Male Breast Reduction - Excess Skin Following Weight Loss

After losing 10 stone over the course of 3 years...

After losing 10 stone over the course of 3 years by following a strict diet and exercise plan I was left with a lot of excess skin around different areas of my body and decided that the only way to get rid of it was surgery. It has been almost 6 months since I have an abdominoplasty (click here to read my review) and I was pleased with the results so have decided to repair the chest area. I have tried to fill out the skin by doing a lot of weight training but unfortunately the skin has sagged so far down that it is beyond saving through exercise. I am going in for the surgery today and will keep this review up to date as the progress from the surgery occurs over the coming weeks.

Welcome back again:)   How are you doing today?
Hi again, I am doing well thanks. The difference in pain/discomfort levels between an abdominoplasty and beast reduction is huge. I was up and about straight after the surgery and have not felt any real need to take pain medication. I am aware of my movement limitations however which is good as I don't want to risk damaging anything at this early a stage. I have to keep the dressings on for a week and will be getting them taken off on Thursday so I will finally see the outcome then. I will keep you all posted
Oh yes, there is a big difference in the two procedures.  My breast reduction was much easier as well.

Definitely keep me up to date. 

7 Days Post Op

That's a week past since the procedure was carried out and I've only today had the dressings removed from my chest and had a chance to see the results. I am very pleased with how it has all gone. My chest now has a nice shape and I can finally appreciate all the time and effort I've spent doing weights in the gym more. There is still bruising and the nipple area is sensitive without the dressings on but there has been little to no pain through the recovery so far which has been great. The nurse said there was swelling showing as well so that should disappear shortly. I've added a photo for a progress update and will update soon with any progress. The photo shows bruising, tape around the incision areas and also a lot of sticky marks from the dressings which are very stubborn to remove...

14 Days Post Op

I've had my check up and have been told to start massaging the incision areas with moisturiser to improve the healing and scars. I've also been advised to put surical micropore tape over the incision marks for up to 3 months to improve the look of the scarring. I'm very concerned about the size of the nipples however. I realise I'm still in the early stages of healing but I'm worried that they shall not reduce in size and I personally think the chest looks more unnatural now than when the excess skin cause the chest area to sag down. I called the nurse that dealt with my dressings and was advised to wait till 6-8 weeks post op then make my follow up meeting with the surgeon. Anyone been through this type of chest reduction who knows what improvements occur during the healing process?
my chest do sag due to excessive skin! do u think scar and result worth it???
The type of surgery I went for leaves a scar around the nipples rather than the usual under the breast and up to the nipple scar. I went for this type as I felt it would be less noticeable and shocking for people to see. You don't get as good a shape with this type and leaves a puckered look. It was the right choice for me though as I think it's better for giving you the option to take your top off on holiday or for swimming etc. good luck with surgery going forward though
thanks it is schedule on 2nd july
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