53 YO Female - Post Menopausal - 2 Children

First treatment is tomorrow 04/03/2014. I will...

First treatment is tomorrow 04/03/2014. I will update with photos (if possible) and measurements. I have read everything there is to read about the procedure but was really impressed with Whoopi Goldberg's review on The View. I can't wait to share - this does seem like a magic wand. This will be done in a spa under a doctor's supervision.

Day After 1st Treatment

Here are my measurements - WOW - embarrassing, but I'm hoping that I can lose this fat.
Waist: 40"
Hips: 42.5"
Thighs: 27"
Weight: 176
Height: 5'5"
(Uh, yeah I know....FAT, but menopause has not been kind.....and I did love me some cake.) BTW - I have totally changed my bad eating habits...lots of vegetables and an occasional treat - not one every night. I have also started exercising on a regular basis...so I'm working on it.

I had a "hot spot" on my left side. It was uncomfortable - but not unbearable. KR (the aesthetician)adjusted the machine as soon as I let her know and I was able to tolerate the heat. The worst part - boredom. I had to lie still for 30 minutes. I wasn't flat on my back - I had a few towels under the small of my back to prop me up. That was NOT relaxing or comfortable. Also, your hands have to be above your abdomen. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal - but it wasn't the 30 minutes of nap time that other people have posted. None of these issues will stop me from completing treatment (with measurements like mine, who would stop?), but I want to be honest and descriptive for anyone considering Vanquish.

Second Vanquish Treatment 04/09/2014

Second treatment today - and it went much better. No hotspots today. I went the entire 30 minutes without any adjustments. KR asked me at 20 minutes if I needed her to stop....in case I was sweating. Honestly, I didn't sweat at all.

The towel under my back to "prop" me up was again uncomfortable - I just couldn't relax. KR said that she would make a note and we can work on adjusting the towel next time.

Also - the boredom of it all..... I was counting ceiling tiles after 20 minutes. Perhaps if I was more comfortable I would be able to catnap, but uhm no....I was very aware of that stupid towel the entire time.

I do have photos...but man, they are embarrassing. I will post them....soon. UGH

The photos - I am so embarrassed

Here are the photos as promised. This is before treatment....


Sorry I haven't kept up with my results.

Two things happened recently that are pretty significant. KR asked if I would be interested in extending the length of the treatment time as well as taking away the spacer.
After the first week (04/03/2014) - these treatments have been such a breeze. No hotspots and I've worked out the uncomfortable towel issue. The towel is needed to "splay" my love-handles so they can be "destroyed" by Vanquish. We are using a smaller towel and I know just how to position it.
Sooooo - last week I went for 45 minutes - 40 of which were without a spacer. I do not sweat - so that's why KR thought I would be a great test subject for the extended treatment time. I actually fell asleep - snoring - the whole bit. (Yep - how attractive...snoring....)
Second BIG thing - my BF asked if I was losing weight. YIPPEE - the 2nd spare time is almost gone. Still have a spare tire around my middle - but just one - not two.
I am hoping for spectacular results, now!!! Whoop, whoop.
I TOTALLY want to be first in line when Vanquish is approved for the thigh big-old-butt area. Sleeping and getting rid of my big A$$ and thighs....life is grand.
BTW - I am still exercising 5 times a week and eating a healthy diet. I have really gotten into a habit of attending Jazzercise, so exercising is not horrible any longer....c'mon you totally know what I mean. I didn't get a tummy and thighs like these by being a marathon runner. I HATED to exercise....wasn't there always something better to do?
I have my fourth treatment this week - I'll let you know how it goes.
Ciao Chickas


Had my 5th treatment yesterday. It went really well and KR did remove the spacer after 5 minutes. I had a total of 35 minutes yesterday - 30 without the spacer.
I was able to wear a pencil skirt to work that I had not been able to zip up for the last year. It looked flattering and I felt pretty good about how I look - which isn't always the case when you look like I do....
Water, water, water.... I have given up the 3rd cup of coffee in the morning and I do not drink any soda at all - not even diet soda.
Still doing Jazzercise 4-5 times a week - so I know that I am also contributing to the results. I think I might even try to wear shorts this summer.
Ciao Chickas.
Ology Spa

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Going for a consultation on Wednesday are you still happy with the results for the money? I can't do lipo and didn't get much improvement from cool sculpting
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I saw this on the Dr. Oz Show which perked my interest. How much does one treatment cost? How many treatments do they recommend? Is it cheaper to buy the whole recommended treatment? Did you experience any downside? I'm reading mixed reviews about Vanquish online and I was under the impression during the Dr. Oz Show that it works without a doubt. Now I am not too sure. I believe it is FDA approved for deep tissue heating not for fat reduction. It was developed in Prague. I tried sinking $ on ulthera on my face a year or two ago which disappointed me so I am a bit hesitant about Vanquish though I gathered that the fat is destroyed permanently so that's promising. I also learned that this procedure is for people who need a few inches removed but anything bigger than that should be looking into liposuction. I liked your honest review. Thank you.
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Thank you for being so thorough! You shed light on a the whole process in a way that we could all understand.
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Hi Van...., it's exciting to hear that you're seeing results. I'm, curious, though, did your exercise habits and diet change alot since starting the treatments? I'm trying to figure out whether that is what is mostly contributing to the results. I don't really want to change my exercise or diet to get results. If I'm forking over my hard-earned $$$, I want to know it's the treatment that made it happen. Also, you mentioned that you had a "hot spot" on your first treatment. Did you get a skin burn from that? I saw a Youtube video where it sounded that the patient in the video got some sort of skin burn. Thanks!
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Van, You are really very kind to share your story to help out people like me. Thank you very much
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They say the more you have to reduce in the area the better your results...mglauser1 what is your waist and hip measurements? are you pretty thin with just a small stomach pooch to lose? How many tx did you do? Congrats to Van04.03.2014...did you notice the reduction most in upper or lower abdomen area? Also, I hadn't heard anything about the increase in time...didn't see anything on internet either. I'm going to look into that.
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Hi, I've noticed reduction in my lower abs. I wore a pencil skirt to work 2 days ago that I could NOT zip up before - and it very very flattering. KR is increasing the treatment time as an EXPERIMENT. I tolerate Vanquish really well and she asked if I would be willing to allow her to test the increased time. I don't think it is on the internet - this is something that is being tested by a few of the providers.
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Any updates? It's been 1 month since my last treatment and don't really see any difference...
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I ABSOLUTELY am seeing results. My BF asked if I had been losing weight on Saturday....SCORE!!!! I haven't told anyone about my Vanquish treatments. I feel more confident. Summer is almost here and I have almost lost the 2nd spare tire. Oh - I have more to go - but I can tell a real difference.
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how long did it take to see results? I have had 6 treatments, and 4 weeks post treatment
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Hi, I've had 3 treatments - still have 5 more to go. (I got a deal for 2 free extra treatments). How long (time wise) were your treatments? Mine were 30 minutes - extending to 45 minutes last week. Did they measure your fat percentage? I haven't lost any weight.....though.
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they didn't take measurements, which I thought was odd but they did take pictures for before and after. Treatments were 30 minutes each time. It was pretty expensive so I'm a little worried that I'm not seeing great results yet.
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Awwww - that's too bad. It is expensive. I used my tax refund (instead of using it for a vacation). I'm sure you should have seen some results. Have you consulted the place? Can they give you any suggestions? The aesthetician (KR) where I am going took measurements (my embarrassing measurements); and took photos (oh the horror). She weighs me ever week on this funky scale that measures my weight (ick), my fat percentage (double-ick) and my hydration level...(at least I am doing OK there). Like I said, I haven't lost weight (dang it), but my fat percentages have gone down. If I wasn't seeing any results, I would definitely try to find out why.
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If you are working out muscle weighs more than fat which is why you haven't noticed a decrease in pounds probably.
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what were your beginning waist and hip measurements...what is your pant size and weight? trying to find a correlation
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I can only hope so! Thanks!!!
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I wore either a 14 or a 12 - depends on the pant. My starting measurements are on my second post: Waist: 40" Hips: 42.5" Thighs: 27" Weight: 176 Height: 5'5"
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Colleen-I did see your measurements...I was asking for mlauser since she wasnt seeing results. For you I was wondering if you most noticed your reduction in upper or lower ab region? thx much
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what was your beginning weight, measurements and pant size? trying to correlate successful results vs. minimum results thx much
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so was your second spare meaning upper ab region?
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I talked to KR yesterday and she said that drinking lots of water is the key to losing the fat. Were you asked to drink more than 64 oz per day? Also - you could easily be a lot thinner than me (you've seen my photos...eeeewwwww).
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lol my photos aren't much better! Size 10 about 165 lbs at 5 ft tall, 1 child and the fibroids don't help my lower belly look very pretty! ;)
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did you have a spacer pad on between yourself and machine? trying to figure out why you got no results? yes...have to drink a ton of water so machine knows what to zap attack
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yes...lots of water thruout the week. thx for photos...I'm hoping for decrease in lower abs beneath belly button and across. after second tx seems like an overall reduction in volume. I do have the one sore spot above my left hip-not too bad.
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thinking of what tx to do for back fat in bra area. coolscupting sounds painful for stomache but may be more tolerable for back fat...I'm going to research. are you going to get anything else done?
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