25yrs Old 2 Kids - Dominican Republic

I have a 3 yr old son And 9months old son when I...

I have a 3 yr old son And 9months old son when I had my second baby I decide I need lipo front and back I was searching all by myself ones I decide yes I wanna go to DR I told my cousin she said OMG I been searching for a minute as well so we was on line everyday looking at pictures of yily and Duran I send them so many emails fora qoute never received one so I said F*** that I'm going to keep searching my cousin calls me tells check out almonte realself I said umm I don't see shit I Was still searching BAM I found almonte I email almonte Lesely ask for my number she called me she's the best. Answered all my questions I said almonte is going to be my doctor that's it site up a date with Lesely but I cudnt make it to DR MARCH 26so I said April 13th it is

2days left

Oh boy it's only 2 days left and I'm out shit is getting real yes I'm nervous I have a lot of things going through my head I keep telling myself god got me
Thank you prinzbella
AMEN! Positive thoughts always. Congrats on your journey. Continue to keep us posted. Safe trip and healthy healing... Soon you will be another beautiful doll.
Thanks dolls jay amber I can't find it

Feeling down out with my babies

I feel bad that I'm not going to be with my kids for Easter so I decide I get them dress and take them to the studio to take them pictures than out to have lunch with them ????


:-) rooting for a speedy n safe recovery

Pain killers

I got my pain killers now I'm ready to start recovery .....
Good luck speedy recovery
I will keep all you ladies posted ! Thanks again
Thanks I didn't yet SX yet I go in on mondAy

On my way to JFK

Took my youngest son to my grandmothers house I cried like a baby my 3yr old left this morning to play football with his dada so I didn't cry as much feeling down
wishing you a safe sx and speedy recovery!! yaayyy tomorrow!!
Speedy recovery. My two friends are there now in tropical almonte did a great job
Good luck tomorrow.

At the clinc

The Clinic is so clean


She's so nice she's a doll I love her she make anyone worries go away I really love her
Good luck today.


So today I won't be able to get SX they checked me and I was wheezing so I have to take prednisone for three days on Wednesday I will be getting surgery yes I'm mad. Upset but good in one way cause I know I'm going to be ok for SX
Keep us posted. Can't wait to see pictures.
Sorry, speedy recovery so you are good to go.

Tummy tuck

Well when I send Lesely my pictures for a qoute she said all I needed was lipo when I got to DR she checked me and said I need a tummy tuck at first I was like nah I want lipo when I seen almonte she checked me she said I need tummy tuck I'm with it but not with the pain loloud so tummy tuck it is on Wednesday morning I keep you guys updated
The clinic looks so nice. Beautiful. I am glad that you arrived safely and that they are taking extra care to make sure that you are healthy for surgery. I think you will be so happy with the kind of smooth and tight results you can get with a tummy tuck vs just the lipo. You will look amazing.
I agree my heathy is more important I got a family back IN NYC I'm glad they taking good care of me too I'm alive thanks god

I made it

This pain is crazy but I'm happy I'm alive and thanks to almonte I got my. Body back I love my result I will post more pic soon I'm in just in so much pain
Congrats! I know the pain is unbearable. Honey you will get through this.:-) I had surgery on the 17th with Baez , and girl she hooked a sister up!
Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Recovery house

I love it ! It's clean the ppl here is so nice but I'm ready to go home to my kids ....

Home sick

I'm so ready to go home missing my kids my husband smh Board out my mind !!


So it's Easters and I'm not with my kids smh mommy love ya have fun my babies ????????

Home sweet home

Happy I'm with my kids & family a little frustrated I can't carry my kids smh

Just for now

A little something for now! Ones I feel better I post more pics

Recovery house staff

They the best I felt like of I was home
Congrats on your journey! Your tummy is looking small already:-) Soon you will be home with the babies:-) which RH did you choose? I'm planning my journey as well for July so as soon as you feel up to it please post some pics...
I am sure you Can't wait to get home. It looks like you had a great team in DR. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Drain is off

Yay I took my drain off today well my hubby took it off it feels a lot better knowing nothing is in side of me lol

A little something

I had to get drain from my back and it felt so good no it didn't hurt the needle is big as hell but ones the lady was finish I felt a lot better I'm on the 3rd hook on the faja
Sometimes it is the little things, like drain removal, that make it day. U r look I my fantastic.
You are looking great. Your tummy looks fabulous. How are you doing with walking?
I'm still. It walking straight


So today I woke up Stiff it's crazy i took my faja off to wash it I hate going to sleep with out my faja feels Like I have no support


I swear I feel like not posting nomore pictures nor on the FB group Why steal my shit and put it up on another group than say it's yily work like Wtf I just got pissed the fuck off ....I don't delete this shit for almonte don't look like I'm posting anymore pictures sorry ladies
I do not understand. Ppl were copying pictures and posting elsewhere to make comments about the doctor? Why r they doing that. Or r they saying the procedure was done by a different doctor?
I don't either smh what they get out of it ? Smh bored MF
How did you find that out? So weird. Makes me nervous about privacy.

Decide to post my pic

Well if you going to steal my shit make sure you say who's the doctor almonte bitch !!!!!

Fatima almonte

Oh my Doll, looking fab:-) Ty for sharing your journey. Congrats!!! Happy n safe healing.. Can't wait to soon be part of dolls collections:-)
You welcome thank you for taking your time reading my story
hi!! this is cassie futuredoll from the fb group! your results are beautiful!!! congrats will all! i had surgery on the 11th of April


So it was my first time getting a massage today after SX it did hurt a little but than it felt good I'm laying down and my body feels great ! ????
girls were stealing my pictures too thats why i stopped posting and deleted a few pics its annoying!! anyway you look great almonte is the best i love her she did an awesome job on me too
Smh that's so damn sick ! Yes she's the best
What do you use to take the scar away?

1 month post op

It's only a month and I'm still swollen my back still hurts me my back still sore ! I love my results tho almonte is the best doctor I don't care who agree or not it's TEAM ALMONTEEEE !


I can't stand this faja !
Hi, can you post more pics please. I was going to have surgery with Dr Juan Manuel Sanchez since he did my sister and sister in law but he died today :'(( in thinking of DRa Almonte but not sure
Oh my sorry to hear about the death:-( what happened?
I believe they found brain tumor. It went so fast. From the diagnosis it was only two month and he past away.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Fatima almonte is the best that's why I give her 5stars she changed my life again I love my body and im going to always be teamfatimaalmonte you won't regret picking her

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