Finally getting my new nose! Never actually thought I'd go through with it!- rhinoplasty

My nose Is always something that bothered me. (I...

My nose Is always something that bothered me. (I have a large hump i got from my dads side of the family. I know im a pretty girl but when i see my side profile it still bothers me. I've been researching getting a rhinoplasty for about 3 months now and have had two consultations but I still feel torn! Should I go for it!? It's such a big decision. I will be going to two more consultations then ill make my decision. Wish me luck! :)

I booked my surgery!!

I can't believe it! I booked my surgery!! I'm sooo excited, But I'm also nervous. I went to my second consultation with Dr Michael Elam and he answered all my questions. He has so much expirence and seems like the best option when it comes to having a natural rhinoplasty. Ill update as soon when I have my pre op. Please let me know if anyone has any advice before surgery that might make thing go better.

Saying my good buys to my old nose

When I was made fun of in Jr High I hated hated hated my nose. I would think why am I so different? Why can't I have a nose like everyone else. But the good thing is I always had the support of the family and in high school I grew into it, I embraced it. For a while I felt that it made me unique and set me apart. I didn't get teased a lot in high school and never got teased as an adult. For the last 10 yrs I would say I was fine with it. But recently I watched my wedding Vedio from 2008 and HATED my side view and so many old insecuritys came flooding back. I huge part of me is sad to do the surgery because I'm afriad what my family will say but I'm doing something for me for once and I'm so very happy! So good buy old nose! I'm still going to look unique ( which I love) but unique with a better nose lol.

Before side view

More before pics

All done!

It's done! I'm feeling pretty awesome but that's most likely the medication lol. The surgery was about an hour and Dr. Elam, the nurse and staff were great. They made me feel comfortable and explained everything to the T. I will be going back tomorrow. So far not to much bruising or swelling but I know this is just the beginning. I've been taking arnica and eating papaya so hoping swelling and bruising wont be to bad.

Day 1 post Op

The day after, I'm a lot more swollen and bruised but that is to be expected. I've been using the ice packs Dr Elams office provided. Also I got my packing taken out today and yay I can breath, wahoo! The tip of my nose is very swollen , I'm hoping the swelling medication will help. Ill keep you updated.

6day post

Hello everyone. Here are some updates: bruising has gone done lots as well as my nose and eyes swelling. Im starting to feel like my self again and i even went out and ran a few errands. People looked at me like I was crazy but all in all I feel great. I will be getting my splint removed tomorrow and I can not wait! I will keep you all posted.

7 day post /splint Removal

Today was my cast removal and I have to say I am a happy girl. I do have a few concerns but its day seven and I know I have a lot of swelling to go down. Here are some pics. I have a follow up appointment Tuesday and I will post more pics then. I can't stop smiling!

17 day post

I'm 17 days out and my nose is getting more swollen. I'm still happy with the result but my nose is peeling and breaking out which is not fun. Also I am forming a small pump on the left side of the bridge of my nose. It's got me very worried and I hope it goes down. Anyone else expirienced this? Any advice?

2 months post op

Hello Real Selfers, just wanted to give a little update. Its been 2 months since my surgery and things have been good. I love my nose and overall I am still happy with my results. I saw Dr Elam today and told him my concerns. the first is im still very stuffed up. My nose gets very dry and I feel like I can't breath, it's very uncomfortable. He suggested saline spray. Hopefully it helps. Also I still have a small bump on the left side of my nose. It does bother and some days I hate it but overall I love my nose 100times better. I also still have swelling on my tip but i know its still early in my healing stage. Here are some pics. Hope u are all well !
Dr. Michael Elam

Dr. Elam was wonderful and caring. I feel like he listened to all of my concerns and during the surgery process he was very gentle with my face. My bruising was minimal. As far as the staff goes I cannot say enough good things, Jodi, Lupe an the nurses were so nice and comforting during the whole process their support was a huge help. I'm very greatful to of found such a great doctor and i look forward to my final result. I would highly recommend Dr Elam. I already have a friend that will be going to him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Thanks for the update. You look great!!
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Looks great! I'm so happy you stuck to your guns and made sure to retain some of your original features vs. get a cookie cutter, "fake" looking nose like some of the naysayers on your post ;) You look fantastic and I'm really happy for you!
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Thanks for the support. :)
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Very natural results that suits your face. I'm also a little over 2 months post and I can tell you that swelling is annoying. sometimes I feel depressed because my nose looks huge and feel like it's my old nose!! Nasal spray is helping me too.
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Thanks Zooster, I hope that your swelling goes down soon. You cant tell in the pics to much but I'm still swollen too. I'm sure on a 2nd Rhino the recovery process is alot tuffer and I wish you a speedy recovery. I know the whole process is very emotional, hang in there you chose a great doctor so I know things will get better for you. Is anything else helping to clear out your stuffiness? I was thinking of using the saline tea pot/neti pot to see how it works.
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Less is more! I think you have a beautiful result! Enjoy your new nose:)
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Thank you lalaland310. I appriaite the support ;)
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Cilla, you were beautiful before, and the changes in your face enhanced your features. You are a lovely woman (with a beautiful daughter, I might add)! What's really awesome about your changes is you were firm in your beliefs of not wanting a "cookie cutter" face, and your doctor delivered. In the end, that's all that matters. PLEASE ignore the trolls and "naysayers". All the money/surgery in the world won't buy "class". You either have it, or you don't. Clearly some people are born without it….
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Thanks so much for all your kind words. This was a huge life changing decision for me and I am so greatful it had a positive outcome. Being on this website has been a huge support for me and I am greatful for it. I also know there will always be negative people and I do notice a lot of trolls and fake profiles of people who I'm sure work for certain doctors. Thanks again.
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And those who use the word, "class", rarely have it….
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Apparently the bridge dwellers are alive and well tonight….I'm peaking of no one in particular, of course. If the shoe fits...
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I don't mean to sound negative but I don't see a big difference...?
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Cosign this.
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Really? That's weird because my hump was removed and my side profile has drastically changed. And that's exactly what I wanted, I am ethnic and it was important that i still had my nose but with no hump. Something that suited my face (no cookie cutter nose) I was actually terrified he would take to much off but he listened to me and my concerns of no cookie cutter nose. I've read so many horrible reviews of ethnic girls hating there noses. My front view is very similar to what I had and that was my request. My simulated pics were very close to the actual results.
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Understandable. I'm going for a much more dramatic change personally. Surgery is this Friday and I'm freaking out. I have the bump too and I'm hoping for a nice slope and upturned tip
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Good luck with everything. Don't be nervous the process was so much easier than I thought.
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Thanks you I'm happy!
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Very pretty!!
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Thank u! :)
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Very good job!!!! U make the right choice!!! Sometimes people think that I did surgery on nose because maybe look too good but it's real and i got it from my grandfather, but I know that on face extremely important to have something u like! My mother has totally different nose ( I wouldn't be happy to get nose from her:) so I am happy for u did something you like, I saw on you tube how they do it and its look so painful:( ,
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Thanks for the kind words. It was not as painful at all. The worst part how long the healing process takes. The swelling is up and down. I wish u all the luck on your nose journey :)
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The front looks very nice! IMO it looks like you still have a hump or maybe it's just swelling!??
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I don't have a hump anymore but the left side of my nose has a small bump :(
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