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I'm Thinking About It, Being That I'm Getting a TT and I Want a Whole New Me

I'm really thinking bout it after 3 kids your body...

I'm really thinking bout it after 3 kids your body doesn't go back to being the same so I have few things I would liken to change for 1 . Tummy tuck with lipo of the hips & waist 2. Breast lift or reduction whatever helps cause of these damn back pains. 3. Last but not least VAGINAPLASTY I want a tighter feeling more confident sex life .

I'm still debating will call a few places this...

I'm still debating will call a few places this week so wrapped up in doing my tummy tuck which is what I really wanna do so definitely by next week I will no if I wanna do it and should have a consult date.
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If you are able to respond, now that it has been close to the one year mark after you vaginoplasty, could you tell us about the final result and whether or not it was worth it? Does this surgery really permanentl tighten the vagina? Does it only tighten the opening or does it tighten all the way up to the cervix? I am seriously considering this surgery along with a BA so any feed back would be great!! thanks!
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well i will do a consultation to see if im a candidate to do it first and go from there hopefully i am.
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Definitely sounds like the right place to start. I'm sure there are many women who are curious about this procedure, but perhaps don't feel comfortable sharing about it, so I bet many ladies will be following your post to learn from you. With that in mind, please share with us as much as you feel comfortable in regards to what you find out if/when you decide to take the next step and go for a consultation. :)

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I can definitely understand why you would be considering a vaginoplasty if you didn't feel you were getting as much satisfaction from your sex life, and especially if you weren't feeling confident. What do you think will be your determining factor on whether to get it done or not?

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I had 4 kids within 5 years and my stomach was horrible with stretch marks and saggy skin so I got a tummy tuck that I wanted since my 1st child. That was in April 2012. Best thing I ever did! 6700. Then in June had a breast lift I think 4300 and October implants for 5400 I think. Happy with them but now that I look at my befores they really weren't bad and I wish I hadn't spent the money. Now I just had the labiaplasty, vaginal tightening 2 weeks ago which has been the most painful thing ever for atleast 5 days! It costed 14,400 at Jennifer Hayes in clearwater but I know she did a good job and everything is going to be great I hope! I pray to god all this vaginal pain is worth it but I definitely am finished with all these surgerys. My advice is make sure ur surgeon knows how u want ur tummy tuck scar!
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I would love it if you would consider writing a review about your vaginoplasty. There are so few stories for ladies to read who are interested in the procedure. Your story could make a big difference in letting women know what it is really like if you would be comfortable sharing.

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