Cant Come Soon Enough Last Breasts Are Literally a Pain in the Neck

I wish I had started this journey years ago...

I wish I had started this journey years ago instead of waiting until I was 42 there are a lot of things I would like to have done for instance getting married in a church in a wedding dress not in reg office in a trouser suit there was no way I would have had the confidence to walk down the aisle with everyone looking at me. Enjoying nights out with my husband instead of going into a panic about what to wear where to sit so I didn't have to walk too far to the toilet feeling like everyone would be commenting on your large breast bobbing up and down as you walked past then backing out and staying at home instead, actually going on holidays and wearing a swimsuit or bikini without wearing a tee shirt over it. just to get up in the morning and your whole day not been about your breasts what to wear what exercise you can do, maybe going to the shops seeing nice clothes and going home in tears when you have tried them on and you look ridiculous

large breasts are literally a pain in the neck

hi nothing to report from last time still waiting hospital still cannot give me an exact date so it is just a waiting game still loosing weight though and getting into shape

a good day

hi everyone good look to everybody having reductions over the coming weeks I still have no news on my date but I was delighted this morning as all my hard work is paying off I could fit into my size 8 jeans. Although I am losing weight my boobs have not reduced in size but I wont let it get me down looking forward to seeing all the after pics over the next few weeks

post surgery bras

has any body seen the website for holistic garments for after surgery I was wondering if they are any good the bras look very good full of support for after a reduction


I got a letter from the postman yesterday morning I was so excited as I knew it was from the hospital I opened it really slow saw a date in black writing 02/12/2013 so I read on it said due to the extensive waiting list for the plastic surgery department and due to people not turning up for scheduled appointments they needed people to confirm if they were still interested in their appointment to ring and confirm before 2nd May 2014. I could have cried looks like I will be waiting forever I am youngish fit and healthy I am ready to go tomorrow if they call it has been three years to get to this stage hurry up already.

sorry update

sorry the date 02/12/2013 was the date the consultant put me on his waiting list

can anyone answer this

Hi do you notice that in one of my pictures my breast seem to actually start right behind my arm pit this is breast tissue not fat because with weight loss it never changes and when I lie down it falls to the side with my breast and there is nothing under my arm then will this go with the reduction or do I need lipo which I presume isn't covered on public

botanics creams

I saw an article in the sunday paper for botanics creams and washes they claim to be totally organic and a miracle cream for skin healing scars people have had to live with and other skin conditions they are antibiotic, antiseptic and are an antihistamine, has anybody else used these creams it is a uk website


I am sitting here everyday looking at and reading all the wonderful stories and results and have to say I am very jealous, I don't know how much longer I can wait for this to happen for me it is on my mind 24/7. I am working really hard at loosing weight but seem to have hit a slump so my brother who is a personal trainer has sent me a protein diet to follow, I have lost enough weight to need new smaller bottoms but not tops and that's what is upsetting I put on a new pair of skinny jeans yesterday then a top and when I looked in the mirror I could have cried the top half it is all you can see which drove me to give up and eat some left over easter egg. Sometimes when I am sitting down I think you don't look that big its when you go to put on clothes that I see the big lump stuck to my chest. I am dreading another summer like this. Anyway today is the last day for people to confirm with the hospital waiting list section that they are still interested in remaining on the waiting list for the plastic surgery department I got my letter two weeks ago and rang straight away so maybe I will get a date in the next few weeks. I really hope so as it is even keeping me awake a night wishing for the letter, well postman just through post in the letter box while I am typing this still nothing just another bill. Well rant over just needed to off load as I have this nervous and butterfly feeling in my stomach everyday waiting don't know how I will be when I actually do get a date.

weight loss i hope

these pictures are of me in the same clothes after loosing a few pound (I think) and the breast are still the same size and my shoulders are really badly hunched forward when I try to sit up straight and put my shoulders back the skin on my neck feels really tight and stretched. My back is really sore this week I am hoping that it is going to be relieved after the reduction and I don't just have a bad back. Exercising with these puppies is really hard so I am trying to loose weight by dieting (very hard) and weights, I have been buying in a few items so that I am ready I found a chemist selling half price bio oil today so bought a few bottles.

another letter written

I have just sent another letter to the hospital to see is there any update on a time for my surgery I know it will be the usual response they don't have any idea of a date yet I just have to wait until the surgeons office contacts me, but I sent it anyway, maybe I will be lucky this time my first consultation was the 28th of November 2013 so it is coming up to 10 months I was told it would be between a 6 and 9 month wait. I just need something to focus on as I have lost a bit of hope and have put a few pounds back on and have not exercised in a few weeks.

letter received

the hospital rang this morning they received my letter i am next on the list for the surgeon so they will give the letter i sent to him and hopefully he will at last schedule a date for me

news at last

I got a call from somebody on the surgeons team today I am looking at a date in October I will get another call next week with a firm date. I cannot believe it is going to happen at last I cannot wait don't know how I am going to sleep the next few weeks

recovery bras

can anybody tell me what are the best recovery bras to get they would have to be from europe as i cannot buy from america with custom charges

pulling my hairout

I never received the call I was waiting for this week, every day that passed and no call my heart sank I really thought that the wait was coming to an end and I would have my date, I am going to call them if I don't hear anything by the middle of next week

more clarity

I bit the bullet and called the hospital having not heard back from them last week as promised, I am looking at the last Monday in October or the first Monday in November the surgeon has to attend a conference around then so an exact date is not confirmed yet they only do surgeries once a week on a Monday so at least that is a bit more clear and gives me some time to start getting what I need ready and the children will be on their midterm break then.
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Any news CutiePie?
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no nothing to report since I called the hospital on Thursday just waiting now on the letter with the date on it
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Fingers crossed!!!
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yeah I have everything crossed it has been a long journey since my referral letter way back in February 2011 I have the patience of a saint
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I'm probably late with this but I have just put on the " Royce comfi" bra from John Lewis (£15) and it's seriously the most comfortable thing ever!!! Xx
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The time will fly now!
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It is good to be proactive, things often slip if you don't keep pushing.
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How long have you bee waiting for the call? My PS said it would be three weeks, and it was exactly three weeks when I got the approval. I hope you hear from them soon. You'll be a happy gal when all is said and done.
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i have no insurance so i am not waiting on approval i am on the hospitals waiting list for the past 2 years i got a call last week from some one from the surgeons team to say i am looking at October for the procedure the surgeon was away and she was to talk to him and ring me back with a firm date but i never heard a thing, i got up this morning and could not stop cleaning maybe it was like the nesting part of pregnancy and i am getting everything ready for my healing process fingers crossed i get the call this week, it is not long off a year since i saw the consultant and he told me to be ready anytime and i came off my contraception and started eating healthy i cannot last much longer i am going mad waiting.
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I am a New Zealander living in the Middle East and I have friends who pop back home to the UK all the time x let me know
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Hi thanks for your offer dollyp but I am in Ireland not uk
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cuttie pie depending on what size you go to i can post my recovery compression bras to you if you want? they are spotless, in perfect beautiful condition and I would rather recycle them and know somebody else would get use out of them. my gift to you honey x
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wow what a long wait time...all I can say is so worth it when it is finally over...I am 10 days post op and feel so happy...the best bras I found were at walmart...sportbras...really soft and comfy...I just doubled up for the first few days after the surgical wraps came off...the day the drains came out!!! I also found a soft sports bra with an additional yoga style tank top with built in bra( which I could never wear before surgery without another very supportive bra underneath) worked are going to love the changes everything!!! Take Care and I will keep following your progress after surgery:) Suzi
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yes, the Royce silver front opening bra, whatever you get go up a band size to allow for swelling, front opening and stretchy is the best option.
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So glad things are getting closer for you, hope your experience is as good as mine
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Congrats! :)
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Hi, cutiepie! So sorry this is taking so long. Have you already been approved by insurance and just waiting for a surgery date? If so, I probably would be calling and emailing weekly. Just don't give up.
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no I am on the public waiting list I don't have private insurance so just waiting on a date have had 2 consultations and was told I would be done with in the year its 10 months now
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hello Cutie pie, I haven't been on here in a while, how are you keeping? I'm sure you are up the walls waiting for word. Here's a suggestion - if you can afford it at all, get yourself on some health insurance plan that covers this surgery. Grit your teeth and pay into it for the required time until you can apply. In the meantime gather every bit of medical evidence you can in support of you needing this surgery. I know this can take a couple of years but at least if you dont get seen as a public patient in the meantime it is another avenue for you. I know that not everyone has the money to do this but look into it at least. I have heard that Laya are good for this surgery. Also, and I dont mean to be a pain in the arse, you should really push it with the hospital where you were seen originally. Ring every week and ask if there is any word. Eventually they will do it just to get rid of you! I can tell you what the criteria are now for VHI cover but these things change and can vary from insurer to insurer. An important thing is to get your GP to keep not of prescription painkillers you need for your back. If you are dosing yourself with nurofen or anything you can buy yourself, its better to ask the GP to prescribe you something as this will be important if you go that route. All the best to you and dont lose heart. x
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Hi nice to hear from you how have you been getting on. I am hoping to hear shortly Dr Kneasfey had said no sooner than 6 months no longer than 9 so September is 9 months I was with him the 28th November and I was put on the list on the 12th of December she he said I wouldn't be done by the summer but would be done within the year so I just have my fingers crossed. How has your healing going along.
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Hi I am fine hope to hear soon I was originally told by Dr Kneasfey no sooner that 6 months no later than 9 so September is 9 months on, he said I wouldn't be done for the summer but would be within the year so maybe I will get a letter next month I am staying positive. Anyway nice to hear from you how has your healing been coming along I suppose once you are done you don't be on the site much it is not the only thing on your mind anymore, have you been having a nice summer.
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I am going to get the money together and pay myself if I don't hear soon, paying for a year or two on a health plan would probably cost the same in the end. I will make sure I am done by next summer, summer is the best time at least the kids are off school one less thing to have to worry about we have a big family holiday planned for next year with my family too so I really want to be done before that my son has his junior cert next year that's the only problem I don't want to be disrupting his study, I don't know there is always something else to consider, keep in touch, forgot to ask has your mother come around since the op.
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Hiya Cutie, she has improved a bit, still not thrilled I'd say. I dont tell her anything negative about it, like wound problems etc. I am 12 weeks out today and farily well healed up now but I can see a new stitch is working its way out to the surface so might get an opening there. i am certainly on the very slow end of healing going by what I see here. Still very glad I had it done. The shape is improving now as well and I have been loving going round without a big jacket on in the heat! What will it cost if you pay yourself?
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I think it would cost between 6 and 7k so not too bad I will just have to sacrifice a few comforts for a while, glad to hear you are improving it does not seem like it has been 12 weeks already, I still have my big jacket on at least for the this year anyway.
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Thanks for your comment! I can understand your frustration waiting for your op - have you had any updates?
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