most comfort in the smallest solutions. Tonight is another glorious shower and relaxation all the way and then tomorrow is Easter. So we will be taking my husband's parents out for Brunch. I am not up to cooking and Easter meal and His 85 year old mother refuses to cook. So brunch it is ... We have 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren ... However, they all live out of state so we won't be seeing them for the Easter holiday. =(
But I wish all of you a Very Blessed and Happy Easter with your loved ones!! Take care of yourselves and stay on the right Happy and Healthy Healing Track. You are all beautiful in my eyes and now we all have the beautiful tummies to match our beautiful souls!!

Good afternoon Tummy Tuckers, Well today is 12...

Good afternoon Tummy Tuckers,
Well today is 12 days post - op and this girl is staying down for the day. In the 12 days since my surgery this is the 3rd day that I have just stayed in my bed .. relaxing and just letting my body heal. While I feel like I have not done anything beyond my comfort level ... I have been on my feet way to much and I can tell each night when I take my shower by the amount of swelling I am experiencing. I am not very good at just laying around by any stretch of the imagination. I have had a headache and a slight case of nausea today so it is easy for me to justify the down time in my mind. My house needs dusting and vacuuming so badly it has been 2 weeks since the last time I did it and I have 2 dogs who don't know the meaning of STOP SHEDDING!! lol....But I guess I am just going to have to work twice as hard to get the job done when the time comes. My bruising has been minimal and it almost gone....my VJJ got the worst of it. I think the Arnica that I took before and for 1 week after surgery played and important part in that. Been enjoying lots of fresh pineapple and pineapple juice as well. My appetite is still less than normal but I really don't mind...As I have stated before the protein drinks go down really easy and give me the important nutrition I need when I can't eat. I have lost about 15lbs since the day before surgery which I am very happy about. However, it is not due to starvation I am consuming approx 1500 calories per day. I have been taking a lot of pictures to look at myself so I can see the progress even if I don't feel it as much as I think I should. I will post more in a few days just so you all can see what's going on with me. My belly button is without a doubt the creme de le creme of belly buttons at this point! I just love it...never in my life would I have imagined at 52 years old (in 2 more days) that I would look down at my belly button so lovingly!! Tummy looks pretty great too.....Once the discoloration and swelling goes down and the scar smooths out. Even my boobs look like they've had a lift because they have no stomach to rest upon and the belly is so flat that it no longer rests upon my lap....so the lap, belly and boobs are pretty happy at his point as they have all gained their Independence after years of leaning on each other!! Bwahahaha I crack myself up!! Anyway ... taking the day off and keeping my feet up obviously agree with me as my spirit is pretty upbeat today!! I pray you are all healing well and for those of you still waiting to join us on the flat side ....hang in there it is worth the wait ....and it will be here before you know it! Have a blessed day everybody......Hugs to all!!

Good evening Tummy Tuckers.....I hope you are all...

Good evening Tummy Tuckers.....I hope you are all happy and healing well. Today is 13 days PO for me... Another busy day.....Mom in law had a Dr. appt. this morning so went with hubby, mom and dad in law to Dr. appt. Her appt. was on the 2nd floor of the medical building and I walked up and down the stairs and back and forth from the parking area a couple of time. Standing about 90% or less depending on what I have been doing. After the dr. appt. we took them out to lunch and I had a nice sensible and healthy lunch. After we dropped them off at their home we went to The Fraternal Order of the Eagles were we belong .... hubby had a couple of beers and I had water with a lime squeeze (really been enjoying that latley). Talked to my granddaughters on the phone....they are 2 and 4 and they always make me laugh. Sneezed for the 1st time since my surgery and ouch that was not fun. But I was very thankful that it was the 1st time in 13 days since my surgery that I sneezed and not like the day after. When we got home I took a shower.....Applied the Biocorneum to my BB and incision ... slathered lotion all over myself got into my comfy Pj's and been kicking back ever since. Catching up on everyone progress. I took one pain pill this afternoon an very little pain throughout the day. I am only sleeping 4 or 5 hours each night and would really love a good 8 to 10 hours ... but I have always been an insomniac so I don't know if and when that will happen. Hubby has been looking at me like a lion ready to pounce....which is very flattering ... But I am not feeling ready to be pounced upon yet....Not sure what the recommended time before resuming sexual intimacy is after tummy tuck. ... Any of you have some input on that topic. I was so stressed out before the surgery that I wasn't really in the mood for a couple of weeks beforehand so I know he is getting impatient ... but I don't want to do "it" until I feel ready. My VJJ went through quite a transition during the tummy tuck and is still tender and swollen. Sorry if this is to much information ladies but I am hoping some of you have some advice on this topic. Well, I hope you all have a restful and comfortable nights rest.....I always look forward to your updates....

Good afternoon Friends......Thanks for all the...

Good afternoon Friends......Thanks for all the advice on resuming sexual activities!! Today makes 14 days post op for me and just happens to be my 52nd birthday....Hubby was hoping for some xtra curricular birthday celebrating .. (wink wink) but I am not quite there yet! I feel very good and I am standing almost straight up....but just want to be more on the cautious side...just to be safe. And of course he is A okay with that....he is so loving, patient and supportive. He asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate my birthday and I honestly just want to stay home and rest and relax....so that is what I am doing. Got wonderful phone calls from my daughters and grandbabies today and lots of birthday wishes....Made me cry ....Miss them all so much ... But I do feel very blessed. Healing is going along better than I expected. Just waiting for swelling to subside and incision to heal. Friday I go to get my hair cut and colored and a pedicure which I am looking very forward to. Gotta get the gray hair under control now that the body is rockin!! Will take pics and post them on Friday so you can all see my progress....Hoping to see a difference from the ones I posted 9 days post op. I am down 15lbs since the morning of my surgery and very happy with that. I was so concerned about my weight before surgery. If I can lose 10 more and with the swelling under control I will be very happy to maintain that for the rest of my life. I already feel like just moving around is so much easier and enjoyable without the flab/fat hanging in front of me. The PS told me the only regret I would have is not doing this years earlier and he was right. But everything happens when it is meant to be. I just love coming on the sight to check in on all of you and check your progress....You have all touched my life is such a special way and I am so thankful to each of you!! Happy Healthy Healing ladies and enjoy your evening!!

Added some new pictures from today 2 weeks post op

Added some new pictures from today 2 weeks post op

17 days post op and it has been a great day!!...

17 days post op and it has been a great day!! Hello my beautiful Tummy Tuckers....I hope you are all happy and healing well!! And for those of you waiting to have your surgery ....Get ready for a life changing journey!! Words can not explain what this whole experience had done for my self esteem. Today I slipped into a sexy pair of hip hugger jeans a sexy t-shirt and went out with the hubby. When I went into the ladies room I caught a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror and for the 1st time in so many years I loved the reflection looking back at me. A curvy new body with a nice flat tummy and no muffin top hanging over my pants!! Oh what a wonderful feeling!! Healing is going fantastic!! I am still swollen but I will take the swelling over the hanging fatty flab any day of the week, month, year or decade!! It feels so good to be comfortable in my own skin. I am so excited for all of you have undergone the journey to the flat side and for those of you anticipating the change!! It is worth every penny spent and then some!! You can not put a price tag on feeling like a million bucks!! I am so thankful that I have been able to have my tummy tuck!! Enjoy your evening ladies!! Headed over to the forum to read all of your updates!!

Hello my tummy tuck sisters!! Not a day goes by...

Hello my tummy tuck sisters!! Not a day goes by without me thinking about how all of you are doing. Today is 20 days post op for me and I am feeling pretty much back to normal for the most part. Minus the huge and flabby belly and of course my body keeps reminding me to take it easy and I am still healing. I started the task of going through my clothes and most of my clothes are heading to the donation pile. They are all to big on me and that is with the CG on and the swelling. I have to admit as much as I love the new body....it's a bit of a challenge to get rid of the clothes that I have clung to ... as a way to hide my stomach all these years. But I got rid of the belly so ...it's time to get rid of the clothes. Thank goodness I hung on to some of the jeans I thought I might lose enough weight to get back into (you know the ones girls...we all have them...lol) because they actually fit and look quite wonderful. I have to admit this journey has been so much more than a physical change. Which I could never have imagined before experiencing it for myself. Bottom line is this has been a life changing experience for me and I would encourage any woman who is considering this surgery to Go for it!! It is a decision I am very happy with and would do it again only 20 years sooner! Have a great night ladies (and gentlemen) and happy healthy healing!! and I will add some updated pictures when I post my next update..

Hello all my beautiful tummy tuck ladies.....24...

Hello all my beautiful tummy tuck ladies.....24 days post op and I just posted a before and after side by side picture of myself and I am very pleased and excited to see such a wonderful change in my body. It is just amazing to me to see what removing the excess skin and some stored fat has done to figure. I finally feel like I have a figure again. I have resumed about 80% of my post op activities, with the exception of heavy housework (I really miss that...wink wink), strenuous exercise (running, aerobics.. I am anxious to resume that) and have yet to ride my Harley (Something I really miss). Hopefully with in the next month I will be exercising to my ability and riding my Harley! The heavy housework could take a year....haha!! Honestly, I feel wonderful, obviously I am still experiencing swelling and although my incision is looking fabulous (will post pictures of that later today) and the belly button is getting there, I can still feel the healing process going on inside. Still feel sore and tight but that gets better with each day. Hubby and I have enjoyed some intimacy but still a ways from a amorous romp in the hay!! I don't see my PS until the 8th of May and I will be 7 weeks post op by then and have to wear my CG day and night until then. I bought a spank garment at Target yesterday and there is no way I can squeeze into it. It is as tight as can be and it's a large, so I need to find another option. I am going to go over to Kohl's and see if I can find one of the Flexee garments that I have heard some of the ladies talking about. Would like something I can wear under my one piece bathing suit ... until I am ready to rock the 2 piece. Although I am very active during most of my days, I am still exhausted in the evening. (more so than normal) I have lost about 18 lbs since the morning before surgery. Eating lots of protein and keeping my carbs at a reasonable level. I don't feel like I have changed my eating habits that much since surgery but I have seen an improvement in portion size and snacking between meals. My CG is very tight and makes it impossible to overeat without feeling very uncomfortable. So I guess that's a good thing! Hubby and I are going to Laughlin, NV for a couple of days to hang out with friends for a couple of days... it will be wonderfully relaxing!! I will be checking in on all of you!! Happy Healthy Healing my sisters !! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Hello my fellow Tummy Tuckers....27 days post op.....

Hello my fellow Tummy Tuckers....27 days post op...Went away with hubby for two days to Laughlin and had a wonderful time with our very best friends. I ate a bit to much but given the fact that the food was out of this world. I used quite a bit of restraint. However, I have felt horribly swollen the last couple of nights ... It drives me crazy...because even though the changes in my body are obvious and wonderful the swelling messes with me physiologically...I feel so fat!! I ended the year 2011 weighing 201 lbs, Went into surgery weighing 184 lbs and currently weigh 169 lbs. (I am 3 lbs heavier since my last update) Now the 30 lbs I have lost over the last year and a half are huge I still feel like I need to lose another 20 lbs to be at my goal weight. I am not sure if that much weight loss would have a negative effect on my TT result. I can't help but wonder if I will ever be content and happy with my body. I love my new figure ...don't get me wrong. For the first time in more than 25 years I can buy the cutest clothes straight off the rack. And yet I am still striving to be thinner. And eating is associated with so much guilt. And now that I have had this tummy tuck the last thing I want in this world is to gain a single ounce. I am a very positive person and I don't like the negative feelings I am currently having. Hopefully it will pass soon and I will be back to my happy self. Getting back to a solid work out plan should lift my spirits and keep me moving in a healthy lifestyle direction. My healing progress is slow and steady and I could not be happier with the incision and my belly button. Some of the feeling is coming back to my abdomen but still lots of numbness. I sill have 3 weeks in my CG and until I see the PS again. So it's onward I go...to keep healing and keeping a happy healthy mind, body and spirit. ..Best wishes to all of you....Off to read your updates...Good night and sweet dreams!

Hello Ladies....I am 4 weeks post op.....feeling...

Hello Ladies....I am 4 weeks post op.....feeling pretty good. I even did a low impact step workout for about 25 minutes this morning. Hubby and one of my daughters scolded me....telling me I am moving to soon. So I guess I will stick to walking until I see the PS in 3 more weeks. I guess I am just getting anxious to get started back to working out. Still in my CG and a bit tired of it. When I am out of it to shower I want it back on but when I am in it...I want it off....I am driving myself crazy. Wishing I could just learn to relax and take things as they come. Being patient has never been one of my strong points. Not to mention I am high energy and can never sit still for long periods of time. So I feel like a month is more than enough time to be back at all the things I normally do. But I know from what the PS told me and by all the things I read on here that I need to continue to take it at a slower pace. I am still experiencing a lot of swelling and feel pretty uncomfortable at night. I have begun sleeping on my sides which feels wonderful as I have never been one to sleep on my back. I feel swollen on my hips right above my incision and I am hoping that I am not going to have an issue with dog ears. This is a huge fear of mine. So today has been a bit of emotional struggle for me ... but physically I feel very good for the most part. I hope you are all happy and healing well. Going to read some updates and try to relax!! Take care sisters, God Bless and Sweet Dreams!!

Hello all my Tummy Tuck buddies ....29 days post...

Hello all my Tummy Tuck buddies ....29 days post op here....feeling pretty good! I still can not get over the fact that I can actually walk into a store ... go straight to the clothes rack and the clothes actually fit and look pretty darn sexy ... on me...even if I do say so myself!! I have dealt with dressing room nightmares for such a a very long time. Clothes....have always been impossible for me to find and when I did find them I wore them for years and years because there has been no pleasure in clothes shopping for longer than I can remember!! Now I am excited to see how everything looks ... even if I can't afford to buy it!! As soon as swelling is under control ... I will start buying one thing or another one piece at a time. Incision and belly button look great and the flat tummy leaves me speechless. I am so happy that I decided to finally go ahead and have this done and I am so thankful to my husband for being so supportive and being instrumental in making it happen!! Not having to go through another summer feeling like the fat lady on the beach is a dream come true!! I am happy for all of you on the mend and for those of you with upcoming surgery dates!! Best of luck and Happy Healthy Healing!! Having a great weekend!!

Well... I am 32 dpo... I don't feel like much is...

Well... I am 32 dpo... I don't feel like much is changing over the past few weeks. I still look the same as I did 2 weeks post op in my bikini pictures. While I am much happier with my post op tummy.....I feel like I should be wearing smaller clothes at this point. When I had my TT I was a solid 20lbs over my ideal weight .. and I was so thrilled with the results 1 day post op...I have lost about 15 lbs since surgery date give or take a couple of pounds. I have been feeling like such a big woman over the past week and it has caused me to overeat for the last 3 days. Hubby and I are the primary care takers of his 80+ year old parents and they have horrible eating habits with lots of goodies around their house and when ever we go over there I have no self control and eat cookies and crap that I just don't want in my diet. But I am such and emotional eater and the stress of dealing with all of their demands reeks havoc on my eating. I am not blaming them in anyway...I am just feeling frustrated and still want to lose 15 pounds and I am worried that If I lose that much more I will not be happy with my results and I am worried that I will gain weight and return to fatness....Ugh....I am such a positive person...and I don't like the negative emotions I am feeling at the moment. I also spent some time with my sister yesterday and she is as skinny as they get and never even had to have a tummy tuck....I don't want to compare myself to others....and I just need some encouragement to keep myself moving forward in a positive direction. Anybody have any healthy suggestions for suppressing your appetite? Well enough ... of my problems....hope you are all enjoying healthy happy healing!!

Good morning friends.....Today makes 5 weeks and 1...

Good morning friends.....Today makes 5 weeks and 1 day post op....feeling pretty good for the most part. Yesterday hubby and I took our bicycles out for a ride and I managed to hang in there for 6 1/2 miles. Which isn't fantastic...but it was a start back in the right direction. My incision and belly button are healing very nicely....looking forward to seeing my results once the swelling is a thing of the past. I know that is going to take quite some time. I am very encouraged about the numbness....I am feeling more and more of my tummy everyday. Still pretty numb right above the incision ... but still all so much better than in the first few weeks after surgery. I see my PS in 2 more weeks and it will be interesting to see what he thinks and says. I am hoping to get the go ahead on resuming much of my exercise routines and of course I am so ready to ride my harley!! I feel like I could do it now but will wait until I go to my appointment. I really enjoy reading all of your updates and seeing us take so many of the same steps together. It is very interesting to me how the things we take for granted like being intimate with our mates ... has taken on a whole new perspective (for the better!!) Not seeing the big ol belly flopping and hanging around is such a welcomed change. All of my friends and family are convinced that I had a breast lift as well .... simply because my boobs look much perkier without resting on my belly. Not having to pick my panties our from under m flap several times a day feels so amazing. Sounds ridiculous I know but it was such and issue for me before my TT. One of my daughters and my 2 granddaughters will be coming from Texas to visit from from May 15th - May 31st ... and I am beyond excited about this. I have been a grandmother for almost 5 years and this will be the first time I have Grandbabies staying at our home. We are planning to take them to Disneyland, The beach, (Grandma will be in her 1 piece for now) taking them to the Drive-in movies and to Palm Springs to visit my mom. Going to be very busy and lots of activity for me. I will be 9 weeks post op by then and hoping I will be able to carry the 3 year old around some and she loves to be cuddled. Either way Grandma & Grandpa will be enjoying our beautiful little granddaughters and of course our daughter. Got lots to do in preparation ....like getting the spare bedroom ready! Well hubby and I are off for another bicycle ride ... have a wonderful day my friends, I will be back on later to read all of your updates. Have a wonderful day and Happy Healthy Healing!!

38 days post op and this girl is tired today......

38 days post op and this girl is tired today....Been pretty active the last couple of days. Rode 10 miles on our bicycles with the hubby....on Thursday and after dealing with the in-laws all morning and part of the afternoon....Hubby and I went for a ride on his harley (I'm not quite ready to ride mine yet) We had so much fun and the weather could not have been more beautiful!! Even got in a little line dance at the Cadillac Ranch (a local country western bar) I want to get some sun on this pale body of mine ... As far as recovery goes...I don't really feel much different from day to day.....just the usual soreness and pain that comes from having this type of procedure. Incision and belly button are tender but no scabs or stitches try to spit out. and of course the MR is tender but I am able to stretch a little bit and sneezing is okay as long as I kind of prepare for it (lol) I am still in my CG and will be for at least 11 more days until I see my PS. I feel like putting on a 2 piece bathing suit and laying out in the yard to get some sun on this pasty California body of mine....But not sure it I should expose any part of my tummy to the sun. My sister suggested a cotton ball in the BB and plenty of sunscreen on the incision as well as covering it with my bathing suit bottoms. I have sunscreen that allows some rays to come through .... but I am just so undecided on what I should and should not be doing during this recovery faze of the TT. I sleep very well last night but not long enough and I am feeling a bit on edge at the moment and unfortunately no matter how exhausted I am napping just does not come easy for me. I have a hard time sleeping at night and when I do try and nap I just lay there with my eyes open so it seems pointless to me to even try. I also feel like ordering a ham, pineapple and jalepeno pizza and indulging my desire to eat....lol. I already had a bagel and cream cheese this morning (which I never eat) and a bacon, egg and cheese burrito for lunch and it's just past noon. I have about 400 calories left to consume to stay on track today. So I am already way of track as far as eating goes and going to have to tread lightly for the rest of the day...I feel very excited about my daughter and granddaughters coming from Texas to visit...but I have so much to do before they get here and then there will be little to no rest except for at bedtime during the 16 days that they are here. We are planning Disneyland, The Beach, Palm Springs just to name a few and each of these outings are 100 miles or more from home. So lots of traveling. Hubby and I are riding our Harley to Idaho in July...So I guess after my daughters/granddaughters visit and before the Idaho trip I will be on my butt during the month of June (at least I hope so). Intimacy with my hubby has been gaining momentum but still trying to be careful...I feel like a different woman in that aspect. It is such a physiological change that I didn't expect to feel as much as the physical one. But it is very exciting. I look forward to full recovery and feeling 100% like my old self with the twist of actually feeling comfortable in my own skin. Well....I am off to read updates to see how you are all coming along....Continue to enjoy the rest of your weekend and Happy Healthy Healing to all of you!

Hi my sisters!! Well, I am happy to say...that...

Hi my sisters!! Well, I am happy to say...that instead of ordering a pizza....I pruned my lilac bush......pulled some weeds and went for a 3 mile walk....so I turned my negative into a positive and even though I am wiped out...I feel amazing!!

Good morning Fellow Tummy Tuckers!! Today is 40...

Good morning Fellow Tummy Tuckers!! Today is 40 DPO for me....Where does the time go?? I see my PO in 9 more days and I am anxious to see what he thinks of my results (It's his work so of course he will love it...lol) I could not be happier with the results. Still swollen along with the rest of you, but I can it slowly getting better (very very slowly..) but hey....perfection takes time right?? (wink, wink)! I am most impatient about wanting to really get busy with the work-out's. I need to firm up!! Been walking, and riding my bicycle some. Both of my adult daughters are doing the "insanity" workout and boy do they look amazing!! I want to do it to!! Very intense from what I can tell. Hubby insists that I wait until my 7 wk PO appointment to discuss my activity level with my PS. I am hoping to take a small ride on my Harley in the next day or two. I also want to share with all of you my Saturday sunbathing experience. I had decided to put on a bikini and lay out in the sun (keep in mind my tummy has not seen the sunshine since the stone age (haha) so I loaded up on sunscreen... 45 on my scar and belly button and 15 on the rest of me...I even taped a cotton ball in my BB to protect it even further. Laid out for 30 minutes and my tummy below my BB all they way down to my incision (which is healed) was bright red, Hubby came out and scolded me so I came in and took a shower to get the sunscreen off and within an hour the redness was gone so I put on a one piece and went out and did some yard work. Not sure what that was all about, but for now I am just going to wait to expose that tender flesh to the sunshine a little while longer. Yesterday I woke up with a screaming headache and an upset stomach, I felt pretty lousy most of the day, so I stayed in my PJ's and got lots of sleep (which surprised me because I am an insomniac and naps don't work for me) but I my body must of needed it. Feeling much much better today, My Daughter and Granddaughters will be here in 16 days and I have lots to accomplish before then and I hope I don't procrastinate and wait until the last minute to get things done and then over do it. (based on past experiences...lol) I will post more PO pictures in the next day or two so I can document my progress. Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Healing Day....be good to yourselves....I am off to read updates, run errands and go for a walk!!

Wow.....44 DPO....the time is just flying by. I...

Wow.....44 DPO....the time is just flying by. I feel like I am in my 20's again!! Gaining momentum everyday.....I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. The confidence just blows me away. Today I tried on bikini after bikini and guess what I rocked all of them!!! Hahaha ....well at least I felt like I rocked all of them. But what a wonderful feeling not to pick out the granny bathing suits and still not like any of them. All of the hard work I have done to get myself into shape before my TT really paid off....because the stomach was seriously the big issue. I still have plenty of toning to do. But I am staying active everyday....Whether it's walking, running, riding my bicycle, weight training or swimming. The recovery is pretty much the same as it has been since about the 3rd week. Sore and swollen with activity but getting better. I am very happy with the incision and the BB and I will see the PS in 5 more days for my 7 week PO appointment. Hoping to ditch the garment for the most part. Today when I walked to Target to poke around I had a couple of honks from guys driving by and I must say it felt pretty good. It has been a very long time since anything like that has happened. Not that I need that to feel good about myself but hey it doesn't hurt right. I feel very energetic and exhausted at the same time. Any one considering this procedure ....and reading my story....words just can not express the positive life changing affect this has on your whole well being!! Go for it!! To all my sister healing with me......I think of all of you and I can not imagine having to have gone through this without each one of you!! I am off to read updates see how you are all doing. Happy Healthy Healing and Sweet Dreams!!

Hello my beautiful fellow tummy tuckers.....Here...

Hello my beautiful fellow tummy tuckers.....Here we are into the 2nd week of May already!! I am 7 weeks post op today and went to see my fabulous PS. He is such a wonderful doctor. He was beyond pleased with how I am healing!! He was all smiles!! Told me I could resume any and all activity, at a comfortable pace, listening to my own body. I have resumed running 1 mile at a time....sometimes twice in one day. I did do 1 and a half miles on Monday, started my darn period yesterday (for the 3rd time in 55 days) (Oh the joys of peri-menopause) so I am lacking a bit of get up and go in that department. Been doinga bit of light weight lifting. I feel like I am slacking a bit for sure. But I am on the go all day long and just to darn tired when I finally sit down to motivate myself to work out. My daughter and two granddaughters will be here from Texas in one week!! So as all doting grandmothers I have been a busy little bee preparing all the little details of spoiling my little darlings!! Have not rode my Harley yet. The wind has been a beast lately and although I don't have a problem riding in the wind. I don't think it is a wise move for my 1st time out during recovery. It is suppose to be nice tomorrow so hoping to get out some with the hubby and take a little putt!! I am still experiencing the good old swelling and the good doctor informed me today that some women experience that for up to a year after the procedure . I feel like a million bucks...this experience has not only given my body a much needed boost, but my mind and spirit as well!! I feel unstoppable!! All of you have had such a positive impact on this whole experience for me. From helping me through the many sleepless nights before the procedure to cheering me on every step of the way during my recovery. Each one of you is priceless to me.... I am so blessed to been able to take this journey with all of you. Happy healthy healing girls!! The best is yet to come. Off to read updates!! I'll will update next week!!

Hello Tummy Tuck sisters!!! Tomorrow makes 8 weeks...

Hello Tummy Tuck sisters!!! Tomorrow makes 8 weeks post op and my daughter and granddaughters are arriving from Texas to visit!! And this Grandma is more than ready for it!! Got back on the Harley Friday night!! And it was beyond fantastic!! Went to Bike Night and then out to hang with some friends!! Best of all riding side by side with my Hubby rocking the new body!! Healing is going fantastic and I feel beyond amazing!! Hoping to get in some run time with my daughter while she is out here. I got the go ahead from the PS to resume exercise but had a pretty good cold for the last several days and didn't have the energy to do it!! But the time has come to kick it into overdrive!! So providing my 3 and 4 year old granddaughters don't run circles around me I am hoping to be able to keep up with them. Friday is Disneyland so that means up and moving for hours on end!! All in all .... Lori is all smiles!! Hope you are all doing fantastic!! I am off to read updates and give out hugs!! Love to all!!

Fifty, Flat & Fabulous

It's been 6 months since my tummy tuck and I am overjoyed with my results. As my Dr. said the only regret I would have is not doing it years ago, and he was right! But he was beyond worth the wait!

This Grandma sexier than ever 1 year after post op!!

Hello Ladies!!
Well....it has been one year since my surgery and the results are fantastic!! I have to admit to all of you that about 6 months after surgery I started getting lazy...taking that flat belly for granted and the other parts of my body (thighs, hips, booty) started to expand. I gained 25 lbs. and was really down on myself. I thought how could I let this happen after all I have gone through to have a flat tummy. The stress of life (caring for 80+ year old in-laws) had me in a very deep depression and I guess I just didn't give myself much attention. Well with the new year came time for me to pull myself up by the boot straps and get my head right, so I found a great deal on a personal trainer and for 6 weeks I hit the gym hard and started a food journal to keep track of the calories I was consuming. My youngest daughter has transformed her body this past year and has given my tons of cle ever before in my life. Well, in 6 weeks I lost 15 lbs. and I won the Biggest Loser Challenge at the gym which included many fantastic prizes! This propelled my to keep going, so I purchased The Focus T25 fitness program through my daughter who is a Beach Body Coach and I have been hitting it hard at home and I have lost another 10 lbs. so needless to say I am feeling fantastic and feeling comfortable in my own skin! I have been parading around the house naked like I am 25 years old. Needless to say the hubby is loving it!! I even created a fitness page on Facebook to help inspire and motivate all woman ... and especially those 50+ ladies who face so many challenges with the onset of perimenopouse and menopause. If you are on facebook and would like to follow my journey you can find me at https://www.facebook.com/fabulouslyfitfifties. I would love to see you there! I am even considering a breast lift. Already consulted with my amazing plastic surgeon, so once I get some finances in order I may have the procedure done. But even if I don't having my tummy tuck was the best decision I have ever made for me and as my Dr. told me the only thing I would regret is not having it done 25 years ago and he is so right. But he would have most likely been in diapers at the time so waiting until this point in my life gave me the opportunity to have the procedure done by a Doctor I could not be happier with!! Anyways for all of you ladies considering having a tummy tuck I say go for it and for all you ladies who have already had the procedure done I hope you are as happy as I!! I look forward to hearing from some of you and maybe even seeing you on Facebook!!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Finding Dr. Smaili is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I am 7 weeks post op after having a full tummy tuck. I am overjoyed with my results, they go above and beyond my imagination!! After 25 years this 52 year old Grandmother of 4 is sexier than ever and I will be rocking a bikini this summer!! Dr. Smaili knows his stuff and I would recommend him highly to anyone seeking cosmetic surgery!

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Hey! so happy to hear your update! And can you believe it has been 6 months for us? I hardly recognize this body after seeing the fold, roll, bulge for so many years. No regrets at all, wish I'd done it years ago and also am feeling fabulous! Hope you had a great summer and will always remember you for your wonderful shares and support! Rock on grammie! You look flatabulous!!
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Lori! It is fabulous being this far out. Yes our only regret is not doing it sooner. Hugs
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Hooray! Couldn't be happier for you, my TT friend! You sound absolutely thrilled with your results! And from the pictures I have seen, you are a 10! I can just see you on your bike, riding proud, sitting tall, looking HOT, and feeling sexy. It's amazing what getting rid of a little flab will do for ones self esteem! You have fun with your girls Lori. I can bet people will be amazed when you get called grammy and not mommy! Enjoy every minute with your family! Happy hugs to you!
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Talented you are such an awesome woman!! I love you through and through!!
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Right back at you Lori!
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Thank you so much for sharing your story. You look great! I have 19 days before my tt, lipo of abdomen, flanks, and inner thighs! I am so nervous, but it sure helps to hear what you went through!
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You go Lori!!! So awesome that you are out there moving and inspiring others to do the same!!! You look incredible and I'm glad you feel the same way. Your posts always make me smile. Lots of love to you and I cannot wait to hear of you back on that Harley!!!!
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You are so inspiring and so funny -- two of my favorite things -- and so beautiful and sexy as well! Watch out world for "grannies gone wild" (saw that shirt in Vegas). So glad to see what's possible in our fifties! Thanks for being you, and sharing that with us. Wish me luck on May 24 ...
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Starfish .... you are gonna rock the tummy tuck girl!! Good luck to you sweetie can't wait to welcome you to the flat side!! Hahahaha "Grannies Gone Wild" has me hysterical.....about to pee my pants!! (another perk of being a granny" lol). I will be following your updates!!
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Hi Lori! So excited to hear from you!! I thought we lost you and I was so very sad....but here you are! YAY!! I'm so pleased to hear how wonderful you feel! I wish we lived closer, we could be TT running buddies! I'm back at it too ~ managed almost 2 miles this morning. It does feel good, doesn't it? I also still have some swelling, but I don't let it stop me from doing anything. So happy to hear how your spirit is soaring and how great you feel about yourself! Your daughter will be amazed! I hear your excitement anticipating her visit and your little grandchildren. Can't wait to hear how much fun you will be having! As much as you say everyone on here has been a positive impact, you have given that much back, and then some! I don't know what I'd have done without you! Your positive posts cheer me, and I love reading how very happy you are. Makes me happy, I believe it's contagious! Having this new body amazes me and I would do it again in a minute! Are we lucky or what? Have a fun putt putt time tomorrow if you go, and watch out for all the dudes wishin they were riding with you!!
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Oh yes to have you as a running buddy would be fan"flat"tic!! (there I go cracking myself up again...wink wink), I will send you my email address in a private message here on realself so you will always have a way to contact me. However, I have no intentions of leaving the realself sight. I look forward to following those of us who stay here and to encouraging all the new woman going through this journey!! Yes, I am so emotional over my upcoming visit that just reading what your wrote had me crying...I have been a Grandma for almost 5 years and this will be the 1st time that I have grandchildren staying at my house!! I am anxious to see my daughter .... She is a runner and we are already plan to run together!! Making her and her sister proud is always important to me! Thank you for your friendship...you are so special to me and I am so happy to be rocking these beautiful bodies together!! Enjoy the upcoming weekend!!
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U go Lori !!!!! Thanks for making me laugh time and time again !! Get Those honks gf cause ur sex and you know it
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Hi my TT Friend! Whoa!! Horn honking! Yes! That's a great thing to happen! Those guys knew what they were doing! It is so great to hear how happy you are! I love the confidence you have. It's amazing to read how you have blossomed and I can just hear your smile when you write about how you feel. I'm so happy for you, Lori. You deserve every single moment of feeling the way you do. And yep, you rocked those bikinis! Keep doing exactly what you're doing and I swear, I can hear your happiness here in Oregon! Congratulations!!
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Lori.. That was awesome getting honked at bet that made you smile big time..you have done a great job and should be so proud of yourself .... I need to get busy and catch up with you. Have a great weekend.
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Nice results. You look amazing. You are an inspiration to me. Thank u
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It's wonderful to hear your doing so great... Hubby has his hands full watching out for you..Loki am waiting till my 3 month ck/up to tan boy is it hard I am getting pale..
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I love your story!!! I love all of them. No one understands but the women who want them and have had them! thank you! oh and I thought just from your pics you were in your 30's
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motheroftwins....I think I love you!! lol.....in my 30's indeed!! thank you ever so much!! I am very excited for you and your upcoming procedures sounds like you have waited a long time for this and you are going to be so happy with your results. Be sure to keep us posted!! Can't wait to welcome you to the flat side!! It is awesome over here!! Take good care!!
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Hi Lori! Hope your day was sun filled and wonderful! Just wanted to drop in and wish you strength, flatness, ( hee hee) and joy! Have a great week!
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You are wonderful! Hugs! :)
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you did so much better than me.. it is rainy here and i am bored so i ate ice cream...
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It's okay Sara.....you have been doing so awesome that it is time to indulge just a bit!!
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Hooray Lori! So proud of you for taking control! Yes! You just conquered one of the hardest temptations there is. Don't you just feel great? You deserve a rest after all that. If you have some swelling, just grin and know you earned it cuz it will go away. Happy with you! Hugs :)
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I'm loving your updates and I'm so happy for you!!! Keep sharing with us and keeping us so motivated!!!
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Lori, You are doing wonderful....and I know you are extremely excited about seeing the grand babies...I still don't pick Katie up she will be 3 in Aug. but weighs about 33 lbs..so I sit and she crawls in my lap..and we do lots of cuddling...enjoy the biking...
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