Butt Implants I Pray Everything Goes Well

I had two bbls with two different doctors my first...

I had two bbls with two different doctors my first bbl I didnt like it there was no roundness it still looked the same before I went under surgery. My second bbl was with doctor Salama I received 1300ccs in each cheeks I had my arms liposuction which he didnt do to good with they have dents in them they need to be re liposuction he liposuction my uper and lower back as well. Oh sorry for leaving out that I had a tt too while under going the tt I paid to have my uper back relipo become with doctor Salama he really doesn't do to good with liposuction the hell out of you. Not trying to bad mouth him just speaking my experience with him. Yes he's a great doctor for bbl not to good with liposuction. Any how im going back to him for implants reason for implants ive lost weight so therefore my butt has dropped and lost projection not the doctor's fault. Im kind of nervous about getting the implants been reading some crazy things about them but I say its all risky all I can do is pray things go right. No im not being booty greedy I just want what I want and thats a nice round phat a** like it use to be. My waistline is very small I was going to get my breast done but after seeing one of the ladies on here who has implants and my doctor did them im like on im an a** fan ill just get the bomb shell bras from Victoria secret and call it a day till later when I up some more money. All in all ive lost weight on top of that I had just about every part on my body liposuction. So implants it is oh and I want my arms relipo I dont like them very ugly and noticeable.

My TT after two bbl

Everyone has different experience after surgery of course that being said tt was the worst for me I recovered good but the pain was hell I dealt with bbl better then I did with tt. I never want to ever deal with under going a tt again. I was very stiff my stomach felt like I had really bad gas muscles was tighting up really bad oh god that was the worst thing going through in my life. Couldn't eat much at all I really think thats where my weight loss took place. Doctor salama did a really nice job with my tt nice thin cut line not thick at all. From time to time I still have swelling :/ I still feel my muscles tighting too its been 5 and a half months since done. Im ready to get my belly button pierced again. I was told it takes a year for tt to finally heals huh :/ my stomach is still hard but thank god no problems. Im upset about my arms thought like wtf

its there any females over 140 who has gotten butt implants

Ive been searching for reviews and pics on women whos over 120 130 more on the 145 150 side who has butt implants please help im 149 probably alil smaller but not much I wasnt to see the results of other women's implants. I want more the 450cc implant in my butt my but is wide im want it from like that I want it more perky poking out not only poking out wen im turn to the side I want it round from the back too im sure these doctors could work their magic like Hollywood doctors sheesh

huh lol

Lol im reading over my last post and omg so much wrong spelling lol dying laughing sorry ladies
moses salama

Moises Salama

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Girl from the pic you posted up looks pretty damn good hun. Please post some more pics so we can all have an idea how you're looking these days.
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Damn girl your ass is huge already lol good luck my sx is soon. I'm soooooo nervous I've lost my appetite
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Its still phat just dropped and I dont like that I shouldn't have to wear but lifts to make my ass sit up. Naaaaa so implants it is. I also lost weight so its not big anymore its ok but I know what I want what look im going for ya know
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Yea being nervous will do it to you make you lose your appetite but youll be good trust me I know
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good luck with your implants. I totally agree with you about the bbl bs I had it done and it was a waste of money. very happy wtyh my implants
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Thanks for the good luck. Yes bbl is a waste even though I lost weight but I didn't lose a massive weigh lost. This will be my third a** job like how many more before im satisfied smh we are really getting the shit end of the deal. Then get on here and praise the doctors they getting all this money while we hurt going through all types of different emotions while they kick back and collect money by experimenting on our bodies let along our lifes. If your butt didnt drop or change to them in about a year they gotta go back for a revision or more liposuction somewhere huh.
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