Here is my story so far... My surgery date is...

Here is my story so far... My surgery date is Friday the 13th of this year. I met my doctor (Edmond Cabbabe) about a month ago at St. Anthony's Hospital. He seemed very knowledgable as to what he was talking about from a medical perspective and made good observations. However after finally getting our insurance through, I had begun to research him and became a little skeptical based off 2 poor reviews. One person claimed that, "there was no change from start to finish" and another said, "it looks worst.." But I have a feeling that these reviews were the end results of the patients not having their operation change their lives, and maybe they didn't have big issues with their nose to begin with. In my case, I have a large hump and a narrow nose that is crooked and twisted. My doctor, named all these issues without me even saying a word about it. I told him about my breathing issues as well. He confidently said that he would correct everything. I had gone to different doctors and they were not as calm and sympathetic for my issues as Dr. Cabbabe. I just saw money in their eyes and they gave me an after pic of what I was going to look like. I did not receive an after pic this time, and for good reason. Dr. Cabbabe is not trying to BS you and give you false hope. Sometimes people get that image of what they are going to look like and turns out nowhere near. I'm not going to worry about it, why get my hopes up over a photoshop picture. I have seen Dr Cabbabes before and afters of his patients and they all looked so much better than before. Either way my nose couldn't really get any more messed up and I want to be able to breath well. I have faith in Dr. Cabbabe to do his best to make me satisfied with my appearance. I want to be able to give him a 5 star rating once this is over. If i'm wrong then shame on me, But for someone who's been doing these for 35 years, I think I will be okay. I expect to have a more attractive nose in end and to not regret doing this for better or for worst. I will post my before pics now and repost my recovery periodically. Wish me luck!

My reasons for going thru with this...

Well it started in middle school as I was growing more and more and my nose grew out of proportion with my face and in horrible ways I was only teased minorly. Someone said, "when you turned I was like damn! Hes got a big nose". Or "your nose is soooo crooked, haha!" Then I was laughing with them, until girls interested me.. I always tried to accept it as a part of me until highschool when people became more obscured and obsessive about looks and status. I was uncomfortable sometimes it was like if I turned the corner and there was someone who didnt like me so well for whatever reason.. they had a comment to make on the fly. It terrorized me until my junior year I just accepted it again because by then I heard all the comments in the book. I ended up with the name "woody" and no not the toy story woody but the woodpecker with the long beak -.- I could at least find it commical but still knew what it meant! After highschool I decided I wanted to make sure to rid myself of this curse before my adult life. I put off getting rhinoplasty done in highschool because I figured people would just harrass me more for doing something about it. So, finally, college years I didnt hear a single peep about my nose but I knew people were looking. I visited my first doctor about it and he wanted to give me a feminine nose. I just wanted a simple straight profile, no bump! So with that being said I once again put this off for a whole 2 years which this time I found a doctor who made sense to me without the pumped up advertised reputation. Thanks to Dr. Cabbabe, I will proceed with this surgery. I heard from my cousin an anesthesiologist who had worked with him that he is a good guy and does good work on his patients. I really have nothing to lose, but something to gain. Maybe this will be the answer to my past dilemmas with my nose.

Final Pre-OP photos

Well, I thought I would add these last 2 shots so you all can see the twist in my nose and unevenness. Thanks for all your support everyone.

First Day Home

Surgury went well. Im on the path to recovery now, cannot wait to have the splint removed, I can tell I will have changes

2nd day

I will post a photo each day up until cast removal, I had alot of work done on my nose 2 1/2 hrs surgury time from start to finish. Healing might take me a bit longer than some :(

day 3

Still bleeding just a small amount, I will say the pain has not been easy especially during sleep. My mouth is swollen inside and my swelling is tight. Pleanty of ice today I think.

The Fourth Day

I finally am having a turning point, still my throat is swollen, but I felt comfortable enough to put my contacts in. Thanks for family and friends for supporting my recovery.

Day 5 doing better

Just 2 more days of recovery then I will be able to post a picture of me without the cast :) the I shall post weekly or monthy as I see changes with the long term recovery.

forgot Day 6 But Here's Day 7 :)

Last full day of sitting home bored and one more poor nights sleep cause of sore throat at least with the cast and tubes. I get my cast off tomorrow and hoping I will love what I see. Either way I know it will look better than my old nose which was crooked twisted and asymmetrical in many ways. I think my breathing will improve drastically although I can barely breathe atm which is probably cause from tubes and the healing process. Hope my review helps anyone thinking about getting a rhino plasty or ensures anyone who has had one that it can be a rough recovery sometimes. I will be counting down for tomorrow.

False Call for Cast Removal

I actually am gonna have to wait till friday to get my cast off, but the tubes are out! I can breathe normally for the first time in my life. Sorry about my peeling lips I need to work on that.

Can see the profile

Im happy with what I go, it is still swollen, but my nose is much more symmetrical and refined. I barely have any sort of bump, if any. I have to leave this tape on till monday then I can take it off myself, it's just for healing purposes. Overall I see improvement everywhere.
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

As I said from the beginning of my review, just because of a few bad ratings don't necessarily mean its a bad doctor. I finally have seen enough of what he has done for me, and I wouldn't go back on it. He put in a hard effort to do the best he could and was very successful! I would happily suggest anyone planning on getting a rhino/septo/nasal plasty to go see him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wondering how you are doing since we had surgery on the same day. How has your recovery been as far as swelling, etc? Hope you are doing well!
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Hope things are going well for you!
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Very happy for you. Congratulations.
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Everyone I know says they like it and you look so much better. Even my always negative cousin said it looks good to me like 5 times.
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Gotta love that! I hate to hear what some of my cousins will say, probably behind my back! Lol but I don't care because I'm happy :)
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My family was the ones who labeled me "big nose" so I'm sure they are wondering now what they will call me...I hated that nick name..
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Never been called anything by family but if they had noticed anything about my nose it would of been how crooked it was.
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Well, its not crooked now. :) Let everyone notice your nose now. :)) Unfortunately for me, family didn't think twice to label any of us...but just like you, my nose is a thing of the past...:)
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Looks like it turned out great for you! And you even managed to shave (even though it had to be a little hard to do underneath the nose). Not being able to shave for awhile after my surgery is probably going to annoy me. Wishing you continued positive results.
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Its alittle sensative there but I cant let it bother me, lol.
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Wow! I hope my surgery goes as well as yours did! Congrats!
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Thankyou I hope yours goes as well if not better
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Your nose looks much better. Any final photos after all bandages are removed? I'm from STL also. I'm trying to find someone to do a rhinoplasty but I've had horrible luck with some surgeons in this area being ultra-conservative in their surgery.
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Well you got to consider a couple of things you can private message me and maybe I can help you.
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Have you thought about Dr Nayak from St louis?
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I've considered having a consult with him. I sent a message to him on here a few months ago and never received a reply. I'm just worried if all plastics in this area have a conservative approach. I had a forehead reduction 2 months ago in LA and it was wonderful!
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You look great. Congrats! So happy for you :)
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Thanks I had my doubts but now those are a thing of the past
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Your nose looks terrific!
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Thankyou it was better than I expected, im starting like it more and more its alittle weird at first seeing this transformation
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Wow long recovery! Glad to hear you're breathing better already.
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Its getting better and better :)
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I had to wait 2 more days to get my splint off too. Not sure how much difference it would have made, but I trust our surgeons know best : )
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Yeah I just do what he says cause I really dont know much about medical healing and whatever else. Im more of a technology type career
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So exciting...nose debut tomorrow...:) You will look amazing and I'm sure it will be one of the best feelings ever to finally see your new self. :)
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