43 Years Old, Breastfed for Total of 4 Years, Ready to Lighten my Burden!

I am nervous, excited, terrified, relieved...all...

I am nervous, excited, terrified, relieved...all at once. I suspect this surgery brings a real mix of emotions. My surgery is only three days away!
I was a 34 D in High School, now a 36F after two pregnancies and a total of four years breastfeeding my two sons. I have chronic neck and back pain and get strange chest muscle spasming due to the big bras I have to wear that compress my chest.
I did get insurance approval with Regence to pay for my surgery.
I really appreciate all the stories, photos and honest sharing. I can't imagine going into this without the amazing support of other women who have gone before...what did we do before the internet? :)

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Last workout!

I went for a jog today, bolstered in my enormous sports bra. This is the last time I will ever be tortured by it!


Sending my thoughts and prayers for you today!
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Hope all goes well! Can't wait to hear about your recovery
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Looking forward to reading how the surgery went
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On the other side!

Surgery went well, no issues, surgeon was able to remove a huge fibroid runout tat causes my pain. No probs with the GA!
He days a C cup for sure!
Staying overnight, be home in morning!
Grateful, relieved and excited!


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Congratulations on making it safely to the smaller side. Get plenty of rest and start moving the pillows around to make yourself a comfy nest.
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well done safe trip home
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Day two

More pain in the night but never over a 4. Took narco twice, only on Tylenol today! Amazed by how good I feel!


I don't think you look small at all ! LQQKS like you might be about a D ? You're sure Twice as Big as me !
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I guess it's all perspective. They look smaller in person than in the photo. I bet in the end, they will be C!
You're bringing back memories of swollen breasts that felt engorged. Looking good.
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Day 3!

Slept good last night, took one pain pill and now only Tylenol. Surprised how manageable the pain is so far. Still feeling tired and just resting lots. My
Mom is here taking care of me and friends are delivering food!


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You look great! Do you love how small they are!? Helps to be healthy. I've been healing really fast and seems like you are too.
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Thx! I am very healthy and I Am surprised how easy my recovery is. I've taken no pain meds since leaving the hospital and not very swollen or too sore. I am taking chinese a herbs from my acupuncturist. As far as size, they are smaller than I expected and I'm adjusting! I feel like I am flat chested now!

Day !

I'm amazed at how fast my breasts are healing. I woke up with no pain and the bruising and swelling is diminishing. I wa shocked at the small size (wondering if I will end up more a B than C) but I am adjusting.


Amazing results
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Thx! :)

Post-operative appointment

I had my post-op with Dr. B. He said everything looked great and I am released to drive, return to work part-time and can start wearing the genie bra! I will not miss that compression bra. My bruises are fading and my pain and swelling is manageable. Today, I wore a tank with a shelf for awhile...just for fun :)
I do have tape covering my incisions and he gave me more to use when it starts to fall off.


You look amazing! I am not sure if I seen your review. How are you feeling? Has your back and neck pain gotten better?
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Hi! Thanks so much :) I'm Feeling surprisingly good...still taking it easy and boobs are sore and swollen but a little less everyday! Back and neck tension was better almost immediately. I feel like my new size matches so well :)
That is awesome! I am happy for you.

Stinging and Burning!

I seems like my breasts have come alive, with more stinging around the incisions and burning on the nipples. They look fine, still taped up and no unusual color or swelling. Still sore and swollen to be sure! I miss: sleeping on my side, soaking in the tub, sex, drinking wine, and exercise! all in good time, right?


I had an allergic reaction to the surgical tape that took 7-8 days to kick in. you might want to remove the tape if the stinging sensation is bothering you? My PS had me remove it and wash with soap to get the residue off. It took several days to calm down.
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It feels more like incision healing than skin reaction...but will do if it seems related to tape!
It is hard to tell what feeling are what. I did have stinging, itching, and burning discomfort after my revision. I did not remember that after my BR. I took the tape off the gauze pads...and sure enough my irritation was from the tape. Either way...hope you feel better soon.

Tape is off!

Most of the steri-strip tape that had been in place since my surgery came off during my shower. The new tape I was given badly irritated my skin so my PS said I can now be tape free!


I use the light blue tape Nexicare breathable paper tape for sensitive skin Dont waste any money on the white paper tape I tried three brands Im still using this My surgeon says scars like light pressure it helps them flatten out. I am on my 4th Roll I tape my nipples down if I have to LOL
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Hi there! You really look great, your PS did a good job. I'm glad you are able to be tape free, especially if it was causing a reaction. You will be amazed how quickly your recovery will fly. Congratulations !
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Lookin' good! I am jealous you are tape free. I didn't have tape, but my glue is still on... slowly coming off. However, when it slides off the incisions, but gets stuck on my skin and shirt it is like ripping off a bandaid you didn't know was there! Hope your healing continues to be smooth!!!
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Four Weeks Post-Op!

Tomorrow will officially be my four week post-op date and I have to say...time has gone slow. It feels like a long four weeks ago that I had surgery! I am still somewhat swollen and sore but my incisions look very nicely healed and my boobs are so small and perky, the bra feels unnecessary. I do wear it for support mostly but have been enjoying some hours without it too!
Went to the coast with my family this weekend and we did a four mile hike! Energy level felt decent but I noticed how "out of shape" I feel after four weeks of less exercise. I did start walking 45 minutes a day starting about 10 days ago, but at a slower pace.
I see my PS Thursday and I am hoping he releases me to go back to seeing massage therapy clients during week 5. Most of my private practice is life and career coaching but I do see an average of 5 massage clients per week and over the past few weeks, have been paying another LMT to treat my clients.
Posting some photos for comparison!


You look great. If I'm calculating correctly, I'm about 4 weeks ahead of you (I'm nine weeks now), and it's really been in the past two weeks that I've begun to feel completely "normal," if you will. Sounds like you're doing great with exercise - way to go!
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do you mean pre operative on your photo??? you look much smaller in the other pics
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Congrats on 4 weeks! You look wonderful!
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6 weeks Post-op: Back to massage, baseball and bra size

Lots of milestones this week! I was released by PS to return to doing massage therapy, which is about half of my job. I am in private practice and see life and career coaching clients and do massage therapy. I feel pretty good, not in pain and the massage work does not seem to make me swell.
I did play baseball the other evening at my son's last practice and after running bases, batting and throwing, had some swelling...but not too bad!
I went to get sized and I am a 36 C. Bought a couple of soft cup (no wire) bras to wear with shirts that need some shape. No longer sleeping in bra at night and many days, just wearing a tank top with a shelf bra in it.
Scars are starting to turn pink, which I think is a healing stage. I am applying an essential oil with calendula blend that a friend made for scar healing. Also, soaking in epsom salt bath almost daily.
Best thing I have ever done for myself!


Your looking good I will post my 12 week photos next tuesday between then and the actual 3 months will be on the 15th LOL I am bying some time LOL
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Dr Samuel Bartholomew

Dr. B is known by all the nurses as a perfectionist who gets great results. I'm very pleased with his care and with the outcome so far. He took extra time during surgery to remove a large fibroid that has bothered me for years! I have had to call a few times with questions and the nurse was very helpful and available.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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