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I was on this site about 2-3 years ago, wanting...

I was on this site about 2-3 years ago, wanting the same ordeal that i want now. Things had crossed my path where i was not able to leave the states at that time and had to miss my appointment with yily and lost my deposit. But now im ready and will not let anything come in between that.

But, this time i will be with Cabral. Excited to say next year in February i will be a Cabral doll. His work inspires me, the small waist, Big ASS , who doesnt want that? lol. im ready.

Im 5'0 and weigh in at approx 155 lbs, i have a 4 year old son and im from Upstate NY . If anyone wants to be buddies for this sx then i am down. Also looking for people with positive attitudes and guidance. Im oblivious to alot of things and would love to know about this. Anyways, ill be getting a tummy tuck, lipo (back, flanks, waist, under arms, arms) and BBL. Hes charging me $4500+ (other costs), i honestly am sooo excited. i cant wait to book the flight..ive included pics of me and some wish pics. Thank you for reading.


Congrats!! Your results are truly amazing!!! =)
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I haven't had it done yet lol
Good luck! Glad you're able to get what you have been waiting for!
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SO I booked my date with Dr Cabral for february 20th... they told me I must get there a day before so I can meet him and have some test done.. so I will get there either the 18th or 19th... I've never been to DR I think I wanna enjoy the beautiful island before I have surgery because I'm sure I won't be able to do much after.... I'm going to stay at the clinic For 3 days after surgery and then I will stay at a recovery house ... so my search will start now... any tips or recommendations let me know

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Okay so I think I'm going with Yes men's recovery house... any suggestions???


typo- meant to say Your results are going to be truly amazing!!!! (That's once you have it done) =) You have a cute shape now..... wish I had go LADY!!!!
Awe thanks sweetie!


Its been awhile since i updated , but i am so excited even though surgery is next year... i cant wait... and finally someone who has the same exact dates can buddy up with me, im very thankful for her... now we can experience this journey together!!! Cabral barbie feb2015


Will be following your journey! I am excited with you. :)
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Thank you !!


So ive seen ladies on RS state that they will get tested in the States before going out to DR? how do i go about that with my doctor? do i just say how i will be getting surgery in DR and would like to see if im healthy for the surgery? let me know thanks !


Places like LabCorp will run a CBC (Complete Blood Count) without a prescription for about $35. You just ask for it ... they usually don't ask why as that's not a requirement for the test. The hemoglobin is what everyone is referring to when they talk about the goal for surgery.
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another pic of me


oh okay !! i see thanks alot i will look into it

more wish pics..

i love EM B.


Going to follow your journey also! Lol im scheduled with dr cabral march 30th 2015. Have you started buying any supplies?
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Awesome !! Girl I'm so excited I cannot wait any longer . I haven't bought anything yet but as the days get closer I will . I've just been reading on and looking at his patients. Have you? Are you ready lol?
Me too! Lol and just my boppy pillow and iron pills as the day gets closer ill buy more stuff also. ugh i feel like the days/months are dragging!! What rh are you going to stay at?
Dr. Hector Cabral

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