Finally... Rhinoplasty (UK)

So I have decided to keep a diary of my journey...

So I have decided to keep a diary of my journey through the rhinoplasty process. I have spent hours and hours researching rhinoplasty but I feel what has been most beneficial has been reading others reviews so I have decided to do the same in order to help others :)

Like most on here I have wanted a rhinoplasty for as long as I can remember. I have a large bump on my nose and a bulbous tip that droops when I smile. I am now 22 years old and finally the right time has came along for me to book the procedure.

I have been to two consultations with different surgeons. I had my heart set on a very reputable surgeon in Scotland, Awf Quaba, who is based in Edinburgh Scotland (which is around 2 and a half hours away from where I live). However, my local hospital was holding consultations with a plastic surgeon so I thought it would benefit me to go along and get his opinion.

The consultation cost £200 and lasted around 20 minutes. I was briefed about what the procedure would involved and was able to ask a few questions. However, I felt the consultation was quite rushed and left knowing that he wasn't the surgeon for me. I recommend going to see at least two different surgeons if possible as it is great to be able to make a comparison between consultations.

The second consultation was on the 31st of April with Dr Awf Quaba at the Edinburgh Spire Hospital. From the initial introduction with Dr Quaba I instantly felt confident with him. The consultation started off by asking what I wanted done and what I wanted to change. He then took pictures of me and displayed them on his laptop to allow for discussion. Dr Quaba talked in great detail about the entire procedure with me and by the end he had completely answered all my questions. I left the consultation feeling completely confident with Dr Quaba and have now booked my rhinoplasty for the 17th of July!

I will post photos on here in the near future!


Thought I would post some pictures of what my nose looks like.... I know pictures helped in my research :)

1 month to go!

So there is just one month to go now. Getting extremely nervous about the operation. Eeeek!

Tomorrow is the day!

So tomorrow is the big day. Absolutely terrified but excited at the same time!

All done!

I can't believe I can say that it's done! I've been waiting so long for this that it feels strange that it's over. Surgery went really well. Have been in no pain whatsoever. Will update my review later with a detailed account of the surgery process with some pictures :). Thank you all for the lovely comments.

Surgery Day

So yesterday was surgery day. Had to check into the hospital at 11. The surgery was scheduled for 2:30pm but once I got there I was told it would be 1pm which was better as it saved waiting around. The nurse took my blood pressure and went through some questions. I then changed into my surgery gown. The lady who was administering the anaesthetic came to go over it with me which put me at ease as she was lovely and very caring. Just before surgery Dr Quaba came to see me and we went over the procedure again in detail which settled me more.

It was then time! I had to walk to the operating theatre but a lovely nurse came with me and stayed until I was put to sleep. I was asked to lay down on the table while they put the needle in the back of my hand (which wasn't painful at all)! The next thing I knew I was in recovery! The anaesthetic was honestly nothing to worry about and I really was terrified!

I returned to my room at around half 3 and it was then I began feeling sick. I was given an anti sickness tablet which got rude of that!

The rest of the day was pretty straight forward. I slept on and off and just chilled out. There was no pain whatsoever just uncomfortable breathing through your mouth!

The nurses at Spire Edinburgh and Dr Quaba were amazing!

Day 1?

Today would be day 1 after surgery I presume. Had a decent nice sleep except for walking up a few times due to breathing through my mouth.

The packing was removed thus morning which wasn't as big a deal as I thought at all. The nurse took both sides out at the same time and it was over in seconds!

I then got discharged at 9:30am. Today has been pretty up eventful. My eyes are bruised and puffy but they are not uncomfortable. I will attach pictures soon :)

Surgery day pictures

Day 1 pictures

Brusing hasn't changed too much. Eyes looking a bit puffy but no pain at all.

Little update!

So today is now day 4 after surgery. Recovery has been very uneventful. I've been feeling great, it just feels like I have a cold. Sleeping has been a lot easier than I thought and I've been getting decent rest which I think is helping a lot with recovery. Brusing is going down each day as well as the puffiness around my eyes.

Just counting down the days until Friday morning when I get my cast off!! :)

Day 5 post op!

Starting to be able to breathe through my nose now yay. Swelling is basically down, except it does come and go. Smile is beginning to come back which I am desperate for it to!

Nothing really to report in these last few days. I'm feeling really good and just so excited to get the cast off!!
Dr. Awf Quaba

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I am very interested to see how your nose looks once the cast is removed. Your nose looked similar to mine before I had my surgery..not nearly as bad but similar shape. I got my cast off 9 days ago n I still hate it. Its still long and doesnt fit my face. Im really stressing out because everyone says on here that it is swelling and that it will go down but I dont think it will go down to a shape and size that will fit my face nicely. Im very discouraged and very disappointed because this procedure was expensive. :-( ughh
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I get my cast off on Friday so I will post pictures then! Aw no! I'm really sorry that you didn't get the results you wanted. It's horrible waiting so long for something and still being unhappy. They do say you can't judge it that early but it must be so difficult. I'll be sure to post pics for you :)
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Thanks and you are right...i was hoping when i got the cast off that it would be like vwallaaa beautiful face beautiful nose and umm not even close. i really dont know how my nose will shrink down to the size im expecting it to be..i will be extremely pissed if i spent all this money and im not satisfied..i see everyone elses post op noses and they are all smaller then mine even being swollen.
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Congratulations getting your op done. Hope your feeling good. Can't wait to see your end result :)
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Thank you. Feeling great actually. Will keep posting pictures :)
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You look so pretty! Congrats on successful dream completion. Happy for u
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Aw thank you so much. I hope it's how I imagine it when the cast comes off on Friday. You are looking so well :) x
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Hiya :) I hope all went well and your recovering okay. I have a consultation with dr awf quaba next week and all going well hoping to get booked in within the next couple of months. It's great that your willing to share your experience, I'll be keeping an eye out for your updates :) thanks x
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Thank you! So far he has been amazing. I can't fault him. Feel free to message any questions :) x
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That's great to hear, and thank you I appreciate that :) x
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So pleased it went well. Cant wait to see your results. Happy recovering
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Thank you :)
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Hi, Thanks for sharing, I hope it's all gone well and you're recovering. Look forward to hearing about the progress! Rest up, how exciting!
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No bother at all. Will post an update about the surgery :). Thank you!
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Good luck tomorrow! Yay Yay yay!
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Thank you! All done now. So glad it is over!
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Hi! I got out of my rhinoplasty at around 3pm today. I felt the same way you do; scared but so excited! I got my mind off of my fear of the surgery and centered my thoughts on how much happier I would be. Trust me when I say, the surgery was nothing. I've spent countless hours reading these surgery blogs about people's experiences and how they said how fast and easy the surgery was and for some reason I doubted them. But the nurses and anesthesiologist were so nice; he put the needle in (that I couldn't feel because he numbed my arm) and after a few seconds, I was OUT. I woke up in what seemed like 5 seconds in another room, and then I shortly went home. The anxiety leading up is by far the worst, trust me. Good luck with your surgery, you'll do great!
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This is sooooo nice to hear. Thank you. You just be delighted it's over. Good luck with your recovery :)
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I agree totally
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Just wanted to say another goodluck for tomorrow. How r u feeling x
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Thank you so much! I am terrified now, I just want it to be over! X
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Hi good luck with your Rhino surgery. I am in the process of scheduling mine hopefully for Sept.
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Hello. Thank you! It's very soon eeeek! Good luck to you too
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Hi. Goodluck with your operation, not long to go now. Im having mine on the 25th july in birmingham Very nervous too.
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Thank you! I know, it's came around so quickly and I'm terrified now but at the same time just want it all over with. Good luck :)
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