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I'm 5 Days Post Op and Bored

Had my tummy tuck last Thursday. I'm 5'6" and 155...

Had my tummy tuck last Thursday. I'm 5'6" and 155 lbs. I already had lost a ton of weight, but couldn't get rid of the Mommy pouch. Anyways, surgery was great and now I'm in recovery. The day of surgery was mostly spent sleeping, enjoy that!! The second day, I was so full of energy!! But I was limited to movement due to drains. Speaking of the drains...mine never really drained much, but the doc said that's normal. They never drained over 30 in a twelve hour period and by Sunday, I was only draining the bulbs once per day. I hated the drains and couldn't wait for them to go! First drain came out Monday and the second drain is due to come out today. It's so liberating! I can't wait to shower and wash my hair!! I'm relatively pain free except when I sneeze or cough oh! and drain removal didn't hurt. It just felt weird!!! Slimy and warm...gross.

Anyways, I'm strangely craving salt today. Maybe because I've been on a fruit/veggie/fish/whole grain diet? I read online that those aid in the healing process so I've been trying to be good. Doesn't mean I haven't cheated!! Had a Dairy Queen Blizzard on Sunday and chips and salsa today. I haven't moved properly in days so I fear the scale. Maybe I'll visit that next week. Hope you are all having a fabulous day!


Good luck on your recovery! Good luck staying away from that salt too!
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Your lucky you already have drains removed. I only got "1" removed yesterday. And it sound like you are doing GREAT tho!! :):):). Congrats on being on the flat side! :)
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8 days PO

Now officially 8 days PO and I'm not seeing too much change. My back is still unbelievably sore, but Tylenol helps. Also, my scar/stitches lay right on my hip bones so that gets kind of irritating. And Lord, I just want to walk standing up straight!! I'm almost there, but my protective instincts kick in and I hunch over to guard my tummy.

Other than that, I love being on the flat side! I love sitting down and not adjusting the rollof fat, its all gone!


Thank you!
Thank you! The drain removal of 4 & 5 days had me a bit worried, but nothing was coming out! On Day 3 I was draining maybe about 12-15ml? And that was with "milking". I'm hoping fluid never builds up because I don't want the dreaded needle I've read about on here!

After Pic...have to find a Before Pic

Okay, here is an after photo (day after to be exact). I'm trying to find a before...I'm going to shower and then I'll post some more recent.


Omg your day after TT pic is amazing! Such a tiny waist and you don't even look swollen. Congrats :)
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Thank you! I thought I didn't look swollen either but the doc pointed out all these "swollen" spots and I was shocked. Is it possible to get more flat?! I'm really excited! Hoping to get more pics posted soon!

8 days PO pics...

Here are some updated pics. Yes, I still have the marker on my tummy because I'm too afraid to scrub it off, but showering has been great! I do get a bit tired after, but who wants to be stinky??


We had surgery the same day and I have no waist yet :( had my drains removed today and so much easier to get around without all the pulling.
Have no fear, that waist will appear! Give it time and remember, you're still swollen. Good luck lovely lady!

Eat Properly Ladies!!

Ok ladies, I wanted to share with you my "after surgery diet". I truly believe it helped me recover faster. Also, it prevented me from having ANY constipation. NONE!! So here's what I recommend: only chicken or fish (no red meat), lots of vegetables and lots of fruits (bananas help repair muscle) and only whole grain bread. You probably aren't starving and you certainly aren't moving around so don't pack in the proceesed foods or those high in salt. Lastly, drink water and plenty of it. Water flushes out the body and it also keeps you hydrated which is crucial when healing and taking pain medicine.

I hope this helps some of you and good luck with your new tummies!!


You know whats funny is I been craving bananas. I have to get some from the store tomorrow. Thanks for the tip, how many days post did you have a bowel movement? I had my surgery on 7/3 and it has been panfully rough for me. thanks
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I had my first BM the next morning. Hope the tips help, this recovery process can be tricky, but it'll be worth it!!
I am so glad to read about your recovery, encourages me to keep going. I am in day 2 po and it has been difficult, ups and downs, a lot is muscle spams and a morning cough that almost killed me. But I know that is a slow process ans i got to be patience. Congrats on your new shape!
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I'm going to party like a rockstar today...

I'm going to party like a rockstar today, but not really. Just going to a kid birthday party which includes: bounce house and swimming. Guess I won't be participating. :( I have told only a very few about my TT so hopefully no one said anything. I didn't want the negative response that sometimes comes with self-improvement. "Why would you spend that kind of money?!" "You didn't need it, you were fine!" "Can I see your scar?!"

Some peoplle just have no mouth filters! I pray that I walk normally today and no one asks me how I'm doing. Oh, and I want to eat cake!! :)

Other than that, Day 9 PO has been interesting. I slept on my side last night, that was great! And it was awesome, I mean AWESOME not having my gut flopped in front of me. My husband even made the comment, there's less of you to hug...darn right there is!! Sleeping on my side required a body pillow and a few adjustments, but I had a more restful night's sleep. Yay! Did have some weird bits of pain in my belly button, not sure where that came from. Possibly from stitches being removed yesterday? Which reminds me! I get my tape off next Wednesday and I'll begin scar treatment. Right now my incision feels like a giant rope under my skin which the doctor says is normal and in about 1year will blend with my skin. Hello!! Just in time for Summer 2014!! I'm excited!

Okay lovely ladies, time to get ready for a party. I better start now since showering exhausts me and so does drying my hair!

I wish my husband could do it all for me! :)


I would avoid bananas till you start pooping. I was taught to give bananas too my kids if they had diarrhea to bind them up. I was drinking these yummy strawberry smoothies they gave me with my meds until I realized they were half banana... The Milk of Mag is what finally helped me on day 6 I think.
4mommy46, I finally pooped and shower today. I pretty good right now. Its just that when I lay down when I get up my muscles are really tight! I have to walk around and it eases up a little. Does this happen to you?

10 Days PO

Took a couple pics today. Love my new tummy!!

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Photos at 10 days PO

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Photos at 10 days PO

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11 Days PO...Back to work!

Today I am officially 11 days PO and I am going back to work! Feeling pretty good this
morning and hoping that continues all day! I'm noticing more itchiness around my incision, does that mean it's healing? I hope!


Looking good!!
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OMG! I followed your suggestions and drank coconut water, supplemented with magnesium and alaskan fish oil and I pooped twice and I'm standing up better! I definitely feel stronger today .. thank you sk1nnymama :D
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So excited for you! You look great.
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3 1/2 weeks post op!

Wow, its been a while since I updated! All is well and all I can say is I'm so happy!! I'm standing up straight and my ugly incision is starting to look more and more normal everyday! I still have swelling on one side of incision, doc says a couple more weeks and that will be gone. I've graduated to a fat trimming belt instead of the binder, but I don't yet know where to get one. :) I know there are some of you that may be at start of recovery or just before surgery and all I can say is hang in there! I thought I'd never be able to sleep on my side, but after two weeks, I was! And the pain/back aches will go away, I promise!

Stick with a healthy diet, that was the key to my success. Clean eating and lots of water!!

I'm thinking positive for all of you!!

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Hey all! I was wondering if any of you experienced any infections or issues with your incision. I have a spot (size of a dime) that won't heal and I think it might be infected. Calling doctor tomorrow.

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3 months flew!

Hello all!! Just wanted to update everyone and say I'm doing great! Completed a half marathon and 10k over the holiday weekend and look forward to more next month! Today I'm taking pics at the doctor's for their "show off book" and I'm a bit nervous about that. I think I've put on about 5 lbs since surgery so I really need to get my butt to the gym.

Hope all is well with my fellow TT gals!


So glad you are doing well and can't wait to see the show off book photos!!! Awesome!
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Inland Empire Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Park is amazing. He spends a lot of time explaining the procedure and you see him every step of the way! I also love, love, love Lori! She is so friendly and caring! I saw before and after surgery and made me feel so comfortable. The office personnel is very friendly and accommodating too- they really make you feel like everything will be ok every step you go through. I especially appreciate the private entrance which made walking around with drains, dirty hair and no make up a lot easier! I will recommend Dr. Park to anyone, he is truly an artist!

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