46 Years Old with 7 Children from 25 to 5 Expecting Grandson Any Day.....so Excited ;)

I'm 5 ft 7 " 140 lbs ..I had a tia in 2012 smoked...

I'm 5 ft 7 " 140 lbs ..I had a tia in 2012 smoked a pack of cigarettes a day work for busy law firm not to mention 7 children.I changed my lifestyle quit smoking, gym 5 days a week" does wonders for my stress" !!!! and working part time.... I've always take care of every body else now it's my turn!! World very hard I just can't loose the belly. Dr. Suggested tummy tuck but I wanted to try liposuction first. I've been on this site like it's my job!!!!!


Good for you all around! Congratulations. Excited to see your results. Thanks for sharing.
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Hi there! I'm excited for you. I want to do similar ...let us know how you are and post pictures. May you be pain free....xo
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Thanks...and I will ;) what are you thinking of having done?


OK so I spoke to my dr. And he said I would be much happier with mini tummy tuck and lipo....I decided to go for it....I'm scared of being put under but.....I know I'm in good hands ;)

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Morning of surgery

Morning of surgery! !!!! I'm so scared and excited at the same time . I've never had general anastasia before.....but every one says not to worry....... more before pictures.....wish me luck I'll keep posting!!


Good luck, your weight for your age is not a problem. Once that skin and fat is gone you will be terrific. Good luck and keep us posted.
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It did it !!!!! mini tummy tuck lipo...no muscle repair

I have my first Po today can't wait to see what my belly look like ...dr. did some markings I'll post them...... He was awesome made me feel so comfortable eased all my worries.before I knew it I was in recovery with wonderful nursing staff.....


Thanks..I hope so...I worked very hard but belly was stubern!!!!! And 7 babies later..lol

After surgery

First photo after surgery. ....on my way to Po hope to see my new belly!!!

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First post op. appointment.

Dr. Said it went great..I will be very happy with results ;)


Looks like u have some swelling but u can tell you r going to look great in a very short time.
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Thank you. ...my husband just helped to get me.. well... put together...He said on you can already tell and ur still swollen it's only a day 2!!! I'll be so happy to get this drain out!!!! Everyone keeps asking him what I had surgery on.he just keeps saying it's a woman thing!!! I've had 7 children and have worked my butt off at the gym 6 days a week and 45 min cardiovascular at home. It's not that I'm ashamed I just know I worked soon hard and I can only imagine what people will have to say.any suggestions?
After seven children u have a right to treat yourself. It is nobodies business about your personal decision. If someone asks I would just say that it is a very personal issue u and your doctor had felt needed to be addressed. Most ppl with manners would not press further and I would not explain. You are going to look unbelievable good and you owe no body and explanation. Good luck. Your story is inspirational.

3 days post op

Took a shower with my husband's help...challenging but felt great .


You are lookin awesome! I have done same thing worked really hard and don't want people to know and I say same thing it's just a woman thing when they know I've had surgery ;) your looking great looking forward to your hearing about journey to the flat side:)
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Thank you....getting better every day!!!! I'll post more pic....very pleased thus far ;)
Better every day
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5 days post op

Dr. Appointment today.....Drain not ready yet....but better every day ; )


Wow you look great! Happy healing!
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Thank you ;)......just 0ne week and one day post op .feeling good.....looking forward to having drain removed on Monday. Starting to feel like myself again......just seem to get tired alot more......How are you feeling?
You look great!!!!:) People will say" that little lady never had 7 children with that great body!!:)
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One week and one day post op!!!

It's crazy how every day you see and feel the changes..don't know if you can really tell from pictures but I'm excited and it's only been a week!!!!!! Still swelling and bruised. ..gets better each day ;)


Wow! You look really good! Did you also have a breast lift and/or augmentation? Also what are you putting on your scar, it looks really nice! Congrats!!
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Thanks! No .....that's all me ;) I don't put anything on my scar...I take 2000 vitamin c everyday it cuts the healing time in half and puts collagen back in ur body among other benefits.....
Wow! Everyone here is such an inspiration! Thank you for all the kind words and support. 7babies? Wow, you look incredible! 3 day po for me. Think I'm over the hump but have decided to wait to have a real shower. Looking forward to the sponge bath my husband promised me later. Best of luck to you all, and thanks for the guidance.
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12 days po

Feeling better n better every day! Dr. Appt. Tomorrow hoping for drain to be removed ;) it's not painful Judy annoying! !!!!!


You look great already!
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Looking better in each post of picture.
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You look great! Have you purchased silicon gel for the scar?
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post op.

Woo hoooo drain is out!!!!!!!
Dr. Said everything looked fantastic! !!!
I really didn't think I was very swollen he said I'm only 13 days post.....a lot of the swelling hasn't gone down yet....expecially where he did the lipo!!!!! I said you mean is going to look even smaller? Im really going to have better curves? laughed said you haven't seen nothing yet!!!!! His wife and partner said when doing the surguy as he was lipoing he kept saying " hour glass, hour glass" i told him i was tired of being a collum wanted curves!!!!!Doing the happy dance!!!!! For years I always wanted before baby belly back.....7 children later....I got it!!!!!!!


Sounds like u r a happy camper. It results r truly remarkable.
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Thank you ;)

2 weeks post op.

Feeling excited! !!


You really got great results. Hoping I'll have that hourglass too soon. Thanks for sharing.
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I call my husband Jeff Gordon. ....told him he had to be careful around the curves...lol good luck and keep posting.
Hi Renee. Would you mind sharing the name of your Dr.?
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mother's day ;)

Happy Mothers day to all you beautiful ladies!!!!!!!!


Look good! I'm hopeful to be looking much better sometime after 6/16/14 (surgery) too!
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You are looking awesome Mama! I love large families. I only have 4 but the age range is 21-9. I had my mommy makeover Jan 9th. Still lots of flab left and I only weigh 107...how can that be?! No bikini in my future for sure!!
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I only had a mini with lipo no muscle repair....i had po today I'm just about a month. ...dr. Said I still have swelling. ....i couldn't believe it I'm happy with my results already!!! What does your, ps, think? Did you have lipo with ur tt? 107 not much too you ;)

8 weeks post op

Gets better and better ;)


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looking good!!!!
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What can I say? U look terrific.
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Dr. Anthony deboni .....well there isn't enough room to write all the wonderful things about him ....Beth his wife & partner and the staff!!! From our first meeting to surgery then post op.....i couldn't be happier with my results.....or dr. Deboni.

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