33yrs Old,2 Kids, Lipo on Flanks and Tummy

Tomorrow is the big day!! A bit anxious and...

Tomorrow is the big day!! A bit anxious and nervous!! Scheduled at 9am! Both kids were csections so i expect the pain cant be as bad as the csecs!!! Taking off from work until monday! I have stubborn fat in flanks and got worst after pregnancies! Hopefully will be pain free by monday! My dr is dr ghersi in miami, all his reviews are excellent!

2 days post op

Pain is bearable... I am inly taking the strong pain killers at night. Can walk perfectly, it only hurts when I change position... Getting out of bed or sitting down. I got lipo in abs, flanks and outter thighs. Here are a few pre op pics...

2 weeks preop pics...

I don't know what Jaja is? I had told them I wanted to stay in the hospital 1 night because I knew after surgery I can't pee and needed a cathetar for a day. I was gushing blood ! I started having a panic attack in the hospital because I thought I couldn't breathe from garment being so tight so they gave me a valium! Dr. came in and loosened the garment. Wow 6 weeks they told you to wear it? My Dr. said 24/7 for 2 weeks, then 12 hours a day for 2 weeks. Every Dr. is different on what they think. If you read under garments, 1 girl wrote that she can't wear it at all because it gives her a panic attack !
I am about to call it a quits on this garment! The pressure in my stomach is killing me... Also I dont know why but I got a very bad stomach ache and diarrhea this afternoon... Si not feeling good at all today... I am supposed to go back to work Tuesday... I hope i am feeling better by then... I really want to know if the garment ia only to speed up healing or if its crucial for the final result....
Hmm... maybe you have a stomach bug. I live in Boston and it is going around. Most people are constipated after surgery. From what I remember reading, it is not crucuial for final results...I think it just speeds it up. But of course ask your Dr. Today ( day 4( is my first day without meds) I feel like someone kicked me with boots. I keep adjusting my stupid binder, but it actually hurts more when I take it off to shower. My flanks r so sore and look bigger and more square!

3 days post op

Feeling pretty good for the 3rd day! What is making me miserable is the CG... Otherwise i could say i have no pain... Only soreness and uncomfortable.... Havent been able to take more pics... Bruises only in thigh, other than that no bruises... I started taking arnica 2 weeks before...

4 days post

No pain, except when getting the massages... Hatinggg compression garment!!!
Your results are definitely looking good! and the swelling will start dramatically reducing over the next few weeks. I felt like I was the same size for the first two weeks. Couldn't even squeeze into my pre surgery pants... Had to wear sweat pants and leggings. I am still the same pants size as before, but my clothes looks sooooo much better on me. Also, my bruising subsided around week 3.. I think week 4 I had a few shadows of a bruise on my upper sides, but all gone now. The only thing is that swelling is still here... No where near as bad as before. And when I take my compression garment off, my skin feels tingly and like its gonna fall off or something. Not painful, just tingly. Also I love my compression garment after i got to stop using the original one after surgery. I used http://www.leonisa.com/en/shapewear/post-surgery-shapers-and-liposuction-compression-garments/ They are very comfy. I wear it all the time and have no problem with it.
You look great! I'm having lipo tomorrow and looking forward to the results...just not the compression garment LOL
You look awesome!!!:)You will be the best looking young mom at the elementary school:)

5 weeks post

Welll its been 5 weeks from surgery, seeing the results as days go by. My stomach is flat as a board! He did a beautiful job on my abs! My flanks are still swollen... Still using my CG 12 hours a day, skin still feels weird. I will hopefully start exercising next week... I will post more pics soon.. Only have this one now...
How are you doing?
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The best doctor ever! Very professional, caring, knows what he is doing. Would recommend him without a doubt! His team is also great, the nurses, anesthesiologists... Everyone... It was a great experience!

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