I have several areas if stubborn fat. I am a twin...

I have several areas if stubborn fat. I am a twin and she had the same issues. Thanks mom! I am going to have lipo to correct. I will be about 12 pounds lighter when I have it, so I will update my review pre-op so you can view more accurate pre-op pictures. Please note that liposuction is a great tool for stubborn fat, but not a good weight loss option (you can research more on your own). I am having my upper and lower abs, flanks, public mons, and maybe a bit on my inner thighs (I will defer to doctors recommendation). Please note that, when you read about my recovery experience, I will also be recovering from a boob job, so my pain and discomfort will be greater. I am also having a lot of areas lipoed so that will yield more pain. So don't panic if you read my pain complaints :)

Pancake butt much?

Backside to give you an idea of the flanks I'm rocking

Majorly depressed

Just finished my consult with Dr. Hughes. He is clearly a great doctor - very knowledgable. The reason I am bummed is that the pocket on my stomach can only be lightly lipoed, otherwise he fears loose skin. I have anatomy that causes that. That is a major bummer, but I appreciate his expertise and advice. I am very bummed. We also discussed my wack boobs - lets just say, their wack and it will take a lot to fix. All that being said I think his advice about how to treat it is solid. His prices are a bit out of my reach, though commensurate with the extent of work I need. I'm not an easy case. Thanks universe.

Losin weight :)

I've lost 5 pounds which leaves me 7 to go, but I want to lose at least 10 pounds more. So far I've lost 23 pounds but I still look like the same chubby girl, just smaller! My bf didn't believe it would be the case, but now he gets it. I'm sure some of you ladies can relate :)

One week to go

This coming Thursday I have my final two consultations... Wow, this is coming up so fast! I plan to have surgery on 5/22, and even reserved the slot with one doctor... Looking forward to consults being over. In other news, my weight kiss has been total stymied this week :/ it seems like the universe doesn't want me below 157!!!

Surgery scheduled

Surgery scheduled for late May. Nervous about loose skin :/
Feel I have a good doctor tho

Recovery and after photos

I am a week out of surgery and recovering nicely. I have had close to ZERO pain. Seriously. I have been militant about taking a pain pill every five hours but stopped taking the strong ones because they made it so I couldn't pee (I had a scary two days). Getting in and out of bed is no fun but gets easier when you figure it out. The compression garment is crazy uncomfortable. My pain was a zero my discomfort was an 8. That's how bad it is. Remedy? Baby butt paste. Seriously. It changes everything. The sun shines again, birds sing again. That case if turrets you developed magically disappears. Butt paste is the difference between a discomfort level of 2 and 8. Also... If you get lots of midsection lipo your lady labias will swell and turn black. It's crazy. Don't panic. I'm a week out and mostly back to normal look.
Random Tip- you may think "wow I have no pain maybe I don't need pain pills". THE PAIN PILLS ARE THE REASON YOU ARENT IN PAIN. Don't screw it up by ditching them four days post op. I know peeps who did that and SUFFERED.
Questions? Feel free to ask. Here are some post op pics. Note I'm still very swollen. Also note i gif my boobs done too

Healing 2 weeks out

Bruising reducing, still present. In low to moderate discomfort at almost all times but if results pan out then worth it. I trust my doctors technical skill and know my result will be as good as it could be.


Looks same

Pics didn't post

Looks same; my diet has been crap since surgery; need to get back on the health track

Reality, thou art a harsh bitch

I went shopping just to see how my new shape is on clothes. That part was fab. The scary part was seeing my neked body under the harsh lights. There was loose skin all over, lumps, bumps, and my fat pads looked almost the same as pre-surgery. Oh man that was a blow. I really hope everything tightens up and this is the worst it will be. Now I'm starting to get scared! What if all the swelling goes down and I look like a shar pei :-O


Some look same as before, others you can see what I'm talking about. Forgive fact that I included boobs / I also had my boobs done and am doing a post about that too.

Wrinkly/weird when I bend

When I bend at all my upper abdominal skin wrinkles and looks bad. It is my only real concern right now. I hope it doesn't get worse when the swelling goes away. Other than that no real changes. My lower back where all the bruising is hurts a little less and is a little less numb, so that's great :)

Bruising reducing; loose skin watch 2014 commences

My bruising is reduced. I am concerned abou the loose skin when I bend. Hoping it subsides or at very least doesn't worsen. Satisfied with other aspects of the lipo

No change

Things look relatively similar; some days I think I look great and others I'm like "what did I do!?!?" Loose skin seems an issue hoping it resolves and DOESNT get worse.
In clothes it's fab. But I do think I look bigger overall - I think I'm more swollen than a normal person at 5 weeks.
I still have swelling and mild discomfort. I also still have induration lumps bumps and areas of numbness but none of these things concern me. I think my progress is normal/ accelerated. It's very difficult for me mentally wondering if the loose skin will stick around /get worse. They say have patience. That's just not who I am do I'm going crazy.
I still wear my compression garments and got a corset to target the tummy. We will see!

Steady as she goes

No change over last several weeks that I can see


No change. Need to lose weight.
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I think u look great also. I use Loreal Revitalift on my abdomen area. Its a firming cream for face wrinkles but I find that it works on the body as well. U can also visit www.medicalmassageprofessionals.com there is a skin firming cream & before/afters! My surgery buddy purchased that one. I'll see if mentioned it on her RS blog.
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This is the link directly to the products. The website is very detailed & informative so I went through & found it 4 u https://medicalmassageprofessionals.myarbonne.com
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Thanks! I will definitely check it out
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I think you are too critical of yourself. You have a really pretty shape.
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Well thanks :) I appreciate it
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That little skin bulge u have right below ur ribcage, I have that also. Since I have always had a noticeable ribcage I though it was a fat padding around it they could not get. Interesting.
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It's te best it's ever going to look so I am going to pretend you didn't point it out ;)
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I thought it was just an interesting point. I did not intend to offend. Sorry.
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I think he made a huge improvement to it but I don't think it would have been good if he removed it all (he could have of course). I think that my small issue with loose skin that I now have would have been much worse. Docs can remove any fat we want though so if you wanted to lose the bulge (I can't see it in your pics but I'll take your word for it) I'm sure they would be able to. It's just a risk with the skin. Some people tighten up right away (I hate them :p) and some never do. My skin elasticity is poor so I told my doc to keep that on mind when he was lipoing me.
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You look amazing-I can tell a real difference in your boobs-much more even!!
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Thanks RodeoWife! How are things going with you?
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Doing ok, jut crazy busy with my last class and moving! Stress eating big time and not going to the gym so I feel dis-freaking-gusting! Love having perky boobs, but they're bigger than I planned on having. My only other complaint is unevenly sized areolas but hopefully they'll even out eventually. I don't know but I guess I'm doing ok if that's my worst complaint! Just gotta stop eating like crap and get back in gear.
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I think surgery makes people do that because I have been eating like crap too! I am finally working hard to get it in check! I have different sized areolas too, it's not the worst thing ever but not super-fun, I get it. I think that boobs are supposed to look smaller as they continue to settle so that's good news for you. :) Personally I have grown to love my biggies and don't want them to look any smaller!
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I m trying velashape after lipo . 1 year post op n months post revision . Had bbl done n lipo on abdomen . Skin is loose n my surgeon recommended velashape to tighten up n firm stomach n smooth out bumps n lumps
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Let me know how it goes!
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ya started a blog under vela shape, have one already under BBL .
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I just looked at ur pictures again. U have such a great figure that I would be very happy to have it just the way it is. I really do think that time will tightened up any loose skin.
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Thanks so much CM! It's weird - i look decent sometimes and bad others. Sometimes it literally looks like nothing was done to my stomach. My skin isn't "draped" properly all over - it's an odd look. I am trying to tell myself it is normal and to be patient :) I also remind myself how fab you look!!!
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Thanks PinchPoke.
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You look so good-who doesn't have loose skin when bending?? I don't see any loose skin when you're standing and your belly is super flat.
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Awe thanks! It's there but not terrible.... I didn't have that before (but i did have a lot of fat, so...) I do hope it lessens. Other than that super happy!! I heart my boobies. Even though they are still way high they are so much better than they were - the difference is astounding.
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I agree with rodeowife, I think that many of us take longer to have the skin tightened. I am more than 5 months out and everything seems to b coming together in just the last week or so.
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I am hoping that's the case - I saw your most-recent post, you look FAB!!! Seriously, I hope I follow your trajectory!!!
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He did a great job on your flanks!! And your waist will continue to get smaller as swelling subsides. How many ccs did you get?
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I have no idea how many CC's I never asked :) I basically just asked for proportion and for him to use his aesthetic eye. I am curious tho!!! I'll have to ask one day. I do think Ilook better than before but still need a good amount of improvement. I'm gonna pop over and check out your post
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