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Hi....I will start with thank you for all the...

Hi....I will start with thank you for all the great reviews.I found realself about a year ago when I was talking to another patient at my dermatologist office.A little bit about me I'm 45 and 5'8 and175 pounds.In my twenties and thirties I weigh 135 -140.But you know what they say when you hit 40's things shift and sag.2011 my dad I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer he's live till this december.So for the last 2 years I have been taking care of him 24 hours a day.I haven't been taking care of myself no exercise and eating right.I hope this procedure motivates me to get back into shape.Wish me luck....
I'm sorry to hear about your dad.  I'm really looking forward to following your journey to getting your body back.  Welcome to the Community :)
I put the reveiw in the wrong spot...I'm have vaser lipo.
You are in the Vaser Lipo community. 

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Well just wait for the big day..went shopping today for the stuff that was on the reviews.

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5 Day update..

I think the worst part was the lipo.....There was discomfort everytime a new area was probed and as he got close to the muscles. I would like to add that its not as painless and simple as its advertised or people make it out to be...Day 1
(Next day after my lipo)Woke up in the morning and feel so nauseas and vomiting from the sedative and very swollen and sore. I'm doing 3 tylenol and not the pain killers the doctor give me because pain killers make me so nausea. Its not yet 24 hours so i have take the packing off to see how it looks .Day 2:My doctor saw me today to check the areas and tell me to start the MLD massage.( Very sore today) When i got home i took my first shower. I dread took the garments off because at the doctors i took it off and i was so light headed and dizzy. My upper and lower abs feel weird to the touch. So was happy to put back on my
garment.....Day 3:I can feel pins and needles, I can feel sensation return to the area and still weird to the touch and massage it all day...Day 4: Went to my first MLD massage. I have a professional therapist who is really good. I can't describe how painful this is on the abs but i feel much better after. Day 5: Wake up feeling better and a lot less stiffness and swelling. I took 2 tylenol and clean up a little and work on some accounts today...(today was a good day)
DId the Dr. prescribe you Norco (Tylenol + Codiene)? I'm like you. Can't stand narcotics. Norco puts me to sleep. Did he throw in VaserShape (typical Ultra-sound)? Those will help with the tightening & hard spots you will experience later. You are going to come to HATE that CG, but you gotta suck it up and keep it on. I am only wearing it when I sleep now. Also, 2 days into my recovery I started taking Bromelain to help with the swelling.
Hi Hitweghtwall2014, The doctor prescribe acetaminophen-cod and i hate it..I only took 1dose the night after the lipo..Man that was the wrong move for me i was sick with nauseas and vomiting for two days. But by the third day i start feel better and 2 tylenol is all i need for the soreness and stiffness. Today i feel so much better.... Very little discomfort at all. My compression garment is to big in some area and fitting in others but it is very comfortable..Is that bad? Are you happy with your result? I hoping for better result then i'm seeing right now .I'm going to wait a month to see what happen and took pics..Happy Healing
Hey dear how's it going. I'm holding on pretty well this side I mst say. I had no dramas nor unbearable pain. I've been driving since Monday & cleaning the house. Not much results also as swelling is max, let's wait it out.....get well soon dearest
Dr.Todd Howell

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