I am thirty six I had alot of hanging skin around...

I am thirty six I had alot of hanging skin around my eyes so i decided to do the Blepharoplasty.My doctor told me i should also do a lateral brow lift to give it a boost ,Its been one week now and im kind of concerned that my right eye looks unfocused like its stuck in place and wont move ,he told me it will get better when the swelling goes down but almost all the swelling has gone down . He also told me that he doesnt cut your hair doing the brow lift what i didnt know was how much hair you lose from the shock to your body i guess is what they tell me my bangs are so thin it looks like a bald spot along with the side of head i have a bald patch . I feel like a freak and i cant see any improvement on my face . I have to get out in the real world tomorrow im so afraid because i hate the way i look . I cant even stand to look in the mirror . I was a bit insecure before but now im a mess and wonder what i got myself into . Vicky

I had an upper bleh about 3 1/2 months ago and I felt the same way you guys did! Recently after the surgery I was disappointed with my eyes. They were swollen and puffy and everyday I woke up I saw no improvement. But TRUST me it gets so much better! It's been almost 4 months and my eyelids are STILL changing. The swelling goes down day by day. I still feel my right eyelid is a little higher but i think even that will change with time (I hope) but I think you guys and myself included are just being very percise because it's such a drastic change that were not used to. But trust me they will get better. I see this post was written awhile ago so maybe you guys can tell me if anything has changed...hope everything is better!
Im not being mean im just saying mine looks like yours but its like 50 percent what yours is ,
I know you didn't mean it to be mean. It is just sad to hear that someone who is earlier post-op than me looks better. It is discouraging to say the least. I'm glad yours looks better, though. I wouldn't wish what I'm going through on anyone.
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