30 days PO...NEW comparison pic from 30 days PO

I'm 33 years old and have 2 beautiful boys. My...

I'm 33 years old and have 2 beautiful boys. My body has paid the price and now it's time to pay the price for my body! My heaviest weight was right before having my first son via c-section at 227. Ouch! I vowed then to never be that weight ever again! It was aweful and uncomfortable! 7 years later I had my second son and right before my c-section with him was 199. April was one year since I had my second son and I am now at 161...still working on that last subborn ten pounds but decided to schedule this mommy makeover and get the ball rolling! I'm 5'5" and weight 161....Ideally I want to be 150. I have my pre op appt on May 23rd and I am so excited! A bit nervous because I really pray that everything goes well. I hope I wake up (most important thing) and I don't get any infections! Both of my c-sections got infected afterwards and that was aweful! I'm staying really positive and doing everything in my power to ensure that this is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life! My husband and I love the river and I want my old bikini body back!!! So excited for tomorrow's pre op! Hope you all are healing well and can't wait to be on the other side healing with you all! :)

Well I had my pre-op and now I'm just trying to...

Well I had my pre-op and now I'm just trying to get everything done that I need to before this coming Friday! Wow....I can't believe I'm really doing this and it's only 6 more days away! YEA!!!! I started taking my Arnica Montana and Bromalein last Tuesday. I really hope that helps out with the swelling since I'm a sweller anyways! Now I need to get the house ready and spend these last few days of mobility playing and holding my boys! I hope you all are having a great day! Life is good ...enjoy every bit of it! :)

Okay, so 3 days left. I've been running around...

Okay, so 3 days left. I've been running around trying to get all the last minute stuff done. Trying to get the house clean and pantry filled with food for the hubby and kids. I got my a walker yesterday from my mom. I'm still wondering where I will set up camp once I get home? My bed is where I would like to be but it might be too high to get in and out of easily. I don't have a recliner but I have a couch with a chaise...maybe I will stay there for the first few nights? Any suggestions on the easiest place to stay? I'm going to take all my before pictures, weight and measurements Thursday night. Still deciding weather to post them or not???? I really love looking at everyone's before and after pics so I'll try to get the courage up to post them! Hope you all are healing well! Can't wait to be healing with you!!! :)

Okay, so just over 24 hours to go. Just got done...

Okay, so just over 24 hours to go. Just got done cleaning the house and doing the laundry. Got to do a bunch of stuff tomorrow-pick up meds, take kids stuff to grandmas, take before pics, and workout one last time for awhile! I'm really going to miss my cardio and my elliptical! I LOVE THAT MACHINE!!! So has anyone tried to stay in their bed? Or is the counch more comfy? I'm wishing I would have bought a recliner but I'm thinking I will try to stay in my bed with a bunch of pillows to help prop me up...any ideas? I still have to get my bed area ready tomorrow night as well. I'll try to post some before pics tomorrow night before I go to bed. Hope you all have a great night. Happy healing and thank you so much for all the comments! Good luck and many prayers for all of us June 1st MM's!!!! :)

11 more hours till I join the flat tummy crew! ...

11 more hours till I join the flat tummy crew! Yeah! I think I have everything ready and taken care of. I packed the car and got my bed ready for when I get home. Took my before pictures tonight and I think I threw up in my mouth when I looked at them! Ugh...gross! Sorry for the graphic description but WOW....pictures don't lie that's for sure! I'm going to post some of them tonight. I took my measurements and I will weight myself one last time tomorrow morning after I get ready. I'm super excited and really not nervous. I'm sure I will be once I get there and the Doc starts drawing on me! I hope he has a brand new marker to use! He'll need it with all the marking he got to do! LOL.....Anyhow, I'm going to try and post my pics now. To everyone having their surgery tomorrow...Good luck and best wishes for our big day! :)

I did it!!!!! Yeah! The worst is over and it...

I did it!!!!! Yeah! The worst is over and it wasn't too bad! My surgery was at 9am this morning. I went in signed the paperwork, then the nurse took me back and got my vitals and started my IV. I waited for about 45 minutes then the nurse said we were ready! I kissed and hugged my hubby and went and laid on the surgery table. I laid there for a minute looking at the surgerical lights above me and prayed one last time to please let me wake up! Next thing I new I was waking up. The ride home was about an hour and 15 mintues so that was uncomfortable. Then walking to my room from the garage was not happening! I felt really nocious and weak. My husband went and got the walker (which has a seat on it) and I sat on that while he pushed me to the room....LIFESAVER! I've been relaxing in my chair and ottoman since then and feeling pretty good. Went pee for the first time and that wasn't that bad. Took a couple of laps around the house with the walker to! I'm really not feeling as bad as I thought I would be so that's great! My boobs are more sore then anything else. Trying to stay on top of taking my vicodins so that the pain doesn't sneak up on me. A little blood bleed thru my CG on my left breast side. No biggie just put a thin panty liner in there. Looked like that gauze slipped done a little and that's why it bleed through. I'm getting tired so I'm post again tomorrow. Thanks for everyones thoughts and prayers! Happy healing...and have a restful night:)

Hello ladies. Had my post op appt this morning...

Hello ladies. Had my post op appt this morning and everything looks good. I was so excited to see what my tummy looked like. Felt pretty strange when she took my binder off but good at the same time. My binder was bunched up and digging into my side on the right. Felt lots better after she rewrapped me all up. Managed to have my hubby take a couple pics of the new me while I was out. I LOVE MY NEW BOOBIES AND BELLY!!!!! Can't believe I can call this my new tummy....it's been a long time coming. So happy with my decision to do this for myself and my hubby. He's happy too! Hope everyone is healig well and having a pain free day! :)

Well, I slept pretty good last night and didn't...

Well, I slept pretty good last night and didn't have to get up to pee as many times as the night before! Thank God! This morning, I felt that my CG need to be adjusted because it was starting to bunch up. So I took my walker in the bathroom and my husband undid my CG's. OMG....I got super hot, had to sit on the seat of my walker, ask my hubby for some water and a fan.....next thing I know my hubby was saying" Babe, Babe?" I woke up. I totally passed out! Not sure what that was from, maybe unleashing the girls and the support off my tummy but that was the worst feeling. Anyhow, I came to and then he gave me a spunge bath and put my CG's and sports bra back on. I can't shower until Thursday...UGH! I love my husband. He is the best! He has been totally helpful this entire time and hasn't complained once. He is very supportive and tells me " I can't wait to take you out Babe, you look great!" I'm so excited that my hsband wants to show me off again! Thank you Babey! Ur the best! Anyhow, I'm feeling pretty good today. The drain on my right side is a little bothersome and uncomfortable. Can't wait to get those things outta there but I'm still draining quit a bit so good thing that they will be in until friday. My husband is going to go pick up our 2 boys in a bit fro grandmas house so I'm excited to see them. Thanks mom for watching them...like my walker..your a lifesaver! Hope everyone is healing well and I'll post back again tomorrow! :)

Hello everyone! Okay, it's PO day 3. These days...

Hello everyone! Okay, it's PO day 3. These days are going by alot faster then I thought they would. At this point all I really want is a nice warm shower!!! I stink and my hair is yuckie! My hair is long down to my waist and it's so greasy you could rub tortillas on my head and then fry them! LOL....I feel really good today. Got up this morning with my hubby and packed the boys their lunches and kissed them goodbye. I have to start massaging my boobs today. I'm suppose to do it 6 times every 3 hours....so looks like I'll be playing with my boobies all day for the next few days! LOL...I'm not that swollen, just a bit around my waist, mainly where the drains are at my hips. The only real discomfort I have is from my right drain. It feels like it "pinches" me when I sit down. Just uncomfortable but not unbearable. I've been staying up on my Vicodin every 5 hours. Probably take it for another day or two and then switch to Extra Strength Tylenol. My belly button has a "burning" feeling to it since last night. Anyone know what that's all about? Anyhow, I have to go and play with my boobs now....ttys :) Hope all of you are healing well! :)

Good morning Ladies! Okay so yesterday I think I...

Good morning Ladies! Okay so yesterday I think I may have over done it a little bit because I was really sore last night. Mainly on my sides where my drains go in. That area seems to get swollen and hurt. I don't seem to be draining much so I really hope that they take these drains out on friday. Okay, so I have been taking MOM to try and have a BM and nothing. What's up with that? How many days after surgery did it take you ladies to have a BM? And what did you take? I have been taking 2 tablespoons of MOM everyday for the last 4 days now and nothing! I've been eating a soft diet still..bananas, jello, yogurt, cottage cheese, crackers, etc. I weighted myself this morning also and I was 162.5. The morning of surgery I was 162 so that's not too bad. I'm not really swollen right now so I think that the lipo and skins flaps probably weighted about the same as the implants they put in? I looked up online how much 1 liter of lipo weighs and they said 2.2 lbs....gross huh? So I had 1.5 liters sucked out of me....that's 3.3 pounds in lipo right there. They didn't get the weight of my skin flaps...really wish I would have had them take a picture of them! How much did your skin flaps weigh? Anyhow, I'm feeling good this morning. Still taking my antis and pain killers on schedule along with my arnica and bromelain. I can't wait till friday's post op appt....I'll post more pics after my appt. Happy healing to everyone...have a wonderful day and remember...LIFE IS GOOD! :)

Good morning Ladies! So....3 HUGE glasses of...

Good morning Ladies! So....3 HUGE glasses of prune juice and half a bottle of MOM later and I finally had my first BM this morning! WhooooHoooo! I feel like a million bucks! My tummy is still a little grumbly so I now the show isn't over yet! I'm just happy it started! lol... It was super mild too...nothing like my Dulcolax story....if you've read about that! lol....I feel really good today. I sat outback with the hubby this morning before he left for work. Felt wonderful being in the sun and having the warmth of it on me! I love being outside. Don't have much esle to report. I will stop taking my Vicodins tonight and switch to Extra Strength Tylenol. Hopefully that goes well. I'm continueing to do my boobie massages. I noticed that they start to feel really hard and "full'" as if I'm "engorged"...then I go and massage them and they feel so much better. Haven't weighted myself today...I will do that again tomorrow morning. Speaking of tomorrow...I GET TO SHOWER TOMORROW....one more day! YEAH! I am super excited about taking my shower. My hair really needs it. Seriously, I think I'm going to take before/after pictures of my hair so you all can see that transformation! lol....Well Happy Healing to you all...I hope you all feel beautiful and have a wonderful day! :)

Good morning everyone....I'm super stoked today...

Good morning everyone....I'm super stoked today because I finally get to take a shower and maybe start to feel like a woman again! I do have to wait until my hubby gets home just in case I decide to have another fainting episode but that's okay. By 5:30pm I will smell good, my hair will be washed and beautiful again and I will be clean shaven OMG...I need to shave. I can't take these hairy legs any more! They feel like I'm sleeping with King crab legs....lol...all these little spikes on them! I think these next 2 days are going to be a huge turning point for me. Getting to shower today and tomorrow I go see the PS and get my drains out and into a stage 2 CG. I can't wait. I'm so ready to be in the next phase of recovery. I weighed myself this morning and I'm 161.5...yeah...that's 1/2 a pound less then surgery morning! I'll take it! I know once I wash all the grease outta my hair I'm going to loose another pound! lol... Oh yeah, I switched from Vicodin to Extra Stregth Tylenol yesterday and it wasn't that bad. I did alot last night since the hubby had to work late and I was pretty sore this morning but once I got up and walked it out a little I'm okay. Mainly the lipo areas- lower back and flanks. Well, that's all I got for now...maybe I'll post again after my shower tonight if I have any energy left! Have a great day ladies and heal well...LIFE IS GOOD! :) WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!

Happy Friday!!!! Good morning ladies....And I do...

Happy Friday!!!! Good morning ladies....And I do mean it's a goooooodddd morning! I smell sooooo good! That shower felt awesome! I washed my hair 3 times with shampoo and then finally conditioned it. I scrubbed my arms and legs with dial soap and was able to shave my legs! And armpits! No more King crab legs here! lol...I'm halfway to feeling like a women again. I blow dryed my hair and styled it, put makeup on and found a cute little summer dress to put on for my post op appt today. I'm really hoping they take out both of my drains. Over the last 24hours the left on put out 12cc's and the right one put out 7cc's. The color was yellowish/light pinkish. I have still been massaging my boobies and they feel like they are starting to "loosen up" a bit. When I wake up in the morning they still feel sore and "engorged" feeling. But once I do a little tata massage I'm fine. After my shower I felt one stitch from under my left nipple kind of poking out. Going to ask the PS today about that. I'm hoping that at my appt today I can get the following things accomplished:
#2) Get rid out my binder and into a comfortable CG
#3) See and hopefully love my BB
#4) Take out sticthes around my nipples (The rest are all dissolveable)
If these can be accomplished today at my appointment I will be a really happy girl. Then I will feel about 3/4 of the normal again. Just have to work on standing up and my mid to lower back pain from that lipo. I will take some more pics today at the appt and post them later. I'm am starting to get my appitite back now. I have been really hungry this morning. I had a bowl of oatmeal around 7:30 and I'm hungry again already. Anyhow, I will try to post again later today, if not in the morning. Hope all of you are healing well. Have a wonderful Friday! :)

Hello ladies! Well yesterdays 1 week post op appt...

Hello ladies! Well yesterdays 1 week post op appt went awesome! (Except for having to wait 45 minutes before I got called back...ugh!) I saw the PS and he was very pleased with the way I am healing. He revealed to me my BB and it's awesome! Once it completely heals it's going to look so good He had the nurse take out the sutures around my nipple area, lipo spots on my back and one from my BB. Then she took out the drains...the right one just slightly burned when she took it out but it was quick. The left one hurt like a b!t@h!!!!!! After she pulled the second drain out, she shoved my a$$ into a size medium stage 2 CG. When I asked her what size it was and she told me it was a medium, I was like "What?" Me a medium? I haven't been in a medium since high school!" Whoop whoop.....then she said if I stay in this for 6 weeks pretty much 24/7 that when I come back for my 6 week PO she will shove my a$$ into a small!!!! A small? Double whoop whoop!!! So they gave me an extra sports bra (at no cost, thanks Alex) and some Bio-Corneum scar cream that I have to apply to all my scars 2 times a day. My PS also showed me how to start doing a deeper massage on my boobies. Which was pretty much what I was doing on my right breast anyways because that one was feeling really "engorged" for awhile....but not so much anymore. I was so happy with being able to see my BB, having them take out my drains and sutures and shoving my a$$ into a medium CG that I totally forgot to have my hubby snap a few pics...lol...sorry. I will get some tonight after I shower. Promise! Although my hubby did say after we left that he was starting to get a little turned on by seeing my new tummy and boobs....lol...I was happy to hear him say that because it kinda made me feel sexy again! Even though I'm still bruised and slightly hutched over! ....lol...super sexy huh? Oh yeah, one last thing, I slept halfway on my side last night and in my bed! YEAH! I missed my bed so much! My butt couldn't take the chair and ottoman one more night!! This CG is SUPER tight though...so I woke up a couple of times almost feeling a little "smothered" from it. I had to adjust the top of it a little and take a deep breathe.....then I went back to sleep. I'll get used to it...it will just take a little time. Oh yeah, one more thing...I weighed myself this morning. Remind you, I always weigh myself first thing in the morning and usually completely naked...not even a sock. The day of surgery I was 162....today I was 160!!!! And that was with my CG on, a pair of cotton shorts over to CG so my a$$ doesn't hang out, two socks for protecting my boobies from rubbing my CG and three panty liners for over my TT incision.!! That's awesome! I was going to try and do it naked but that was just way to much work to get outta all of this that early in the morning! lol...I'm still not drinking coffee you know! Okay, I think that is finally all I have to say for now. I hope everyone is having a great healing day and a beautiful weekend! Many hugs to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me along the way! Your wonderful! :)

Just got done with my shower and taking some pics....

Just got done with my shower and taking some pics. Wanted to share. I'm still really swollen and have some brusing but super happy with the results! Hope you all have a comfortable night. Heal well! :)

Well Happy Sunday to everyone! I dont have much...

Well Happy Sunday to everyone! I dont have much to report today. It's been kind of uneventful which is good. I did notice they forgot to take out one suture under my right boob that itsn't dissolvable so I will have to call them and see if I can go in this week and have them take it out. Other then that, just been putting my Bio-Corneum on 2x a day. My incisions are all looking really good and starting to ich a bit. I'm still massaging my boobs 5-6 times a day as well. Last night I slept so good in my bed and was able to lay on my right side. I did wake up a couple times last night with an upset tummy. I thnk this CG is literally squeezing the crap outta me! lol...sorry I know...TMI! Of course, when I woke up this morning I put my cream on and stepped on the scale. Once again I wasn't about to take off my get-up so I weighed myself with my CG and sports bra, two socks and three panty liners...lol...guess what? 156 babey! Oh yeah! That's 6 pounds down from surgery day! Whoop whoop! My hubby even told me this morning that he likes that my waist is getting small and my boobs are huge! lol...typical man!! He can't wait until we can go out on the boat! June 30th is our next boating trip. I will be exactly 4 weeks that day so I will be able to get in the water! YEA! I'm so looking forward to it. Hope you all have a great Sunday with the family! Happy healing...and smile..LIFE IS GOOD! :)

Good afternoon Ladies. Well today is my 10th day...

Good afternoon Ladies. Well today is my 10th day PO and so far it's been great. I kissed my boys off to daycare, kissed the hubby off to work, ate some oatmeal and got ready for my first outting since my surgery. I put on a pair of my jeans and I loved the fact that I had a waist...No muffin top babey! YEAH! I started out having to go to my oldest son's school. He was getting an award today and I didn't want to miss it. So after watching my son get his award, I headed into town(about a 25 min drive) and hit the dollar store for some odds and ends and then off to tackle Costco. OMG, was that place busy! And of course I needed to get a ton of stuff since I haven't hit a grocery store since a day before my surgery! My awesome hubby took his lunch a little early so that he could meet me there and help. That way I didn't have to lift the heavy waters! I love my hubby, he's the best! Then after we checked out I saw the parents of an old high school friend. Haven't seen these people in about 6-7 years. The first thing out of her mouth was "OMG, you look fabulous!" That right there made all the soreness in my lower back go away instantly! lol....of course she had no idea I just had a MM! She told me that my old friend had just gotten engaged and that I needed to plan on being at the wedding next June. What? Next June? I'm going to be lookin' HOT at that wedding! Whoop Whoop! Twelve more months equals no more swelling equals FInal RESULTS babey! Can you say High Desert Hottie! I can! :) Anyhow, I'm back home now, groceries put away and I'm back in my comfy clothes. Not bad for my first little outting. Next outting is driving back to the PS on Wednesday so they can take out one suture they forgot, then to get my toes done! Hope you all are having a great day of healing. ttys :)

Hey Ladies! PO day 11. Not much to talk about...

Hey Ladies! PO day 11. Not much to talk about today. Just wondering when this numb feeling below my BB and above my incision is going to go away. When did yours go away? Also, I've read a couple of the ladies blogs that said that they have had sex at 15 days PO. I'm so excited b/c my 15 days is coming up and my hubby and I can't wait! Any good tips on what position may be best? LOL.....sorry just thought I would ask. I don't want it to be like when I was pregnant with my second son and it just wasn't worth the effort! lol...When I was pregnant with my first we were like bunny rabbits. When I got pregnant with my second my hubby and I were all stoked thinking I was going to be in the mood all the time again....nope... not so much! I just couldn't get comfy...anyhow sorry if that was TMI...lol. Just really excited to be able to make love to the hubby again! Not much going on today. Just going to clean the house, do some laundry, etc. Today is my son's last day of school. YEAH! I'm excited that he will be out. Maybe we can do some fun stuff the rest of the week to start off his summer! Hope you all are healig beautifully. Have a wonderful day! :)

Okay so today is PO day 12 and I had my busiest...

Okay so today is PO day 12 and I had my busiest day yet! First, I went to my PS office (an hour and ten minutes away) this morning and had them take out one suture that they had forgot to take out last friday. Good news is that I unexpectantly saw my PS too. He came in and asked how I was doing. I told him I was there to get a suture removed that was mistakenly left in last friday. He asked me if I had any concerns and I said well yes actually I do. So I asked him about my drain incisions, mainly on my left side. It looks a little white and hard inside the incision. I have been putting peroxide on it 2 times a day and it doesn't fizzle up. He looked at it and told me to not use peroxide and to start using an antibiotic ontinment on it 3 times a day until it closes up. I also asked him about my BB since it's starting to look a little red. He told me to use the antibiotic ontinment there as well and that the seam on my CG goes right down the center of my BB and that is what is probably causing it to be red. I then told him that right under my TT incision feels kinda of hard and that it's a little tender on the left side. I reminded him that I had 2 c-sections both of which got infected, he went on to tell me that it is just from the tension of the TT and the scar being so low and that over the next couple of weeks it should subside. So, after I brought up all my concerns, he said my breasts look beautiful and that they are healing really well. That made me happy;) After that he shook my hand and had his nurse cut my suture and I was outta there!
Next, I went shopping at Ross, Marshalls and Target. I bought myself this super cute bikini that I will take pics in after I can stand all the way straight! I tried it on when I got home and I LOVE IT! I still have alot of swelling right above and below my incision....can't wait for that to go away and then I will be rockin that bikini!!! whoop whoop! I also bought some really cute panties and some lingerie! Can't wait for date night! :)
After my lil' shopping spree, I went and had a pedicure which I needed really bad. Haven't had one for over a month! Yikes! That felt wonderful! I love those massage chairs! It felt so good on my lower back where I had my lipo done! I think I may have been in heaven for about 45 minutes! lol
After my pedi, I came home unloaded that car, changed and took the golf cart over to my moms house to pick her and my boys up. A big thanks to my mom for watching the boys all day for me! Thanks Mom!!!! Anyhow, we came back to the house and I made us all a nice dinner and then sat and talked for a bit before taking her back home.
I have to say, I just got the boys to bed, feed the hubby (he had to work late tonight), took my shower and I'm pooped! Good thing I have nothing going on tomorrow because I'm going to have to take a nap. This is the first day that I haven't taken my afternoon nap and boy does my body know it! I really need to enjoy these last 4 days before I have to go back to work. Naps everyday till then that's for sure! Hope you all are having a great day of healing. I'm super tired and going to go catch some zzzzzzzzzzzz! Nighty night! :)

Well today is 2 weeks PO. I'm feeling really...

Well today is 2 weeks PO. I'm feeling really really good. I have alot of my energy back and have practically no pain what so ever! I haven't even taken a Tylenol since PO day 7! Yeah for me! My hooters are healing really well. Almost all the scabbing is gone and the scars are barely visable. My BB is still a little tender and red with a bit of scabbing but I love the shape of it. And my TT incision is looking great as well. About half of the scabbing has came off and the scar is going to be so thin and light once it's all healed. I have just a small amount of bruising on my back from the lipo. All in all, I'm really happy with my results. I would do this whole surgery again in a heartbeat! I am healing better and quicker then I expected which is great! I still can't stand straight up yet. I can stand alot straighter when I'm wearing my CG then when I'm naked and taking a shower. I really wish I could work out....I feel that good! I've already vacuumed the house 2 times and have been doing the laundry for that last 6 days. I so badly want to get back on my elliptical though...I miss it so much. But I don't want to over due that much so I will be patient and wait a bit longer! lol....Hope you all are healing well! Have a really great Friday! :)

17 days PO and today I had to go back to work. It...

17 days PO and today I had to go back to work. It wasn't too bad. I think the hardest part was waking up at 4am again! lol...I feel pretty good today but now that the day is winding down....I'm really swollen! I can definitely tell that my tummy is super swollen. I did have to go hide in the bathroom at work a couple of times today to rub my boobies...lol. As one lady on here said it...it felt like I had morning boobie! lol....Other then that I had a really good day. Hopefully the rest of the week goes well too. Hope you all are healing well. Have a great week! :)

Hello Ladies! Well just when I thought everything...

Hello Ladies! Well just when I thought everything was going well, I get out of the shower today and go to put my scar cream on when I notice a little fluid right at my TT incision line. I wiped it away and then pushed on my tummy around the area and it came up again. I'm not talking alot of fluid but it was about half the size of a pencil eraser. I have been watching my TT incision super closely because it has been really swollen and rigid above and below it. In the crease of my leg right under my incision is hard feeling and I have the numbing tingling sensation from below my incision to just below my BB and from side to side. The fluid that I wiped away was kind of light pinkish/yellowish....kind of like the color of the fluid that was in my drains. My questions is...What should I do about this? I have an appt tomorrow at 3pm to see my PS. I really want him to check it out and do something about it. I don't want him to say we will just watch it. I have had 2 c-sections and both got infected and re-opened. I DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN WITH THIS!!!!! Has anyone had this problem before? What did they do about it? What can I say to them to ensure they drain it or take it seriously? Please help....I'm kinda worried about it because of my past experiences...they were awful. I have posted a few new pics showing my swollen tummy. Thank you for your time and knowledge. Happy healing to you all! :)

3 weeks PO...Well it's been 3 weeks now and things...

3 weeks PO...Well it's been 3 weeks now and things are going great. I went to see my PS last wednesday for what I thought might be a seroma. Turns out it wasn't! Whew! He said that it was just alot of swelling that started since I have gone back to work and increased my activity level. He said that it is normal to have a little of fluid come out of your incision area if the swelling gets too bad. He said that I do have a little fluid still in the tissue layers but that is was not a seroma. He told me to put neosporin on any part of my incision that leaks any fluid. However, since last Tuesdays episode of fluid, luckily I haven't had another episode. He did say that I needed to start wearing both my stage 2 CG and my binder to work to help with my swelling. That did seem to work alot better. Thursday and Friday's swelling was not nearly as bad as the begining of the week. I'm so happy that I didn't have a seroma and that it wasn't an infection! What a huge relief. He actually said my scars are looking great and that I am healing really fast. I'm super happy about that too. However, lately I have been feeling a bit frustrated with my current stage of recovery. I am past the initial can't get around well and being in a bit of pain, but not yet ready to start working out and getting back into my normal rountine. Not being able to use my daily workout time as my stress reliever is really starting to get to me. When did you ladies get the okay to start working out again? I don't see my PS again until I am 6 weeks PO....I don't want to wait that long!!! I am looking forward to next weekend. Our community is having a fireworks show on Saturday night and we always put our boat on the lake out here and have friends out. We float and party all day until the fireworks go off. This is going to be the first time since surgery that I get to swim in the lake and the first time my friends are going to see the new me! I'm excited about it. I hope I rock that new bikini! Anyhow, I hope you all are healing well. Take care and have a great weekend! :)

Hello everyone! Well I'm almost at 4 weeks out. ...

Hello everyone! Well I'm almost at 4 weeks out. I wasn't going to post again until saturday since that is my offical 4 weeks but I just had to share how excited I am. Since before I went off work for my surgery my size 13/15 slacks for work have been kinda baggy. Needless to say, after I went back to work last week, they looked horrible because they were way to baggy. Yet, I didn't want to go clothes shopping since I knew I would be getting even smaller. Well, yesterday morning was the breaking point for me. I have a pair of size 8 slacks my friend gave me a few months ago when I had lost about 20 pounds. I took them from her then but knew that I wasn't even going to try them on because I would just get disgusted with myself for them not fitting and seeing my love handles hang over the side. Yuck! However, feeling super uncomfortable in my rediculously baggy slacks, I tried them on yesterday and guess what? They fit....not only did they fit, I had a little extra room! Whoop whoop! I wore them to work and felt great about myself and felt very comfortable in them. I called my friend up and told her that I was wearing them and she said she had another pair of 8's and a pair of 6's that I could have. She dropped them off to me tonight and I tried the 6's on....They fit! Double whoop whoop! I can't believe it...seriously, I haven't been in a size 8 since high school and a size 6? I can't even remember when! I'm am so excited about this and I really am super happy with my decision with having the MM. It has been the best thing in my life (other then my husband and 2 handsome boys!!). I'm starting to feel like the person I left behind years ago and I love it! I'm definitely going clothes shopping this weekend and I'm so looking forward to it....and that's something I haven't looked forward to for years! Hope you all are healing well. Take care and I will post bikini pics this weekend! Oh, PS...I started back on the elliptical on Tuesday...I have been going easy. I've been doing level 4~5 for 35 mins every night....It feels so good to sweat again! Happy helaing and have a great night!

30 DAYS PO: Hello Ladies! Well this weekend was...

30 DAYS PO: Hello Ladies! Well this weekend was so much fun! I went out on the boat and I wore my new bikini for the first time! On Saturday our community had a big festival for the 4th of July and had fireworks Saturday night over the lake. We invited some friends out to join us on the boat. It was so nice to get in the water and float in our sit-n-chills and have a few (too many) beverages! lol....This was the first time since I had my2 boys that I actually felt comfortable and confident in a bikini! It was awesome to be able to swim in the lake too. Not being able to go to the lake and swim or to the pool and swim for the last 4 weeks has been torture! It's been so hot here and that's what my family and I do for fun! After being out on the water for 10 hours, we came home. The first thing I did was go straight to the bathroom and check out all my incisions. I wanted to make sure they we all good, no openings, etc. Yep, everything was a okay! Yeah!!! I'm so glad that this weekend went so well. I wasn't even that swollen after being out in the sun and out of my CG all day. I did bring my binder on the boat with me and put it on after the sun went down. We have plans to go to Newport Beach next weekend and then to the river for 3 days the weekend after that! Yeah, let the summer begin! :)
As for my weight...I have been pretty much staying around 157.5. I took my measurements on June 27th and they were:
Bust: 38.5" Waist: 32" Hips: 37.25". I only worked out out on the elliptcal 2 days last week (Tuesday and Wednesday). I plan on getting back into my normal workout routine this week and start working out 4-5 days a week. I want to start adding my leg and arm workout back into my routine along with my ellipitcal as well. I can definietly tell my arms and legs have lost some definition in them these last 4 weeks of not working out! Overall, I feel great! I am so thankful that I have recovered this well in this short amount of time. I know that I still have a long ways to go to see my final results but I am super happy with what they are so far! I have added a few new pics....they were taken this evening after a day of wallking and shopping for some new clothes, so I am a bit swollen. I hope you all are healing well and wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July! A huge thank you to everyone who has served in our Armed forces and the families of our brave soldiers. It is because of all of you we have our freedom and can say.....Happy Birthday America!!!!!!!! :)
Dr. Tarick Smaili

I love the work my PS does. He is awesome. Very direct and professional. Wait times are starting to seem a bit too long. One gal in the office really needs some customer service skills but I love Alex the nurse...she's Awesome!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Love your story, love your sense of humor too! You look great!
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I want to wear a bikini! My DR said CG 24/7 except showers for 6 weeks. I might say F it and do it this weekend for a beach day. I will be 4 weeks PO. How was your swelling after being out on the boat all day and swell hell. And are you still wearing a CG and binder?
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I would like to know the swelling part as well :) Good question newme !!
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Hey newme, sorry I haven't logged on for awhile and just got your message. I wasn't too swollen when I went out on the boat. However, we just went the the beach this last weekend and I was pretty swollen when we came home. I am still wearing my CG and my binder together everyday (except the occassional boat or beach trip :P ) My PS said to wear them for 6 weeks then I get shoved into a small...yicks! That's only one more week away! :) Hope your feeling better and I say get out there and show off your new bod! :)
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Thank you Blonde! I'm sure your going to look great too with all this working out you've been doing! Keep it up and stay dedicated! :)
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I hope I look half as good as you when my surgery is done., you look amazing!
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You are looking FAB girl!! Hell to the yeah :) I believe I was talking to you about tanning, did you get to ask your PS about when you could tan in a bed again?
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Hey momwboys, I haven't asked yet...I will ask him about it at my 6 weeks appt later this month. It would be nice to go tan again and see if they fade more. Happy 4th!
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Thank you everyone for your compliments! I really appreciate all the nice words at support! @littlefizzer...Thank you, I got my new bathing suit at Ross....$13 baby! Whoop whoop...that's my kind of shopping! :)
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I envy you lol ::evil laugh:: :) I'm hittin up ross !! that is when I feel better :)
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DesertRat your such a fox. FYI I love love LOVE your new suit. Its so cute, where did you get it. You look fantaboulous! Looking at before to 30 days after, its like your a whole new person and from this angle I would say one sexy fox! Congrats on your new bod!
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You look amazing!! The girls look awesom! Your tummy is incredible!
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COOL your looking great... keep it up
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Wow!! Awesome bikini pics! You look wonderful!
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that is great! Congrats!!
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That is awesome!
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Wow, that is awesome!. I am so happy for you. I just looked at a video from one of the doctors in my surgeon's practice and he did say that most of his patience"s lose between 2 and 6 dress sizes after a tummy tuck because of the tightening of the stomach muscle. He said patients say that they can not eat as much as just feel fuller quicker. Again congrats, and happy healing.
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That is fantastic! You are looking & feeling like a Desert Hottie now! ja1975, I am a little taller (and a lot older!) but my shape is similar. I am posting from my phone, so I can't load photos :( easily...a bit awkward to use married friends' computers & I also teach, so def not doing it from work lol. I hope you are healing well & I look fwd to following your journey!
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Hey ja1975...thank you so much! I haven't read that but yes I did have the muscle repair done and it seems to be doing the job. I have been wearing my stage 2 CG and my binder almost 24/7 since my surgery...I take it off mainly just for my showers.... I'm hoping that I can get into a small CG at my 6 week PO visit! :) Thanks again for the info, have a great weeend!
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Thanks Showme! I'm definitely getting there! :)
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This is the weekend you've been waiting for and looking fwd to :D Have a blast!!!
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Please tell me how your weekend water trip went, i'm scheduled for July 12th, which will be exactly 4 Weeks before a river trip we have planned. So i'm super curious if i'm going to be in any condition to go, and even if i'm feeling up to it will I be able to get in the water. My PS said by 4 Weeks I should be cleared to get in the water, but of course that's if every thing goes well and I have a speedy recovery. I only hope to be in any condition you've been in, you seem to have had a pretty good experience and recovery process despite your procedure. So happy to have found you in such high spirits, and wish you all the best!!! Please post more pictures you've got me super excited to see my own results.
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Hey Birthing, I will definitely post about my weekend. I'm going to be really busy this weekend so I am wondering how I will feel myself. I have been feeling really good so I have high hopes. :) I will post on Sunday night my new pics and how the weekend went. I hope that you have a really good recovery too. July 12th is right around the corner. I'm so excited for you. This whole MM has been alot better then I expected. My PS also said 4 weeks for the water so I'm diving in right at the 4 week mark! :) Thanks again for your comments. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Have a wonderful weekend and I'll post again soon! :)
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Thats awesome! I have yet to try any real clothes on. Other than my dresses from before. I was an 8/10 before surgery so I am eager to see what I am now! What do your coworkers say? Do they know you had a MM?
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