I Got my Bootay and my Stomach is Flat. Now It's Time to Lift the Girls...

I'm back on the yellow brick road to making all my...

I'm back on the yellow brick road to making all my desired dreams a reality. I had my BBL and TT done by Dr. JCurves earlier this year. I'm definitely loving me some me and I'm happy with everything Dr. J has done for me. My recovery went quite well so now I've decided to start my journey for some new, improve, Boobies.
Well of course I decided once again to have a consult with my favorite PS Dr. J. I had my consult last week in which I was quoted $4800 (return pt. rate). I've seem some of Dr. J's pts before & after in person and in pics and I like their overall results.
I also have a schedule consultation with Dr. Salzhauer this evening and I'm very excited about that. So far his staff has been very attentive. They've called me multiple times
since I've inquire about the procedure. I love Dr.S breast work as well. So cross your fingers for me. I usually don't need a long list of docs to consult with. I usually go for who I want and stick to them so let's see. I've post some pics for ya. Any advice is truly appreciated.


Congratulations!!!  I can totally relate to that feeling, of making your dreams come true.  I had my BL and TT about 18 months ago and some days it feels like I'm a princess in my own movie.  It's like magic…with scars ;).  

I went to look at your Dr. Jimerson's website, and it's nice to see a good number of pure lift patients (without augment).  And also so many black ladies.  In my area, you don't see any pictures of black women.  When I was researching, I wanted to look at how the scars might darken or whatever on my skin.  But I traveled to texas so my doctor had plenty of pics of black ladies he'd worked on.  Dr. Salzhauer's website doesn't have any pure lift patients or black BL patients that I could find.  Did you see the doctor in person and get to look at more pictures in the office?
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Reschedule :(

Had to reschedule my consult with Dr. Salzhauer due to jury duty. So I've been reschedule for my consult on Tuesday the 29th. I guess that will give me time to do a little extra research.


Hey TwoPlusOne! I'm going to have my consult with Dr. Salzhauer via facetime. And yes you are right there isn't many black before and after of BL on his site but the few that are there I noted to myself to ask are they just BL because they look as if they also had Aug. I'm so glad you posted to my review because someone referred Dr. Horndeski to me before and I looked him up and loved the after results his heavy breast pts./BL pts. had. So thank u. I'm gonna inquire about a BL with him as well.
I did my consult with Dr. H via FaceTime, too.  It's not as good as in person, but it's better than none!  And definitely better than the telephone!!!  I'm sorry your consultation with Dr. S had to be rescheduled, but I look forward to hearing how that went.  From what I've seen here on RS, the bigger the boob is and the more ptosis, the better Dr. H's results are.  My scar is visible from the front because of how small my breasts are now.  Bootiebeauty78 got a better result.  But there are also some very unhappy Dr. H patients here on RS, so RS is a great place to do research.  

I look forward to hearing how your consultation goes!
OK thanks! That's one thing I've learned...Every Dr has happy & unhappy pts. You just have to chose who's best for you. I'm still going thru your reviews. They're very informative & you're excellent with your updates & progress pics. Thanks

Consultation Update

So I had my consult with Dr. Salzhauer on Tuesday. He was all the good things I heard... A good listener, patient, knowledgeable of the cosmetic field, and a pleasure to talk to. Arianny is very
friendly and has been in constant
contact since I inquire about having sx
done. I was quoted $5720.00 this quote
includes the breastlift with silicone
implants. I'm still debating if I'm just going to get a regular lift or a lift with an implant just to guarantee fullness. (I
have to do some more research on the implant thing) Still searching... I'll be calling back Dr. Horndeski office on Monday to set up my consult with his office. Until next time I'm still in search for *The best breast surgeon.*


You are going to be sooooo happy with your lift/reduction. I had one in June 2012 and I'm so happy. See my pics. Unfortunately I didn't post pre op pictures but I got post op pics and they are sitting high. I have to tell you though,,,,don't get used to the extremely perky ones that you'll see for the following 3 to 4 month. They will soften and drop. I LOVED mines at 4 months. But still very pleased. Good luck
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Read your review and your breast looked beautiful. Your Dr. did a amazing job. They look so nice & full. Thanks for the info on the breast results over time. I can't wait to get these girls lifted :) who was your surgeon?
Let me know how your consult goes with Dr. Horndeski. I'm considering going to him for a breast lift as well
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Sorry for the delay...

Sorry for the delay in an update. I actually made my decision to go with what I know so I'll be returning back to Dr. J for my Breastlift. I spoke some with Michelle and explained to her what I wanted which is fullness and perkiness. She suggested a breastlift with a small implants. I decided on silicone. I locked in the price with a deposit enough to get on the fast track list but until then I'm sitting on March 2016???? Y'all know I'm not waiting that long so I'll be paying my balance off next month to get the date I need in Jan/Feb 2015.
Until then I will be doing my research and studying these RS reviews ;)


You're already looking so caliente girl just imagine after this procedure. ..watch out, you'll be on fire!!!!
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Thanks Doll! I'm trying to look like you. I can't wait to get the girls done.
I just did a tummy tuck and bbl with Salzhauer. Got a quote for a breast lift and augmentation and was quoted 6k. I can't believe you are a new Salzhauer patient and was quoted way less and this was my second procedure.
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