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Ok so after seeing this sight and combing through...

ok so after seeing this sight and combing through all the reviews and before and afters which i find the most helpful here i am am posting my own.I am 30 yrs old have 4 kiddos breastfeed all, Im 5'0 107 34a pre op and my bwd is 12.5 my stats, my 1st ps was nice the staff was wonderful though i am realizing I spend more time with the pateint consultant rather than the dr I don't know if thats the case with others, my second consul was ok the dr took one look and alredy suggested a tummy tuck which i know i need but no need to point out my flaws the first dr didnt say anything. Well this "beverly hills" dr in brea tells me about all the that goes on in plastic surgery so he was informative till I saw the quote 8 grand knocked me to the floor 2 more than number 1 so i knew this wasnt happening so fast foward to dr # 3 quotes me 5700 so i was ok with that staff seems nice he has great work from waht i saw and pretty good price i have my final appointment for my search the end off this month which is perfect so i can choose between my 3 i like hopefully she is as great as all the reviews i hear so i can hopefully get this done by the end of may! ohh boobies how have wanted you for so long. oh yeah im shooting for 400cc-440cc all the dr's i have seen are board certified and 1 was just recertified this year so i know he's up with all the latest techniques though the more expensive 1 was grandfathered in so no clue if he has gone through recertification since he doesn't have to?

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