19 Year Old Athlete Who Needs a Change

Hey guys, Im a 19 year old athlete from Toronto,...

Hey guys,
Im a 19 year old athlete from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am 5'6 , 125 pounds and a size 1. I am currently a 32DD and I cant take it anymore . The back pain is painful and the discomfort is excruciating. I feel so uncomfortable with myself because of my size . Looking back at my prom pictures , I can clearly see that my size is not proportionate with my body. It pretty much looks like someone like Mischa Barton with Dolly Parton's bust. So , after 3 years of deliberation, Ive decided to finally go through with my BR . The surgery date is April 24th. Im super scared but I know it will be worth it in the end. A few people have said ,"wait until after you have had kids "but honestly , having kids is the last thing that's on my mind, Im not even sure if I want kids. As selfish as this may sound , I dont think it makes sense to put my comfort on the back burner for something that might not even happen. This BR will be an early 20th birthday present to myself. I want to enter adulthood being comfortable with my body.
Ill be sure to keep you guys updated in April. If anyone has any comments , suggestions etc please feel free I need all the reassurance I can get .

Good luck hon, I'll be in 10 days before you so watch this space ... Oh what I would give to be slender let alone a 1 lol... I too was an athlete and let these monsters stop me.... Go for it live/love your life xx
Good luck!!! you deserve to feel better! I agree with you 100% and wish i had had done mine 20 years ago myself! i just had mine on march 3rd and dont regret at all! keep us posted!
Welcome to the community.  Yes this will definitely make you feel better.  Keep us up to date on everything.

Just a visual

Im not comfortable with putting my breasts on the internet , so I just put a pic of me in a bra .
I have heard amazing things about your surgeon! This will be a wonderful change for you!
Good luck! The only thing I would have done differently is to have the surgery sooner.
thanks a lot:)

Getting Cold Feet ... well sort of

I've been reading some more reviews on here and eabrg659's review struck me. She said her doctor told her it would take 6 months to get back to her normal life. Now Im scared . I need to be back in the gym in 6-8 weeks tops. Was anyone able to return to working out within this time?
It seems that many 18 to 19 year olds bounce back quicker than those of us over 50 (big surprise!). The most important thing is to talk with your surgeon. Many allow a return to the gym by 4 weeks. I think it also depends on how big a reduction you have. It is generally easier to have 200-300 grams removed than 1-2 kg....
I returned to my normal workouts after six weeks. 5km running, 1.5 hr boot camp classes, weight training, aerobics classes, I did it again at six weeks. If something felt a little off, like shoulder presses, I would take it easy. Six weeks will fly by. Listen to your body and you'll be fine.
i would plan for the 8 weeks, you have to think long term. the more you rest and take it easy post op, the better you will heal. I was back swimming at 7 weeks, you should be able to do some gym work for your lower body around 6 weeks.

3 more days, im getting freaked out

Ahhhhhhh im getting so scared to the point where I dont even know if I want to do it anymore :/
Ill post pictures on operation day if I can muster up the courage to go through with it.
Aww, don't be put off, this really will change things for the better, everyone is different and will recover at different rates. I'm not at athletic person at all but I recovered very quickly, I'm 6 weeks post op this coming Friday, you do need to give yourself healing time, so delaying going back to the gym until you have the all clear is a small price for letting yourself heal. I'm sure by week 8 you'll be back to normal xxx
See my review for a normal recovery
And I'm about 4.5 weeks post op and did T25 and some other ab stuff today! Back to running about 15 miles a week too!

Today is the Day!

So I decided Im going to do it. Ive wanted this for too long to back out now. Pray for me y'all 4 more hours. I will update when I can.
you will do great! had my breast reduction on the 22nd of april this week I'm 5'9 150lbs before sx i was 34DD now im a C cup it was worth it! hoping for good recovery :)
I'm anxiously awaiting how you feel now! I'm in the same boat as you - 29 DDD. My appointment for surgery is next thursday!! I hope you're feeling well.

I made it

I made it. Thank you God . I'm too scared to look so I'll post pics in a few days . I'm feeling pretty good , the pain is completely bearable so I'm not going to take the Percocet I was prescribed. My chest feels tight but I'm happy I made it . Dr. Kasrai was awesome I'd recommend her to anyone in Toronto. I'm srry if I'm rambling I'm still feeling the anaesthetic looool. Thanks to everyone for the support and kind words . I'm going back to bed but I'll be sure to update soon xoxoxo
You made it thru and WELCOME to the Other Side ! I SURE WISH I had done My BR - Years & Years & Years ago !
I made it . Thanks for your words of encouragement . How is your recovery going so far ?
Really well, first night was hard could not keep anything down. But now I'm doing great taking it easy and feeling much better ice will be your friend I hate taking hard drugs I don't handle them well.

Recovery process

Im 4 days post op ! yay!Everything thing is going smoothly. Im in no pain at all. Obviously i cant lift things and such but other than that Im pretty much back to normal. Sleeping on my back is the MOST uncomfortable thing EVER lol . I cant wait to go back to sleeping on my stomach. Also, I really want to take a shower . The whole sponge bath thing just isnt cutting it for me. The biggest issue Im having right now is ITCHINESS. My eyes are sooo itchy and the incisions are making me crazy; I really want to rip off the bandages and scratch them so badly. Im going for my first post op appointment tomorrow so Ill update after that .
Glad to see your update!
Get some Benadryl for the Itching . Either Capsules or Tablets that are 25 mg. Antihistamine.
the secret to back sleeping is 5 pillows, 2 under the head and shoulders, one each side to rest arms on and most importantly, 1 under your knees. glad you are pain free, i was off all pain meds by 28hrs. much better to heal naturally

First Post Op Appointment

Just got back from my first post op appointment. The doctor said everything looks good and I CAN FINALLY SHOWER! I still have to keep the tape on the incisions until my next appointment next week. Other than that , nothing is really new; I'm still super itchy though but considering the things that could have gone wrong but didnt , I have absolutely nothing to complain about. My breasts are still swollen but so far I am completely satisfied with the results.
What a great shape they are, they look so perky! They fit in with your tight and toned body now, I'd be so happy if mine looked like yours. You have great skin too and it all helps.
Aww thank you so much
Yay congratulations happy healings to you hun:-) :-) :-)

Day 6 Blues

Today hasn't been going so well . I went for a walk earlier because I was tired of being couped up in the house . The only time I've been out was yesterday for my post op appointment. Turns out that was a bad idea . As soon as I got in I developed a horrible migraine , started feeling feverish and now I have chills . No bueno . I'm still grateful for how well everything went so I'm trying to keep that in mind. Hopefully tomorrow is better .
I had chills po day 4.. Couldn't get warm... Im 8 weeks po now. All is what all.. Benadryl helped me a lot. The only meds I took po was Tylenol.. That helped me a lot. I just took it every 4 hours with no nausea or vomiting.
All is well***

Second Post Op Appointment

Went to see Dr. Kasrai today . She said everything looks good so far. She took the stitches off from around my nipple but she left the others in for now. She wants to see me again in 5 weeks . Hopefully by then I get the okay to exercise . Im going to wait another week before sleeping on my stomach again . My breasts are still swollen and super tender and kind of sore to be honest . Pictures soon to follow.
You look great! You're going to love your new size for working out. As an athlete, I'm sure you're anxious to get back to working out, but do take it easy, your body has been through a lot, and you don't want to do anything that will increase the normal healing process.
it took me 8 weeks to be able to sleep on my front and i had a normal recovery, so be careful. 7 weeks or so should be OK for exercise

taking a risk

Everything is going well thus far . Still a bit swollen and itchy but other than that I have no complaints . My next post op appointment is in 4 or 5 weeks so I'm going to take a risk and go 8 hrs away for the time being to attend this French program. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a horrible decision . I won't be doing any lifting or exercise , the most I'll be doing is walking so I think I should be fine ; I am over two weeks post op and I feel completely back to normal .Anyone else do something similar ?

another picture

you should be fine, maybe just tired and achy. what a great shape you are

Zingers Zingers Zingers

Everything is still going very well thankfully. Today , I finally experienced those zingers that I read about; theyre a little annoying , but nothing intolerable. Im pretty sore today but thats most likely because of all the walking ive been doing. Ive been looking at my breasts and they kind of look a little bigger than I would have liked . I know theyre still swollen but to me they dont look like a small C like I wanted. I really really really dont want to be a D.
You look great! I hope you love them once they settle in!
You look great! Give them time to settle :)
Thank youu! They kind of look on the big side to me though

So Uncomfortable!!!

My breasts have been sooooooo Itchy for the past 3 days. I clean them with saline every night and I take showers everyday so im not sure what is going on. Its getting to the point where its unbearable now . I try not to scratch because I still have steri strips on the incisions below my nipple but yesterday I couldnt take it and I guess I scratched a little too hard because when I checked them at night , the area I had scratched was hard and swollen. I hope this isnt a sign of infection. I literally want to scratch my breasts raw but I know I cant :(
itching is a normal sign of healing. take an anti allergy pill to reduce the itching. if the skin on your breasts is dry, flakey and itchy use a moisturiser but just keep it off the incisions. this problem is caused by the stretching of the skin into your new shape. both things will make a big difference. hopefully you can manage without steri strips and tape soon, each PS does things differently. i had no dressings at all from 1 week post surgery
Okay that's a bit more reassuring. Thank you. Did you experience any lopsidedness in your recovery at all?
I was getting itchy and realized the steri strips were irritating. My Ps said to go and remove. I'm about the same post op as you.


So I noticed that one my left breast looks kind of off , like sort of lopsided and lumpy . Its not horrible looking but there is a clear difference between the left and right. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
they heal at different rates, plus we tend to get very picky once the initial healing period is over. few women are naturally 100% symmetrical, take a look at your before pics if you need a boost!!!
Hey, Yea I'm 4 weeks post op and my right breast looks normal and my left is harder and sore and tender compared to the right my right looks different to I would not be to worried my doctor just called it the problem child and said to make sure there is no puss coming from incisions for puss and keep a eye on the swelling. Hope this helps! -Anna
yes, that is common. sisters not twins. very often one will heal slower or have more swelling. i have one lumpy breast and one that is not, but this is nothing to do with the surgery, it is a difference in the tissue reported from analysis of the removed material

Little Update

Hey Ladies :)
I just realized I havent updated in a little while. Everything is still going very well. The itching has finally stopped ( Thank you baby Jesus!). Three nights ago, I got very fed up with sleeping on my back , so I decided to sleep on my stomach.. bad move ... very bad move. The next day I was pretty sore. Sleeping on my side is comfy, so that is what I have been doing for the last couple of nights.
I still have steri strips on like in the last pictures I posted . The good news is that I have finally gotten used to being smaller . I put on a top that made me look super Pamela Andersonesque, and it actually looked good for once. I was so happy!
As for not doing any physical activity , Ive not been following that rule so well hehe. I kinda sorta went on a 14km hike up a mountain yesterday . I probably shouldnt have done that but the sedentary life was killing me . My next post op appointment is on Tuesday, but because I am away at a French Immersion program, I had to postpone it until Tuesday June 17th. So , until then I will try not to do anything too stupid .
Hey! I just wanted to say that I'm 24 and I remember being 19 and being your exact size with the exact same breast size. I was a dancer all through high school and college (I was going to high school and a part time dance academy student) and I just wanted to say that I feel your pain! Being an athlete and having breasts just does not work-- it's tremendously painful and even thought I was 115lbs I felt fat next to my flat chested dance friends. I wish I had gotten the surgery when I was your age. I have a 34HH cup size now and have finally scheduled my surfer for June 20th~ congratulations to you!!
Thanks a lot ! It's because of people like you that I had the courage to go through with it . I couldnt have done it without you guys. 11 days until your day! I hope all goes well.
wow, i can't believe you are still sleeping on your back. i slept on my side with care from 17 days and on my front from about 3 months. hope it gets easier soon

Bittersweet update

Hey ladies! I had another post op appointment yesterday and everything is normal BUT... apparently , the sports bra that I was wearing squished my breasts, so now 90% of each breast has reached normal fullness but one corner is like sunken in with scar tissue. If you look at the pictures I posted you can definitely tell. Dr Kasrai assured me that it is not a big deal and that I need to massage my breasts every morning and night with Aveeno lotion. She said they may take time to even out perhaps 6 months to a year :(. So for anyone about to get their surgery , make sure your sports bra isnt too tight.

Do I love the way my breasts look right now ? Not at all ! I think they look boxy and deformed but too be honest I'm not THAT upset about it because the situation will most likely regulate itself and if it doesnt there are things that can be done to fix them. Honestly , Im just happy to be active again and to be able to sleep on my stomach and side because back sleeping is just not for me. What are your thoughts on my pictures ? Has anyone had a similar experience?
Hi :) You've probably gotten a few different replies already, but I just wanted to let you know that the shape of my breasts felt like it didn't really settle until 6-8 months post-op. If you do the massage, and wear bras that are supportive but fit correctly, then I think you'll notice a big difference. Massage with lotion a couple times a day made a *huge* difference in the way my scars felt in just a couple weeks when I was diligent with it. I had very hard scar tissue with several really hard lumps and such and it's all smooth and soft now (still *looks* obvious, but oh well, can't have everything) - but the massage is definitely what made the difference for me, and I only started doing that a couple months back. Good luck :)
i can see why you are concerned but overall you have a superb result, really small and cute

Still no regrets

Hi everyone! I haven't been on here in quite a while so I figured now is a good time to update you guys. My breasts are looking better and better with each day. It doesn't even feel like I had the surgery this year. My scars have faded tremendously and I feel a lot better about how they look. In my last post I mentioned the sunken sides caused by scar tissue , I have been massaging them and they look better but still not exactly how I want them to look. Dr Kasrai assured me during my appointment a few weeks ago that if I continue to massage I will continue to see results so Im not at all worried.

In other news, I have begun to feel both a stabbing sensation and a burning sensation in both breasts that Im a little worried about . Im not sure if the feelings are at all related to the healing process or if its something else. Did anyone else have a similar experience?

I will post pictures in a few days :)
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