Dominican Republic in May.. 2014 for TT BBL BA & Lipo.. Doc in Santiago - Dominican Republic, I will take you on my journey :)

Just wanted some info... still have not chosen a...

Just wanted some info... still have not chosen a Doctor... I need a Doctor that is in the Santiago area... any one recommend anyone... I want a mommy make over & if possible a Brazilian buttlift.... I want to do it all lol... I'm a mom of 3 & done having kids. Im ready to be a sexy mama. I really want to do this. I already went to the doctor and did my blood examine... & currently taking vitamins. I just have not sent out any consultations yet... not sure what doctor...

Doctor I have consider



My mother in law gave me this card.... she was in DR & said to check them out.

Spoke to Dr. Javier Baez angles

I spoke to the Doctor today so very excited. He was very nice & so was his assistant Carolina. Im happy they called me which I didn't ask to be called but it was awesome they did. They made me feel more secure. I got 3 different prices because you can be able to have surgery in 3 different places. Hospital or clinic ...the difference is the Hospital Is more luxury then the clinic but it will be same doctor same procedures ... so it depends on me. The Hospital is also to be know as one of the best in Santiago. (HOMS.)

so undecided

I check another doctor as well called
Dr. Elias Herrera so now im trying to figure out what to do... who quotes me best.
Dr. Elias Herrera $6500
Dr. Javier Baez angles$6900
Dr. Escobar Jamillio still waiting

MAY 2014

So excited im leaving in may.. so many ppl telling me what to take...n
white loose shirts nothing with color
white tank top cause its so hot that when u put your faja its gonna be to hot so they for under the faja.
Ensure...soup.. dial soap. Maxi dresses... oh & a boppy pillow because you should not put pressure on your butt if u doing a bbl.... anybody has any other ideas what else...

someone I know send me this Dr. Jaramillo work

Before & after... she looks great.

Dr. Elias Herrera

My quote price includes .... that's what he email me.
His quote price was $6500.

2014 Dr.Javier Baez angles

Well I spoke to doctor Javier Baez angles again I swear he seems like a great & organize & responsible dr. ... he is my first choice ...even dough im researching about 3.. my heart keeps aiming to him... now 3 of my friends are also going and as well getting surgery..I ask for a discount since it's 4 of us and he gave us each $300 off which is awesome ..I thought he wouldn't do it......I also ask him how many surgery he does he said only 1 a day which is u have to pick a date & deposit $300.. im so excited... & happy... im choosing also to do it in the hospital homs instead of the clinic.... I just feel more safe... :) btw ladies I couldn't stress this so much but please please know that you are supposed to wait 3 days from your flight to do surgery .. your body in the air creates pressure on your body it takes 3 days for your body to level out!!!! So please be aware my friend.. girl friend died in DR cause of this.... she rush her surgery and now she didnt come home. She died on the table. So please be aware!!! Take care of yourselves.

must get ..putting together a list


It's so many things to buy after doing some research on different ppl list....
if any suggestions feel free :)

things I purchase

I will place a complete list....soon

List of items 2014

·Alcohol pads
·Alcohol bottle
·Compression socks (feet get really swollen after surgery)
·Dog pads ( for bed you will be dripping liquid & blood)
·Donut cushion (bbl) keeps pressure off
·gauze pads
·surgical tape (keep pads & gauze pads in place)
·Maxi pads overnight ( incision in back)
Antibacterial wipes ( since you can't take a bath for 3 days still can be keep clean)
·Band aid waterproof (for the smaller incisions)
·Stool softener
·Unisom sleep aid
·Cotton balls
·Aspeao soap
·Elevating knee rest
·Dial soap body wash
·Firming lotion
·Hand sanitizer
·Baby wipes
· Gloves
·Cortisone 10
·Tylenol extra strength
·Arnica cream
·yeast infection cream
·Antiseptic spray/ Dermaplast
·Tummy Tuck garment ( $29.99
·Lower back pad $14.99
·Thick socks for surgery


Got my flight May 16 .... can't wait :)

back to ... not sure

So back to not sure what Doctor.. Everyone is just confusing me...
Dr. Jaramillo
Dr. Roberto Gutierrez
& the Dr. I like Javier Baez
I already did everything... my blood great. I purchase all my supplies... brought my flight... now I guess when I get there I decide.

My package got gonna use this instead of epi foam


Went to the doctor do more lab work & a hiv test... my friend said they charge you for the hiv test unless you have it done here & bring came back...& I was honest with my doctor on going out of country to Dominican Republic ..she was very supportive... she even order me to do extra labs.... that felt good!!!


Wow 2 more days & im leaving .....hope everything goes well my 2 girlfriend came out live & well...
Dr. Jarmillio

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Anybody know anything about dr julio a sicard in HOMS in santiago, Dr??
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Hi ladiez!! I'm so nervous, I'm scheduled for a TT, Lipo and BBL with Dr. Alejandro Hernandez Pizzoglio on May 22nd. I haven't both anything as yet! And still looking around if I can get another Doc. With great reviews. Any Ideas?
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Hey dr. Roberto Gutierrez Genoa ....I heard hes one of the best in homs ... my friend just got surgery and her results are amazing.
  • Reply
Thanks pink3k! I messaged him! Thanks alot
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Hey so what's your update ...did u decide what doctor. ..
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Hi chica! I decided on Dr. Hernandez. Absolutely nothing negative about Genoa, I just feel comfortable with Hernandez. I do hope I made the right decision..Oh well only time will tell... Eight days to be exact!
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hey sis i'm going to have my surgery done that same day with YILY!!!! hope to see you down there and good luck
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why is dr.baez charging you 6,900
  • Reply
are you gonna post pics after you surgery ??
  • Reply
Im thinking about it... why?
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because im considering dr.baez now ....its between him,aridio collado that is also in homs and dr.jaramillo but no I don't tihink I want to go to Jaramillo
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Im so confuse as well...Why not Jaramillo? ?
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My friend just got surgery last night she did it with Dr. Roberto Gutierrez... its been one day but she looks great... she did her breast and lipo and some butt transfer... ill keep u updated how she feels about him... hes also in homs.
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I cant tell you here is there somewhere else I can talk to you
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I also have pics of why not
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really Im gonna look him up in the homs directory
  • Reply
oh I was checking his website last night
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Dr.collado is so freaking expensive tho that is why im like iffy about him
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I send you a private message
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got it
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Hey hun when may are you going
  • Reply
Ill be there May 15.....
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Would to like to stay w me? Its 30$ a in a luxury condo.. inbox me for more info
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Hello I'm going down for surgery on May 27, the condo you are staying at, where is it? That's a really good price!
  • Reply
Im going on the 28th its four girls were all putting in on cost
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