I think I found my butt implants Doctor Ewart

I had two bbls with two different doctors my first...

I had two bbls with two different doctors my first bbl I didnt like it there was no roundness it still looked the same before I went under surgery. My second bbl was with doctor Salama I received 1300ccs in each cheeks I had my arms liposuction which he didnt do to good with they have dents in them they need to be re liposuction he liposuction my uper and lower back as well. Oh sorry for leaving out that I had a tt too while under going the tt I paid to have my uper back relipo become with doctor Salama he really doesn't do to good with liposuction the hell out of you. Not trying to bad mouth him just speaking my experience with him. Yes he's a great doctor for bbl not to good with liposuction. Any how im going back to him for implants reason for implants ive lost weight so therefore my butt has dropped and lost projection not the doctor's fault. Im kind of nervous about getting the implants been reading some crazy things about them but I say its all risky all I can do is pray things go right. No im not being booty greedy I just want what I want and thats a nice round phat a** like it use to be. My waistline is very small I was going to get my breast done but after seeing one of the ladies on here who has implants and my doctor did them im like on im an a** fan ill just get the bomb shell bras from Victoria secret and call it a day till later when I up some more money. All in all ive lost weight on top of that I had just about every part on my body liposuction. So implants it is oh and I want my arms relipo I dont like them very ugly and noticeable.

My TT after two bbl

Everyone has different experience after surgery of course that being said tt was the worst for me I recovered good but the pain was hell I dealt with bbl better then I did with tt. I never want to ever deal with under going a tt again. I was very stiff my stomach felt like I had really bad gas muscles was tighting up really bad oh god that was the worst thing going through in my life. Couldn't eat much at all I really think thats where my weight loss took place. Doctor salama did a really nice job with my tt nice thin cut line not thick at all. From time to time I still have swelling :/ I still feel my muscles tighting too its been 5 and a half months since done. Im ready to get my belly button pierced again. I was told it takes a year for tt to finally heals huh :/ my stomach is still hard but thank god no problems. Im upset about my arms thought like wtf

its there any females over 140 who has gotten butt implants

Ive been searching for reviews and pics on women whos over 120 130 more on the 145 150 side who has butt implants please help im 149 probably alil smaller but not much I wasnt to see the results of other women's implants. I want more the 450cc implant in my butt my but is wide im want it from like that I want it more perky poking out not only poking out wen im turn to the side I want it round from the back too im sure these doctors could work their magic like Hollywood doctors sheesh

huh lol

Lol im reading over my last post and omg so much wrong spelling lol dying laughing sorry ladies

I changed my doctor to Widder

I changed my doctor ill be going to doctor Widder for my butt implants reason I changed from doctor Salama I feel that he isnt the man for butt implants. I've searched high and low for great results and there's not a one that caught my eyes from doctor Salama...Doctor Salama is good for bbls and somewhat for tummy tuck. Doctor Salama does not do aggressive liposuction. Today I canceled my appointment with doctor Salama they kept $1250 of my money...Even though money hard to get I just charged it to the game because I will not waste 8000 dollars for something thats going to look the same after being tortured by going through all that pain. Doctor Salama told me himself that 500ccs is hard to close up that right there told me he dont know what hes doing. I will not go under surgery again to wake up looking the same. In my Beyoncé voice I WENT TO SLEEP LIKE THIS AND WOKE UP LOOKING THE SAME. All of doctor Salama implants are not the business im only speaking my mind and from before and after pictures ive seen on real self. I spoke to doctor Widder myself today I feel much better he asked me if I wanted a kim k butt we laughed I said yes I want a bigger but...Me im a ass person everyone is different some women dont want alot of ass well I do lol

Ruben huh really umm

I spoke to someone in the office today she asked who am I speaking with? So I told her my name and she placed me on hold. Ok she come back to the phone saying everyone is busy right now ill have Ruben to call you when he's done. Ok I understand sooooo I waited and waited no call so im pist off at this point. I called back and kinda had to go off I told the girl who answered the phone if I was to lie and said I was a different person im sure he would have answered my call I said if I dont hear from him by 5 o'clock im getting in touch with the Better Business Bureau! We hung up I swear not even 5 seconds I gets a call back and guess who it was???? RUBEN ummmm I thought he was busy. Its not right that they take your money with no wait but put you on the back burner when you really need to speak with them. Ive been doctor Salamas office many times and always saw Ruben on the phone so come again tell me why im unimportant smh. But im done with them. Everyone seem cool till they get your money. So Ruben like well I dont like how you was talking to my staff they work hard so we're going to just give you your money back. First off I didnt curse at her not a one time yes I was alil aggressive because she was lying to me I know damn well Ruben ass could have came to the phone. But ima dead the issue. I feel like he know that his brother doctor Salama couldn't give me what im lookin for so they like the hell with it and so was I. Look at doctor butt implants work then look at doctor Widder implants work bigggggg difference.

Doctor Salama told me he could turn my implants upside down

When I went to see doctor Salama for a consultation he told me that he can place my implant upside down giving me more projection up top. That statement kind of bothered me so I had to ask a doctor on real self and this the response I received.... Thank you for your question.  In my opinion, it is not recommended to place an anatomical or tear drop shape implant upside down.  This is going against the manufacturer's recommendations and has a high chance of rotation, displacement and possibly disfiguring results


I talked to Widder today sent in my pictures im 5'1 145 pounds I alright have a shape small waistline flat stomach only thing my butt dropped. Well Widder and I both agreed id need 660cc he told me thats going to give you what your looking for....well we shall find out.

Bbl isn't worth it

Along time ago when I first had my bbl done I saw no difference so a year later I went to Salama to make me right which he did. Ok now im a living proof that bbl really isnt the key to the vixen look its those implants. Check it out over the days week months year....then the year in a half your but is going to drop all your fat doesn't stay then like me and a few more women like ok one more round this should do it. Ok you go in for your second round bam! Everything look all perfect then hear comez the days week months year...and so on somewhere your going to literally say to yourself this shit was a big waste of time and money. The doctors tells you to gain weight to have extra fat to take out to place in your butt ok so after all that gaining weight you dont like you fat size so you drop some pounds guess what???? Your going to lose your projection and that means DROP BUTT. Who want to keep on weight just to keep a fatt ass ummm not me. No im not saying dont get bbl but I will say the shit is a waste of life and money.

sorry ladies I will not post pictures

Good morning ladies and gentlemen I will not post pictures on here of myself real self isnt private anyone can get on here and see you and have you all over the Internet I have lots of tattoos if I was to post a picture and cover them up you guys will not see my results noway so im not able to post before or after pictures im so sorry because I know what its like to see before and after results. Not being mean just keep myself hidden again im sorry. But everything I is true from not only my experience other women I know as well. We went to the same doctor had two rounds of bbl and tummy tuck.

tummy tuck with doctor Salama

Its been almost a year since ive had my tt I have loose skin around my back and tummy I dont think its supposed to be loose skin like whats the point of having a tt if your going to still have loose skin??????!!!!! My stomach is big when I lean upwards no lie I swear...I mean yes he put my cut wayyy down but hell he could have cut me higher if that would have made me have tighter skin. The cut is nice smooth and neat but I hate this loose skin shit and pudgy stomach.

I do believe the saying everything happens for a reason

I received a message in my inbox giving me heads up about Doctor Widder about butt implants here's what was said........

Hi Hun, just wanted to PM you real quick about your Dr. I am not trying to bad mouth him or anything but I have this strong feeling that you need to research Widder on this site a bit more. He goes on top of the muscle which is really bad because he ALWAYS uses 565 cc or larger, and the way he places them, your tissue will not hold implants securely in place. So many girls on here have had issues after going to him. Not to mention he only uses 1 incision, and alot of his patients have their incisions split wide open due to the fact it is WAY too much pressure with all those cc's on 1 incision. Check out Hannahsargent on here. Alot of his patients are happy at first, but then they end up having issues. And if you scroll through his patients, he ALWAYS uses 565 or bigger no matter you height, weight, body shape, etc. I just felt I should mention it to you. Good Luck hun whatever Dr you choose :)

More to the sorry about Doctor Widder

Actually that hannahsargent doesnt mention she is fixed now. In fact this is her last paragraph:
"My last visit at the docs went well.. He drained fluid that was from the blood clots dissolving from my hematoma. He also decided to keep he stitches in for two more weeks so they hopefully get removed the 25th.. At this point I am mentally and physically drained.. I can't resume my normal life yet so it's making me a bit depressed.. I miss bing able to workout and chase my little boys around.. As for physically, there's a constant pain just above my implant that had the hematoma.. Not sure if it's just normal back pain or what but it's horrible.. Any time I try to sit It feels sooo horribly uncomfortable .. I'm ready for these implants to feel apart of my body ... How long does this take to be normal again? .. As for my incision well took a pic this mornjng while cleaning and I don't think it's ever gonna heal.. It still has a hole even after it was stitched up.. Please tell me someone went through all this and it was worth it in the end.. Right now I don't know anymore pic below .. Btw that's not
Blood just color satiation of camera"

Another person is painistempscarsR4ever, she had HORRIBLE results from him. 
Another is Secret85. Hers are uneven and having to have them redone. 
BubbleButtDreamz ended up not liking her results.
Miladoll doesnt like her results
Before I had my surgery I read EVERY single persons experience on the site with butt implants. I was considering Widder myself until I read these things. You have to read from start to finish. Most are happy at first but end up regretting going to him. These I found are just a few.... You can obviously go to whoever you want. I dont know you so it's obviously not hurting me if you do choose him. I was just trying to help. So if you do go with him, hopefully you arent one of these girls ending up regretting using him afterwards.

Meant to say story ^^^

Sorry I meant to say story not sorry up top. Anyways everything happens for a reason I just not to long ago received a call from Doctors Widder office telling me I have to pay 30% more because I had two bbls like really wtf 30% more after me reading and seeing horrible reviews the original price was $9400 for 665cc butt implants. I refuse to pay 12000 dollars for a fuck up hell no. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!


How you give a person a price then call them two days later telling them their price jacked up...its not like I didn't tell him my medical history having two bbls like he just out the blue lets jack the price on her then not to mention he knows my situation about Doctor Salama keeping 1250 dollars of my money...I told Doctor Widder secretary I guess you have to lie in America to get what you want you cant be honest around here. If I wouldn't have told him then my price would have been what they first quoted me.

Please ladies please do your research before spending alots of grands

I was literally saved by a very caring real self member oh I think her so much. I went to check Widders comments out myself mostly all of his butt implants reviews are negative sad just sad.

Vienna, VA CLC4ME  Worth It Cost: $8,000 Shlomo Widder, MD

I chose to have Epidural/ Twilight sedation...14 Jun 2013 4 days post

I chose to have Epidural/ Twilight sedation following Dr. Widders recommendations I received 565cc implants I felt no pain during the procedure first night was uncomfortable but nothing that pain meds didnt take care of, 1.5hr flight home the next day 
not unbearable Dr. Widder and staff were amazing

Removal4 May 2014 11 months post

Im having my butt implants removed in about a week. I have had non stop problems incision opening up seromas discoloration etc I think the implants were just way to big too much pressure on that area I wish I would had never done anything

Doctor Ewart

Going to Doctor Ewart I saw great results and read good reviews on him. Thank God he's not charging me extra all because I had two bbls, like Doctor Widder was going to charge me 30% extra because I had work done. I had my consultation today with Doctor Ewart from my before pictures and the wish pictures I sent him he's going to give me 712ccs implants. Not sure if thats to big lol but we will find out when im ready for surgery. His staff is very nice so is he. He didn't try to bull shit me about any complication he had in the past and by him being honest with me I respect him more unlike most doctors they will not tell you about any bad experience they have had.


712ccs pretty big I've read once the swelling goes down you'd wish you have went bigger so im going to go for it if it dont fit then he can just go for a smaller implant.

posting pictures

Ok I decided that I will post pictures but with long dresses or something coving my body not anything loose but things that wouldn't show my tattoos but will show my shape. But that'll be later on down the road.

First payment

Hi ladies well ive made my first payment to Doctor Ewart today hopefully ill be making three more payments and ill be ready for my implants. I noticed a big difference between getting your fat transfered into your butt and getting butt implants well lets say my opinion. Bbl drops after awhile implants does too but not as much as bbl. If you look at alot of the vixen women look how round their butts are then look at the women on real self a year later. But anyways here's a picture of how my body type looks similar to her's even my waistline and stomach.

I no no body

Someone send this picture to my phone and said no dont do it because your going to look like this...it kinda offended me but by me being so humorous I laughed and told that person im going to deftly keep this picture to show my doctor this is a NO look I DON'T WANT! LOL


Doc Ewart uses Implants called AART said they feel like silly putty said they have some give to it...

anyway here's some pictures ive seen on instagram I dont like the look of her butt it doesn't go with her body fame
moses salama

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Love ur updateS! Gurl I've seen butts from all shapes. All I know is if ur tiny and super skinny with chicken legs do not get huge bowling balls butt implant. It will look ugly and fake.
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Im glad you understand me girl do you see those chicken legs and girl it just doesn't look right on her ...
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What's the girls name in IG? lol
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Want to check her out I like the size of her butt
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Not sure im following someone who s/o her I didn't really look at her name
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I'm glad to hear you changed your first choice dr... He is a good dr and have skills with Lipo body sculpting, bbl etc but not enough experience for implants, speaking out of my own experience. He places them in there nicely but they just don't seem to agree with his technique and follow up afterwards so they have to come out somehow.I found it out the hard way and I'm just happy when I see other ppl doing their research well and I hope u have found the right dr. Hope ur stomach is completely stretched out by now bc it will need to take a lot of pressure. Good luck with ur xs and happy healing!
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Anenimity I really don't like his out come with the implants im talking about doctor salama
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What dr have you decided to go with?
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Doc Ewart @NewImprovedMe
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Congrats and I will be following your journey . Hope you get exactly what you wish for ;) Prayers to you!!
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Thank you BIGBOOTY2015
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LOL you are NOT going to look like that! You will look stunning-but you should show him that pic, I am sure he will find it humorous!!
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AngelMB2009 lol I pray that I dont lol
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Congrats girl, you are on your way!!
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Yes coming along AngelMB2009
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I know it is soooo super hard posting pics on here. You feel like you are just putting yourself out there- so ya, it's kinda freaky. But I am so glad you decided to post some in clothing. I can't wait to see your results! Super happy for you hun! Wishing you the best of luck on your New Booty Journey!!! :) :) :)
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Lol i love showing my body just dont want that fake booty crap thrown up in my face lol I will always keep that a secret ill say its a bbl till the day I leave here. With what I have now people think its fake certain clothes I put on it lifts up my butt. Thanks for the luck and your welcome.
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Following your journey ;-)
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Ok I will not leave anything out :)
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Hi.... is the pic you posted on 7/30 a pic of how your results looks now or a wish picture?
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Wish pictures hun
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Oh ok... gook luck with your search.
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All along I thought it was you lol
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If that was me girl my search for ass would be over lol
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I understand about the pics. Thanks for posting your experience. I hope you find a good doctor for the implants. Good luck Hun.
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