I am 27 years old 5'1 140lbs size 34H. - Breast Reduction - Atlanta, GA

Hi, I am 27 years old 5'1 140lbs size 34H. I...

Hi, I am 27 years old 5'1 140lbs size 34H. I have pain in shoulders, neck and headaches. Currently, I can only find bras the fit at a store call "Intimacy" and they are VERY pricey. Last year I bought two bras from there and this year they dont fit!! I purchased another bra and sports bra this year and I'm doing good to still where them. Having a breast reduction is something that I have been considering since HS. At one point in time my breast "shrunk" along with my weight but as you all may know it's really hard to workout with large breast constantly attempting to slap you in the face lol....I digress. Since I know have a full-time job with insurance I have decided to follow through.

I did get approved to have my procedure done. It only took a week and it was a very simple process. The Dr's office took picture and wrote a detail letter and VOILA! Based on some type of scale (don’t remember the name) it is recommended that I have at least 350g removed from each with more from the left because it is larger. My goal size is a C-cup and I’m pretty sure I will have to have more than 350g removed. My surgeon says he cannot guarantee the size after surgery but he will try to get as close as possible.

I am going to attempt to work out again in order to lose weight. I eat pretty healthy as it is but I am watching my eating in an effort to help this process along. Since weight loss for does have some affect on my breast size I know this would be best to try to accomplish before surgery.

My surgery isn’t until Dec. 9th and I am anxious and nervous. I’m hoping I will have my mind wrapped around everything closer to the time. I know that the nerves may only increase between now and then.

I don’t have any kids and I’m not concerned about breast feeding. I’m mainly worried about the size increasing during pregnancy and what they will be like afterwards. As far as when I will get pregnant that’s not in the plans really soon I’m just wondering how that would all go.

I'll post photos closer to my surgery date. Thanks for reading; I look forward to hearing from everyone and updating in December!!

11 days to go and NERVOUS is an understatement. on...

11 days to go and NERVOUS is an understatement. on 12/1 I go in for my pre-op appt first i'll go to the Dr's office and get all the info then i go to the hospital to complete papers along with bloodwork. i've been trying to talk myself out of this lately but i think it is because i have a tendency to OVERTHINK things. i'll be posting pics soon!

I took pictures last night. so i'll be uploading...

i took pictures last night. so i'll be uploading later on after work. originally i wanted to lose weight before the surgery but i never really put forth an effort to do so. i really wish i would have because i've had ample time to do so. just a thought.

So i went for my final pre-op appt on yesterday. ...

so i went for my final pre-op appt on yesterday. i must say it made me even more nervous than i already am. i'm not sure if its because i only have a week left. i sad several questions to ask and they were all answered. but of course after i left i had more questions.
im worried about them taking enough out & i know that my areola has to be reduced as well. he mentioned a standard size guide they use i'm just hoping it "fits" me. i know these are minor concerns but still i would like to be pleased with the end result.

One other thing: the dr. also mentioned...

one other thing:

the dr. also mentioned possible using STAPLES to close the bottome incision. did anyone else have to have staples placed along with the stitches? i've never had a stitch let alone a staple a day in my life. the was the comment that did me in.

Tomorrow makes one week post op! all went well...

Tomorrow makes one week post op! all went well just trying to recover. Im happy with the results overall. I am very particular when it comes to things aesthetically so the only issue i have in the way they look is my aerola which i felt would be a problem initially. Hopefully, in time once everything heals it will be fine.

I have the blues. while I'm grateful I was able to...

I have the blues. while I'm grateful I was able to have the surgery, I have mixed emotions about the results. Obviously, they are smaller than before & they appear to be more symmetrical than they were previously. I know that they are swollen but I fear after that they still won't be small enough. I don't like the way my areola looks or the vertical incisions. I also don't like the fact that the bottom incisions has about 10 staples going across each side and two on each vertical. I know that only time will tell and different surgeons use different closing techniques all this just bother me :-( anyway thanks for reading.

3 weeks post op and all is well. about a week...

3 weeks post op and all is well.

about a week after surgery i weighed myself and i weigh 136.6 to be exact. as far as post op is concerned there hasnt bn any major issues. i started showering a week after, just had to be really careful. per my Dr.i apply antibiotic ointment to the incisions and the place gauze over them then a bra. i wrap with an ace bandage while sleeping cuz i toss and turn a lot. during the day i where a sports bra with either a back closure or zip front. as far as movement is concerned i havent had an issues there. my range of motion is greater than i expected. i've been doing my hair since after the first week *shrug* granted i practiced before surgery moving around and putting on regular shirt by not lifting my arms straight up and bending my head down.

as far as the results i like the way i look with clothes on, but they are still larger than what i expected. going in my left was larger then my right. at this time the right is larger! not sure what is still swollen and what isnt but i dont see things getting any smaller in the future so i'll learn to live with it (what choice do I really have)

I went out of town about 10 days after surgery to visit family and friends for the holidays. for the most part everyone i'd told could tell the difference. as for everyone else they may not have even noticed if so nothing was said LOL.

i'll post more pictures soon. any questions comments please let me know :)

FRUSTRATED! The pre-approval was TOO EASY...


The pre-approval was TOO EASY apparently.

Currently I am having issues with the insurance and billing that was done by the hospital. According to my INS company the codes that were submitted were incorrect. The hospital billing depart says they were what was on my pre-approval. The billing is looking over the claim again to submit back to my INS. I received ab ill for $21,000 smh now I'll wait for them to get this corrected.

Not to mention the Dr's office hasn't been much helpt with anything and I guess I am not surprised because looking back they weren't much help from the beginning. If I didn't have a job dealing with billing and insurance(dental) I'd really be freaking out about this. Fortunately, I know how to follow up and appeal if needed(i hope it doesn't come to that)

Just a little venting. Thanks for reading :-)

So, it appears that my finaly size will be a 34D...

so, it appears that my finaly size will be a 34D I've bought several bras over the past month or so and they are all this size. in my opionion the swelling has gone down and i don't forsee them getting any smaller. my right one is now larger than my left and it's the one that I still feel pain in from time to time. and for this reason sleeping on my right side is very uncomfortable. after all my stitches/staples were removed i had one post op visit with my PS which was back in Feb. and I dont have to go back unless I need to. I may call with concerns about my right one.

overall i can say i'm happy with the results. there are a few minor things that bother but hey what's done is done. i love the way my clothes fit now and 34D size is not hard to come buy so i dont have to constantly search for bras. my favorite place to shop for bras is KOHLS they have a wide selection :-) I can even get matching panties and all the different colors now. this is a first!!
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Hi Tobear, congrats on your new breasts!! Your before boobies look very very similar to mine right now. My surgery is Friday and I cannot wait! Hope all is well :)
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@tobear, they look great, what type of ointment did u use for your scars? Do u have any updated pics that u can share? I am 5 days post op
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during the healing process i used neosporin. since i've always been a cocoa butter user i started applying that once they were healed. i am thinking about ordering "scarparin" to see if that would helpt to reduce the scars.

I haven't taken any pictures lately but i will.
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You look fantastic! and yes what a difference!
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thank you!!
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Wow what a nice difference:)

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Grrr...Insurance can be so frustrating! I hope everything gets worked out for you.
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@ Tobear, If you don't ind me asking what is your bra size now that you've had the surgery?
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I'm not really sure. right now I've only bn wearing medium sports bras or just the ones that go by band size which for me is a 34. I haven't gone bra shopping yet cuz I'm afraid I'll be dissapointed especially since I already feel they are not small enough. if i had to guess I'd say a 34D maybe?? I have a few old bras and I'll try them on and let u know!
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just tried on an old bra a 32DD and it fit perfectly. not sure how I feel about that...granted I haven't bn that size in forever but bra shopping was difficult back then too! I was really hoping for a C. oh well it is what it is :-/
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I'm in the same boat Tobear. I am still wearing a 34DD, which is not the easiest to find either and often when I do they don't fit right, but a 36 is too big around, and to find anything larger than that is almost impossible without ordering online. I too was hoping to be a C cup.
You certainly can tell a difference in your pictures. You have a great shape and the lift you have is great. Are you happy with that aspect of it? How about any back or neck pain or the difference in your activity level? Has any of that changed for you?
I'm anxious to hear how you are doing. And remember you are still kind of early in your recovery. You can still reduce in size for quite some time yet. Best of luck to you :-)
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Hi Iowa! thanks for the words of encouragement! overall, I am happy with the shame and lift. my bottom incisions are weird cuz the ends aren't smooth I have a permanent "fold" there now and it's higher up than I thought it would be(if that makes sense) like its not right against my chest which could be the reason I've bn able to move around so much cuz there isn't much "pull"

Anywho, I haven't had any neck issues and no regular headaches so I'm happy about that! I do have a back issue that wasn't there before. every since the surfgery I've bn holding my shoulder up for some reason and I have to constantly remind myself to relax them. not sure why I am doing that. also the right side is bigger now and I've had some back aches on that side here and there. They may alsobe a result of the way I'm holding my shoulders. I can never seem to get "comfortable" no matter if I'm sitting, standing, and especially sleeping! Hopefully my body will adjust soon.
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I found that I was standing kind of sway-backed for the first few weeks after my surgery. I think I had to stand that way before to have a straight back while holding those enormous breasts up, but when they weren't pulling me down I was still standing like that and I was over-compensating. It took me awhile to figure out a new way to stand and let those muscles in my back relax.
And I know relaxation is not my strong suit :-)
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Wow you are looking really good!  What a difference:)

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I know how you feel. I had mine done back in May and about 1 or 2 weeks after, I started to get really anxious about the swelling and what the final results would look like. You just have to keep telling yourself to be patient and that it's only been a short period of time since the surgery, so things are bound to be a little odd at first.

I still felt swollen and not quite "settled" for about the first 2 and 1/2 months afterwards. The nice thing is though, having done it at a younger age, you have plenty of time to enjoy being smaller.

I also have been struggling with not feeling "small enough" after surgery. But give it time. It's hard to tell after only a week a two, you are definitely still swollen.
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Thanks for posting the pictures, Tobear! I think you look really good. From other pictures I have looked at and from my own experience, I think your nipples are pretty comparable to most everyones. And you can definitly tell a difference in size...especially on the side view!
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I know exactly how u feel. One of my breast is still bigger than the other. I am afraid they get back huge. I too tried on one of my triple Ds bras and they fit. I am trying to think positive. The good thing is I can finally shop for those outfits I would never buy beacuse my bras would show. Now I can go bra less or find a great strapless bra. Think positive and take care of them.
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this was my main concern going in. I'm glad someone else can relate and I can see that one is still slightly larger and I'm ok with that since that's how I started off it is less noticeable now. my doc did mention having a hard time with the larger one. however I end up I'll have to learn to live with it. another surgery is def not an option!! thanks for commenting. I will do my best to take care of them. hopefully my shopping experience will be much better too! I will prob try on old bras tomorrow just to see :)
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They look great! Im sure it is just swelling and it will go down soon. I purchased Arnica and Bromelain for help with healing and swelling. (homeopathic natural herb) I have researched it alot and it helps with bruising and swelling. I hope you love them in a lil more time.
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thanks! I hope things get better over time as well! I will look into those things you mentioned. I read somewhere that lemon read is supposed to be helpful with swelling as well. However, I haven't tried it. I know the swelling I had a week ago has gone down a lot. I just wonder how much more of this is swelling. Despite that my recovery process hasnt bn bad at all. :-)
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Hi Tobear. I'm sorry that you are feeling down today. You are right, there is still alot of swelling in there. I remember trying on one of my old bras about a week after surgery and I was devastated that it still fit. It certainly doesn't fit now thankfully and I'm starting to notice that even some of the DDs that I've been wearing don't feel quite so tight anymore, so maybe I do still have some shrinking to do.
And please remember that some of your blues could be effects from the anesthesia and not being able to do the things you want to do right now. That could be impacting you perception of your results. Give yourself another couple of weeks and see what you think of your progress then. And once you get the rest of the staples out your breasts will look less "Frankenstein"ish. What are your concerns about the areolas? I had been worried about mine because they hadn't looked round, they were a really irregular shape. But as they have healed and my breasts have softened up they have taken on a perfectly normal appearance.
I hope you are feeling better soon.
You are in my prayers.
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hi thanks for your response. I'm trying to stay positive about it all! my concern with the aereola is the unevenness and they are not round like they used to be. in my opinion one was closed kind of weird like it has a crease in it. maybe it's a result of the swelling also. as of now my incisions under the crease are itching like crazy!!!! any tips or suggestions? my PS has me using an antibiotic ointment on the incisions each time I chane my dressings. I plan in calling Monday to see what I can put on them for itching if anything. My next post-op isn't until Jan
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I have read that some of the girls are using a triple anitbiotic ointment that has an anti-itch component. I would definitly check with your doc to make sure it is ok with him, but they seem to get some real itch relief. When I itched I just rubbed it lightly with my palm. It wasn't as good as really digging in, but it did seem to help just to touch it and put some pressure on it.
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Wow! What a difference! How do you feel? How is your back pain? Do you know how much weight he took out? Sorry for all of the questions :-)
I hope you continue to feel well. Have a wonderful Christmas!
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I have had to have staples with an abdominal surgery and they are no big deal. I have heard of some doctors using staples, some using glue, and some stitches, and even combinations of those. I think each doc just has their own technique and preference. My PS gave me a choice of nipple sizes, but they meant very little to me, I just said use the smallest template and he said that is what most people request. I think that was a size 4, but don't really know what that meant.
Wishing you an anxiety-free week!
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