Tca Tattoo Removal

I've got a horrible tattoo on my chest so I...

I've got a horrible tattoo on my chest so I decided to give tca. I used a 50% one put it on for five mins and god it killed it started to frost so I cleaned it off by day 3 my chest was red raw even stop me sleeping but it did start to peel I'm now on day four and it feels much better the tattoo looks brighter but it does have some little patches gone. I will now apply again in 8 weeks. I so hope this works and doesn't scare me I really hate the tattoo I will put a day by day pic up for u when I can x

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tca update

I'm now on day six and finally my chest is feeling better. It has done nothing but itch and peel I've even seen ink in the peeling skin so I am pleased with the first go at it but I'm not sure if I could cope with that pain again lol in 8 weeks will redo again but I will use and 40% not a 50% and hope.its not as painfull


Welcome, thank you for including us on your journey in trying to remove your tattoo. Wow, that looks painful! I am a little worried for you, as it's a very intense treatment so please be cautious. What do you use for aftercare?
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I've been using nappy rash cream and now oil as it so dry. I'm on a week today and at long last it's not hurting no more just dry and itchy I have been putti.g oil on a at least five times yesterday to stop the dryness. I've decided I'm going to do it in parts next time as the area was big and I think the tca was a tad strong so next time smaller area and 25% tca here's today's pic.
Hi and welcome :) are you trying for a cover up or full removal? I don't know much about TCA removal...
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tca progess

It is looking lighter.

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tca remove my tattoo

Ok so I'm on day nine and my chest is feeling fine the pink is starting to go and I've got to say my tattoo is lighter especially the green and blue. I'm feeling a lot better about the tca now as at one one point I did think what the he'll I've done. Can't wait for 6 weeks time to reaply. Good bye horrible tattoo :)


That looks painful! What is TCA?
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It's all healed now. I've done it 3 times now and it has got lighter but it's such a slow progress x
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