22 Years Old, Upper and Lower Abs and Flanks

Hi, I'm booked in for surgery on the 7th may with...

Hi, I'm booked in for surgery on the 7th may with nu cosmetic clinic uk, upper and lower abs and flanks. surgeon said I'm a really good candidate and with my age should have good results with my skin elasticity. has anybody got any tips for preparing for surgery. and how often for the lymphatic massage? thanks x

Vaser done today!!

Ive arrived home after having vaser done today on my upper and lower abs and flanks. The procedure was quite uncomfortable (but bareable), seemed to be when the long cannula was rubbing against rib cage or bones apart from that just a very strange feeling! All seems to have gone well the surgeon was happy with the results so far. i had a 60 mile drive home which i was fine with had no problems driving. I have had quite a lot of leakage which is the excess fluid a little blood stained, they put 4 litres of fluid into me, 2 litres of fat was removed, very surprised also disgusting makes me never want to eat again haha. Not much pain at the moment just a little tender but managing fine as normal. Im sure tomorrow may be a different story when the anaesthetic has worn off, we shall see!! I have an ultrasound massage machine which i will start doing daily in a few days. Looking forward to a shower tomorrow night a having a peep at the results so far, although i look very blown up with this fluid- unable to tell how swollen i am due to this. Will keep you updated with how i am getting on, fingers crossed ill carry on as i have been! Any tips for post op would be appreciated. Thanks! x

Post vaser- 1 day

I have woken up this morning, lots of leakage over night, i was all padded up with my grandmas incontinence pads so no mess for me! I feel fine, would barely think i have had anything done, which is great! when putting qauze swabs over the incisions i can see how uncomfortable it will be without the garment, look a little bruised too! its like a comfort blanket already! not had to have any pain killers as yet, will put some arnica cream on later and see how i go!!....

Post Vaser- Day 2

Today i feel more tender and stiff around my middle than yesterday, think the anaesthetic has finally worn off! Yesterday i seemed to be much flatter with barely any swelling. This morning i have noticed I'm quite swollen, i have started with the ultrasound massage machine at home and am having an MLD next week so hopefully that will help too! Still slight leakage but only from my lower right incision. Just wish i could fast forward a few months to see the results!! Wondering how long most peoples swelling lasted for? if anyone could let me know that would be great thank you, i know everyones recovery will be different though! Thanks!!

Post Vaser- day 4

i have woken up day 4 after vaser, body still feels very sore and quite swollen. i went to work yesterday which i could have done without doing, think i over did it! when i shower and take the garment off the areas look very swollen, probably the same size as a i was before the procedure, this keeps putting a downer on everything but i know it is a long slow process so just have to wait! all the leakage has stopped and was none yesterday too so that is a nice change!.. apart from that all the same!
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Hi Em I had mine done at nu cosmetic clinic after reading all the information here. I am very pleased so far with the treatment. Hope I get more improvements in the coming months. :)
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Hi lovely. 2 weeks tomorrow to go for me!! Hoe are you feeling? Any tips? Need pics up!! Xxx
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Hello!! Ah it will fly by, soon be your turn!!! Today i am quite sore, anaesthetic has worn off now, my stomach feels slightly numb with pins and needles. i took my garment off for a shower, washed it dried it with a hair dryer as i felt lost without it and very strange, with it being early stages didn't want it to affect my final result. One of my incisions is still weeping slightly but not much now, I'm nearly 48 hours post op so hoping that should stop very soon!! will you be having drains put in after? i didn't have any, but have read a lot of reviews where people have had them!.. The whole procedure feels slightly strange, i would say the most uncomfortable part would be where they pump the fluid into you, apart from that it is not painful just uncomfortable. its bare able though, all i could think of was a bikini and the beach haha. My garment is very tight, although i am getting used to it now sometimes feels like it is digging in, but i suppose it is a compression garment!! I have read a lot of reviews with people taking arnica tablets to try and reduce bruising and swelling, i started taking those yesterday, i also bought the arnica soothing gel today. i bought an ultrasound massage machine from jpmproducts.co.uk which is supposed to be great for helping the skin and also removing and bumps which may occur. i have an MLD booked for monday as i finally found someone who does it in my area!.. if your not having drains be prepared with lots of gauze swabs, tape, tena lady pads to also put over incision sites, anything that will absorb the fluid is good as you can end up quite wet!! from boots you can buy those disposable bed pads, they were great for my bed, absorbed loads and kept the bed dry! ill have a think if theres anything else i could tell you... any questions feel free to message me, i like having someone to speak to about this!! hopefully we'll speak soon, good luck!!!xx
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Never got a notification you replied to this :( Only seeing now as im going back reading everyones reviews again lol mainly to pass the time over the next 6 days hehe!! This time next week i will be probably in agony lol but ill be post one day anyway and itll be all over. Did you have any sedation at all? I think we just have a pill and thats it to calm nerves but thats all rest is completely awake. Its good the garment is tight as tighter the better for compression. Yes i have arnica gel and tablets and bromelain and an ultrasound machine for home massages, my MLD therapist is coming over this week to meet me and show me how to use my machine etc and how to roll up some bed pads for adding shape etc she seems to know what shes doing which has given me confidence. Shes coming over the sunday after my op on saturday and then shes there tues weds thurs and fri. No drains for me just leakage so lots of maxi pads and incontinence pads bought, my info pack says they use four packs of 12 super maxi pads to create a leakage vest under my garment so ive bought 8 packs for me to do it myself too as well as the pads. YOU NEED PICSSSSSSSSS! hehe spur me on a bit get me going ahhh! xx
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Don't know why all my comment wasn't posted! - must b a limit. I hope you're vaser goes better than mine. All the best x
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Hey, I just had mine with dr mike comins on Thursday 1st may in london. I had upper n lower abs n flanks done. Had a lymphatic massage today. I'm feeling horrible at the moment :( Have drains fitted and find it hard going to the bathroom. :( Unfortunately my stomach isn't going to be flat unless I have a tummy tuck
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Oh what a shame for you!! sounds like you've had a right time with it already! fingers crossed mine goes ok.. how was the massage? hope you start to improve soon!! x
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Thank you :) massage was good i really find it helps with the stiffness. I'm still very swollen so can't tell if it's helping that but I definitely feel less stiff after the LDM. I've had 2 so far and intend to have one every day!
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Thanks for starting a review!  Don't be afraid to reach out to other community members and ask them how their recovery went.  Keep us posted :)
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