Surgery in December. Broken, crooked nose and deviated septum

So, I have been browsing this site for some time...

So, I have been browsing this site for some time now and finally feel the need to share my own story, as so many of your stories have helped me through this decision. Since I was in grade school I remember being picked on for my large nose. I am Italian and German so I have the typical Italian large nose. I have always avoided side profile pictures and will only stand on my good side in pictures.

A few years ago I was hit in the nose (on accident) and years later found out that my nose was broken. Since then it has gotten even more crooked and my deviated septum has gotten even worse. After seeing an ENT and plastic surgeon they said I have a deviated septum on both sides of my nose and they can submit the septum part of the surgery for pre approval from my insurance company. I would then pay for the cosmetic portion of straightening out the nose and shaving down the bump.

I am so nervous about the whole process, but think that it can't get much worse than I think it looks now. I can't even imagine having the confidence to have pictures taken of me from the side or not look in the mirror and always notice how crooked my nose is.

I have days where I wake up and think, " Am I crazy?" for wanting to do something like this, but then I justify it because my nose wasn't always this crooked. It's getting more and more noticeable, or maybe I am just obsessing over it more. My family and boyfriend are both very supportive of me having the surgery. I was really worried that my parents were going to be upset, but they are not at all.

Please leave any comments or links to your pictures if your nose or situation was similar to mine. Just looking for some support from other people who have been through the same thing. Thanks!!

Few more pictures

I did it! Scheduled my surgery for December. Thoughts on the simulated pictures?

Today I had my consult with Dr. Nayak in St.Louis. I read a ton of reviews about his work from patients of his and decided he was the best doctor. This was the second consultation I had and I knew immediately I made the right choice with Dr. Nayak. I am a teacher so it is hard for me to take off work for more than a few days. I scheduled the surgery right before Christmas break so I will have two weeks so rest and recover. Dr. Nayak informed me that when my nose was broken part of my left side cartilage collapsed and pushed the other side out. That makes a lot of sense and explains why I have trouble breathing. Now, I just wait patiently until December and I am horrible at waiting patiently.
Dr. Nayak was just as described. He took his time with me and told me that he can improve my nose over 90%. He was honest and said there is no such thing as a perfect nose, which is definitely not what I am trying to achieve. I just want a nose that fits my face and lets my other features shine.

What do you guys think of the pics from Dr. Nayak's office that we did on the computer today??

Another Picture

In this picture you can see where part of the cartilage on my left side (the right side in the pic) has collapsed from breaking my nose a few years ago. Dr. Nayak is going to use cartilage from the other side to fix it.

Less than two months away!

Wow, time is just flying by! I am getting so excited, but a little nervous too. I am so lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend who is so supportive and so rare my parents and close friends I have told.
The majority of the surgery is functional so most people have totally understood my decision. That definitely makes it a lot easier. I am going to start working on a list of things I need for recovery. Luckily I am taking off a few days before my Christmas break ( I am a teacher) so I will have a total of almost three weeks from surgery to the day I have to go back to work. I bruise easily so I am glad I will have plenty of time to relax!!! Here are some pictures of the deviated septum that is causing a lot of the breathing problems and sinus issues. I have reoccurring sinus and ear infections and have even ruptured my ear drum because of sinus issues. I will be glad to look and feel like myself again.

Getting excited.....

Every time I start to doubt this decision I look at some pictures that remind me why I am doing this. I know I will have so much more confidence and feel like myself and the me I should be! I would love to connect with other people who are also having December surgeries!

Another nose pic

This is the worst angle. My boyfriend and I were in Chicago for our anniversary and I love this pictire, except for my nose.

One month away!

I'm getting really excited. About a month away from my surgery. I've had so much going on that I haven't really had time to think about it. That's a good thing because I haven't had time to worry and obsess over it either. I'm just praying for a pain free recovery and some time relaxing on the couch in my pajamas.

Found the picture from broken nose.

My best friend had the picture saved from the night my nose was broke. I can't believe I didn't go to the hospital and allowed it to heal completely crooked. At least I have an idea how I will look with a swollen nose!!


Thankful that this crooked nose will be fixed in 19 days!!!!! Oh my!!!! A little nerves are setting in.

In other exciting news!

I'm also engaged! I knew it was coming and knew I wanted my surgery done before the wedding which will be in June! Looking forward to feeling confident on my wedding day and not cringing when I look at the pictures of my nose.


Hats! This is something I'll be excited to wear after surgery. I've always hated my nose when I'm wearing hats like this. I know it's crazy but my hair provides some security for me as I feel it's a distraction from my nose. I can't wait to feel confident this winter in hats like these. Just a little over two weeks until surgery!!

Pre Op- Who took Lorazepam afterwards?

Today I had my Pre op appt. I am excited now and feel fully confident in Dr. Nayak's expertise and professional judgement for what is best for my face.

My surgeon also prescribed Lorazepam, a stronger Xanax from what I read, for the first few weeks after surgery. Has anyone taken this before? I am big on only taken holistic type treatments for colds, and rarely go to the doctor. I am more nervous about taking something like this, however I know I will get anxious and probably have trouble sleeping after surgery so I am going to fill it. I am just worried about the side effects. I don't want to become a total zombie, but I also want to be able to relax and sleep as much as possible.

Anyone else get prescribed Lorazepam after surgery?

One week!!!!

Holy Moly! This time next week I'll be on the couch recovering and the hardest part will be over!! I'm not really nervous yet. My fiancé and mom have been super supportive snd they're both taking me to surgery in the morning.

I'm so relieved I chose Dr.Nayak for my surgery. I could have had the majority of this surgery paid for by my insurance but I wasn't comfortable with the doctor. I wanted the very best.

Dr.Nayak is triple board certified and scored the highest nationally on his boards. He does 5x more rhinoplasty surgeries than the average surgeon and his work shows. He had 100% perfect reviews from his patients. I'm so glad I did my research and found him. It's like being around and old friend. He just makes you feel comfortable and takes his time with you. I know he's going to do an amazing job!

I think I've gotten the majority of my supplies. Filled all my prescriptions and got lots of pre made smoothies, and low sodium foods. I'm not going to eat any processed food while I'm recovering. I know putting junk food in my body will not help the recovery process. I'm a pretty healthy eater but I'm really going to watch what I eat this week before surgery and drink plenty of water. All my students seem to be getting sick and I'd usually load up on vitamins but I'm not allowed to take anything before or after surgery exempt bromelain afterwards. I was hoping to load up on Vitamin C but I'll just make sure to eat healthy and get plenty of sleep this next week.

Less than a week!

Among looking better I'm actually going to be able to breathe out of both nostrils. Have no idea what that's like!


Tonight was one of the first nights I have felt genuine anxiety. I can't pinpoint exactly what I am anxious about, but It's an overall anxious feeling. Anxious about the anesthesia, anxious about the recovery, anxious about my mental state afterwards, and anxious about not looking like myself. I know I am doing this for the right reasons, but it's sure stressful.

However, I know worrying is not going to help the recovery process. Worrying isn't going to help anything except make me more nervous. I know in a week when I am a day or so away from getting my cast off I will be feeling so much better. I just need to shake these nerves I am feeling! I know everything will turn out great. MUST STAY POSITIVE!!!


I have a tub with all my recovery items in it. On the outside I found a great quote about patience and taped it to the tub.

2 days away!

Just two more days!! My fiancé and I ate lunch this weekend at our wedding venue( we're getting married in June) and I was reminded again why I'm getting this surgery. Our wedding is going to be at a really cool old police station that has been turned into an art gallery. I know my only regret will be not doing this sooner.

Tomorrow is the day!!!

Can't believe tomorrow is finally the day! Drinking lots of water today and getting a good night sleep. Have to be there at 7:15. Dr.Nayak gave me a pill to take in the morning that will start the sedation process and help me relax. I look forward to taking that and not feeling as nervous.

I'm home!

I did it! Here's how the morning went.

Arrived ar Dr.Nayak's office at 7:15. (Had already taken pill to relax me on the way there per Dr.Nayak). Feeling great and carefree.

They went over directions with my mom and fiancé and said bye to me.

All I remeber after that was somehow getting into the surgery room. I remeber that the room was different than the first room. I remember the girls at his office wrapping me all up and I felt safe snd warm.

The next thing I remember was waking up back in the room I started in.

I'm not in much pain. I have a little headache that kind of feels like sinus pressure. I ate some soup and frank a smoothie and took some extra strength Tylenol.

Icing on and off with peas for the next day or so. That's the only annoying part. Oh and changing the drip pad as needed.

I promise to keep everyone posted! So far, so good!

Bruising and phone call from Dr.Nayak

Well some of the bruising is starting to show under my eyes which I expected.

Dr.Nayak called to check on me tonight and updated me on everything he did. He said my septum was very deviated at the top and bottom of my nose. He described it like an S shape rather than being straight. He said the septum at the bottom of my nose ( the part you can see) was also really S shaped so in about 1 in 30 patients he uses a very small splint to keep it straight until the cast comes off. I Don't feel it at all which is good.

We also laughed about the funny things I said after waking up.
-Apparently I told him I'm going to start writing a biography about him because I know so much about him from all of the research I did.
- I also told the nurses how much I loved the medicine they gave me because it makes me not give a f@$k!
-and lastly, I told the nurses that I could breathe out of my nose now and then starting singing R.Kelly I believe I can fly.

Day 2

I guess this is day 2, If the surgery day counts at day 1. I was able to get a pretty good nights sleep last night. Took one Xanax and propped up a bunch of pillows. I woke up a few times to get some water because my mouth was dry.

Today I just feel a lot of pressure in my nose and an aching feeling over most of my face. My teeth ache, and my head and nose are aching. Still haven't need to take the prescription pain pills. They have so many negative side effects I'd like to just stick to Tylenol. I anticipated extreme swelling today, but surprisingly it's not bad.

I hate pain pills

So last night I had a headache that just wouldn't go away so I caved in and took one pain pill even though I said I wasn't going to. Big mistake.... My headache not only didn't even go away, but I threw up three times. It was terrifying but thankfully didn't hurt my nose at all. I'm feeling better now, my head isn't hurting but my stomach is still a little upset. Today I need to work on rehydrating. If you can handle just taking extra strength Tylenol I highly recommend it. That was not fun!


Bruising and swelling is moving down my face. Kind of looking chipmunky. Able to take the drip pad off today and very gently clean the ends of my nose with peroxide and a Q-tip. Starting 500 mg of Bromalein (pineapple enzyme) tomorrow. Dr.Nayak said to wait 72 hours. Some dull aching pain in my nose today, but haven't needed to take any medicine. Hopefully these first few days are the worst and each day will get better.

Day 4 including surgery

Feeling so much better today!!! Think I'm over the hardest part. Slept well, showered and washed my hair. Swelling is still chimpunky and I'm starting bromelain today 3x a day per my doctors suggestion. I'm not in any pain at all today, just feeling congested.
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