Saying Good Bye to the C-section Hang Over! Mini tuck, no lipo, no muscle repair.

I talked to several surgeons but Dr. Swank made me...

I talked to several surgeons but Dr. Swank made me feel the most comfortable. He was very open and told me what I could expect and what I needed without trying to sell me things I didn't need. He spent plenty of time talking with me and made sure I left with a clear understanding of the procedure and a folder with information and instructions on what to do before the surgery as well as a detailed break down of the cost. I go in for my final payment and post op visit on the 28th of this month and can't wait!


Welcome to the community.  Let us know how everything goes on the 28th.  Also, please consider posting your before and after pictures.
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Will do!

One month till my mini tuck!

SOOOOO EXCITED! I am two weeks from post op visit (I'll put up before pics then) and one month from my surgery! I'm a little nervous but I have confidence in my Doctor so I'm ready to do this :D I am so ready to be able to look down and see my V again instead of just this fat flap that juts out over my c-section scar! I am 5`7" and 128 lbs and will turn 36 two days prior to my operation. I've had 3 children (15, 4 and 1) and have loose skin and stretch marks below my navel. My upper stomach is smooth and flat but between the scars under my navel and my c-section that skin just won't bounce back! If I had loose skin over my navel I would get a full TT but I don't. I am not having Lipo as it increases the risk of your skin dying and I don't need muscle repair so all that will be done is the excess fat and skin removed from under my navel. That being said I have realistic ideas of my outcome. I just want that bulge and flap/shelf of extra skin/fat gone!

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Some before ready to get rid of this!

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side view

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I meant to write pre op appointment above, not post op. I am now only two days away from my PRE op appointment, so nervous and excited. Some of what I've read here has me confused, I was told that my mini tummy tuck would remove all the excess skin under my navel ( at least 5") but some of the docs here say a mini tuck removes only an inch or two??? Anyone here know how much they had removed with a mini?


Hi! My surgeon removed about five inches and was able to tighten the lower abdomen sufficiently I think (still healing so waiting for the final results). How exciting for you to soon get your mini-tt.
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PRE op appointment tomorrow at 1:45 YAY!


Me too! I know I'm not gonna be walking out of there a model by any means, but man I can't wait to be rid of that "apron" I honestly wish I could have a full TT but the ps's I went to told me I didn't have enough upper skin to stretch all the way the stretch marks will stay but I'll be happy just to be ironed out lol I hate that wrinkly flap :p I'll get the girls lifted next year ;)
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You have such a nice shape, you are going to look fantastic! Can't wait to see the new you!
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Oh I hope I get at least that taken off too! And congratulations to you as well :D

Did I mention I love my Doctor?

So I thought of a billion questions since my first visit and Dr. Swank answered all of them patiently. Bonus, he has a great sense of humor and he's kind :D He drew on me today so that I could have a visible idea of what he would be removing as well as the length I would need to avoid "dog ears" I couldn't be happier! I was hoping for 5" but it looks like he can do 6!!! LOVE HIM! I can't wait for these next couple weeks to pass so that I can have my mini tuck!


Will do Grim :)
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Wow i recognize that tummy! Mine looked alot like that, i know you will love the results......keep in touch!
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Your going to love the results!! I am 8 weeks post op and I couldn't be happier:-) I absolutely love shopping for cloths now! What a difference it made in the ways cloths fit now!
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One week to go!

Hello mini tuck sisters, I am very excited to be just one week away from my surgery and I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you who have shared your stories so that others will be better informed on what to expect. I appreciate you all! xoxox


I wish you good luck! Understand that you feel nervous. I did too. Then I felt it was nice to be in the hands of an experienced surgeon and nice staff. It was never a bad experience for me. Getting some drugs that will make you relaxed and the next thing you wake up. The thought of that was weird but it felt good. All you can do is rest and take care of your self. Must feel good to soon say farewell to that extra skin. :-)
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It sure does! :D I'll post pics as soon afterwards as I can.
Thank you :) tomorrow's the last day I have free before surgery. I'm a bundle of nerves but I'm ready for Wednesday to be here and over with so I can stop stressing the operation and hopefully be on my way to being happy with me again.
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surgery done!

Well I had my mini tuck done around 10:30 this morning. The doc drew a bit larger of an area than at my last pre op appointment. He said after I came to (kinda) that he was able to take all of it off. VERY happy about that! 1.2 lbs of loose skin and fat, yikes! He did not need to do any muscle repair (glad about that). Not going to lie to you though It hurts. Like....really hurts. When I was coming too the nurses were dressing me and wrapping me. When they took my vitals I was shaking so hard that they had to repeatedly try and get a reading. After I got home and rested/ate and peed a bit my hubby had to readjust my wrap. It had rode up a bit. I also have like...0 drainage. Maybe it's because I had no muscle repair or Lipo? Not sure. I did see a spot of blood on my left side under my bandages, but they said that was normal. Everyone at piedmont plastic surgery in hickory was wonderful today. I feel like I made a good choice. Can't wait to get my first real look at it tomorrow. I'll be back for my check up around 9 in the morning. I will try and get a picture then. Gotta go for now...drugged up.


Excited to see results :) hope your feeling well
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Got to see my new tummy today

It's nice and tight and I'm SOOOOO happy!


A-amazing! That's going to be H-O-T!
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Awww thank you Ava!
You look awsome :) I hope mine comes out as good
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53 hrs after surgery

Well it's been roughly 53 hrs since surgery and while there is some discomfort I'm feeling pretty good. The ups I've had are
1 No nausea
2 Almost no drainage (no lipo + no muscle repair)
3 I love love love how tight Dr. Swank (love that name) got my tummy.
4 My pain is manageable with less than half the recommended dose.
5 I get to sleep a lot and let my hubby and mom take over for a bit.
6 There is no noticeable bruising. (no lipo)
The downs are
1 There is sharp pain when getting up or sitting/laying down.
2 My legs and back hurt from keeping in the bent position
3 There is constipation, bloating and swelling
4 The compression garment moves and pulls at my skin and the drain.
So all in all...not bad.


Good for you that you can't even stand straight. Must be super tight. Great to feel sexy again isn't it!
for sure!

Day 3 bandage off

So I got to take off the bandage today. I'm quite swollen and the tape is a mess but I'm very happy with how low and even my doctor made the incision. There is a crease that runs straight down under my bb but hopefully that will smooth out with time and once the swelling goes down. I'm not overly concerned with it now and I'm crazy happy with how much skin he took off. look at the flat mole near under and to the side of my bb to get an idea of how much he took. am kind of hunched forward in these pics still but my stomach is still a bit to tight for me to straighten all the way.

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after taking off bandage


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day four

I am nearly straight today. I'm walking around more and for longer periods of time. I feel like I need pain medication less but muscle relaxers more because my back muscles are cramping up so bad from being bent at an angle. I'm still in awe of my new tummy...I feel like I need to send my ps some flowers or something lol. Hopefully I'll be standing up straight in the next couple of days :) I'm still draining some but not a lot. The crease under my navel. Seems to be smoothing out some too. I think I'm pretty on track with my recovery. Hopefully things stay this smooth :D


Looking great!!!
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Thank you Labadar, I'm very sore and swollen but still happy :)

I am currently devastated.

I took the tape off in the shower today as Sabra told me too...its been a week and my check up is tomorrow. What I found makes me want to cry.I don't know how it happened but my skin is sewn with the top part overlapping the bottom part all along the bottom. Like I can pick it up and look under it :( :( :( I called Sabra the patient care coordinator and I have a 8:45 am appointment tomorrow. She said not to panic that he would fix it. She didn't know if he would fix it tomorrow but he would fix it. I don't know how this happened Dr. Swank is a Plastic Surgeon..maybe a nurse sewed me up?? I hope he fixes it right and free. I hope I put my faith in the right doctor.

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done with my little freak out.

Ok I'm calm now. He removed more skin than I thought possible, cinched my waist in nicely and sewed the sides beautifully. Its only a line along the bottom that needs to be fixed and I'm sure he will fix it beautifully. I have faith that he will. Plus I'll see him tomorrow. :) I'm calm now, crap happens. :) He's good at fixing crap ;)



So my appointment went great today. My doctor assured me that I had nothing to worry about. I'm healing fine and my scar will smooth out in time. Also that if there is anything that I'm unhappy with he will fix it. It's only been one week so I need to stay calm and give my body time. Once again I'm glad I chose Dr. Swank as my ps. :)


You look great, I have been considering a mini tummy tuck or possibly a full tummy tuck for a while. I may have to set up a consult with Dr. Swank.
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He really is fantastic :)
I looked at your profile runnergirl and you look to me like a mini would be all you would possibly need...I had more belly than you and even a week after surgery I'm so tight standing up that I still slouch. He really takes off every possible inch he can!

Drain removal day!

I had originally had an appointment for Thursday for my two week check up and was going to have him remove my drain then but my little plastic clip has stopped holding on and every time that bulb drops it is painful so I begged an appointment for today. I drained less than 15-20 over the weekend then nothing at all the last day and a bit (thinking that's due to a clog I can't get out though). But regardless I am soooooo ready to be drain free! Plus, I LOVE my new tummy and really want to wear clothes to show it off!

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Back from my two week (almost 2 week) check up

Doc said everything looks great, I can start using scar treatment, I can lift my daughter, and I got my drain out! YAY!

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CVS C-Section SCAR STRIPS! (silicone)

Today (exactly 2 weeks after surgery) I begin my scar care. I am using CVS BRAND silicone C-section scar strips. Each strip is 6x1" and each box comes with a storage case and 8 strips for $16.99. Each strip is reusable for 14 days, just wash each side after you take them off to shower then reapply. in 4 weeks I will post before and after pictures as well as a review on the product. :)


Thank you so much for your very thorough review of your mini tummy tuck experience. I also have 3 kids (9,5 & 3) and I went to see a plastic surgeon last night to see about laser lipo. He suggested a mini tt. I started my research on Real self & have to say the incision is what frightens me the most. I didn't know it was so big. I'm curious to see how yours will heal up. I look forward to your follow up. :) Renee'
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Well, the length of the scar depends on how much skin you want or need removed. I'm not a big girl but my stomach looked so out of shape because I had ALOT of skin to remove 1.2lbs worth! So far its looking awesome, almost all of it is a thin fine line, the small bit that isn't yet is smoother by the day and it's only been 2 weeks. Also, my PS gives a one year warranty on his if anything needs tightening or touching up he does it for free :D Plus my stomach is tighter than its been since before I got pregnant with my 15 year old and I was 19 and weighed like 116 lol so a fine line easily hid by some tiny thongs is WELL worth it! Good luck Hoofhearted and I will post pics every couple weeks from yesterday to show how my silicone strips work with the incision :D

24hrs of silicone strips

After 24hrs of silicone strips I took them off and washed them and I can see a difference already. My scar (2 wks and 2days old) is looking smoother and flatter.


He did an amazing job.
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Thank you :) I'm very pleased.
Hi! You sure do look fantastic and I am so glad that you are pleased with the results. How long do you think it took you to be able to stand up straight and walk normally?
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5 weeks 6 days.

I stopped the silicone strips after about 4 days of using them. The work great at breaking down scar tissue but my skin was smooth and seemed much more sore using the strips. I just wanted to drop some quick before and after pics. I still swell a little by the end of the day and more than usual on my pms week (now) but seriously....a billion times better than before. I'm loving wearing sexy under things now!


I enjoyed reading your review. It's really hard to find a review of just a mini tuck without any other procedures being done at the same time. I have a similar skin issue to what you'd had. I had three c-sections after carrying three large boys. A year ago I had lipo done to my lower and upper abs and also my flanks. I'm scheduled in mid-December to have a skin excision for the apron left behind. It's encouraging to hear that you're so happy with your results!
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I greatly appreciate your profile and your journey. I'm a rather slim girl as well but after having two big boys my abdomen area dramatically changed. I had been looking in to tummy tucks but the scars scare me so bad. I love your body. I am looking into Dr.Swank
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You should! He's amazing. Honest, kind, won't get upset if you freak out (cause he knows he's good and it will turn out great) he will give you as much time as you need and he gives you a one year warranty showing he stands by his work. Doctors should be skilled AND have beautiful bed side manor. He does. Btw, my scar is so thin and smooth I can hide it with my tiniest thongs and once the red fades completely it won't be noticeable even when I'm naked. Unlike that awful flap I had LOL. His consultations are free and if you go see him tell him mamax3 (sheena) revered you ;) Good luck! And if you have any questions about recovery that I didn't put up just send me a message :)

weight gain

So an unexpected plus, I quit breast feeding my (then) 15 month old the week before my surgery but didn't really change my diet. The result is that I gained 7lbs. LOL instead of settling on my lower belly as it used to I now have a little booty and didn't loose much boob size :D my waist remained the same inch for inch! I'm quite happy with this unexpected extra!


Looking Amazing, I kinda look like you before and Im getting a Mini tuck, due to weightloss. I cant stand the little pouch of skin anymore. It upsets meeee. So You look GREATTT!!! Im thinking the mini will be enough for me seeing your amazing results! xoxo
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Good for you! I'm sure you'll be as happy as I am :D
Hickory Plastic Surgeon

Such an amazing doctor! I love my new tummy!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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