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Hi everyone! I've been reading stories on realself...

Hi everyone! I've been reading stories on realself on and off for the last year and a half, and now everyday for the last two months! I spend hours reading reviews and looking at before and after pics. It's great being able to follow someone's journey and get an idea of what to expect. I was very nervous to join because I didnt want to show picture, especially nude ones! I finally decided to join for support. :-)

I am 27 years old, 5'3", 115lbs. I have 3 handsome boys ages 6, 5, and 2. I breastfed all 3. Before I had kids I weighed 110lb. After pregnancies I would lose the weight fairly fast but my body looked worse and worse after each pregnancy. My breast have sagged and when I breastfed my second child I always lactated A LOT more on my right side, no matter how I fed I couldn't correct the uneven lactation. My breast were about 2 cup sizes at that time. After that my breast have stayed uneven and now are a cup size different and saggy. My stomach has loose skin that bulges over my jeans. If I wear a fitted shirt my stomach looks wrinkled and sticks out. Therefore I usually wear loose fitting tops.

Since I had my second child I wanted to "fix" my body, my husband would tell me I didn't need it and was against it. I would bring it up here and there and he had the same response, he would say I could just work out and build muscle and tighten and lift everything again....didn't work! I toned up a bit but my extra skin wasn't going anywhere! I started having poor self image. I didn't want my hubby to see me naked, I wanted all the lights off, and no touching of my breast and stomach. I kept telling him I needed to get this makeover in order to feel good naked again.

About 6 months ago he finally realized that I needed to do it for me and for us. And he came to the realization that Excersize does not get rid of skin nor will make my breast lifted and full like they were before. He has been supportive ever since and even shows a bit of excitement over the new breasts to come.

I have scheduled my surgery for May 3rd, 2013. I am excited and scared. Excited for this makeover and to feel good naked again and scared of the recovery and all the "what ifs" run through my mind.


Making the decision to have the procedure is the first step-- and it's a difficult one, for sure! I personally have found a great support system through RealSelf, and it has helped with the decision / surgery / recovery process immensely! Good luck, and may peace be with you through the coming weeks!
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I'm so glad you joined us and I truly hope you find the support your want and need.

Here's a list of supplies you might need for recovery. I hope you'll keep us posted as you get closer to your big day!

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I'm having doubts about what size I should go for....

I'm having doubts about what size I should go for. I don't want to go too big. My PS suggested 500cc HP silicone. 500cc just seem way too big, he told me most patients wish they would have gone bigger. I decided on 450cc right and 475cc left. I want a natural look. My fear is going too big.


My PS uses a "sizing" chart that he said is pretty much foolproof. The link below is to the style and type of implant I got, but I know every company has the same sort of chart. To give you an example, my breast width is 13 cm, so my PS told me that I would be looking at 371 cc or 397 cc due to the fact that each implant is .1 cm on either side of my natural width. Going with too small of an implant will not fill out your breast. Going with too large an implant will give you the "fake" look because your skin will likely reveal the shape of the implant. Also keep in mind that if you are going under the muscle you will lose about 25ccs, so if you tried on the 450 / 475 and liked them on in your bra, go with the 500s because that will make up for the ccs that you are losing! I hope this helps!
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Thanks for the great info!

Today a lady at work asked if I was pregnant! Ugh...

Today a lady at work asked if I was pregnant! Ugh I guess these loose fitting shirts are not hiding my belly! One month before my surgery, no more pregnancy look!

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In the last day I've been having so many worries...

In the last day I've been having so many worries about the tummy tuck. I'm afraid of how the scar will look. Will it be too high? Recovery concerns me, I can only take 2 1/2 weeks off work. I'm afraid that won't be enough since I'm on my feet all day, I work retail. Yesterday I read a terrible review on a tummy tuck recovery here on RS. That really scared me. I'm now afraid of looking worse than I do now. Maybe I should only do the Breast augmentation. Maybe I need to stop reading reviews so I don't come across another horrific one.


I think everyone recovers differently and everyone's surgery goes differently. As I am sure ur ps explained there can be complications but honestly they are rare. There are more positives on this site then negatives. I believe u will do well u know ur body n u want this bad n you will do what it takes to have a successful recovery. I believe if u just did ur breast u would still have that low self image of urself. You know what u want. Some of the girls who have said they struggled w recover have overcome those obstacles n post that even with the issues it was worth it. I wish u all the luck n love n I will be following ur story girl. Just a couple weeks to go for u stay positive. U deserve this. My surgery is Friday n I too have had all those doubts too but I have wanted this forever I won't let anything stop me. Don't let a few reviews stop u especially when there is so many more positive ones :)
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Thank you for the encouraging words. I will try to stay positive, it seems harder and harder the closer I get. Good luck Friday!

I have about a week to decide if I want to...

I have about a week to decide if I want to postpone my surgery. Not because I want to but it's bad timing. My father in law has cancer and is no longer doing chemo. He's had a rough week, not eating, throwing up and in pain. My husband has taken days off work to be with him. I'm afraid if I get my surgery in 2.5 wks I won't have my husbands help and if he is around to help me I feel like I would be taking time away from him and his dad. And if I'm recovering I won't be able to spend time with his dad either, I try to see him as much as possible. I've been wanting this for years but I can't be selfish.

I brought it up to my husband last night and he asked "what does your surgery have to do with my dad?" I told him my concerns about him not being able to be with both of us during my recovery. He stayed quiet and fell asleep. It's hard to talk about his dad because I can see the hurt in his eyes. I don't know how much longer my father in law has, if they (him and his sister) have the funeral expenses set aside. I'm afraid to ask because he doesn't like to talk about it and it hurts him to think his dad is dying.

I took out a personal loan for my surgery and the money is in my savings, I'm also afraid it will be needed for other things if I wait and then I won't have the money to pay for the surgery. I was feeling more confident and my self esteem was getting better just knowing my surgery was finally going to happen. Now I'm feeling a bit depressed and my self esteem is lower. I just don't know what to do. I'm feeling guilty and unsure.

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I'm on an emotional roller coaster. One minute I'm...

I'm on an emotional roller coaster. One minute I'm excited then sad. I'll see what happens in the nxt couple of days.


It is a tough decision but let me tell you, you need help for a minimum of five days no matter how strong you are! So if your hubby can't help is there someone else that can help? Good luck either way. I am sure your dream will come true but I believe in timing and maybe now is not your time but it will be time later on ;(. Keep us posted!
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I don't really have anyone else to help. My mom can probably watch my son but can be here with me since she takes care of my sisters children too. I think it's best I wait.
Wow that's a lot to take on girl. And that truly is a decision u need to make with ur hubby. I am a hospice nurse n the uncertainty that patients family's go thru is so hard. Not knowing how long someone has can be tough. You father in law could live months or even years. Just so tough girl. I really think u should talk to ur hubby about ur surgery n if he thinks u should wait if he says no trust in his decision he probably really needs that. But if he says wait then do that for him. You will get thru this girl n when u have ur surgery now or then u will look fabulous.
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My father in law has passed, we will be having his...

My father in law has passed, we will be having his funeral service this weekend. It was hard to see him go but we know he is in a better place, no more pain and suffering.

I havent really been thinking about my surgery in the past week. I was ok with postponing it, my husband told me just to go thru with it as scheduled. We both already have the scheduled time off. Im feeling a little scared now. Before the thought of being "cut up" didbt bother me because I was so excited about the change. But now I'm getting nervous and scared. What if im not happy with the results....if my scar is to high, if my breast are too big, complications, recovery, what if I can't afford the payments. So many thoughts have been going through my mind today.


Do what is right for u girl. I think u know deep down what u truly want. This surgery could be a fresh new start for u :)
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Sorry about your FIL... I think your surgery is meant to be.. .just go for it if your hubby is supportive.... Time flies... There is a lot of support on this site...good luck!
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3 days til my big day, I havent felt excitement...

3 days til my big day, I havent felt excitement lately just nervousness. Ive been trying to clean my house spotless but with 3 boys its impossible to keep it clean for more than a few hours! I have posted some censored pics of my breast, pictures make me notice how bad i need this.


Sorry for your loss, it cant be easy for you right now. I think you have wanted this for a long time and you deserve it as well. 3 days away from the flat side...its within your reach, do what your heart tells you to do. Good luck, sending good vibes your way!
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I had my surgery this morning. It has been ok so...

I had my surgery this morning. It has been ok so far. I felt like i had a stack of bricks on top of my breast because of how tight they are wrapped. I feel like I have a strap on them? They hurt more than my tummy. I've been taking my pain meds every 4-6 hrs. I was standing for a few minutes and all of a sudden I felt hot and out of breath.
I haven't seen my incision or breast, im kinda scared.
My husband has been amazing, he printed out a chart and tapes it on the wall so he could keep track of my meds, draining, eating etc.

I go to my 1st preop tomorrow morning. I'll keep posting updates.


Can't wait to see your results...good luck and happy healing!!
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I had my post op day today. I got to see my tummy...

I had my post op day today. I got to see my tummy tuck incision and it looks nice and low! My boobs look deformed. My right breast looks so much bigger than my left... I'm worried my PS put the bigger 475cc one my bigger boob! And the smaller 450cc on my already small one. I hope that's not the case and it's just swollen. I can't really sleep, I feel half awake and can hear every little noise. My drains really bug I feel like the dig into my hip bone.
I have my next post op appt on Friday 5/10. Hopefully my boobs look more even :-/


My left boob was way bigger then my right because of swelling. Just give it some time and I know you will look great! I had my mommy makeover on April 9th so I know what your going through. Hope you are feeling ok on your pain pills :)
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Well done and wish you a speedy recovery xxx
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Welcome to the flat side girl just rest n heal :)
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Day 4 PO, I've been ok just tired. Finally had a...

Day 4 PO, I've been ok just tired. Finally had a BM today, gonna keep taking stool softeners because it was hard to go. My breast are looking more even. My stomach is super numb. My drains bug, I can't wait to get them out!

The hardest thing so far is not being able to hold my boys, especially my two year old. He keeps asking me to pick him up and has cried a few times because i dont. It's also hard just laying here not being able to help my husband clean or cook, I know I should be enjoying it but I don't. I can't wait til I can start doing it all again.

I will post pics when I'm able to go on my laptop. I wish I could post pics from my phone. Happy healing everyone!


I am so sorry about your emotional roller coaster lately. I pray your recovery goes smoothly looking forward to read and see your progress. Much love to you!!
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Thank you!
Sorry Aboit your father in law's passing. Sounds like you are healing nicely, hope you continue on this path :)
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Hey everyone! In 8 days PO and feeling better...

Hey everyone! In 8 days PO and feeling better everyday! I got my drains removed yesterday it I hated the feeling but I was happy to have them out! I feel like I can move around a little more.

My hubby wanted to start having sex again and I was like NO! I'm still in the early healing process and I don't want anyone to touch me. He seemed upset but he'll get over it. I feel better about my self image already but I'm still healing.

I updated my phones software and now I can add photos thru my phone yay!


Wow u look fabulous! Amazing job on both ur tummy & boobs. Look forward to seeing the pics when everything settles in few weeks. Good luck in your recovery :)
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Your tummy looks amazing! Your breasts are going to as well. I do see the difference in size, but that could just be swelling. If the surgeon did more work on the breast pocket or you use that arm more often (I see it is your right breast, are you right handed?) it would swell more. I hope it evens out for you soon so your mind can be at ease. So far you are looking great though!
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Thanks! Yes I'm right handed. My right was bigger to start with that's why we did 25cc more in the left to get them a little more even but it's still much bigger.

2.5 weeks PO

Finally got around to taking some current pics! I had to hide in the closet so my boys didn't see me LOL! I've been so busy and tired with my boys. I've been feeling better everyday. My only concern is my right boob, it's looking odd to me. Looks like there is a dent under my nipple area, like its smooched there. Maybe the implant is high and all my loose skin is hanging. Idk!

Everyone that has seen the new girls think they are small! My mom, aunt, and sisters. It's like they are dissapointed they aren't big. They say they are the size I was before kids... That's what I was looking for! But now that I keep hearing that I wish I had gone a little bigger! I should have taken my PS advise and done 475cc and 500cc. Ugh oh well! There it is boobie greed!

My tummy is healing nicely, I still get very swollen above the incision and it looks and feels gross. I will post pics of my incisions when i change my paper tape on Saturday.

A few days ago we took the boys to a water park w another couple and their kids. She kept bringing up my surgery, it's like she wanted everyone around to know I had work done, I was annoyed! I was wearing one of my old full coverage bathing suits, covering my tummy so I could wear my binder.

I go back to work tomorrow, not very excited about that. Although I like where I work, I really enjoyed being home with my boys. As crazy as they drive me I love being able to drop them off and pick them up from school, help them with homework, etc. I'm working towards paying off all my debts so I can stay home with them or work part time so I'm home more.

Happy healing everyone!

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New pics!

I forgot to add them to the other update. I hope my boobs even out, drop and fluff and whatever else they need to do soon!


Yeah, I have to agree....I'm jealous of your stomach. Flat!!! That's what I had envisioned in my head that my stomach would look like. :)
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Thank you! I just need to work on the love handles lol
You look great! I have 3 small children too and can't wait for my surgery in February! I was wondering how long it took you before you could drive. Also, how many days post op before you felt like you could be alone with all 3? I plan on having help with my kids, but am unsure how many days I need to send them to the babysitter. The 6 yr old will be in school but my 4 and 2 yr olds will be going to a babysitter.
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Am I bottoming out?! ????

I went back to work 2 days ago and I was fine, I just felt swollen after a few hrs. Some of my uniform outfits are too tight around the chest now! I added new pics, i think my right breast looks like its bottoming out :-( I hope not. I'm going to contact my PS and see if I need to go before my nxt appt


Can u upload any pics of ur breasts without the nipples covered?
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Thanks for sharing your story. I think your boobs look incredible! Do you have updated pics of your belly button? Are you happy with it? I'm similar in size to you and am thinking about checking your doctor out :)
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You look amazing!!!!
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