34 Yo.....no Children.....I Weigh About 150.....always Had a Big Stomach....In High School I Weighed 98 Pounds with a Big Gut

I'm super nervous. ...I'll be off of work for...

I'm super nervous. ...I'll be off of work for about 20 days (hopefully that'll be long enough) I work in a very busy doctors office (we never get a chance to sit) I have a high pain tolerance but am still very afraid of this procedure. I'm also super nervous that my stomach will not come out as flat as I would like since it sticks so far out at the top :(
Rest assured, you will be looking better when your TT has been done. Few people end up regretting their decision to have it done.
Welcome to the community.   Having the 20 days off is great, you will be glad for that time.  
Looking forward to hearing more about your journey.
Thank you!!! I'm still so nervous and contemplating not going through with it..but my husband and I have saved the money for it so I might as well DO IT!!!!!

6 more months!!!!

Holy crap 6 months left to go. I have been dieting and exercising. I've only lost 6 pounds but Def lost some inches. Hopefully my back fat will go away and I can get a breast Aug instead of lipo!!!!
Do you plan on having children? I'm only asking because I had a tummy tuck,had 2 previous pregnancies which was not so bad, but having a child after my tummy tuck was horrible! My stomach was being stretched, and I could feel that he didn't fit in there. I couldn't have him vaginally like the others either. We both came out fine thank goodness. But I wish I could have known these things before. But besides that you'll look fantastic, you'll see great results. I loved my body when I had my tummy tuck, that's why I had a second one after my son ;)
Unfortunately I've been diagnosed since I was 17 with ovarian failure so I was told "I could not get pregnant" by 4 different doctors so hopefully no surprises! !

Super nervous :(

4 more months to go and I have to say I am an absolute nervous wreck!!!!! I'm so worried that I will not like my results. The scar that I will have does not bother me at all. I'm just a little nervous that 20 days off of work will be enough because I cannot take any more off :(
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