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I got laser hair removal (Brazilian Bikini...

I got laser hair removal (Brazilian Bikini treatment) with the Cutera CoolGlide laser. At the time (2011 - 2012), I was told it was the newest and best laser available and was less painful than the previous lasers. I was also told that I would see permanent results in 5 sessions (for about $1200). Well, I had 13 sessions (spent around $3000) and I still have to shave every day. I also had 3 sessions on my underarms. Again, no reduction there.

The technician kept saying "I see a lot of dead follicles! You should only need a couple of more sessions!" I will say there were results in my mons pubis area, it's thinner there, but everywhere else is the same and there are no patches where there is no hair. My underarms had zero reduction.

Now, I realize that the vaginal/anus area is a very sensitive area, and I did not expect it to be painless by any means. I was told at my consultation that they would use a device to blow very cold air on my skin and I would feel hardly anything. When I went to get it actually done, they said "we don't use the cooling system on that area." Um… okay. At first, the pain was manageable. But then when I started to not be showing good results, they kept turning up the laser strength higher and higher and doing more pulses until it was maxed out. It was EXCRUCIATING by that point. I gave up because I couldn't take the pain.

Why did I go for so many treatments if I wasn't showing good results? I was told that hair grows in cycles, some grows fast, some grows slow, but all of your hair is not in the active growing phase at the same time (this is true). The CoolGlide laser can only kill hair follicles when they are in the active growing stage. I was told the stages are six weeks apart, which is why I went for treatment every six weeks. They kept telling me that I must have a different growing cycle than most, so I had to keep going to catch it all in the growing phase. Since I did see some thinness in the mons area, I went along with that.

My labia are still all bush and my butt crack still grows hair. Just the mons is thinner. Like I said, I have to shave every day.

I know it works for some people. Maybe this type of laser was not good for me (I am fair-skinned, the hair is dark brown and I would say normal, not especially coarse or fine). I think it was a colossal waste of money and a lot of unnecessary pain.

I agree with one of the doctors on here. Don't go to a place that makes you buy packages of laser treatments, even though they may tell you that you get a big discount for doing it. That's another part of why I had so many done. I had to buy 3 or 5 at a time. I ended up finding a place that let me pay for one at a time (they also had the Cutera CoolGlide laser), but I was out of patience by that point and they only did three for me. That place was very perplexed at my situation as well, as they said the most they've done on a person was 8 and then they just came back for maintenance here and there.

So, it really just might be me. Take this review as a warning that laser hair removal does not work for everyone.
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I am the laser technician and I am telling you that all laser hair removal procedures are not painless. The advertisement of painless hair removal is only for making you to come there and agree on procedure, and when you there they would start tell you some excuses such as: " that laser is no longer available", "this procedure with that laser has been proven no effective" and all other type of excuses. Yes, laser technician can adjust laser for much less pain but to get results you would have to come back 25-35 times and spend a lots of money. With the right settings of procedure you would see 75%-80% hair loss after first 3 treatments. Private area hair removal: Bikini line, buttocks and Brazilian very painful procedures. I always saying to my clients that with this procedure you can torture people for information. We never do those procedure and Fractional laser procedures without local anesthetics. Anesthetics must be injected, "Freezing" creams does not work at all. Unfortunately no one laser saloon can offer you that. Anesthetic injections must be done in medical clinic by doctor or nurse. Yes it cost a bit higher in medical clinic but seeing results in 5 treatments instead of 25-30 totally worth it and at the end you actually save money. Trust me, it doesn't matter which manufactory laser machine being used for hair laser removal they all same inside, the only difference is who and how use this machine. The stupid idea used by saloons of making you come again and again for treatment is actually not working. Most people gave up after first 3-5 treatments and that is how rumors "Laser Hair removal is not working" starts. Real Laser Hair removal works as follows: 3-4 treatments every 3 weeks. After fourth procedures treatments stops for two months. After two month if necessary procedure need to repeat once or twice. There is no point of going there for 20-35 times and pay this much money. After all procedures done it is recommended to repeat procedure once a year as a maintenance. regarding pain: Every single time you come back for repeat of procedure you will experience less pain than before. I will put it like this: MORE HAIR -MORE PAIN. If you do your hair removal at doctor's office there is always option of local anesthetic injection - just ask that doctor. In our clinic private area hair removal and Fractional laser procedures done only with local anesthetic even clients ask to do it with no freezing we always explaining them that it is very much painful and we not recommend to do it without injections. There is always someone who think they have high pain tolerance - to prove them wrong we give them one short at lower part of abdomen with regular hair removal settings and I have never seen one person who wouldn't ask an injection after that.
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Hi Dayna, maybe you need to try a different sort of laser. I had mine done with a Gentlelase and it wasn't until the 5th treatment that the hair stopped growing back.
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Thank you for sharing your review with us, sorry to hear you didn't get good results, sounds like it would have been very painful, gosh...especially in that area - don't blame you for stopping after the laser was turned up so high! 

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