30 Years Old, Liposuction of Abdomen with Yager NYC

So I've had initial consultations with Yager,...

So I've had initial consultations with Yager, Schulman, and a few others. In the end I've decided to go with Yager. It was difficult choosing between him and Schulman. In fact in my initial consultation with Yager, I found him rushed and not as warm as Schulman. However, his photos and his office just made me feel like he's the right person for the job.

My pre-op is scheduled for April 9th, I'm pretty nervous but so far I feel confident in my decision with my doctor. I'm still unsure if I'm going to do the FG in addition to the liposuction, which was my main reason for coming in. I will be posting more info and pics soon, wish me luck!
good luck with you procedures!! dr Yager, in my opinion is 1 of the best PS in NYC when it comes to sculpting…the only reason I didn't choose him was because he was way out of my price range for a tt and lipo. Iam definitely going to follow your bbl journey to see what he can do in the bootay dept.
Thank you! I've actually opted out of the BBL and am only doing the lipo. But best wishes for your bootay, babe!
Good luck on your procedure. I have consults with both Yager and Schulman as well. Were their costs about the same?

An interesting although pretty scientific on lipo technique article


I will post another personal update soon!
What type of LIPO? Tumescent
Yes, tumescent. Heard too many bad things about smart lipo

Before pics!

As promised, here are cringe-worthy before pics! I eat pretty healthy and am pretty active but I always have this crazy bloated belly. I do think it's genetic, my father, sister and brother all have a similar shape. I am SUPER nervous and underneath that very excited for this change.

I'm having the normal doubts and concerns I guess. This is serious surgery and you are causing major trauma to your BODY and removing parts of it! I feel that time is on my side because I'm still relatively young and I feel confident my body can bounce back. I'm going to keep pouring through the reviews on here though. It's really nice to hear the variety of experiences.

As far as my doctor goes, Yager seems very professional and skilled. His staff has been up and down, however. The patient coordinator, Lisa seems to have alot on her plate…and she has been pretty bad about returning my calls, following up, etc. This does make me pretty uncomfortable, but I'm going to give her the benefit of a doubt for now. My surgery is scheduled for April 29th, so I'm about two weeks out and did I mention SO NERVOUS!

BTW, I'm taking arnica and bromelain. My surgery papers recommended VIT C, so I'm going to grab some of that tomorrow. Any other recommendations?

Also can anyone recommend a lymphatic massage therapist in the NYC or Brooklyn area?
Good luck!
Hope everything goes great with your surgery! I want to go to Yager instead of Schulman for the same reasons, the price and I liked Yager's results better, what made you opt out of getting the bbl?
Good luck!  How much vitamin C are you taking?

Surgery in 5 days!

been reading obsessively about all things lipo. I just like to be super informed, although I do admit I find myself blocking out the negative things I read. I think I just need to enter this situation with an extremely positive outlook and go from being nervous/scared to excited! It's hard though, I've never had any major surgery and I can't help but feel a little crazy for opting to do something this intense to my body (and paying alot for it! ha)

Anyhow, taking vit c, bromeliad and arnica. Still looking into lymphatic drainage massage in NYC or Brooklyn (although I get one session free at Yager's office)
thank you!
It was really an afterthought for me, personally. I realized I was just doing it because it was a cheap add on and I didn't really know much about it. Honestly I'm concerned with that fat turning into cellulite over time and it just doesn't seem like there's as much long term info about that procedure in particular. I didn't want to do something I didn't feel that strongly about to begin with to regret it later on. I'm hoping with the liposuction, my proportions look better and therefore make my butt look better in relation, ha!


I'm so nervous. I'm just trying not to think about it, I'm just taking the leap. My surgery is really early but I will try to update as much as possible and post a ton of pics since I know this the part people want to know about! WISH ME LUCK
It will be a breeze. I had no pain at all!
That makes me feel so much better thank you
Good luck tomorrow. I am sure you will do very well. You appear to be the perfect candidate for liposuction and will have excellent results. I am on the west coast so I am sure you are sleeping now. Wishing you all the best.

Waiting for surgey

Waiting, getting nervous but I'm kind of glad it's so early that I'm too tired to freak out. I took some more before photos. They told me not to eat after 10p, which I didn't but I still feel like there's food in my stomach now, which apparently isn't good. I feel like it's indigestion from the anxiety, ha!
Yep, I agree. I never had pain or bruising. Can not Wait to hear from u after procedure.
Thank you

On the other side

Oh my gigs you guys I was honestly so so nervous, I was trying hard not to cry when I was on the surgery table. Doctor Yager and his staff were so great though. He tried to crack a few jokes to make me comfortable but I was scared out of my mind no matter what.

When I came to, the staff had put most of my clothes back on already and I was super shaky from the anisthesia. Ok, I that's when I did cry lol. But eventually I calmed down and was able to get in a cab with my friend home. I felt sick the entire ride but I couldn't tell if it was the car or me.

I came home and passed out. But I've had to pee a few times. I'm dripping liquid that is light red, I was told this would happen. The whole experience has been surreal thus far. I kinda can't believe I actually did it! I'm also incredibly freaked out by my shape already just under the compression garment. He said he had to be aggressive on my waist to give me curves...and it looks like that's exactly what he did. I'm freaked out and excited. So many thoughts running through my head.

I'm not in much pain yet, just hard to get up and bend, mostly because I'm afraid to. I hear it gets worse so I'm preparing myself mentally for that.

I'm sleeping on my stomach, I think it would hurt wayyy too much to sleep on my back as he also took fat from my bra line and lower back.
So glad you are done. I kept saying to myself and out loud to my husband that I could not believe that I did it. After thinking about it and talking about if for so long and wanting for so long and then worrying about it for so long. I was just amazed and excited that it was now actually done

Day 2

So the nurse told me to sleep on my back with pillows propping up my head/back, like sleeping on a wedge. I haven't had problems falling asleep mainly because I feel completely spent all day. I sleep for a few hours, wake up, pee, walk around maybe eat something. I've heard walking around is important but this is NYC, there's no space to walk around in my apartment, ha. I've made a little circuit around the room, and I try to do it at least ten times each time I get up.

I'm extremely sore but I haven't taken any pain meds, not even tyenol. Getting in and out of bed is really the worst part…no wait going to the bathroom is. They are probably pretty equal. But I have to say overall, it seems pretty tolerable. I'm SOOO looking forward to not being sore in the next few days though. Pics soon!
How are you doing missy??? Hope you are doing well!
By day four I would think u would be feeling much better. Have u been able to take a shower yet? That usually makes u feel much better. Keep up the posts & good luck.
OMG exactly. I keep saying that in my head. RIght now I do have mixed emotions of did I do the right thing? Why did I do this to my body? I can't believe I paid someone to rip me apart! Etc etc, but I remember how bad I wanted this and that I will be happy I made this decision down the line. But right now its a bit of a struggle honestly!

Check in

Today was my first check in with the nurse to remove stitches. I was really upset and scared by the hardness of my abdomen. I feel very freaked out, I can't even touch my own skin...it's hard to explain. She wasn't very warm or compassionate. I wasn't very impressed by the level of care today. This whole journey is definitely a rollercoaster and just when you think you've gotten to a good place emotionally, you can fall right back down.

I cried in the bathroom at the docs, I just didn't know what to do with my emotions. I'm feeling like I really really hurt my poor body and done something irreversible. I'm just going to try and do the best I can to be loving and help it heal now from major major trauma. I guess it's all a bit dramatic but that's what I'm feeling at the moment.

Also I posted some photos, you can see the bruising, much worse under the garment. Also I'm very swollen so it's hard to see the difference in shape (that's one thing I can guarantee is there, I was completely shocked the first time I saw myself) again right now it's swell/bruise hell...not a fun place emotionally.

More to come!
Did u ask it Dr about massage? I had hardness and lumps & went 4 lymphatic massages that did not seem to do much good. I bought an electric hand held massager and 2-3 times a day I use it 4 10-15 minutes with cocoa butter. It has really helped but b sure 2 check with it Dr first. Good luck. The nerves may b part of the meds given during the procedure.
It will get better and I bet you're going to be thrilled with the results because the rest of your body looked great before surgery. Not sure if this will make you feel better, but my bruising was WAY worse than yours even though I took all the recommended supplements. I really looked like I had been beaten with a bat or something. It's been almost a month and I still have some faint bruising. That said, I had very little pain and I would happily choose bruises over pain! My swelling was pretty bad -- so bad I couldn't fit into my clothes. I saw very sudden improvement around 2 1/2 weeks and now I'm kind of up and down.
It's really scary seeing your body like that! I'm glad to hear it's gotten better. My pain hasn't been so bad either. Did you have any hardness? If so how is that doing?

Lymphatic Massage

I had my first lymphatic massage. It was AMAZING. I was really self conscious about how the massage therapist might react to my bruised, swollen, hard body. But she was so comforting and said she has alot of experience with lipo patients and has seen much worse. She was very attentive and communicative, it was so nice especially after my unpleasant experience at the doc's.

BTW, is it weird that I won't even be seeing my doc at all until 3 weeks after the surgery? I read reviews of people who see their doc a few days, a week, etc but three weeks seems like alot. I don't really mind because it's really far for me to get to. But if I didn't have this site, I would be FREAKING OUT and wanting to see him. I've gotten wayyyy more help and info from this site than my doc's office for sure! Just an observation.
Hi, thank you for sharing your story. I'm at supposed to be going for the exact procedure in two weeks. I private message you with some questions. When you get a chance please take a look. Thanks.
I really don't feel like I can massage myself properly at this stage. I found a professional, however, and the massage was heavenly!! I was a little worried about disturbing the freshly healing skin though.
When I paid to have lymphatic massage it was very light touch, almost like an intimate massages maybe that was what u got. I was paying $80 apiece twice a week for three weeks and was very disappointed in the lack of results. But I agree that as close in as u r that u would not think u would want an aggressive massage. Good luck, many ppl have seen remarkable results with the lymphatic massages.

Garment causing dents/bruising?

This garment is making a dent in my side! I asked my surgeons office about a stage 2 garment and they had no idea what I was talking about and weren't helpful at all. So I look around online and ordered one but it might not get here for another week, ugh. I don't know what to do I'm scared and frustrated. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!
I had my consultation with Dr. Yager in February. I found him to be very rushed as well, ended up going with another Dr. I'm currently 2 weeks post-op wearing my stage 2 garment. My first post-op follow-up visit was 10 days later. I go back in 3 weeks. There are so many emotions that you experience in such a short span of time its crazy. Hopefully recovery will provide the results desired for us both.
Same problem here with the garment, mine is too big and I have wrinkles on my waist. I bought a new one and fits much better. My surgeon is not providing me any garment and he didnt tell me anything about a second stage one, this is complete new to me. I visit the surgeont 7 days after the surgery. You already look great, after 3 months you are going to be perfect. Congratulations
I'm going thru the same thing...my garment don't fit at all. They want me to keep using the same one which makes no sense. I bought one. I will see what he says when I see him today.

Bad to worse

I'm just having a super off day. I'm sorry if I haven't responded to comments, I just feel emotionally so drained. Really feeling frustrated with my docs office. It's been building up and now I feel boiled over. I spoke with the officd manager today sbout my frustrations, she was nice enough but at this point I don't care sbout someone just talking sweetly to me. I want service for what I paid quite a lot of money for.

I'm also overwhlemed with feelings And information regarding this whole thing. There's so much contradictory information out there--some people say to be active some people say rest don't move, some say stretch others say don't, some say massages are good others say they are damaging and hell don't even get me started on the garment issues. You try to follow the best advice and do the right thing by your body but it's all so confusing. I think that's why I really need to see my doc soon because I need some voice of reason amongst the noise (although then again who knows how much they know...it seems the surgeons on here completely disagree with each other all the time)

Again I'm just overwhelmed and want the madness to stop!
I'm sorry you are feeling frustrated and down- you are right, there is a ton of contradictory info out there and each doctor has their own method and set of post-op instructions.  

Hang in there!  It will get better.
Thank you!
wow you look great, I see a big difference. I would take your photos and put them side by side you can see a big difference that way, Im a month post op for same areas.... I know your struggles lol. Im in the hard and lumpy stage, and still swollen. The lumps and hardness are starting to go away with regular self massage and using the hand massager. It took me till this week to actually be able to use it since I was still very sore to the touch. I notice a change every day. Keep in mind, you had surgery 2 weeks ago. Cant wait to see your results in a month from now :D


So I finally had a chance to express my concerns with my PS. He was extremely apologetic and seemed genuinely concerned for me. I was surprised how emotional it all was and I was really touched to see that he does care. I explained that while I have alot of faith in his work, I wasn't getting great service overall. He understood and compared it to a restaurant where the food is good but the service is bad and said he definitely didn't want me to feel that way. But that's EXACTLY how I felt! I even said, yes but I'd rather eat there then at a place where the service is good but the food is bad, ha. Anyhow, I feel a MILLION times better now that I was able to voice my concerns and have my questions answered by a doctor (not that you guys aren't great ;-) It's the first time I feel like a human/patient and not just a customer if that makes sense. I really can't say enough about how much kindness and concern I was shown. Boy, this journey is a rollercoaster….

But basically he told me that after the first two weeks the garment is just for comfort and isn't necessary (although his nurse told me I have to wear it 24/7 for six weeks, go figure). He said the dents from the garment would not be permanent (I hope so!!) He also said I had no restrictions physically (I could go to the gym, etc) but to listen to my body. He gave me some free massages and I had my first one that involved using ultrasound then using her hands. It was nice but I still have hardness...I think it will just take time, luckily I have more sessions. It just weirds me out the grayish color of my skin and the flakiness. I think I've said it before that in my head I think my skin is dying! Like the vessels were damaged, etc and it's not getting blood/nutrients. Like a wilting flower, haha. This gives me alot of anxiety as I definitely want my skin to stay healthy. Perhaps it's in my head but I don't know what to do. I've been self-massaging very gently.

Also my mom is coming to visit me in a week. I'm so excited to have her love and care. I think we are going to stay at my brother's house which will be very relaxing (although he doesn't know about my surgery, but my mom does) I figure I should just tell him when I see him. It's weird feeling obligated to tell people personal things when you really just want it to be private. But oh well, I guess it's all part of it.
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You articulated the anxiety that I'm currently feeling that I'm going "to hurt my poor body." Your journey has been very reassuring!
What did he say about ur CG?i had lipo and my doc said to keep my faja on 24/7 only take off for massages and shower. I had my first massage day after surgery and every other day for a week then once a week for a month. Instead of lipo foam my PS had me buy a Pilates Matt cut it and wrapped it around my whole mid section smooth side down and wear under my faja (compression garment ) to avoid dents and dry peeling skin. I would shower moisturize wear a cami wrap my Matt put on my faja the instead of a ab board use a hard cover children's book for flat abs. It may sound crazy or hard to picture but it worked and although I had a TT a year and a half later I was happy with my results. I lost more weight and my tummy had loose skin that bunched when sitting or riding my husband. I believe in massages and fajas and lipo foam to avoid dents.

A month!

It's been a little over a month at this point and things are getting much better.

Although there is still a lot of hardness over most of my abdomen, the top part of my abs has started to soften and it seems like it will spread down I hope. I've done some more massages but the best thing I've noticed is stretching, particularly yoga. After a good yoga class it's much softer and my whole midsection feels revitalized. I think it's good to get the blood pumping and help your body stay fit and heal.

Things continue to get better with my doc as well. He takes his time and explains what's going on with my body. I had some puffiness around my belly button and he said the belly button is sometimes the slowest to heal. Anyways the lady who did my massage was super reassuring too. I have been really bothered by my hardness but she was like congratulations! She said people get hardness when the doc has removed a lot of fat or been fairly aggressive. She was adamant that I'm going to have a really great result and I really think so as well.

To be honest he completely changed my body (in a good way) my shape is so different I can't believe how small my waist is getting. It almost freaks me out to feel the intention in my sides. It used to bulge out now I can feel my ribs. And I'm still very swollen!

Anyhow these pics are from a week and a half ago. I'll take some more recent pics soon!
Your post was the first I have read that talked about the guilty feeling afterwards of what did I do to my body. I struggled with this quote a bit at first and still have days. Thank you for being so open and honest. You are looking wonderful btw:)
Looking good.
You look great
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