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What 1 Baby Did to Me and Never Want More Kids Because of It -

I love my baby but she ripped my stomach apart and...

I love my baby but she ripped my stomach apart and now it looks like Freddy krugers face. I use to have a beautiful clear tummy until I got pregnant. I now have a hernia and I am considering a tummy tuck but I do not know the cost of it or anything about a tummy tuck when having a hernia. I am saving up for it though. Any one have thoughts or opinions? Please let me know thanks


Btw... I forgot to mention that my surgery was in a teaching hospital in NYC and only cost $4500!
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What was the name of the hospital? Did they do a good job? I would like to inquire about it
It was NYEE Mount Sinai hospital. Here's the link the website http://www.nyee.edu/plastics--postgraduate-cosmetic-program.html They did a great job. If you would like to see other ladies' results who are further along in recovery than me, search for patients of Dr. Polavarapu. Keep me posted:)

My stomach currently

I feel like my stomach sagged after I lost all the baby weight and I'm left with all this ugliness! Ugh


Hey there! When I got my tt done I also got my hernia and muscles repaired. I had an umbilical hernia. Find a VERY good doc that specializes in both. As far as your stretch marks go just remember every stretch mark you have above your belly button will still be there. I still have some but now they are below my bb and hardly noticeable since they have faded so much. Good luck on your journey!! Whenever you do decide to do the procedure it's absolutely worth it!
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Thank you so much I have to call for a consultation!
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