Can't Find A South Florida Denist Willing To Give Me Low/No Prep Veneers!

I had Invisalign to fix crooked teeth caused by...

I had Invisalign to fix crooked teeth caused by crowding, but am still not happy with my smile. I've wanted veneers for years, but can't undergo the traditional procedure due to anesthetic allergies. I've had numerous consults, but can't find a dentist willing to place veneers, telling me that my natural teeth are "too pretty" (says who?), and keep getting told to opt for bonding (something I DON'T want). I love & want a more artificial "Hollywood" smile. I'm feeling defeated, what should I do?


Those dentists are smart and are really looking after your health for the long-term. I'm on my second set of veneers, and although they might look good. The first set wasn't too bad. But veneers only last up to 10-years maximum. They look really bad after 10-years too -- they tarnish, change and recede at the gum line. Now I hardly have any tooth structure left after undergoing my second set. I know I will need all implants when I go for my third set. I honestly wish I never, ever got any veneers. The most regrettable mistake of my life! The irreversible damage, pain and cost is not worth it at all. Your natural teeth are healthy and beyond gorgeous. There is nothing prettier and healthier than natural teeth. I sure wish I realized this 15-years ago. Veneers are only early installment payments for dentures. And they should only really be used when medically necessary.... not for vanity reasons. Be thankful you have a natural pretty smile and don't go destroying your teeth. It is NOT worth it!
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Sigh, what I would give to have your teeth :-) Honestly, they look great. If you must fix the little scalloping on the laterals, do it with composite bonding. It may need to be replaced in 10 years or so, but so will veneers or anything else. Also, please consider that most people who get veneers or crowns start with teeth that are problems so they are much more likely to be happy with the outcome. There is so much that can go wrong in this process and you will lose a significant amount of tooth structure. Many people do not end up happy with their cosmetic dental result, feeling their teeth are bulky or unnatural. I expect this is why most dentists don't want to do the work; they think this is very likely. And once the money is spent and the tooth structure has been filed off, there's no going back. So I would suggest starting with bleaching and then bonding which won't damage your teeth, is less expensive and can give you an idea if you like the look. Another positive of bonding is that they can add and alter once it's on - with veneers, they really can't be changed once they're on. Best of luck!
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Hey!  Have you gone to anymore consultations lately?
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