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Hey everybody, I am about 3 weeks away from having...

Hey everybody, I am about 3 weeks away from having my Extended TT with muscle repair and liposuction of the upper abdomen, flanks and upper public mound area. My biggest question after having done extensive research, is about the recovery phase. Will I be most comfortable trying to sleep in my bed or should I plan to take residence in the recliner? Also, I work from home in an office position, so is it realistic to think I can go back to work after 2 weeks? I've had a total abdominal hysterectomy, spinal fusion that was done using a 10" vertical incision on the left side of my tummy and also the gastric bypass.... so I'm fairly familiar with post-op recovery. I would love to hear from those of you who had extensive tummy tucks to find out how your pain afterwards, how long your recovery was, and I would welcome any advice or tips so I can be prepared prior to surgery. Thank you so much! Ps....I am attaching my pre - surgery tummy pics (gasp!)

additional products required in surgery quote

Hey, I was just looking over my quote and it has a section called "product fees". I've Googled them and it seems they all have a good purpose. I'll list below but was just curious what, if any, products you were/are using or and how they have helped you?

Bio Corne um
Vitamedica Probiotics
Prescribed Solutions Body of Knowledge
Vitamedica Surgery Kit
Two Henry - Schein Above the Knee Garments

More pre pictures

Hiding it well......

With long and big shirts....plus span underneath. I'm sooooo tired physically and emotionally of having to hide it. Tired of trying on 30 outfits and finally "settling" on one that doesn't COMPLETELY disgust me....All after breaking down in tears from frustration, disgust and a Lil self-pity. Lol!

Nerves and worries.....

I got the phone call today confirming my pre-op appointment this coming Monday. I was also informed that I have to go get surgical clearance from a regular doctor. Nobody told me anything about this at my consultation.I'm excited but getting scared now. My biggest fear I think is that they won't remove enough skin or make me flat enough. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me financially and it's extremely important for me to happy with the results. I have spent countless hours looking at before and after pictures. I have saved several of them to show my doctor and request the same outcome....is that unreasonable? Lol I definitely don't want to insult him but at the same time I want him to know how important this is. any advice on how to approach this at my pre op?

There's a small girl under all that just waiting to be set free....

Pre-op tomorrow! 11 days to go!!!!

I'm so scared I'm gonna forget something and I also gotta have blood work and get surgical clearance. Whew......the countdown begins! this is all consuming.

Got my medical supplies and prescriptions today

Won't get my compression garments until a week after or whenever the drains come out.

surgery in one week!!!!!!

Last before pics. Wanted to really show the mass of skin and fat both that ate swallowing my torso. Also wanted to get different angles for after photo comparisons. Cringing. ....I know these are terrible but i can't wait to compare them.

Less than 48 hours.......

Any last minute advice or suggestions? My surgery is scheduled for 8 am.....4 hour procedure. I'll be coming home that afternoon and it's an hour ride. I've got a pillow and a bucket. We have a truck that is kind of high with step board on the sides. Would it be better to take a low seated car or a vehicle that is higher to get in and out of?

Tomorrow morning I'll be on the flat side!!!!

I am so anxious and nervous! I've been working all day cleaning doing laundry and anything else I can think of to try to keep my mind off of it. I've been eating fruits and soup all day and taking my laxatives for the last few days. I'm drinking magnesium citrate this evening to try to help things along.I should be home around this time tomorrow. Please say some prayers and wish me luck!

sneak peek

this is all I can see right now

1 day post op

Hubby got this pic at my one day post op appt a few minutes ago

So much swelling!

Talk about swell hell! I'm swollen mostly in my hips and stomach area to the point that its extremely hard. I don't get my compression garment for a week because the Dr doesn't want me to wear one for the first week. I've been taking t bromain, Arnica and pineapple but no difference. Had a shower today and that was very nice. My drains are putting out tons of fluids. Pain isn't too bad..... I've cut my pain needs in half today. Walked a lot more today also. Still no BM. TIRED EASILY tho.

2 days post op..... Let the swelling begin

Swell hell ...oh yeah

the spelling is almost unbearable. Its so hard under my ribs and stomach outer thighs and hips that I can't even eat. I don't get a compression garment until this coming Thursday. I have an abdominal binder here at home, would it hurt to use it?

swelling. .....not spelling! lol

my stupid phone and it auto correct. Although the spelling is pretty bad too. But I meant swelling!

Swelling is a b****!

So here are a couple pics from 5 and 6 days post op. This swelling is some serious business....lol! I have a good day yesterday though. I'll shower and washed dried and straightened my hair, put on makeup, got dressed and went with my hubby to pick up our son from school. It was a great feeling to be out again. Last night I was hurting pretty badly though, so I had to take two pain pills again. Oh yeah and I'm sleeping in my bed again! tomorrow is my 1 week post op appointment and I will get my compression garments ....can't wait! I don't think they're going to remove the drains until next week because they are still putting out a good amount of fluid. I noticed a slight decrease in the swelling today compared to yesterday. I just put a load of towels in the washing machine. I will update after my doctors appointment tomorrow.

1 week post op and DISAPPOINTED!

So they didn't remove either of the drains at my 1 week appointment because i still have too much drainage. Which also means I don't get my cg for another week. I'm very unhappy about having to wait 2 weeks for the cg .....I feel that is putting a hindrance on my shaping. The nurse assured me it won't make a difference. I'm very swollen and sore still. Trying to be patient and upbeat but i can't hide my disappointment.

1 week post op pics

Surgery stats

So I found out my ps removed 8 lbs of skin, 2 lbs of fat via liposuction, repaired my ab muscles which were 6" apart AND ended up repairing a hernia that we didn't even know was there. No freakin wonder I'm swollen and sore. realistically when can I expect the swelling to start going away and just start being able to see the results? Here are a couple of pictures 9 days post op.

12 days post op

Feeling better except for the almost constant swelling. I go for my 2 week appt on Friday and I'm praying to get the drains out. The left one is producing very little but the right is still at 50-60 per day. They won't remove it til it's less than 35 so I hope it dwindles down in the next two days. I was able to take a ride on the motorcycle with my hubby today but he was very careful not to hit bumps! I start back to work in about 20 minutes.....I work 3rd shift from a home office.....hope it goes smoothly! Here are some pics from today....

Pre op to day 11 post op comparison

Belly button

I think it's looking really good .....today is 2 weeks post op. Do y'all think I'll need the marble trick? The scar to the left and slightly below is an old gastric bypass scar &used to be right below my boob.... that's how much skin was removed!

two weeks. ..Drain issues

My left side drain is KILLING ME!!! It's red and swollen where it enters my body like it's getting infected. I've been using neospirin on it all day since i first noticed. Also, I'm so swollen it hurts! My tummy is hard as a rock and the left side is huge. I go for my 2 week post op appt in the morning. I had to call out of work tonight. Here's a not so good pic of the drain.....

Drains gone....

So removing the drains wasn't bad at all....but! When she asked me to stand up to put bandages over the holes blood/fluid started POURING down my legs. I'm not exaggerating at all. It puddles on the floor around my feet. She finally got thick gauze padding taped over the holes. Then the damned garments they'd ordered for me were size XL and too big. She left one on me even though I can't tell any compression and sent the other back to get a smaller one which I'll get next Wednesday at my 3 week follow up. I'm pissed I had to pay $134 each for them and one I have to keep is too big to be effective.


the compression garment I ordered online came today. It is way better than the one the doctor gave me. It feels so good!I'm still very swollen.

17 days post op.....can wear my jeans!

Incision and bb at 17 days

Swimming pool??

we have our own swimming pool and I was just wondering how long was it before you were allowed to go into a pool? of course it's been treated with chemicals and no one else has been in it. Actually nobody has been in it yet this year but it's supposed to be in the 90's today and my husband is off work half a day and we thought we might hang out by the pool for a while and have a cold beer. Lol

3 week post op

today is my 3 week anniversary and I am right in the middle of swell hell. I think everything is healing okay but the swelling is miserable. Hate posting these pictures but it is what it is. The lower ab swelling and pubic are are worst.....I feel pregnant!

Pics didn't load

trying 3 week pics again

3 week appointment

I got another cg and it's better but still not really tight like the one I ordered myself. I'm going to wear it at night with my aB board. I was cleared to take a bath and go swimming today. The nurses both kept saying how good I look and that my incision is almost completely closed. They said I can start using the Scar treatment now. they also told me to start using the body of knowledge cream to make my waist firmer and smaller. I go back in 2 weeks.we did hang out by the pool for a couple hours today and it felt wonderful! We planned on taking the bike for a long ride tomorrow but I think we decided just to hang out and take it easy at home.I need to start working on Toning up my thighs and upper arms. Time to bring out the five pound weights and get on the treadmill.

24 days. ...can't tell any difference in the last 2 weeks

25 days and riding. .....

Rode down to Helen, Ga today. It's an awesome little "German" town in the north Ga mountains. Had some fish tacos and a beer at one of the taverns there and rode back home. It's about an hour and half ride each way. Felt great all day but was starting to feel it by the time I got almost home. Now, I'm swollen more than I've been in a week or so. Guess I'm paying for it but I was so glad to get out of the house and have some fun.

28 days post op

not much new to report right now. The swelling is about the same as it's been for the last 2 weeks, I do notice it gets worse if I do not wear the garment. I started using the bio corneum silicone scar gel today. Here are a couple of swimsuit pictures. My thighs and hips seen so much bigger now. I'm still very happy with my stomach though as long as the swelling goes away in my pubic area and lower Abdomen eventually!

Semi-Urgent? Sudden onset pain

I started having this really bad pain in my lower left side today its right above the pubic area and slightly to the left. It feels like when you get a stitch in your side from running and it will not go away. This is the first time I've really had any kind of pain or issues since my surgery. Has anyone else felt this kind of pain?

31 days / 1 actual month post op

pre op and 1 month post op comparison pics

It's really a good way to get things into perspective. ..

40 days post op.Down 15 lbs and 3 pants sizes....In 8 ' s now! Unbelievable! !!

Beach bound tomorrow

I have several swimsuit but none I really feel good in yet. Some pics of swimsuits and panty pics from today 6 weeks and 1 day post op. Which suit looks better?
Dr. McFadden

He took the time to really listen to my concerns and explain what the procedure would be like for me. This is one of the most important things I've ever decided to do in my life, next to marriage and children,and I've been saving money for a longgggg time & it is extremely important I choose a doc who will do his best to make my dream of 24 years come true! I have faith in Dr. McFadden and his entire staff and can't wait for them to prove that I made the right choice. :)

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Wow, your pics look great. I like the suit with the red bottoms & geometricish pattern. It really is attractive on you.
  • Reply
Thank you....I think it's my favorite too! I still feel like I look Boxy
  • Reply
Whaa! Boxes don't have boobs. ;-)
  • Reply
Enjoy your beach vacation! Watch out for burning your scars. My doctor warned me my scars can burn underneath my suit, yea right... it did. Because I was wearing a 2 piece, my bb burnt up despite SPF 55. Take care. You look fabulous!
  • Reply
Ty!!!, I'm going to use the biocorneum silicone gel plus sunscreen. ....none of my Scars will be visible
  • Reply
You look great. The tankini with the pink bottoms is my vote...:)
  • Reply
Thank you!
  • Reply
Looking beautiful! Very motivating weight loss progress!!
  • Reply
hoping to lose another 5 or 10 pounds once I start exercising
  • Reply
You look amazing!! I still can't get over this hump of losing the last 15lbs so I can have consult with PS. You have been such an encouragement by telling your story & sharing your pics...:)
  • Reply
I'm glad my story has helped you. I'm here if you ever have any questions
  • Reply
You look AMAZING....sooo happy for you!! I go in July 3rd....cant wait for it to be done! Best of luck on continued healing....
  • Reply
Thank you and best if luck on tour upcoming date!
  • Reply
Wow what great results you had. This is quite the transformation!! You must be SO proud! Looking good :)
  • Reply
U look amazing. Enjoy the new U! !!!! Congrats
  • Reply
Wow chick, your looking fab! Slipping on those jeans is a great feeling hey! Happy healing xx
  • Reply
Wow girl!!! You're smokin' hot!
  • Reply
Lol.....thanks! It's such a good feeling but still finding faults. Ugh. A work in progress !
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Wow! What a difference a month can make! You look great! Keep up the good healing!
  • Reply
I'm having bad swelling like you started off with too... I'm only 6 days po but swell is bad everywhere mainly in lower stomach & public area Honestly the bm issues &swelling is the worst about this do far. Your 1 mo po looks good !! hope my swelling is less by then too.
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I still have a lot if swelling. Today I'm probably more swollen than any day up til now. So much so that I couldn't even eat dinner tonight. I hope yours goes away fast but I have a feeling it's gonna take 4-6 months for mine to go away.
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I bought a thick, like 6" wide, ace bandage and i wrap tightly around my incsion on top of my binder and it seems to help lower swelling...
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You don't know how happy I am to see you on a bike at day 26!!! This just made my day! I ride as well and I've been so down in the dumps thinking my summer of riding isn't going to happen. If you can do it, so can I... I will let you know in a couple of weeks if I get to fire up my beloved Kingpin :)
  • Reply
I ride too and this makes me really happy to read. Although I'll be probably using the recumbent bike at the gym first! Lol
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Hey amazing lady! The pain I had started at the site where my rightdrain was and then spread quickly. You could see the color change of my skin where the infection was. Please keep me uodated, Im now worried. My infection happened right after the drain was removed and the pain when it was rremoved was HORRIBLE. Praying all is OK, you look fantastic!!!
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