46 Years Old, 5'8", 159lbs, Ready to Get my Sexy Back! Mommy Makeover with TT, BL with 350cc silicone implants

OK so I am a little late in this as my surgery is...

OK so I am a little late in this as my surgery is 4/7/14 TOMORROW!! But I have been on here and learned a lot through all of the many reviews that I felt like I should also contribute my experience.

I have obviously already gone through the consultation, pre-op appointment, and am paid in full! So I guess this is a fast forward to my surgery, which did I mention it was TOMORROW???!!! LOL! So I have been through every emotion that I have read through these blogs: excitement, fear, anxiety, doubt, guilt, more fear, fear of death, guilt of spending so much money on something like this, fear I will leave my children without a mother, fear of the pain after surgery, fear I will not be ready to go back to work, and so on. If it is a feeling, I have had it. Today, I am more worried (because I have to have something to worry about it appears) about how I will get to my second floor apartment after the surgery. I have help, my wonderful husband will be here with me. But of course I have to worry anyway.

I read the reviews about what to buy, however I wandered through the store and only bought one set of larger PJs and decided I had no idea what I will need. My hubby can run out and get something if we need it. We have a store two minutes away, so it should not be a problem.

I am wondering how to get up the steps, and where to plant myself when I get home. Do I go to the bed, the recliner, I imagine I will need to be propped up, I don't know. Any suggestions??

So I am adding a terrible photo I took myself, I will ask doc for the pics they took. But at least you get the idea of where I am starting off.

Just some history on me, I am 46 y/o and had my first child at the age of 19. I then had TWINS! via C-section at age 30. So I have not seen my flat stomach in a very long time and my boobs have obviously suffered from the pregnancies. I am doing this to feel more confident about myself and to try and hold on the sexy-me that I have left. I am not going to grow old gracefully, I want to stay "young" for as long as I can.

Life is all about having fun, and although we have responsibilities, we need to remember to enjoy the ride while it lasts!!

Thanks for reading, and I will post again as soon as I can :) Wish me luck!
Cant wait to hear the after story and see pix! Good luck!
Hi Sandra. I wrote some more about the day of surgery. And posted a pick off me in this lively binder. Lol. I will keep updating. I have my first post op appt to see the doc on Thursday 4/10
Well you look pretty good to me. Your balls are hilarious. LOL It is a weird placement. But I've never had them so what do I know. Anyways hang in there. One week from today your gonna be better Im sure. From everything Ive read the first week seems to be the hardest. Thanks for the updates.

Post Open Day 1

I was actually very relaxed the night before my surgery. I think because it all felt so surreal. I got a good night sleep and woke up refreshed. I was surprised.

Ok so about my surgery. I walked still feeling positive. They brought me and my hubby back and had me take everything off and put on a robe. Then I had to pee in a cup to ensure I want pregnant. Dr. Welsh came in and had me sit on a chair to mark me with the marker. That was embarrassing to me because I always did my best to hide my saggy stomach and boobs and there they were. .. exposed. Ugh!

So the anesthesiologist came in to put the IV in and I was taken to the surgery room. Still quite calm to my own surprise. They put the massaging boots on my legs and the anesthesiologist did his magic because I had a sudden urge to drift off to sleep

The next thing I remember is waking up a bit nauseous. .probably due to the anesthesia. They wheels me to hubs truck and we were home bound. I believe the whole thing took about 5 hours including time in the recovery room. And I forgot to mention that I live on the 2nd floor and managed to get up the stairs with hubby's help. I was nauseous again once getting home but it was probably from being weak and feeling dizzy.

I managed to walk to the bathroom with help but I must say it really hurt. The worst pain out of all of this is from the stretched ab muscles. The pain meds do help so much but getting up is something that I have to endure for a quick recovery.

I sleep a lot which I suppose is good for recovery but I lose track of time. I will post my pic of me in this pretty binder. .lol. and update again tomorrow. Thanks for listening and good luck for all who are going to get their mommy makeover.

spell check or meds. lol

The above is supposed to be titled Post Op day 1.. darn spell check. Lol.
Hang in there sexy. I am 4 days PO and these days are brutal. Apparently there is light at the end of this recovery tunnel. Happy healing. Keep walking:)
Hi butterfly mom. Keep me posted on when this actually starts to feel better since u are a few days ahead of me. How much are you walking? And did u get drains out yet? I am not dreading too much today (POST 1) less than 25 cc per drain. I wonder if that is good or bad. Happy healing to you too!
I walk every time I feel uncomfortable, although initially my lower back was REALLY achy. Now that I am standing straight my back feels better. I have one drain with output of 70-20cc every few hours. You want to keep draining as much as possible to help with swelling. I hope to have it removed tomorrow day 5.

post op day 1

In my binder with my drains. AKA my balls. Lol!
Thank you so much for sharing your experience, I'm scheduled for my mommy makeover on the 18th and I am running the emotional roller coaster as well. I've read everything I can. Wanted to ask about your boobs, did you get implants as well or lipo? If so how's that part feeling and why the full girdle verses just the bra n tummy binder? Have you showered yet? You said you haven't seen your tummy yet so that's why I'm asking
Hi there! I read everything and had every emotion also. I thought I was being selfish spending all this money.I also wrote letters for my kids incase I didn't make it. But that was all just the nerves taking over. I then began telling myself I am just getting enhancements. That helped my mind set a lot. I do have the bra and tummy binder. I got implants 350vCard and the Lipo was included for the sides. I am going to"wash up"but not full shower till I go to PO appt tomorrow. The only part that hurts the most is my abs. I guess cause they were stretched. Boobs just starting to feel sore today.
Ok well Im praying you make a speedy recovery but it sounds like you're doung pretty good I am getting the same So are you comfortable laying down or did you prop yourself up and are you able to empty your balls yourself ir do you have help?

post op day 2

It is hard to know what day it is since I am in and out of conscientiousness from the pain meds. But that's ok. All I want to do is rest. I just got back from my trip to the bathroom and made a loop around the living room. Boy that is a work out. Lol! I also tried to stand more upright than I have been. Just a light stretch. This is quite an experience and I just hope I look as good as I hope under these garments. My boobs feel a bit sore but not too bad. I don't dare look under the garments until my post op appt tomorrow. I will try to get a pic. Thanks for all of the encouragement. It really does help and now I believe I am able to help someone too.
I'm glad you're up and moving around. Thanks so much for your wonderful updates.
Thank you Angie!
Hang in there, you're doing great. Everyday it gets better. I showered yesterday and it was exhausting but felt great after. I'm just getting worried because I feel absolutely no pain in my tummy only my breasts. I constantly feel pain there and I have pretty severe bruising on my right one, I am praying it goes down or starts to turn yellow, I am scared it could be hematoma?

laughing hurts

Note to self...do no watch Americas Funniest Videos or any comedy soon after a Mommy Makeover...cuz laughing hurts!
Haha...so does sneezing & coughing!!! Avoid at all costs!! You look great & congrats on making it thru! You will start loving it at about 7 or 8 days PO!! I'm at 3 weeks now ;)
That is very good to hear. I am trying to stay positive and believe all this is worth it. You are lucky to be at 3 weeks. Do you work? And if so when did u go back? Congrats to you also for making it thru.
Thank you! No, I'm a stay-at-home-mom but if I had to go back it probably would be doable at PO day 8 with maybe a shorter work day. On PO day 8 I was alone with my 3 kids (ages 2, 5, 7) and I was able to cook dinner too and sweep a little.

making progress. ..I think.

End of post op day 2 and I actually felt better getting out of recliner to go to the bathroom then three laps around the living and dining room. Good sign I hope. first post op appointment tomorrow. I will update and hopefully have a new pic. Happy healing to all!
Congrats! You will have amazing results! At post op day 5 I noticed I felt sooo much better. I am now 3 weeks post op and loving my results! You will have so much fun going shopping from now on! ;o) I know i do!
That's good. Last night post op2 was the first time I felt alittle lesss stabbing in the abs when standing. So I am looking forward to more relief each day. I seem to be letting go of alot of air. Do u think this is normal?
Yes it's very common the be extra gassy after any surgery that you went under for! It will pass soon! Happy healing!!! =)


Well, I woke up this morning and my feet were a bit swollen. I was glad that my post op appointment was set for 11am today so I could show them my feet. I was able to "wash up" and get some sweat pants and tank top on over my girdles. I felt weird being out in the world, and I could feel every bump on the road. When I got there I was greeted by Tamika who has been very helpful throughout this process. She brought me back and before I could say anything she mentioned my feet. We could not figure out what was causing the swelling as I was following all the instructions.

We continued on with the checkup. She removed the TT girdle and removed the dressings from the TT incision and cleaned the area. Then the bra (girdle) was removed. So this was my first real look at myself, and it was a little strange but in a good way. My belly button looked weird but I will let it heal and see what happens.

GOOD NEWS!! they took my drains out. I thought it was a bit early but I guess I wasn't draining enough to keep them in. Let me just say, it felt soooo weird when they were pulled out. I just clenched my teeth, held my breath and the nurse quickly pulled one at a time. I am glad they are gone. No more BALLS!!! LOL!

They decided to send me for an ultrasound of the legs to rule out any threat of a blood clot since my feet were swollen. So we got the dressings and girdles back on and off to the MRI office I went.
I tried to keep thinking it would not be blood clot but I have that little voice trying to make me worry. I got the ultrasound of both legs and the ultrasound tech said there were no blood clots. Boy was I happy about that. I wont go into the poor bedside manner of this woman, but it was the end result that I wanted.

When I got home I received a call from the doctor who told me to remove the TT girdle, and get this...he said because sometimes it makes the smaller patients swell. All I heard was I was a smaller patient==LOL!! never been called that before. So I decided to try it and I am now laying here without it and feel unprotected. My feet are elevated and I hope the swelling goes down.

It was a tiring day, I think I will try to sleep now. I have posted more pics of my day three progress.

Thanks for reading :)

Post Op Day 3 pics

I guess this is progress???

Post OP Day 3 Pics

Does this look like progress??

hated those balls :)

Congrats-you are making this sound bearable My prayers are for you tonight
It is tough at times. For me the hardest part was and still is sitting up. But we have meds for that which make it bearable. And if you have someone carrying for you 24-7 for at least the first week you can rest and take meds and heal the right way. Thank you for the prayers. I really appreciate it. Today is post op day 4 and I feel better. Each day is better. Just remember that when you go home after your surgery because it's hard to realize it unless have been told before hand.
Yay!! Sexy you lost your balls!! Got mine removed yesterday and it is a great relief. You look awesome.

another post op day 3 pic

I think I actually see the potential.

post op 3

Looking good! So glad it wasn't a blood clot. Keep us posted! Happy healing!
Hey sexy mama!! Looking good. Keep it up:)
Thanks B-mom! Feeling itchy today especially near my new BB. Other than that I am just chillaxin. :)

Post Op Day 5

It is amazing to me that after a mommy makeover procedure I can sit in my recliner with minimal discomfort just 5 days post op. Since I had to take off my tummy binder on post of day three due to the swollen feet, I am feeling a little unprotected, but since I don't go very far from the recliner or the bed, I guess chances are good that I will be just fine. The swelling in the fee went away but my tummy has since become a bit swollen. Nothing extreme, and they did warn me this would probably happen. So I am just still relaxing because I do not want to ruin my chances for a speedy recovery.

My husband has to return to work tomorrow, which I am not very happy about, but I am pretty self sufficient now and anything I need my twin teenagers will help me out. I have just loved his help and even though he had off 6 days it seemed to fly by. He takes such good care of me and I was enjoying the constant pampering.

The only thing that was bothering me today is the itching. I feel a lot more itchier as the days go by. The stitches on my breasts and TT are feeling tender, and my tummy area is a bit swollen, It feels weird. But other than that I am doing pretty good. I get around the house pretty good, even though I am hunched a bit. I still sleep a lot, and remind myself that it is ok to sleep as much as I want. I will get a shower tomorrow and that should make a work of difference. I then go for another post op appointment on Monday 4/14 to check stitches and my progress.

Good luck to those getting surgery soon or in recovery. My advice is to try not to overthink it all. I did and it just made me more anxious. I finally told myself (yes, me ,myself and I have those talks ) that I found the doctor, I went to pre op, I paid I full, scheduled time off, which all mean I really wanted this, so stop worrying and just do it. I stopped the worrying and everything fell into place. No I did not buy all the supplies on the list, and I never needed them anyway, my hubby kept me fed and hydrated and comfortable. So relax and be positive and you will do great!
You are so funny calling your drains balls. That is what my sisters call my drains. Lol! I'll be glad to get rid of these things but another week the doctor says. You are going to be super flat once the swelling subsides. Congrats!
Yea especially when I was holding them on the way to the bathroom. Lol!!! I'm glad mine are gone. You will be glad too. I don't know how the boys do it. lol! ;)

2nd Post Op appointment on PO day 7

Wow! today was a tiring day. I got a full shower, washed my hair and changed some of my gauze. Then hubby took me to my 2nd post op appointment. they took some stitches out from my belly button, and took off all the steri-strips off of my TT and on my breasts, cleaned it up with what smelled like alcohol wipes and put all new steri-strips on. The pushing and tugging around my BB was not comfortable but my tummy is still numb so it just felt weird. The doc came in to answer any questions we had and checked my feet since they were puffy on the previous visit. Luckily it seems that was from the TT girdle so he suggested trying a pair of Spanx since they are not as snug. I have to go try some on before I go back to work, because I want to wear it to work. I really miss the protection the girdle provided. All the travel, shower, hair washing, and post op appointment really made me sleepy. I will post updated pics soon. :)
You do look great. I have enjoyed reading all your post. I can't wait to do this. I just got to find the funding now and I'm ready. I pray real soon. Hang in there and keep the healing process going.
Thank you Dancemom! Keep in mind this is going to be an emotional rollercoaster, so once you are paid in full keep positive and remember the reasons you wanted this in the first place. It seems to me that most of us just want our old selves back to have that confidence again. Whatever the reason, there is no right or wrong if it is something you want for yourself. I am saying this because I have had so many emotions, as many other ladies have shared as well, and it is normal. My motto is to just go with the flow and stay excited about the outcome after recovery. We are here to help with any concern or emotion you are having so don't be shy. We understand, all too well. I am on post op day 7 and my main emotion is a bit of frustration because I want to stand up straight and begin to enjoy these results. I am still healing but you cant help but want to skip to the finish line. 7 days is not a long time but it feels like it when you are going through this. I love my results so far and am very happy that I finally did it! I hope you are able to schedule soon and look forward to following your journey. :)
Wow you look great in your last picture!!! Your tummy looks awesome!!! Congrats!

Post Op Day 11

I haven't posted pics in quite a while so here are a two pics I tried to take myself. Looks much different than my before photos. I still feel a bit winded after a shower but I am trying to build up strength little by little so I will be ready for work on Wednesday. Ugh I hope I'm ready. And no one knows at work so I hope I am walking straighter. Well let me know what you all think. Happy healing and good luck to those having surgery today! Especially 52nfab!

before and after

Ok ladies im still amongst the living :-) Its been 24 hours post op and Im doing very well Arrived at my 9:30 appt feeling kinda good. I was extremely calm for some reason, they took my vitals and had me pee in a cup to ensure I wasn't pregnant That would have been funny :-) They gave me a robe some compression socks and what they called some surgical underware :-) They started my IV and run an antibiotic through it which took about 45mins- my doctor came in and marked me up and assured me U would be pleased :-) the anestageologist came in and introduced herself She assured me that she would be with me all the way (which was very assuring) the orderly Came in and rolled me into a very bright and cold room I was told to think happy thoughts- and the next thing I knew someone was taping on my hand to wake me up Once i got home i was placed gently in my recliner- my next 12 hours were a blurr I do remember walking. Taking meds and sitting on the toliet saying "nothings happening" my son and his girlfriend have been taking such good care of me Even fighting over who gets to empty the balls- i have a new love for them now :-) All in all everything went very well- my meds are kicking in and i will post more update tomorrow
Yay 52nfab! You did it! ! It's all uphill from here! Im anxious to see pics! ! Congrats. you will see improvements each day. I go back to work Wednesday. Wish me luck!
You loom great Good luck on Wednesday You'll be fine Im trying to post pics but it just looks like its still trying to download I will figure it out though Have a great night


Hello Ladies! so some of you may remember my post op day 3 when I went for my first post op appointment and my feet were swollen. They sent me for an ultrasound and blood clots were ruled out, thank goodness because this was my biggest fear from the beginning. Anyway I got a call from my PS who told me to remove the girdle. The swelling subsided by the next day. At my next appointment, PO day 7 my PS suggested Spanx shapewear. He said his wife used it after surgery. I noticed some ladies here on RS who used shapewear brands from other stores (Target, Walmart, JCP, Macys) so I decided to try them before spending all that dough on Spanx. I went to Target and chose 5 different types of shapewear and went to the fitting room fully knowing this would be a miserable experience. I first tried the high waisted tummy/ab control brief. I pulled it up carefully over my incisions, actually I had to wiggle myself into it- UGH and talk about feeling like a stuffed olive. well I started to think about how this would be at work. I would have to pull this thing up and down over my incision EVERY time I had to go to the bathroom. And being wrapped up so tight is a guarantee I would make a few trips not to mention the damage it would do to the steri-strips on my incisions. So the answer was NO WAY to this one. After the struggle to get this off with out peeling off the steri-strips I stared at my other selections with hesitation and exhaustion. So I grabbed the only one in the bunch that had a hook and eye closure in the crotch. I again did the gentle struggle dance to get this on without ruining my stitches or strips. This particular choice is the Hanes All Over Slim torset bodysuit in firm control size large. I wasn't into the bodysuits because I have a compression bra, but this one doesn't actually cover the boobs, it is like a high waisted shapewear but it has straps that go over the shoulder. I didn't think I would like it but it actually felt great right away and I was standing tall NO HUNCH right away. This was a keeper and it was only $20. I am wearing it as I type this and I was much more active today with it on. I felt almost normal. Hopefully I am far enough out from my surgery day that there will be no swelling, and I think this is not quite as tight as that binder (which I tried again and was still too tight- also a large). Anyway I have high hopes for this shapewear as it will make a world of difference at work. I need the support and wish I got this sooner. I hope I didn't ruin what my end results will look like by waiting to get this. I will post some pics of the shapewear after this update. Please give any advice or share your binder/shapewear stories. I will keep ya posted on how this works out. I go back to work on Wednesday 4/23 so I need to be prepared. Thanks for any input :)

shapewear pics

Sorry my shape wear story was so long . Here are pics and wow don't my boobs look huge. Lol! !!
Great update. Glad to hear you are ok!

Swollen!! :(

Hey ladies, its post op day 13 for me and all of a sudden my new books are way more swollen today than any other day. Is this normal??? I thought I was on the road to recovery but this feels like a setback, or could it mean something is wrong? They itch, I guess because they are so swollen all of a sudden. I haven't really freaked out too much through this process but I thought this was odd. I know I still have a long way to be totally recovered so hopefully this is just part of the process. Please share your experience/advice. Thanks!

not new BOOKS-- new BOOBS!!! LOL

again, I really need to proof read better, this spellcheck is insane and I am not on any meds, btw!!! LOL!!! Isn't their a way to edit our posts????????????????
It will go away. I had the similar happen with my tummy. I thought I looked close to pre op! But when you read through the other mommy makeovers this is so common. Of course it is terrible when it's you! Did you dr say it would go down in time? The shape wear looks pretty and comfy. I'm going to try and find some too! Hang in there! You look wonderful!
Thank you MommieBee! I was really hoping this was normal. And you are right about it feeling different when it's me. I have seen other ladies talk about swelling but I started thinking maybe that was earlier than 2 weeks post op. Luckily I have my 2 week post op appointment today since I have to return to work Wednesday (yikes!) And I think I get the remainder of my stitches out. Ouch! So my PS can take a look at the swelling. I just couldn't wait and needed some reassurance on here. The shapewear is working out. I don't wear it to bed and I hope that is ok. I don't want to ruin my results. I will definitely wear it to work which should make me feel protected. I have a desk job and keep reading that I should get up every hour to avoid some kind of pockets with liquid building up. Great just one more thing to worry about. Lol! I didn't go through all this to have liquid bubbles replace my old belly. Lol! Well I have rambled on enough. Thank you so much for the reassurance. I will update after my PS appointment. :)

two weeks already??? what?????

Hard to believe it but I am glad the surgery is in the past and all of the "should I or shouldn't I" thoughts are a thing of the past. I am so very glad I didn't chicken out because my mind made up a million reasons why I shouldn't go through with it. I go to the PS today and will hopefully get my stitches removed. Not that I am looking forward to it but it is just another step towards recovery. I will try and take more pics and update about my appointment. Thanks for reading and happy healing!
You're looking great!
Thanks Hhh1225! You are looking awesome yourself. This is a very emotional journey, and there are quite a few ups and downs. But each day is different and soon we will be back to ourselves, only new and improved!

3rd Post op appointment.

Well I went to the appt and had some stitches removed. My PS uses dissolvable stitches as well as non-dissolving ones that he uses to perfect the look of the TT scar and the round the nipple. So the non-dissolvable stitches were removed as well as the rest of the stitches in my BB. Well I got through it somehow, it wasn't very pleasant but tolerable, but now I itch at the incision sites and it stings a little. Driving me crazy! I am sure this will subside but it is so annoying. So the PS came in and was happy with my recovery so far. I posted earlier that I thought I had a swelling problem and he felt them and said they were nice and soft??? I guess I am just not used to what my boobs are supposed to be, and I never knew anyone that got implants so I have nothing to compare them to besides my old saggy boobs. I guess they would feel swollen next to those old girls.

There was a girl in the waiting room filling out some paperwork, apparently getting a MM soon. She heard that I had one two weeks ago and asked it I was wearing a girdle, I said no and she said "that is so inspiring." Mainly because I was standing tall without the girdle and moving around like my old self. I heard she was really nervous so maybe I made her feel better about her decision. I did not have the benefit of seeing an actual live person walk by me who went to the same doctor and was doing well after their MM. I saw pictures of previous patients, but how wonderful would it have been to actually meet a patient.

Anyway, that is it for today, I took a couple pics after my shower today so I will post them. I have to go get my shapewear on because I am going to my daughters last flag football game. Did I mention she broke her arm last Thursday? So sad, and this is her last game, she was starting center, first year she ever played. I feel so bad that she can only watch. I am going to watch the game to support her anyway :) I hope this itching stops soon. Ugh!

two week pics

Thanks so much for the info on the shaper!! Great info to know :) happy healing !!
Hey there! You look amazing! Congrats on your results! =D
By the way...my boobs are so hard and swollen too - I keep thinking they'll soften up but nothing yet.

First day back at work and I made it!

Hello ladies, well I am back in the comforts of my comfy clothes and bed after my first day back to work. I had been dreading it and now it has come and gone. Let me first start off by saying, I had to dig out a pair of my biggest pants, I was soooo depressed that I could not wear my usual slacks because they were too tight against my incisions. So have two pairs of pants that for some reason never went in the good will bag, and I always seem to have a need for them from time to time. It really made me feel as though I am making no progress after all that I have been through.
I slept pretty well last night until about 2am when I became restless from sleeping on my back, I tried to fall back to sleep until about 4am at which time I just turned on the TV. I watched tv until 5am and woke up the kids and began our morning routine. I made the three of us breakfast, and then put on all the layers: squiggled into the shapewear, then a beaded tank top, them my big girl pants, and grabbed a type of sweater jacket that would cover my boobs and my butt because I don't like how it looks with the shapewear on. Anyway, the night before, I colored my roots and then just put my wet hair up in a bun to sleep in. So by the time I was done dressing, brushing my teeth, and putting some makeup on, I had no energy for my hair. I took it out of the bun and fluffed it with my hands, my daughter actually complemented me, and I got complements at work. WOW! Why even bother to spend tons of time styling my hair???
So off I went, in the car, this is the first time I drove in 16 days. Felt weird but also felt like progress. I left early so I could get to my desk before the others got there, plus I didn't want to do my normal rush hour road rage in my current condition. I had about 100 emails to review, so I just took my time, then completed some monthly training that I scheduled before I went on "vacation". took an assessment and it was only 830. I didn't know how I was going to last until 4:30.
When everyone asked about my time off, I said it was great and named a few things I did (or didn't do) and then proceeded to tell them that I tried a Total Body Transformation workout and threw my back out. My back was hurting anyway sitting in the office chair that it was believable. I almost believed it myself. LOL!
Hubby came to see me at lunch and took me to Ross to buy some inexpensive pants that I could wear to work. I found two pairs that were really cute and stretchy so I may be able to wear them even after I am healed. I went back to work and did my best to just have an easy day, luckily we ran out of loans so I just logged into my class and did some homework. I may not have mentioned but I am completing my Bachelors degree this summer, something I should have done long ago. Today was an nice easy day but my belly is a bit swollen. I hope it looks less swollen in the morning. I was so happy to get in the car, crank up my tunes and drive home. I conquered a day at work 16 days after a mommy makeover! it just sounds crazy to me. Luckily I don't have a job that requires heavy lifting, or other physical labor. I brought a lunchbox filled with snacks and was ok.
Since I didn't get a lot of sleep, probably due to the anxiety of returning to work, I should sleep just fine tonight. actually really looking forward to it. I am ready to face the next two work days then have a three day weekend because Monday is my birthday!! Hope everyone is healing up nicely!!!
I t only gets better from this point on! I know not many dr promote the compression garment here in the united states but you need it...a tight one! It really helps with the contouring. last tip...when you start to get frusterated with your results, or pain etc...just remember that it take about 6 months to a year for your finally results. At 4 months post op mine still get better and better =)
Thanks Zim! Is there a CG that you recommend? I saw one post about someone who bought theirs at Caribbean Shape. There are so many out their that I just don't know what to get. And would it be one that I just wear at home? Or do you wear it all day? We had an issue when I wore the surgical garment right after surgery with my feet swelling but now I i want to wear one so I get the contouring so any advice would be so appreciated! Thanks.
I'm wearing Spanx Slim Cognito Mid Tigh Bodysuit Shaper. I love it. I feel secure with it and is helping me with the contouring.

Need compression garment advice!

Well I made it through the days of work and the weekend is here!! The first day was a killer but each day after that felt better and better. It actually helped make me feelnlike I was getting back to normal. Very tired after each workday though.
I had issues wearing my surgical garment right after surgery but I am now ready for some contouring. I need help choosing a compression garment. So ladies in need your suggestions on which one is the best, most comfortable, easy to wear. Please give me suggestions because I am so confused with all the different brands and styles out there. Do we only wear then at certain times or all the time? I need some schooling here girls. I looked at a few websites but not sure what to purchase. Any suggestions?

ordered my coobie bras!!

Thank you to the ladies who mentioned coobie bras and the discount code mombogo1 to buy one get one free. I ordered them today and hope they are as comfy as they look!

shapewear must be good for something

So today I found out just how important the shapewear has been. I went to the bank so my kids could open their own accounts with debit cards. Needless to say they are very excited. Sitting there for about 30 minutes I started to feel the swell coming on. We left and went right next door to get the kids some lunch and then to Target. Well I really felt the tummy starting to swell and I felt so tired. I got a sports bra to wear so I could get out of the surgical bra that was digging into my skin. I also got some polysporin to put on my incisions because I spoke to the PS nurse and asked if I could remove the steri strips and put something on the incisions. Buy the time I got home my tummy felt so tight.
Anyway we got home and hubby took off my steri-strips and put on the polysporin and we got a good look at the incisions. I hope this is normal because they look disturbing to me. I am posting a few pics. Let me know what you think

some pics

Wow! You look amazing! I love how tiny your tummy looks. I wait to have my mm in August! I know your final results are going to be gorgeous!
Thank you Newlook2014! It is sooo weird to hear that my tummy looks tiny. I can hardly believe it myself. You should post your before pics and your journey so we can route you on! This is an emotional journey and it helps to know that everyone probably had the same thoughts going through the process. I love looking at my before and after pics. It just reminds me that I did the right thing! Good luck to you in August and I hope to read about it!
Thanks so much! I will take some before pics soon. It really is sooo intimidating but a necessary evil to document my journey. I know post surgery I will want to see them just to know I'm on the road to the new me!

Ummm... who's flat tummy is that??? This girls's thats who! LOL

Well its been about three weeks post op and I am moving right along as many others are. I am starting to see my figure changing and even though I still have some healing to do, I just cannot believe the changes that are taking place. My hubby looks at me like a vulcher knowing he will reap the benefits of this surgery too. I wore this white tank without the sports bra and he nearly fell to the floor. (Love it!!!) I already feel sexier even if I have these darn scabby incisions. ugh! Having patience is hard but I am loving each new milestone.
Whoop whoop!! No more sucking in!! Love it!
I love it too! Now if I could recover already and get to having fun!! :)
You look really good! I hope I heal as well as you have! Can't wait for my surgery in 3 weeks! What do u recommend wearing post op?

Making progress!

I am finally starting to feel "normal" and am eager to do all the things I live to do. But I know I'm still recovering and I still swell up if I over do it. I feel like I take a step back in my progress when I swell up. My tummy feels sore when it swells. Luckily it doesn't happen but once a day. It goes away if I lay down for awhile.

But right this second I feel great! My scars are looking ok. Im still freaked out by the incisions around my nipples just because I could've never imagined being cut they. They don't really hurt but sting a bit. Oh, and I don't only feel sensation in my nipples but they are super sensitive! I read many stories of ladies that lost sensation do I am so happy that did not happen although I wish they would not be as sensitive. I have to hold my hands over them when I gave the water in the shower. And carefully pat them dry. Otherwise ouch! Lol!

So here is an updated pic. Not a great shot but I tried:) I hope everyone is healing nicely and good luck to all the ladies getting their MM this month! !


I really need to proof read before posting. My phone decides to use whatever word it wants. I guess you girls can figure it out. :)

4 Weeks! yay!

So I am more active today than usual and not feeling as tired as I usually get. Must be a turning point at 4 weeks. I go for my 4 week post op appointment tomorrow. I need them to tell me my boobs are healing ok. My incisions still seem raw and I think there is a suture in the crease because I have redness and irritation there. I am posting a pic so you girls can see what i mean. I hope to hear they are healing normally. I still have some itching on my tummy and boobs. When will it end.!

I also can't wait to ask about what I can start doing. In want to get moving even if light exercise. And when can I go in the pool an get my tan on.

So today I went to visit my mom, then did some shopping at Macys. I got a pair of black leggings and a cute long top that I will wear to work. It is so cute but comfortable. I also tried on some bathing suits. I even did some grocery shopping with my husband. I really had a dose of energy. I hope that means a good night sleep tonight minus the itching;)
Wow! You look great!! Love all the bathing suits!! My results aren't nearly as stellar as yours. My tummy is still so flabby that it jiggles when I move. No way this gal will be showing her tummy this summer unless I get a revision!
Hi flabbypatty. I am so sorry you are not seeing the results we all are expecting to seknow I know we need to be realistic but I don't think we should still be flabby our jiggly after aTT. Did your PS tell you before surgery that you may not get tight flat results? And the thighs of a revision after going thru all of this must be very upsetting. I really hope everything works out for you. Please keep me posted about what your PS says about all this. Hugs to you!!
Wow! You look amazing! I can't wait to be where you are! You have so much to be proud of girl! Keep up the positive healing. You are a real inspiration!

swell hell :(

Well I thought I would share so everyone knows that my recovery isn't smooth sailing like it may appear in my pics. I get so swollen after work that my belly is reddish and feels so tight. I was at my desk and so uncomfortable a couple of hours before I was scheduled to leave. I just couldn't focus. By the time I got home I felt horrible. Looked in the mirror and was very discouraged. And everything I have read says this could go on for months m Ugh! So my dreams of actually wearing a bikini this summer are gone. I am currently wearing a garment similar to spanx. I wonder sometimes if this is helping our causing swelling. You may recall in my day 3 post op my CG from the PS caused swelling in my legs. I was told to go to spanx since not as tight. I dint know if it is helping or not. Our should I go back to a CG now that I am further in recovery? Any ideas? And any home remedies to reduce the swelling? I am keeping positive by hanging on to the thought that this is normal. It is just so annoying. :)
I went on a very strick no sodium diet. I juiced for breakfast which is a Great diuretic aid. No processed foods they are loaded with sodium.
Water water water
Thanks Zim! I started drinking more water recently and I do think it it's starting work. I will have to take your advice and start cutting out foods that might be contributing to the swelling. And I will start juicing more. Going home right now to start now. Lol!

infection?? argh!

So I have had some annoying irritation and stinging in the crease under my right breast. At my post op appointment on Monday it was discovered they my body is rejecting some of the stitches that are supposed to dissolve and pushing them through the skin. So the nurse tried to pull them out. She got some out with a tweezer and we decided to put polysporin on it and keep an eye on it. So today I started feeling a sting in that area. My husband looked at it and there was some greenish yellow puss. So I called the PS and they are calling in an antibiotic and silvadene cream. So I have to go pick them up at the pharmacy and start using them until Monday when they want me to stop by so they can check it. Anyone use silvadene? If so was it helpful? Anyway I took some pics today to show my progress. Im not swelling today because I took a sick day so I could take it easy. I swelled up everyday at work and I just wanted a break from it. I will keep you updated on my progress. :)

here are the updated pics from today.

1 month post op! Yay!
You look great at one month. Is your energy returning? Also I've been following your journey. And I don't remember you saying if anyone noticed anything at work? I'm putting mine on hold until after summer and have decided to lose some wait before I spend all this money. I want to be lighter going into surgery. I'm hoping for August. With my lifestyle I only had two windows of opportunity for this year and one just passed.
Thanks Dancemom! Yes my energy is returning now at 1 month post op. Feeling better and better every day. I went back to work at 16 days post op. I told everyone that I hurt my back in a total transformation body workout class that I went to. They thought it was kinda funny and gradually I started feeling better so it seemed like my back pain was subsiding. Lol! They don't know that by the end of the day I am swollen. I will keep that little secret to myself. August is quickly approaching. Did you choose your PS yet? Looking forward to hearing about your journey:)
Thank you for sharing your journey! Your doctor did an excellent job! You look fantastic!!

started the Rx

So I picked up the Experience and it is the silvadene (silver sulfadiazine cream) and they also gave me an antibiotic (sulfamethoxazole-tmp) tablets. I just started both so hopefully will see improvement soon. Although it is a very small spot I didn't want this to fester and turn into a bigger problem. I will update how this turns out. Nitey nite RS family!

my goodness this phone changes everything I type!

I picked up the RX ......NOT the Experience? ???? WTH!
Did you get your implants subglandulandular or sub muscular?
Hi TrueMe2B! I have subglandulandular. Your day is quickly approaching!!! Dr Welsh will take very good care of you. I don't know how you will feel after the surgery, but I was quite nauseous. Just keep in mind it is normal if it happens to you and they give you meds for it. You will probably sleep most of day one, like I did, but day 2 I was pretty alert and happy to interact with the family (with my pain meds of course lol). You will do great, You have worked so hard for this and really deserve this. I cant wait to see your after shots!!!!
Hot damn you look amazing! I hope I look as great as you do at the one month mark! Sending some healing vibes your way for the infected spot. (PS - I just saw now that you replied to my comment on 5/4. Thank you for your kind words. I do feel better about going under. Now if only the next six days go fast!!)

Happy Mothers Day!

So today was a great day. I was woken up by my thoughtful son and daughter (16 y/o twins) with a cheese Danish and a cup of coffee. We sat around talking for quite a while then I got ready to go see my mother. I went to the store to get my mom some clothes (I know very last minute)m she lives in an Assisted Living for Alzheimer's :( so she really didn't need anything but clothing and personal items. Any other gift would most likely get lost or she might forget it was even hers. So I run through the store up and down every isle. Nothing in her size except sweaters and long pants. Really people? ? This is Florida and it is 90 degrees. I finally found a few things and then got her some sweets ... all the way on other end of store. I spent way more time running around in that place than I had intended. Then of course my son. . The 5'11 200 pound football player is hungry...again! So I drive thru Wendy's and get him something. Finally I am on my way to see my mom. We had a nice visit. Then went home and we planned on going out to eat early for Mothers Day so we went to TGIFridays. The thought of all the salt I was about to consume was going through my mind but hey...its a special day lol! I love the Jack Daniels salmon. We went home and I was on some kind of carb rush or something (maybe it was the artichoke dip and chips or the sweet potato fries lol!) Or the fact that I haven't eaten that much in a long time but I felt do sleepy. I felt like my belly was so swollen. Well good news. ..I think.. my belly didn't swell today like I expected. I am posting a few pics. Also a pic of that spot on my incision in the crease under my breast where the stitches were pushing out. The silvadene appears to be helping.

Hope all of you RS mommies had a great Mother's day! !!
Happy Mothers Day! You look awesome
Thank you Hotmamma!! And you will really be a hot mamma very soon!!! I see that you are going on May 16th. It will be here before you know it!!! I cant wait to see your results!
Oh my, you are looking fabulous! I'd have to agree with you about the sweet potato fries, as we went out to lunch and I had some too, came home and also was so sleepy! Thanks for all your posts, I have been following you closely because your results are what I hope to have after my surgery in December! Thank you and happy Mother's Day!

other pics

For some reason all the pics didn't upload :/
You look awesome!!
Thank you! !!!!!
You look absolutely amazing!

Me....... only better!

Well it is hard to believe Monday is my 6 week post op appointment. I feel great! My tummy is still numb and my incisions feel sore sometimes but nothing painful just annoying. I pretty much do everything except exercise. I just want to follow my PS directions and wait so I get the best results possible. However I have been back to work since post op day 16, I go grocery shopping with hubby, I do more things around the house but still am careful about heavy lifting or pushing myself to hard. I am sleeping on my side comfortably but I still like to have my pillows. I walk up and down stairs like I never had surgery. I got rid of my hunch back around day 12 so my back feels normal. My TT incision is flat and starting to lighten up a bit. I have not been using any scar treatment as of yet but I want to try the silicone sheets. My boobs feel soft and I love them. The incisions still feel a bit sore and I have been using the silvadene cream to clear up the infection from the disposable stitch forcing its way out. It is clearing up nicely. I never massaged my boobs because the incisions are sore but it doesn't seem like I need to. They are soft and I don't even feel the implant and it is not under the muscle. I will ask PS what I should do. I feel like massaging is more important for those who just get the implant without the lift. Idk. I started feeling normal at around 4 weeks and now at 6 im even better. I still swell after work but not as much as before. I lost about 4 pounds so I expect to lose more when I start exercising. I want to lose it in my thighs and butt and I can't wait to firm them up. I am a vegetarian so I think it is helping. I eat soy products like Morningstar veggie patties and maple sausage also protein shakes. I also easy yogurt, grapes vegetables. I have been avoiding pasta and bread although I am kinda addicted to Eggs chocolate chip waffles. The kids easy them before school and I have adopted it as my breakfast as well. I no longer eat eggs as of a few months ago and i drink soy milk. I do have my cheat nights where junk food and sangria are involved. Lol! Speaking of sangria, I am very ready to get my sex life back. We have taken it easy up until now because I wasn't up to it and felt nervous but I finally feel ready. I never imagined getting to this point. And it is amazing to me how much you recover in 6 weeks after a MM. To me this was major surgery but somehow I was able to be thrown in the truck the day of surgery and sent home. Crazy! however it all works out. I will update after my PS appointment. Happy Healing ladies!
Love your results. If you don't mind me asking the size you went with. I think the size I choose for myself is to small. I love your size. Ty
Hi Blessed! I went with 350cc silicone subglandular. I was considering 380 as well but didn't want to look to big so I think I made the right choice. I think everyone has their doubts about size before and after surgery but I figure I look alot better than i did before surgery. What size did u choose?
I chose 475cc. I'm getting a lift too and once was 38D so I want that big look back. Your size looks big so now I'm wondering if 475 is to big. I'm 5'3 155lbs so I don't know what to do. What do you suggest ? Can you post a pic of what you look like with a casual top on? I'm a causal v neck tip of gal so I'm curious to see what it looks like.

It's official.......

I went to my 6 week post op appointment today and have officially been released. Of course if I need something I can call or visit anytime but my PS gave me the all clear! Ok well that is a weird feeling because I don't know if my mental side is ready for this. Dr Welsh walks in the office and it is like I see a God or I'm swooning like a teenager. It is just that I feel like he is some kind of miracle worker and I forget all of my questions out of my awe for him. And now it is over. Like going cold turkey. I so looked forward to my visits and seeing my progress. But now they say "take it easy" and "don't over do it" "go light on the exercise at first" and "ease into it". All this. .... on my own? ?? Am I really ready to do this on my own? How do I know what is to much or if I will make all of the right decisions? This is like falling off a cliff. .. who will catch me? So enough of my super drama. .. but really this ordeal had been a ride. .a very slow one in the beginning and poof. .. it is over. So where do I begin? What do I do first? This is probably the strangest feeling out of all of this(except getting my drains removed. .eek!) But I assume the best is ahead of me and I will Figure out how to stop worrying about ruining my results and start focusing on fine tuning my results. Yea. . Somehow i will figure this out.

So I will be sure to post updates on my progress to help those who went after me or those thinking about surgery. I can definitely say I would do it all again. I am so happy I finally did this and look forward to enjoy being in my new body. I still have some healing to do but this is a major milestone. 6 weeks post op! There was a day that I only had dreams about 6 week post op! And now here I am. Looking forward to seeing all of you hit your milestones as well. Happy healing ladies!
I even imagine being where you are now! Such a foreign concept to me at this point, but I know I'll be there before I know it. I hope you continue with your updates, I have really enjoyed following your journey. You are such an inspiration to me! Keep up the good healing!
I will definitely keep up with my updates. I have a whole new journey ahead of me, it seems. Plus I will be keeping up with your updates so I can see your new look! And yes it will be here before you know it. Looking back it seems like it all went so fast. The first week feels like forever and then time speeds up and before you know it you are at 6 weeks and no more scheduled PS appointment. So weird. Please keep me posted and I will also watch for any questions you might have.
Thanks so much! I'm sure I will def have some questions for you when my time comes. Its comforting to know you'll still be out there for me;) Take card of yourself and I'm looking forward to your updates!

Sex after a Mommy Makeover

Ok so no TMI but I just wanted to let you all know there is sex in you futures! It may have taken me 6 1/2 weeks to finally feel whole again but it finally happened. It may be sooner for some but there is no right or wrong. When you feel ready, You will know. And it will be great! Just saying. Lol!

random pics almost 7 weeks p.o.

I figured it is time to post a couple pics wearing actual clothes. These are not the best because I took them myself. I will post better ones later. Happy healing!
I'm 2 days post. I feel like a water balloon thats going to burst!! And I can't wait to feel as well as you! Keep the posts coming it helps a lot to know it's what to look for.
The first few days are the hardest then it is all uphill from there. I list my hunch around day10 and two weeks post op the weeks flew by. I feel like a normal human again. Lol! And you will too. Just remember not to push yourself and have plenty of patience. I admit I had a few breakdowns asking the way but it is probably all normal since wer Just want to get back to doing what we used to be able to do. The swelling will subside. You will feel great again very soon! !

feel better in this dress now

I wrote this with my old saggy girls and felt awful. now wearing it with no bra m looks so much better. I love my dresses again! !!???????
You look great
Thanks Mumma!!!
You look amazing!! :)

first time at the pool.

So I am far from 100% recovered yet but the family wanted to have some pool time so I put my bathing suit on even though my tummy still gets alittle swollen but who cares because I still look better than I did before surgery. It is our community pool so this is why i am a bit hesitant. Of course instead of feeling wonderful I could only see the things that were wrong at first. Like my butt that i haven't been able to workout. My mind still thinks I need to feel insecure about myself. I got over it and just decided to focus on my new tummy and boobs. I wondered who would notice. One of my neighbors said "you look beautiful" but I don't think she figured out I had surgery. I just said thank you. I decided that unless someone flat out asks me, I am not telling anyone. I won't lie to someone and say I have been working out giving them some false sense of hope that sit ups will pickup their belly too. But I am not going around and offering my secret. People will still gossip even if they act like they are happy for you. And maybe their expectation of what my results should have been would be unrealistic. So I prefer to keep it to myself. Maybe forever. So here's my first day at the pool. I know it will only get better from here!
Ps you look GREAT!
Thanks, you look awesome yourself. I should have considered getting more lipo in the back, because now I am currently planning my exercises to get my legs and booty back in shape! But with some work they usually spring back. If not I guess lipo is in my future :)
did you really like dr Welsh and your experience at Premere?

8 Weeks!!! YAHOO!

I can hardly believe I am now 8 weeks post op! And it is still so amazing to me how the body recovers from this surgery. I wanted to update to let you know how it is going at this point in my recovery.
--Pretty much back to my normal daily routine. I have been back to work since post op day 16. It was a rough beginning but soon became normal.
--I have been sleeping on my side since about post op week 2-3 and still use pillows around me, its comfy :)
--I have started doing squats, which I do not feel in my tummy when doing them. I am starting with 25 a day and will add on as the days go by. I walk outside, and plan to start going to the gym to use the treadmill then slowly moving into weights. I am taking it slow, since I know I am still recovering on the inside.
--My tummy still feels numb under my belly button, but I have feeling coming back on each side of the tummy, just directly under the BB us numb. I can bend and getup quickly from a laying flat position with no pain. Sometimes I twist a certain way and it feels tight but not painful, just reminds me I had surgery.
--I can easily shave my own legs when in the shower, it feels weird to bend but not painful. I have been attempting to do this since about post op week 1, but it feels a lot better at this point than it did then. I didn't want to ask anyone to do it for me, although hubby would have in a heart beat!
I have been strutting my stuff at the pool LOL! I can say it is a strange feeling. I love my new tummy and boobs, and think they look great in a bikini. But I haven't felt confident in a bikini in 20 years, so it isn't as easy for my mind to just embrace looking good in a bikini all of a sudden. It is taking time, but each time I go I feel more confident.
--My boobies are feeling great. They are softer and feel like real boobs, only firmer than my old girls. it doesn't even feel like I have an implant. They are round a beautiful. The scars are doing well, no pain or irritation. I am hoping they lighten up nicely.
Things I want to improve:
--My butt and legs need help. It will go a long way in lifting my confidence when I can firm them up. All this time resting for 8 weeks has really made them flabby. My legs normally bounce back after exercise so I am hopeful I will get them in shape. it is nice to now only worry about legs and butt instead of feeling defeated by my entire saggy body.
--I have not attempted any ab work but look forward to sculpting this new tummy. In the pool, when I try to just take a few simple strokes(free style) my ab muscles tighten up as soon as I lift my legs to swim. It freaks me out a bit, but I guess this is exercise. it is enough for now.
--I finally ordered some silicone strips, and hope to get them soon. I have read a lot of debate about scar treatment and that there is no proof the strips work but I thought I would try it anyway. My scar is healing nicely with little treatment but I am curious about the strips.
--I bought a bra as VS last week, I was measured at 36D to DD, but they said the 36D might be the best one to buy since I may still have some swelling. I got the Body by Victoria for now, it does not have a wire and hold the girls much better than the sports bras I have been wearing. I will eventually buy one with just a little push up and get resized.
--I must admit I have moments of boob greed. I love my boobs, don't get me wrong, but I still ask my husband all the time if I should have gone bigger. I don't know why I think about it, and I always remind myself that they look soooo much better than the old girls. I guess it has to do with the one chance we have to pick a size, and no matter what size we choose, we could have always gone bigger. But when is enough, enough in our minds? Is it ever enough? I don't want to be so big that I have a porn star look, I just wanted to look fuller while not giving my daughter the wrong impression. I have achieved that, and while I normally judge myself laying down, they obviously look a lot bigger while upright. I think boob greed is some kind of mind game our brain plays with us. Even at a 36D that is a substantial size without looking outrageous. (although I will probably always envy the ladies with the bigger tatas ;) We secretly want to be porn stars in the bedroom! Don't we??? LOL!
--Lastly, I still want to lose 10lbs, most likely will come off of my butt and thighs. I eat well during the week, and cheat a bit on the weekend. But still maintaining my current weight. So adding more exercise should show some weight loss. I hope!

I am sure I have not covered everything, but I am my normal self with a numb portion of my belly. it is not weird, I think I am used to it. Please ask me anything if you are planning a MM and want more information. I am so happy to help others since this site helped me through my recovery. And this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am thrilled with my results and would do it all over again! I recommend it to all moms, after they are finished having their kids. And even for us moms who are older, it is still an option. I have met so many mommies here that are my age and older. We wont grow old gracefully, we will fight to stay young! And boy do we look HOT!!!!! All of the ladies , of every age, on RS look fabulous!!!
Good luck to anyone approaching their big day and happy healing to those already in recovery!

I posted a pic of me laying in the lounge chair at the pool. I love my tummy and my new BB is looking so real!!!

another pic :)

A weird feeling racing to throw on a bikini and not crying! Lol!
Side boob? So jealous! I had to do tummy first but hope to one day have breasts like yours. Congrats on rocking bikinis this summer!
Yes Side boob! I am so self conscious at the pool with lots of boob showing, but I am getting used to it and the Hubs loved it!
Thanks Acissej10! And don't worry You will have awesome boobs when you decide to go for it!!

11 Weeks post op! Where did the time go?

Hi RS fam! It has been a while since I updated my profile so I thought I would hop in here and let you all know how 11 weeks has been for me so far. First, it is hard to even believe how fast time flies after 4 weeks post op. I remember documenting every minute of everyday in the beginning, then the weekly milestones, then after 4 weeks post op everything moved so fast. My last post was at 8 weeks and I wasn't even sure how I got there so fast. During that time I went on a 7 day vacation with the family and did nothing but have fun in the sun! Funny because I live in Florida, but it is different when you actually go away and nothing to do but relax. So while I was getting my tan on, I realized I was completely pale in the back so I decided to do the unthinkable...... lay on my stomach!!! YIKES!! LOL! I was 9 weeks post op and still afraid to try it. And guess what? It didn't hurt at all! So after that I was free to sleep any way I wanted!

All of my incisions are completely flat and healed, so glad to be out of that stage. The stitches around my nipples freaked me out the most.

My tummy is becoming less tight and more normal, it is still flat, but you cant bounce a coin off it anymore. it is normal that the muscles will relax after being stretched, so I will be starting some ab work. I have not done any as of yet but I know its time.

I started using the silicone strips, I am not noticing a big difference, and I didn't spend too much on them so worth trying. I use palmers cocoa butter concentrate and occasionally the oil. Makes me smell like an Easter basket! LOL!

So the bra I bought back on the 1st at VS is now too small. It was a 36 D and the girl at VS said I would most likely change. So they have gotten bigger which means I will go shopping, AGAIN!! I did wear a few things with NO bra, it was great! Cute sun dress on vacation and I filled it out nicely if I do say so myself.

I walk for exercise for now, and want to get my booty in shape. Did anyone see the latest infomercial for Zumba1995? It looks like a great total body workout. I just might fall for yet another infomercial.

I do not have boob greed anymore, I guess because they have dropped and fluffed enough. Any bigger and I don't know what I would do. My belly, right under my belly button is still numb. It doesn't bother me, guess I am used to it. It doesn't stop me from doing anything. Other than that I feel totally back to normal.

So you may recall I did not tell anyone about my surgery. Only Hubby and my kids knew. No one at work, no friends or other relatives. But, I always said to myself that if someone actually asked me about my new flat tummy or shape I would tell them. So at the pool I am hanging with a group of ladies in their 30's, all in the middle of mom-mode with their tankinis to hide their bellys, sound familiar ladies??? Well it was all too familiar for me. One asked me "how do you keep your tummy so flat" and I looked at my hubby, and what does he say??? He says "a lot of situps!" Well I cannot let these ladies believe this could actually happen for them, so I told them. I just blurted it out and told them about the MM. I wondered later if I should have, but then I figured WHO CARES! they seemed very interested in it, and considering I am older then they are and look the youngest, they should follow my lead and dump the frump. So maybe I will be their inspiration.

That is it for now, I will post more pics soon. I haven't taken any good ones lately. Hope all of my RS family is healing well, and good luck to anyone who is about to get the makeover of your dreams!!! xoxoxoxox
Your journey was such an interesting read. I really enjoyed it with my morning tea :)) Your results are fab. I love the way the girls turned out. I wanted to get a bl and implants with my TT but PS will only do one at a time as he doesn't want his patients under anesthetic too long. I'm geared up to get it done but unfortunately the funds aren't there so I will wait. Curious on what type of implants and where he placed them. I was thinking 225cc and 325cc (the girls difference in half a size) above muscle high profile. As for the boob envy... I'm happy to hear you are over that. You look perfect. Any bigger and you would need special bras and bigger tops.
Thank you Lisalicious! I checked out your profile and your results are fabulous!!! You are a hot mamma!!! My implants were Natrelle silicone 350cc's subglandular. I am glad that I got it all done in one shot but that first three days post op was a killer. Its funny because I didn't tell anyone at work and they cant tell I got implants with the business casual attire I wear. When I put on a bikini top I'm like WHOA! where did they come from. Congrats on your weight loss. and your determination to exercise is inspiring. I want to loose about 5-10 lbs and I really need to firm up my legs and booty. Full-time job, kids, finishing school, visiting mom in the assisted living, and LIFE just seem to tire me out. You know the drill. But I started walking more because my work is doing a Walk for World Hunger thing and that gets me walking during my breaks. This weekend I am going back to the gym. That's it! I just have to fit it in to my busy life somehow. Thanks for sharing your story. Now if I can just keep this feeling inspiration going. LOL!
You got your sexy back! That moment when you can sit down without hanging belly!

12 weeks post op! and still changing!

Hello ladies! For those of you wondering if you will continue to see changes after 4 weeks post op the answer is YES! This is a comparison of week 4 and week 12. I am so excited of the changes since then. I haven't even started a true workout routine other than waking. Now I have to focus on my booty because I feel like I am two different people from front to back. But no worries. I am inspired to keep eating right and working out! Hope this inspired you too! Happy healing and recovery ladies!
You look amazing! It's crazy to see the difference it makes after the swelling goes down! And somehow your breasts look bigger in the 12 wk photo! ;-)
you look great! i need to get my 12 week pictures up soon! I just started PiYo a new workout from Beachbody as I am a coach. Love it and can feel my abs popping through already. If you are interested in workout out with me and want to join my accountability group let me know.
Thanks and key me know when u post them. I bet you look awesome! I really want to work my butt and legs but I can't do lounges because it hurts my knee. i can do most anything else. Any advice to work those areas within a very tight schedule?

Almost 4 months post op! !!!!

Hello all my RS sisters! It had been a while since I have posted. Once you get to a certain point there is less to post. However I am now almost 4 months post op and wanted to let you know that I continue to see amazing changes. My boobs seem to have gotten fuller and my tummy and waist is shrinking. I suffer with the swelling anymore but still have some minor numbness right under my new belly button. My TT scar is starting to fade in some spots. I am extremely happy and so glad I had the courage to go through with the surgery. Here are two quick pics I took. I will try to pop in more often if anyone had any questions. Hope all is well with all of you!
Wow you look amazing! My surgery date is 11/14. I hope my results will be as good as yours. I'll be 46 in December & I'm so ready to have flat tummy & perky boobs! How are you doing now?
Omfg u have hot perfect wow the differance now from weeks ago is huge and amazing x u Stunner x no wonder ur strutten ur stuff x u go girl u look freakin hot as they come woohoo xx I'm jelly now I'm suppose to look like that this summer now I'm pregnant lol xx oh well 800 cc here I come afte all lol xx mwah cheers to looking like a super model that's no lie xx red glitter blowing in the wind to u for more sexy days xxx
You look amazing !!!!!!! Love your updated pictures !!!!
Tampa Facial Plastic Surgeon

Great experience. Dr Welsh was really nice and supportive. I could tell he knew his stuff. The staff was great! Tamika was the best support during my pre op and post op appointments!

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