Excited to Have Some Full Sexy Breasts!!!

I am so excited to have this surgery. I have had...

I am so excited to have this surgery. I have had saggy breast since development & for as long as i can remember I have wanted this surgery. I am 34 years old, 5'6" and 150lbs. I am mom of two beautiful boys 6 & 4. I am having a breast lift and implants on April 1, 2014 with Dr. Chris Thomson. Dr. Thomson was fantastic in my consultation. He was very patient with me, answered all my questions & helped settle any fears I had. My surgery is a week away! I am getting so excited and a bit nervous!
Good luck next week! What type of lift are you getting? Also, what type/size of implants?


Officially obsessed! I'm finding myself on this website all the time! Reading advice & looking at pics. I don't know what I would do without real self. I have found there are so few reviews from Saskatchewan & decided I would post my experience. My surgery will be at Prairieview Surgical Centre in Saskatoon. I am getting a full anchor lift with natrelle full projection silicone gel implants. He said he will place them subgladular to avoid the "double bubble" in the future. My ps said with my measurements I could have 280-300cc. I made some rice sizers and think I'm going with 300cc. Dr. Thomson will make the final decision. He knows I just want to be perkier & fuller on top not necessarily larger in size. I feel that if I'm already prone to sagging why put a heavy implant in only to make it sag again. I want this to last!!!!
So excited for you! I can't wait to see your results!
Good luck! I am from Sadkatchewan as well, but had a TT in Calgary. Hope it all goes well!
Congrats on ur surgery!! Girl you will be so happy, as soon as you wake up and see u have nice boobies you will feel so different about urself!! I had a full anchor lift too. Can't wait too see some after pics;)

2 More Sleeps!!

Two more sleeps til my surgery and I have a slight cold. Just feel slightly congested in the sinuses and have a little bit of runny nose. I am worried about them cancelling my surgery. It says on my pre-op instructions to notify them if I develop a cold, however, it came over the weekend. I have been looking forward to this day for so long! Has anyone else had this happen??? I will call tomorrow and let them know. Fingers crossed I wake up and it's gone :(
Here are some more before photos of my flapjacks!
The pain will ease each day. When you are able to get a hot shower you will feel so much better.
Hope all went well and wishing you a fast and easy recovery:)
Surgery went well. Pleased so far with what I can see. More pain then I expected. I will update tomorrow. Thanks for all the well wishes & prayers ladies.

Post op day 1

Well it's all done! Yay! Had a good night last night. Slept in the automatic recliner, it was amazing. My mom came to take care of me. She set the alarm for every 4 hrs to keep on top of my meds. I was very nauseated & could keep anything down. Today is a bit better. Yesterday couldn't have gone any better. The staff at Prairieview were so helpful & made me feel very comfortable. I ended up with 320cc subgladular implants. They feel very swollen & tight today. Pain isn't too bad. More than I expected but tolerable. Thanks for all the support. I will update more later.

Without shirt

Look great Hun. I had mine done yesterday. My pain is under control with my meds. But I'm very groggy and had nausea. How about you?
Looking good girlie. Glad u are feeling pretty good too. After the first three days, every day gets better;)

2 days post op

Day 2 post op. feeling pretty good today. Had my follow up appt. with my p.s. Everthing is looking good to him. I have some bruising esp. on my right breast but he feels it's ok. I thought I was having a full anchor lift as it turns out I have had a lollipop lift. No scar in crease under my breasts. Loving my new additions! Still resting & taking my meds. So lucky to have my mom here to take care of me & my family. Not sure what I'd do without her.
Hi saskhappi - you look great! I got the exact same procedure as you with the same size implants. what size are you hoping to be? I was hoping to be a C but I think I could be a D x
I'm from Edmonton getting lollipop lift and augmentation April 17 th. Your look really good. What pain meds are you on? Which day was worst so far pain wise? Are you icing them? Speedy healing
Thanks! I am on morphine and Tylenol. Worst day for me was the day after surgery. Just uncomfortable, nauseous & sore. Keeping on top of my meds really helped. I haven't been icing. I asked my surgeon & he didn't really feel like it would help much. Good luck with your surgery!

3 days post op

Feeling Crappy today, But I quit taking the morphine. I didn't like the way I was starting to feel on it. So achy & burning sensations but not too bad. Really tired, night everyone. Wishing you all speedy recoveries!
Thank you! Lol, Here is a definition of Double Bubble. A cosmetically undesirable circumstance in patients with breast implants, which occurs when the breast fails to take on the shape of the implant, resulting in the appearance of a visible line showing a separation between the bottom edge of the implant and the bottom edge of the natural breast. This tends to happen more often in the case of a very tight or constricted pre-op breast or when there is significant droop present. I'm terrible at describing things. Hope this helps!
Oops, I guess I should've googled it first! I definitely do NOT want that!
You look so good! I have a dumb question...what is double bubble? Just want to make sure I don't have it when I get mine!!


I'm one week post op now & everything is going great with healing. I am however experiencing numbness in my arms and upper back late in the day and into the evening. It doesn't hurt it's just an uncomfortable pins and needles feeling. Has anyone else experienced this????

Been a while!

Wow, 11 days post op already! Left boob healing great, right still very bruised and swollen. I saw my surgeon & he thinks they are both healing just fine and not to worry. Not painful anymore just uncomfortable & a bit itchy. I have to try to keep the tape on for a month so the tape is ugly. Sutures are buried, then he put glue on the incisions then tape on top. So under tape is still bloody, yuck! I'm having fun trying on swimsuits & tops. Cleavage it great! Something I've never had before! Here are some updated photos.
You look awesome, how are you feeling? Do you know what profile he gave you? Did you go with silicone or saline?
How have u been doing babe?
Beautiful results! Congrats!

Ready for tape to come off!

Good morning ladies. It has been 3 weeks since my surgery. Everything has been going great. They are settling & softening, & feeling more natural everyday. Not sure if anyone else out there has this but I still have my original tape on from surgery! My surgeon said it should last about a month. I find it a bit hard to look at them as the tape has dried blood from the incisions. My sutures are buried and then he put glue on top and then the tape on top of the glue. So it's on there good!!! Lol! Now that the swelling has come down the tape is pretty itchy. I'm anxious for it to come off so I can start scar treatment. I see my ps next week so we will see what he says. Apart from that I'm enjoying how they look & trying on different clothing!
I know this is a bit bold, but I have a consult at Prairieview at the end of the month. I am wondering, what do the implants feel like afterwards? I have been told they are hard and nothing like real boobs. Is this the case? My hubby is very worried that they will feel fake and won't be fun anymore. Lol! I'm also concerned.... I've had two kids and started with barely anything... and ended up with empty sagging barely anythinganything's. Lol!
I'm so relieved to see your post. My BA/BL is coming up and my PS is placing mine above the muscle as well. When you research it's hard to find any "over" girls. I am going with the silicone gel (gummy bears) 400cc? Still question the size. I think everyone does. Are you happy with your choices? Thanks for sharing. I just did mine also.
It was very hard to find any "overs" reviews! I searched and searched & questioned my ps decision. In the end I had to trust that he is the best & knows from experience what would work for me. He was right! I am so happy with my results. They feel real, I have great cleavage & they look great! What he said makes sense to me. I have breast volume, so if he placed the implant under the muscle eventually gravity prevails, the implant will be held up by the muscle & I would be left with a high implant & saggy breast tissue below. This way my implant will move with gravity. Does that make any sense? My recovery was pretty fast. I didn't have to deal with muscle spasms that women with under the muscle experience. Don't exhaust yourself searching the web for "over" stories like I did! Trust your surgeon.

Too bad there's two!

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all good & healing well! It's been six weeks since my surgery. Time sure does fly! I finally had my tape taken off at 4 weeks & was excited to see what my scars looked like. I have a few hypertrophic scars & was worried about my incisions. So far they are pretty good. I have been applying scar zone & silicone sheeting since the tape came off.
My breast feel good! I keep saying its too bad there are two because if your like me you keep comparing the two of them. For me, they are two very different breasts so the results are different. I find that part hard to take. After spending that much money I want them to be "perfect." But what a difference! I feel great in my tops & fill out my swimsuits, I have more confidence & feel sexy. That was the goal!
How are you doing? You look great!!
Thanks so much for your review! I'm a fellow Canadian, getting the same procedure in just a bit over a day. You got the exact same type of lift, implant size, and placement as me, so your review and photos are extremely helpful! Hope you are enjoying them.
Hey Angel , just wondering how you are doing;•}
Dr. Chris Thomson

You will love Dr. Thomson! I had a breast lift and implants with him on April 1. Everything was perfect from Dr. Thomson, nurses, anesthetist to the facility. Dr. Thomson took his time in my consult and I never felt rushed. I had a million questions for him that he answered and made sure I understood everything. He was realistic with me on how I could expect my results to be. His receptionist is a sweetheart & goes above and beyond to help out or get questions answered. On the day of surgery Dr. Thomson spoke with me and marked me, met me in the surgery suite before I went to sleep and was there after checking in on my recovery. He even gave me his cell number to call him with any concerns, which I used with concerns to swelling and he called me back immediately. I am loving my results so far. Dr. Thomson is very professional and in my opinion a fantastic artist! I will not hesitate recommending him to anyone.

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