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Lipo of Axillary (Bra Fat) and Upper Arms

Hi, So I decided that I needed to do this post, #1...

So I decided that I needed to do this post, #1. because I have spent countless hours reading other peoples reviews in this site to inform my decision to get smart lipo and #2. because I CAN'T FIND ANY REVIEWS ON ANYONE GETTING THE POUCH OF BRA FAT (axillary fat) done. It really surprises me that there are no reviews on it so I guess I'll be the first.

I'll start off by saying that I'm 37, I work out (now) and have been making a very strong effort to eat well and lose about 10 lbs in a healthy way. I'm 5'6 and weigh about 138 lbs. I have had struggles with being chubby and dieting my entire life. In my adulthood my weight has fluctuated between 125 (killing myself working out and eating a diet I can't sustain forever) to 155 (in college being a lazy pig). My body now wants to settle in between around 140, but I'm making a serious effort to get to 130 and stay there.
Even though my body has many flaws, the fat pocket in the front of my armpit that bulges out of all my tank tops kills me. I feel like it makes me appear fatter than I am. No matter how much I work out I also feel as though I can never get any definition in my upper arms because they just hold fat. My forearms are actually very slender so the top of my arms just don't match up. There are many cuts of tops and dresses I will not wear because it accentuates this. I decided since I'm doing my brafat (front axillary fat only, not around the back) I may as mell go for my upper arms as well.

There are very little before and after pictures of removal of axillary fat on the internet. I think part of it is because they don't get the results they want and doctors don't want to post their bad work. I had 3 consultations, 2 in person, and one via email and telephone. The first consultaion I had with the doctor was excellent and he was very honest and didn't try to give me any false hopes. He told me he turns away about 50% of women who ask to have that area done, but that mine is very prominent the way it pops out and that he felt he could make an improvement. Honestly, the only reason I didn't go with him was because he was so expensive, $7300 for upper arms and that little bubble. I just couldn't justify spending that much.
I'm going with my third consultation and even hough he was the lowest price, that is not the reason I chose him. If I didn't like him I would've just put if off for another year. We talked about art and the subtleties of contouring and I think he has a good eye. He is also a licensed surgeon (not plastics though), not just a dermatologist or something. So I have to get all my blood work done tomorrow, I filled my prescription for antibiotics, and have an appointment for Friday to get my smart lipo. I am very excited yet also scared as I never had anything done like this before and am frankly a baby when it comes to stuff like this. I just want to be safe and get a good result. I am not expecting perfection ( I know this area is difficult because of breast tissue) but as long as there is an improvement, and it looks smooth, and natural, and I heal well I will be happy. I will be updating with before photos (I think a lot of reviews without photos are fake) once I take my tattoos out;) Wish me luck.

tomorrow's the big day!

So tomorrow is the day... I'm pretty nervous:( I'm not telling my family because my mother will freak out (I will never hear the end of it) and I'm hoping by next Sunday on Easter I will be able to completely hide it without anyone suspecting anything. I just started my antibiotics and am putting together a shopping list so I have whatever I need in the house (all low sodium) for the next couple days. I'm attaching before pics. I do not want anyone to see this and recognize my tattoos so I did a horrible jobs of taking them out ha ha. I guess my photoshop skills need some work. I did not change the shape or size of my body in anyway... just covered my tattoos. Notice how my right arm is actually bigger than my left. My right arm is 12" at the widest part and my left is 11.5" at the widest part. I weigh myself every Thursday and was down to 134.5 this morning which makes me pretty happy (130 is my goal).

Front pic before

It didn't upload the first time... most important one.

1day post op

So I'm one day post op. When I got to the doctors office yesterday he told me that he wasn't sure if he was going to use the laser or not on me because he thought my skin would do well and that the laser could cause problems with the thin skin on the inner arm. He ended up not using it and only using PAL. I hope he was right. I'm waiting for my boyfriend to get home to take a shower and change my garment. I am feeling kind of like a zombie where my arms wanna hang forward instead of comfortably at the side of my body. I took a Tylenol 3 last night for the pain and only half of one today. I don't understand how anyone could go back to work the day after something like this. I could barely put on my robe.
So I noticed that I barely have any drainage. Has anyone else experienced this? I've read about people draining so much and I haven't drained through the original pads they put on me yesterday. I know I am really bruised up. I will take post pics later today after I shower and change my garment.


So I did something kind of stupid. When I left the day of my procedure they had me bandaged up and put an additional sleeve under my garment because the size small actually was a little loose on my arms. I wanted to buy an extra so I can wash one while I wear the other but they only had an extra medium. I decided to take it and just alter it to fit me at home since I was planning on taking in the small anyway. Long story short, after seeing my arms and dreading the idea of my skin sagging I decided tighter was better. I think I made both of my garments WAY TOO TIGHT which may have contributed to the pain I've developed in my forearms and just in general not being able to move much or sleep. Last night I realized how swollen my forearms were(my garments cut off at my elbows). I was literally cutting my circulation off. So on that note maybe if these garments fit me better my first 3 days post wouldn't have been so horrible. I feel better today. I also ordered another garment online. Only problem is that they really don't put any pressure on my bra fat in front and I've been wrapping myself with athletic bandage over my garment to try to hold that area down.

Pic update

These pics are from 2days post op. I was too lazy to take out my tattoos this time so I only put in the back left arm. I guess I also forgot to mention that the first three days were worse than I anticipated. I also can only sleep on my back, I usually sleep on my side. I also put a pillow in between my boyfriend and I, in fear that he'll knock into my arm in his sleep:( I miss cuddling!

1week post op

I didn't know if I could see much of a difference until I took a new pic and put them side by side for comparison. I think it looks more dramatic in pics but I really tried to line up each picture size wise so it's a fair comparison. Also just to be clear, I ended up getting power assisted lipo, not smart lipo. My doctor never used the laser. I'll get into that in another review.
Dr. Vishal Mehta

He seemed really nice at my consultation although it was very brief. I came in for "laser lipo" and paid for it as well. The day of the procedure after I was already drugged up on Ativan etc, as he was marking me up, I asked him a question about the laser. He told me he didn't think I needed it and could cause more problems with the thin skin on the under side of the arm, such as seromas and unevenness. I wouldn't mind this opinion, but I don't understand why he didn't tell me this during my consultation, before I paid for the procedure. This I felt was very unprofessional and strange. For this reason I would not go back to him or recommend him. However, at the two week mark I think I look good and am pleased with my results.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I keep saying I'm going to post an updated pic and haven't yet. I want to take it in the same sports bra and have my boyfriend take it so I can get it the same for comparison. Will do in the next few weeks!
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Wow! I see a big difference only one week into your healing. I'd love to see a more recent picture if you wouldn't mind posting!
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Hi everyone! I'm going to take some new pics with the final results (5 months post). I'll post them soon! Thanks for the comments:)
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Hey, if you don't mind, I quick question for you. I'm 3 wk post op and my arms are still incredibly sore. Were yours very sore for very long?
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Ho ware you doing?
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Your arms and axillary fat pads look great!! I just had mine done two weeks ago. Initially they looked huge. Now at almost 3 weeks, I'm seeing huge difference and getting better every day. I told my dr i wanted my axillary fat pads done but all he did was the very edge. I don't know why but it is what it is. I see huge difference in your already. Congrats!!
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The pictures from a few months ago are definitely dramatic!  Really beautiful results.  I had power-assisted lipo as well :) just recently and I'm wondering how you're doing now. :)
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I'm going to do the same procedure in a few weeks. Smartlipo to the arms and the axila I think is how you say it. Do you have any advice for me? Do you think it was worth it? How long was your recovery? I see you say 4 weeks you still weren't 100%. What do you think now?
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How are you healing? I am 4 weeks post-op and still SWOLLEN. Do you ever get tingling sensation when you run or exercise?
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At four weeks I was still very sore and swollen. By two months it's much better... And yes I still had lots of numbness and a burning sensation at 4 weeks. At the three month point now I feel I am 95% healed. At 4 weeks I was maybe 50%. Give it some time and you will see better results over the next month:)
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Thanks,i am just impatient. ;)
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Did you have much bruising in t he armpit areas? I had my arms, back and front bra fat, chin and neck. The bruises under my arms and on my sides look like I've been in a car crash. How long did you have drainage? I only drained overnight and my incisions are already closed. I'm wondering if the lack of drainage caused me to swell and bruise more?
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Hi Trudeyv, The bruising in my front armpit area was not as bad as on my arms. I barely drained at all which was strange to me. By the next day there was no draining at all. I had a lot of pain though, which seems like way more and for longer than everyone else seemed to experience. I am now at the 3 month post and I think I look pretty good but still have some sensitivity in the backs of my arms. The overall difference in my armpit fat is minimal though. They still pop out, they just look slightly deflated.
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Hi Do you have updated pics? So did your doctor do the traditional lipo? How are you dong? I just wanted to check in. I look forward to your end results Best wishes Bella
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Ur arms look really good. I m doing arms in the near future ,,
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any garment u recommend . i had armpit lipo only and my doctor did not recommended garment. i m at 5.5 weeks post op and notice a my skin is not attaching as good . anything u can recommend .
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Hi missrt, To be perfectly honest I'm not thrilled with the results of the armpit fat part if my lipo. I would say it looks the same only sad, slightly deflated but still comes out. I do have some swelling that feels kind if like lumps that I have been massaging and should go away with time. As far as the garment goes I was wearing a best with arms type of situation. I didn't feel like it was compressing my armpit fat so I was switching between wrapping a self sticking medical wrap around the area(but this makes my breasts look kinda smashed down and not attractive), which if you scroll through my pictures I put one up of it. Then I switched to getting thick absorbent pads and laying them flat over my armpit fat, inside of my garment to try to get some compression on this area. Unfortunately it's a game of trial and error and no garments on the market work particularly well for this. Maybe this is why there aren't so many before and after pics because the results are not so great. I will soon post a new pic of the difference on my armpit fat. I hope this helps and good luck!
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Thank u so much for replying back ., I truly appreciate it . Yes I heard armpit lipo is not really a very popular area for lipo so garments are not really intended for it. What I'm worry about is the wrinkly skin as we'll , I feel like I should got a garment from the beginning ., Salama didn't recommend one so I just went with his instructions. , now st week 6 not sure is even worth it .,
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Hello! I am 7-weeks post op from having the Smart lipo (SL) on my arms, arm pit fudge, and fat above bra line. This is my 3rd Smart lipo. I had my abdomen and outer thighs done in 2010. Anyway, I want to share my experience with lumps after getting the Smart lipo. You might want to look into getting the Venus Freeze (VF) treatment to help with the lumps. VF helps to tighten your skin, reduces volume of excess fat, it massages the areas that you has worked on by the SL. My SL procedure came with 1 treatment of VF and I purchase an addition of 6 treatments too. My swelling & lumps are so much better. The lumps are being "ironed" out. I will post a before and after of my arms now that I am 7-weeks post op. Oh, I also wore my compression garments (CG) for 5 weeks and I don't wear these now ... My CG are loose. Check the reviews on VF, it is working for me. Good luck on your recovery.
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Hi StirredtoSoar! Thanks for the advice. I will look into those treatments. I have been massaging them myself everyday for maybe 5-10 minutes an it has helped slightly but my right arms seems to be more swollen and sensitive than the left. I am going to contact my surgeon to get his opinion even though I think I get better information from this website than him.
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Also look into Lymphatic Drainage massage. Before the Venus Freeze, it was recommended by my Dr. to consider getting a lymphatic drainage massage post-op on the areas that I had Smart Lipo on. LDM is a lot cheaper than the Venus Freeze but the latter has a faster results. I am actually on my way now to get my 3rd session of VF. Have an awesome day!
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You might also wan to look into Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Before the Venus Freeze, I was told by my Dr. to consider LDM since they did not offer Venus Freeze. But VF has a quicker results.
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Thanks S2S!
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Hi!  I'm the new Community Manager and I just found you :D.  Your result looks amazing in the last picture.  I was always scared of lipo because I thought I'd be left with hanging skin.  But your skin isn't hanging and you look great.

Logistically, I'm thinking I should move you to regular lipo, though, since you didn't have Smart Lipo.  What do you think?  Or maybe it should stay here because he used the same machine, but just didn't use the laser part?  I'll ask Jill, too, but I'd like your opinion.
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