Nervous and Scared About Breast Augmentation.

Hello!!! I am getting breast augmentation and...

Hello!!! I am getting breast augmentation and liposuction on May 2nd. I know Dr. Erella is a board certified ps but I just can overcome all this fear. What if something goes wrong? What if I was to be allergic to anesthesia? I'm 26 5'3" 130lbs with 2 kids and pretty healthy. Does anybody else has had this fear? I wish I would be more happy and excited about this than all nervous and scared.

4 days to go

So, four more days till the big day!!! Yesterday I went to do a little shopping. I bought 2 sports bra, arnica cream (they say it helps with the swelling) and I also bought coconut oil, I will start putting it in today, I'm kind of scared of getting stretch marks on my new boobs so I just rather be one step ahead. I'm already starting to feel the excitement!!!

Cough and sore throat

Good morning ladies! I'm a little worried because I've been having sore throat and cough and lost my voice on Sunday. It's getting better though but the cough is getting worse. Wondering if I should go to the doctor!? I am afraid I might have infection and in that case, I would have to postpone my surgery. And then my wisdom tooth is also giving me trouble. Also, I've been expecting my period since Sunday and nothing yet, just a little spotting yesterday. It would suck big time if I'd have to go to surgery when on my heavy days (usually the first and second day). Uggghhhh!!! By the way, forgot to mention I have no fever or runny nose, could be just an allergy. What y'all think?

One more day!!!

Wow.... Tomorrow is new boobie day!!!!!! OMG!!! I'm so nervous and anxious. So, yesterday I did a lot of cleaning and I will be finishing on that today. I also started to wash all clothes and sheets. I'll be doing grocery shopping too and I took out some of the clothes I'll be wearing after surgery so I won't have to be digging in the closet with my arms up trying to find something to wear. I live in Houston and my PS is in Austin (3hr drive) si I have all my medicines, creams, Tylenol and sports bra (just in case) ready so i can take them with me. God I'm so ready to be home resting!!! :)


Hello beautiful ladies!!! As dime of you already know, i didnt get my surgery done on May 2nd. They called me the night before surgery to tell me that my doctor was sick and he was not going to be able to perform surgery. I was really sad and I even thought about not doing it any more. So, I've been thinking a lot and yes I'm sure I want to get my BA done. I was going to go for saline but now I'm really wanting to go silicone but goshhh, like most of y'all know (I'm supposing y'all do) our insurance won't cover for MRIs. That would be an extra $1000-$2000 every 2-3 years!!! Also I read that some insurances might raise prices when you get implants and that if a woman with implants was to get cancer or other type of breast disease your insurance won't cover. That sucks!!! Those of you who got silicone, what y'all think? Is there any alternatives for MRI? I've heard of ultrasound too, but not sure if it really works.

Still nervous but not so scared ;)

Hi! As many of you know, I had my surgery scheduled for May 2nd with Dr. Erella in Austin, TX (Saline, 350-375cc, under the muscle). My PS had health issues and could not perform surgery. I looked for another PS here in Houston because I need to get it done ASAP. Now I'm scheduled for May 15th with Dr. Feldman in Sugar Land, TX. Now im getting silicone, 421cc, moderate profile, under the muscle. I will have my pre on on May 12th. I'm so excited!!!

Pre Op today!!!

Hello ladies :)
I had my pre op today. Instead of 421cc my doctor is going to start with 397cc and go from there. Like I said before, I will be getting silicone, moderate profile, under the muscle. I will again start the cleaning process around the house, grocery shopping and laundry. Also, the doctor recommended multivitamins. Did someone else had the same recommendation?

Boobie day!!!

Good morning Ladies!! Today is my day!!!! Yayyyy!!! I'm just waiting a little more before I head to the clinic. I have everything ready. Im so glad I'm not hungry yet, I usually get hungry as soon as I get up from bed. I have to be there at 11am but the surgery is at 12pm. I will update y'all after surgery! Xoxo

Picture (before 34B)

I did it!!!!

Hi ladies!

So, im already on the other side woooooohooooo!!!! finally!!!! I got to the hospital at 10:30am and they took me in at 11. I waited about 10 minutes in the room before the nurse came in to check my vitals and get my iv going. I didn't like all the waiting after she left, it took around 35-40 mins for the anestheologist to come and ask all sorts of questions. 5 mins later the doctor came and did all the final measurements and drawings. I was waiting really nervous and anxious because I waited for a while. Good thing I stayed positive and I stopped all the thinking. After the doctor was done with the drawings he left and the nurse came in to take me to the OR. She told me to get on the bed and put those things on my legs, the anestheoligst put smething on my iv, he said it was medicine to help relax and it sure did. I was looking a t the lights when I felt I got a little dizzy and that was it, I just remember waking up to the nurses putting my clothes on and the doctor finishing to close my bra. I felt really bad, all stupid and sleepy. Came home and slept like for two hours and now im here in the living room. I haven't had any nausea really and I do have pain but is more like soreness. And that's all im feeling right now, sorness, nothing else. I think and hope the anesthesia is gone already. I wont be able to shower until Monday :( and I wont be also to look at my new boobs until then also. Thank you ladies for being soooo supportive, espeacially Redglory and Shel!!! I am sooo happy!!!!!

I forgot....

Forgot to mention I ended up getting 421cc. The doctor had told me he was going to do 371cc or possibly a 397cc and if necessary a 421cc and that's what he ended up with... 421cc. He said they look very good on me. I am so ready for Monday!!!!! :)

Excellent, caring and very professional!

Since the first time I met Dr. Feldman I felt he was the one, that he was going to do a great job. He explained very well the entire procedure and what to and not to expect. He leaves everything clear before we (patients) decide to get the procedure done. He really cares and listens to your concerns. He is very professional and seems to me he LOVES his job. To me, he gets excited just as we do. Every patient has different needs and ideas. Maybe he does get excited because all bodies are different, kind of like when art artists start a new painting. I will definitely recommend him, all of his staff is also wonderful. Thank you so much Doctor Feldman!!! You are the best of the best! Cant wait to see the new me on Monday.

One day post op!

Good morning ladies! Let me start of by saying it has not been that bad. For now, the worst part has been when I woke up from anesthesia. I haven't had any nausea at all. Im not sleepy either, ive been awake since I took a two hour nap after surgery. Good thing im very tough with medicine. Pain is no really pain, is just soreness. Last night was no fun but it wasn't terrible either. The worst part is the pain in my back for not being able to turn. If I only had the soreness on my chest I would be sleeping very well. I have a little tightness, not bad. Also, my husband has been very very helpful and patient. He was waking up at night to take me to the bathroom, fixing my pillows and to give me my medicine. So far, so good!!! :)

Day 2

Good morning! I was not going to update today but gotta let y'all know how it went for me last night. I adjusted my pillows much better than the night before and I slept all night. I just woke up to take my pain pill. I had no pain, tightness or pressure at all. When I woke up this morning my tightness was very minimal. I was touching the top of my breast and they are soft. Like I said, I haven't had any nausea or constipation at all, but right now I'm kind of lightheaded. Maybe because I took my antibiotic with nothing on my stomach. I'll take a nap and see if it helps. I hope my healing continues as good as it has been.

Post op pics

Under the muscle
Moderate profile
Pre-op 34B
Post-op hoping for a full C small D

Post op pics

Under the muscle
Moderate profile
Pre-op 34B
Post-op hoping for a full C small D

Oops... Having trouble attaching.

12 more hours...

12 more hours and I'll get rid of this painful, stressful strap/band. My doctor said he was going to take it off tomorrow so I really hope everything is healing as expected so I won't have to keep using it. This strap has been the ugliest Part of this journey. It is extremely tight!!! I haven't readjust it at all, not even my bra. My ps told me not to peek and to be patient and I'm being a good girl. Soooo ready for tomorrow!!!!!

Post op!

So, I had my post op today. I finally got to see my new girls!!!! I totally love them, I have little to no bruises and they're not that swollen. They are firm and round, nice cleavage. Im healing pretty good (thank GOD) but.... I still have to use the strap/band for 11 days more but I can take it off at night. As much as I hate it, I have to say the strap is what doesn't let the swelling go to the top of the breast. The doctor said he is very happy with the results and its been only 4 days! Finally, I can shower today!!!! Im so happy! Thank you girls for the advices and support xoxo

6 days post op

One Week

I felt terrible yesterday but after I took a shower around 6pm I felt a little better. Day 5 and 6 were very tough for me. Too much tightness and pressure to the point I felt I couldn't breath properly. Today, at one week, the pressure is minimal but I have a little different, weird sensation. My left boob feels a little tight, numb and it tingles. My right boob hurts, I feel like I have a ball between my chest and my arm (not like I can feel it with my hand, if you know what I mean?), it hurts! I don't know, it feels really strange. I noticed that if I get up and walk it gets better. Also, the numbness on both breast is going away in some spots and they are getting a little softer.


Hey ladies! It's almost 2 weeks since surgery. I'm doing very good. I'm not sore any more, I'm in pain! Manageable pain. My numbness is almost completely gone so now my breast (muscles) are tender. They feel like when you have a hurting bruise. The last two days were a little rough, but u have to admit I didn't rest much on those two days. My morning boob is not that bad, it takes about a minute to go away after I get up from bed. My daughter had field day today and I went to support her. I clapped and clapped and didn't notice I was moving my arms a little too much. I didn't rest at all like after 6pm. I was really exhausted by then, but a few hours after I sat down I noticed that I didn't have any type of discomfort on my chest or arms. I squeeze my breast and they are tender but not as much as it has been. It sure does get better as days go by. We just need PATIENCE ladies. I'll be having my 2nd post op on Friday. Hopefully they'll let me free of the surgical bra! I know for sure they will show me how to massage and remove my tape strips. Almost forgot to mention, I don't see a really big difference in my breast as in location or size but they are getting softer and like I mentioned, my numbness is almost gone. As far as position, I'm not worried about them not changing a lot because my boobs were never high or extremely swollen. I'm very satisfied with my results so far :D

2 weeks


I had my 2nd post op today (2 weeks) and it went great. The nurse removed the steri strips. The doctor showed me how to massage my breasts. He said I'm healing very well and he is extremely happy with the results. I have to agree with him. I totally love them!!! He is a great Doctor. One nipple was higher than the other and pointing out a little instead of center. Dr. Feldman managed to get them the most even possible and center possible without even cutting the nipple. He always says "remember they are cousins, not twins" he says there will always be a difference in our breasts. I have little swelling on my right breast on the top but nothing major. He printed out the before and after pictures for me, I will post tomorrow. They threw away my band/strap, dr doesn't want me to use it anymore (not sure what the side effects could be). Also ladies, he told me to keep sleeping on my back until 3 months, he said "I don't want you to ruin the great results we achieved by sleeping on your side or your stomach". Just wanted to share with you. He is opinion is different than other doctors, but I will follow his advice. After the great results (so far) I know I can trust his advice 100% and I will!

17 days post op

Does the bra fit me small or should be like that?

Does the bra fit me small or should be like that? Size of bra 36C.

20 days post op

Hey ladies! I wish I was feeling completely good. But reality is, healing is quite a long process, even if you are healing as we should. I'm still in the stage of the "sunburn" feeling in my whole breast and today I feel that on my nipples too. I know most of y'all feel it on the nipples so now I know what you feeling :) hehe... But so far so good.

Day 25 post op

Hello ladies!

Today I'm 25 days post op. My life is pretty much back to normal again except I still have to sleep in my back :/ doctor said 3 mos. the sunburn feeling is still there but it really doesn't bother me, is not as painful anymore. The nipple and lower part of my lest breast is still numb. I haven't seen any dropping yet buy they get softer and softer each day. I will post pics at 1 month.

7 weeks Post BA

Hello Ladies! It's been a while since I last posted. Sorry!!

Well I'm 7 weeks today and I can say my life is totally normal now. I think after week 5 I was feeling pretty normal. I started doing T25 on Monday and I don't feel strange when doing the push ups (I'm taking it slow though). I heard some woman feel uncomfortable at first but I don't feel anything. Last time I posted I mentioned I still didnt feel my left nipple and I still can't feel it. I don't think I have dropped yet. I see my boobs same as the first weeks. I'm not worried it, I'm just taking more time to drop. They are completely soft now. My incisions and fully healed but sometimes they feel very sensitive, I guess they're not 100% healed in the inside. It doesn't hurt it just feel sensitive, like a sore type of feeling. So far I'm very pleased with the outcome. :)
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

Since the first time I met Dr. Feldman I felt he was the one, that he was going to do a great job. He explained very well the entire procedure and what to and not to expect. He leaves everything clear before we (patients) decide to get the procedure done. He really cares and listens to your concerns. He is very professional and seems to me he LOVES his job. To me, he gets excited just as we do. Every patient has different needs and ideas. Maybe he does get excited because all bodies are different, kind of like when art artists start a new painting. I will definitely recommend him, all of his staff is also wonderful. Thank you so much Doctor Feldman!!! You are the best of the best! Cant wait to see the new me on Monday :D

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Hey Nayelleee, nice to hear from you. I'm glad you are doing so well.
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Hey Red! How are you doing?
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Doing great, had a few bumps in the road here and there, but fine now. How about you? How are those beautiful new girls?
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That's not nice! But I'm glad to hear you are doing better.... I've been doing very good thank god, I think the worst part of the journey is over. I'm just patiently waiting for them to drop. :)
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Ditto! Your incision sites look great! Are you putting anything on them? I just for my stitches out - and my PS didn't say to put anything on them, but I had already bought scar ointment, but I think they need to heal before I put that on :)
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Actually no, I'm not putting anything on yet. I think 3 weeks is still too early. My stitches are dissolvable so I didn't have to go through the stitches being removed. All they removed was the tape it had on top of the incisions. I will use bio oil once they are fully healed. Good luck :)
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I've never heard of bio oil, where can you get that?
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You can get it at any pharmacy. It is usually used for stretch marks.
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Cool, thanks!
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Your welcome! :)
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I hope my incisions heals as well
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Good luck Lynn! :)
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Your incision looks wonderful! I can't tell you how happy I was to read you are feeling the same thing I am, not that I want you to suffer. I'm 26 days today and so very sick of sore boobs with that sunburn feeling. I have another post op Friday and was anxious to get there and find out what is wrong with me. This movement in my right nipple is driving me crazy! Do have that feeling?
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I know, that sensation is so ugly, it even hurts when my arms touch my side boobs. But like I said, it's an ugly feeling but is a good sign. I don't feel movement on the nipple but every time a lay down, when I get up I can feel the implant or muscle (not sure what it is) slowly sliding down and it feels so tight too. Can't explain very well but is like when you get a cramp in your calves and after it goes away you can feel the muscle very tight. I sometimes grab my boob (because it's only in my left one) and squeeze it so I don't feel it sliding down.
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My doctor told to take aleve (naproxen) for a month. He said is the muscles that are still swollen. So hopefully aleve helps soon because I don't want to be taking so much medicine.
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I know about the grabbing thing honey. Every time I bend over, I feel like the weight of the implant is pressing against my right nipple and it's almost like something crawling across it sensation. I catch myself grabbing it now every time I bend over! I did it in front of my daughter last night and she said "Mom, what are you doing?". I told her, just you wait, when you are nursing babies, you grab them all the time!
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I know I do that too. We always having "strange" sensations but is all part of the healing is just that we all get different sensations (besides the most common ones). I remember I read in a real self question that one doctor said that there are tons of "strange" feelings and he named a few, one of them was "bugs crawling". I am pretty sure is not unusual, just not so common. Let us know what the doctor says :)
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They look GREAT! Thanks for sharing!
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Thank you! And your welcome. :)
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Looking great lady!!
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Than you!
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They look great!!! Are you happy with size?
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Yes, I think I could've went a little bigger but I'm very happy. I know that when they get soft and I wear sexy push up bras I'll be extremely happy. :)
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I'm thinking of getting either 400 or 425. Not sure. Do you mind me telling me your stats?
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Sure! Im 5'3" 130lbs (recently gained weight). Mother of two. Used to be 34B (small be) and I'm now at 36C small D. I will still go through a lot of changes, not sure if size will be one of them. I got smooth round silicone 421cc, moderate profile, under the muscle, inframammary. Hope that helps.
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