36 Year Old Mom in Need of New Knockers!

I've been wanting a some new "betties" for 12...

I've been wanting a some new "betties" for 12 years now. I never thought I would actually get them though!!! So excited and nervous! Mom of 4 kids (his, mine, ours). BF 2.
I've had my (one and only) consultation as well as my preop appt and am scheduled for surgery on April 28th. Originally scheduled for May 16th but hubby will be in New Orleans during that time. And ain't no way I'm doing this without his help! Also makes me nervous that I had to push out my surgery date because we are going to Cancun mid June!
I was originally scheduled to get a lift and implants then changed to just a implants at my preop. Well I will be scheduling another meeting with my PS next week to most likely add the lift back in there.
I have pseudoptosis or glandular sagging. I was really worried about the scarring that come with a lift and was thinking I could get away without having one. But, after I posted some pics on the doctors forum asking what they thought it came down to this.....I can either have large saggy breasts or perky ones with some scars. The whole point for my getting new "jugs" is to not have to wear those uncomfortable padded, push-up bras anymore and be able to wear all the clothes that I can't now. So perky and scarred it is!
I just need to trust my PS that he knows what he's doing and will give me the look I'm going for. I picked one of the top rated in my state for a reason! :)
I'm currently a saggy, deflated 34C/D in a padded push-up bra. Going with 420cc Silicone under the muscle with a full lift.
I think what I'm most nervous about now is if my hubby will be able to take good care of me during my recovery. :/ I think I'd rather stay in a hospital for a week with a nurse than at home with my hubs, lol. Might have to recruit some of my girlfriends to pop over for a few hours a day to help out.

We have Lift off! Or more like back on! ;)

Talked to my PS today via phone and I'm terrible at talking to people in person or on the phone. One of those awesome introvert traits I guess. But, hey look at me I can type away like nobody's business! Okay back to my post....so I'm defnitely getting the lift. It's all scheduled and back on. I'm so thankful for this site. I just needed some reassurance that I wouldn't look like frankenboob all scarred up and ugly from the lift. Most pics online show ladies scars shortly after surgery. Not many a year or so out. Also I took my NOT introvert friend with me to my preopp because me darn hubby just doesn't have the time or see why he needs to be there....anyways. And I know that friend had some influence on my choices I made in the office that day as well as cost. But, I would rather pay it all at once now and get it done then have another surgery down the road. :)

Dream Boobs

Not sure what size I'll end up but these would be awesome!!

Stressing about size!

I know it's probably the #1 thing that most women stress about is size before their surgery. And yes, I'm one of those stressing right now! I'm scheduled for 420cc under muscle with a lift. I know it makes a difference in the size you are before you get implants but with a lift who knows what the outcome will be. I just hope they aren't too small for the look i'm hoping for! Someone should make a little app where you can put in your measurments and implant details so you can see what they might look like beforehand. Oh wait I bet there's already something like that isn't there? lol Anyone else about my stats (5'7", 135lbs, saggy 34c) that got 420cc silicone under the muscle with a full lift? Are you happy with the results? Did you wish you'd gone bigger?

10 days till my BA and I chopped my long hair!

So I'm so ready for the big day to be here. I cut my long hair really short. I'm really loving the change. I'm definitely ready to be done obsessing over boobs lol. I dropped off my prescriptions to get filled. The pharmacist has to get authorization for my sleeping pills though. Just hope we get it all figured out in time. I've started buying comfy clothes that are easy to get off and on for after surgery. i still need to find some front closing Sports bras. Having a hard time finding those. Ordered my surgery bra though. My parents are visiting 4 days after my surgery and it's my daughter's bday as well as my hubby has a race which I never miss. Hoping my parents will help out with the kids a bit while they're here. I will start planning something special for my daughter, just not a party till next month. I will post some current before pics this evening in bras so I can compare to after! :)

New Hair!


Stressing about heart issues

I'm one week from my surgery date and was at my parents this weekend. We were talking about my upcoming surgery and they reminded me of a couple heart issues I have and that I should go get a EKG done before my surgery to make sure it's okay for me to still go through with it. I've had one of the conditions since I was a little girl and developed another about 15 years ago by taking diet pills. I've never seen a specialist regarding either, I've just lived with it. But, now looks like I'm going to be forced to find out more info before my surgery. I just hope the doctor can see me and diagnose me in time. And obviously I hope it's no big deal and I can still go ahead with my BA! Would be extremely bummed if I had to postpone the date again. But, better be safe than sorry!

24 ECG holter monitor on

Ekg came back ok. She thinks I have PSVT. Which to me is not a big deal. It's something i can live with. But doc wants me to wear a 24 hour monitor vest to get a better look and make sure.

4 days to go!

I'm excited and nervous all at the same time! I got the go ahead for surgery from my doctor and cardiologist. :) Just getting things ready for a hopefully uneventful week after Monday! Got some new movies and good books to read. Now it's just waiting time. I really can't believe how fast time has flown and that the day is almost here!

surgical bra

My Surgical bra came in the mail. I was told to order two sizes up. I'm a 34C so I ordered a 34E. But it seems like it fits already. ..... worried it won't fit after surgery! :/

My family on Easter

Chopped it and Loving it!

Today is the day!

I took my Ambian they prescribed me. Don't think it helped though. Woke up once in the middle of the night. Went to bed about 11:30. Woke up without an alarm at 6:30. But, at least I got some sleep. My appointment isn't until 1:30. I'll be starving and will probably get a headache from not being able to have any water. But I drank a bunch before I went to bed and had a huge burger for "my last meal" hehe. I'm going to call my PS office today and ask about taking nausea and valium meds before I come in. It still doesn't seem real to me that I'm really doing this. It's like the calm before the storm. I will check back in a few hours when my calmness has changed to panic lol.


All done and home!

I went in at 1:30, started surgery about 2:30 I think. Was out of there around 6:30. I'm extremely impressed with how smooth everything went. I had a bit of anxiety going in. A student was helping with surgery but I was ok with that. Didn't really feel a thing. Had an amazing team! Anesthesiologist was perfect. I didn't feel groggy or nauseous at all!! My hubby took me to "Dick's" a great, greasy wonderful burger place in Seattle! I scarffed down a burger, fries and chocolate shake! Was heaven. I'm home in bed, drinking gatorade, watching my shows. :) My hubby is downstairs playing video games. But I didn't expect much from him. My kids will be the best helpers. :) Will update with pictures tomorrow.

2nd day post op went great!

I was having some bleeding last night where the incisions are. And some more when I got to my PS office as they took off my gauze. But they put steri strips over my incisions and it stopped. I got to see the girls for the first time! I'm amazed at how great they look!!!. I will try and post pics later tonight. I need to wash the blood off my bra. I go back in next Monday to get my steri strips? off. Is that what they're called? Haha My surgeon chose the prefect size for my body. They look perfect to me. I can't wait to see how they develop over the next few months. :)

oops NOW I'm 2 days post op hehe

I'm soooo impressed with the outcome! Still very drugged and sleepy but I finally got some pics up for ya gals. I got a full lift with silicone implants under the Muscle.

Got my Coobie Bras!

I can't wait till my doctor Gives me the ok to take off this compression bra so I can start wearing my coobies! I get to shower tomorrow so I'll try one on while I'm washing my Compression. I can't believe how drowsy these meds make me. Barely keep my eyes open. Nap time AGAIN!


This is with the pads in. Cause I'm still leaking a little. Not too impressive looking yet. But dang it's comfy!!!

Post op day 4

Not doing so well today. I've been in bed all day freezing then sweating. My stool softener really took affect. I'm sick as a dog. Didn't even get to see my kids today, which breaks my heart. I'm in that mode like what have I done, am I ever going to get better and back to a normal life. My little girls birthday is tomorrow and I refuse to be confined to my bed. I'm getting a little worried. I stopped taking pain meds and only taking muscle relaxers at bedtime. Just ready to be back to normal.

Off pain meds

Yay! I'm feeling more like myself everyday. Been off my pain meds for 2 days. Taking ibprofen occasionally. My bloating in my belly is starting to go down a little. I am pushing myself more than I should be. But it's driving me crazy having a messy house and the laundry piling up. Need to keep reminding myself to take it easy or my healing will just take longer. I have my 1 week post op Monday. I'll post new boobie pics then. :)

Coobie 2

This is the other coobie without pads. This is the one size fits all one. I still have my steri strips on that why my nipps look funny.

1 Week Post op

Got my steri strips off. My PS put this wider, brown tape on that I have to change twice a week for two weeks. Then I start scar cream. And then I can finally stop wearing this surgical bra! I start doing my massages now as well. Hmmmmm..... what else. ... think that's it! :) I'm just on ibprofen and antibiotics. Still take a muscle relaxer at night. I feel much better now that I've been off pain meds for a few days. Clear headed and not fatigued. Still on relax duty though. I've hired my 12 year old son to do the housework. Love him! :)

Implant Style, Size

Natrelle 15-421 cc moderate plus silicone

8 days post op pics

Right one still smaller, more sore and tight. Hoping it will catch up to the lefty. My right has always been about a cup size smaller. Would be nice if they turned out same size after all I went through with a full lift and implants. Crossing fingers! Still lots of bruising.

Scar Treatment

So, I'm just shy of my 3 week post op mark. Took tape off today and started applying PracaSil-Plus scar cream (found online at Martin Avenue Pharmacy) and ScarAway Silicone scar sheets (Amazon). Still sore. Nipples are very sensitive. As you can see still have bruising but, I didn't keep up on my Arnica gel either. Lots of stretch marks that were hidden underneath and now more visible. Lifting heavier things feels really weird with my muscle flexing over the implant. Don't know if it will always feel so weird or if that goes away. My breast are definitely relaxing more now. I miss the look of when they were first done and up higher. But, so very happy with my results so far. My areolas look a little misshapen, not very circular. Not sure if this is normal. My right breast is still smaller than my left but seems to be slowly catching up I think. I'm probably the only one that will notice. I don't go back in to see my PS until my 6 week mark. I'm hoping the scar treatments I'm using will work well and impress him by then. But, to me the incisions already look great for not even being 3 weeks old yet. No redness or puffiness. :)

5 weeks post op

My girls have dropped. My tape is off. Scars are starting to heal. As you can see my right breast is still smaller than my left. And my left has a square-ish shape to it on the bottom.....I'm guessing it has something to do with my incisions. Hoping that will round out over time. I got fitted at Victoria's Secret the other day as a 32DD-32DDD. we'll see if that's true once I start bra shopping. I don't seem that big. But maybe because I have a small ribcage/band size that my cup size goes up? I don't know but I'm really happy with whatever size they are. :-) I went swim suit shopping yesterday.....boy was that harder than I thought! I can't get the hook back type tops because I'm an XL on top but my band size is a small. So string bikinis it is! I bought two cute one's at Target. Still using my scar cream and silicone sheets. Can't tell if they're working yet or not. I have so many stretch marks from pregnancy boobs that a couple more scars probably doesn't matter lol. But I can't even see the incision around my areola anymore. Those one's blended well. I have my 6 week post op with my surgeon next week. I'll update again then. :-)

Scars at 10 Weeks

I've been using scar sheets during the day and scar cream at night. I'm happy with the results and can't wait to see how my scars continue to deminish.

3 months, having pain....

I'm at my 3 month post op mark and I've been having discomfort in my right breast for a while....But I just figured it was because the muscle is tighter on that side. Well the pain is getting worse and I can move the implant around and it's uncomfortable. I'm worried that I may have capsular contracture. I will call my PS and get in to see him.

Itching 3 months post op

Ok, now my right breast is really itchy in the bottom crease and seems to have dropped more. It doesn't have the upper pole fullness that my left does. This is the same breast that I was having pain with before. Hmmmmm.....I think I really need to make time to see my PS.

Possible Capsular Contracture at 4.5 months?

So, I worded my "ask a doc a question" poorly so it sounded like I was asking if the breast that has dropped has CC. As you can see from my pictures, you can't tell much of a difference head on but from the side you definitely can. One has really dropped (maybe too much?) and the other has not. I'm wondering at this point if I may have CC on the one that has not dropped.
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

I had a lift and implants. And I couldn't be happier with my outcome! Dr. Salemy is truely and artist and perfectionist. He's so down to earth, caring and really listened to what I wanted. I'm amazed with my results. Honestly they turned out better than I could've imagined! I have heart issues so that fact that his practice is in a hospital really gave me peace of mind. Yes the cost was more having to factor in the facility fee but it was so worth it. I researched high and low online for my surgeon and he came out on top everytime. I know several ladies that have had breast augmentations but none by Dr. Salemy. Well I will definitely recommend him to anyone I know looking to have any type of plastic surgery done. Infact my best friend and another friend that have been with me through this journey are already talking about using him for their augmentations. He was my first and only consult I had. I originally wanted a woman surgeon because I am uncomfortable with male doctors of any type. But Dr. Salemy made me feel so comfortable. I knew after our first meeting he was the one I would choose. People kept encouraging my to get additional consultatIons because of the somewhat higher cost. I'm so glad I didn't listen. You get what you pay for is what I told them. He's highly rated in Washington state and for good reason! Plus there are no surprise fees. They give you the total amount including the anesthesiologist's, facility's and implant fees. If I have more work done I will go nowhere else! He has me as a patient for life! :) Oh and another thing, the anesthesiologist was amazing!!! He gave me just the right amount so that I wasn't nauseous or groggy when I woke up! Felt great!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I think maybe it's nipple placement. Maybe needs to be adjusted?
  • Reply
I wish it was just that. But, one has no upper pole fullness and the other is all upper. :/
  • Reply
You can definitely tell a difference in the side pics. At the risk of sounding like a total creeper but I'm jealous of your areolea size! I feel like mine, especially the right side, are so much bigger after surgery :(.
  • Reply
Rodeo, how are you?! :) creep on me anytime girl lol. My ps, made my areolas smaller but they're a little off in shape and all that. That bothers me. I still can't feel my right nipple. :/
  • Reply
I'm good, moved to TN from FL over the summer so that was pretty huge. I gotta fly back in Nov to see the PS and I'll talk to him about my areola size then. I don't really understand it-the nurse says he cuts them out like a pattern to match each other (eww) so maybe my bigger one is the skin stretching or something? I don't know. I also can't figure out what a revision entails bc I can't find info on it anywhere! The PS said it's done in the office but I don't really see how. I'll prob have to fly back in Nov then fly back again for an areola appt. I like the shape, I sometimes wish they were higher but then again I don't think that would look right on me. They're huge, and I actually wanted then to end up a little smaller. Oh well. What are you gonna do?
  • Reply
I hear yah girl! Nipple issues haha. That's tough that you have to fly every time you need to see your ps. Glad the move went good though! I really need to get my but in gear and make an appointment to see what's up with my boob. The one that's dropped low, has always been uncomfortable and sometimes painful. It's gonna suck if I'm getting capsular contracture in one and bottoming out in the other. Ugh. I can't afford any revisions for a while. Prayers!
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Your scars look so tiny I can't even believe it! WOW!
  • Reply
You're scars look amazing! wow!! Did you make it to your doc and what did he say?
  • Reply
I've been traveling, only home for short periods. I haven't had a chance to see my doctor yet. But I've been massaging vigorously lol. And that seems to help.
  • Reply
Did you see your dr yet? I hope all is well.
  • Reply
I haven't. Been so busy. But I've been massaging a lot and I've noticed some good changes.
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Girl they look amazing. Ur scar regimen is really doing it's thing;•}
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Looking great!! How long do you leave the scar sheets on for?
  • Reply
Thank you Eva. :-) I put the scar sheets on in the morning after I get out of the shower and leave them on all day until I go to bed. Then I take them off and put the scar cream on. I wear them everyday for the past 6 weeks. I clean them once a week to regain the stickiness.
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Can you tell us what kind of scar sheets and scar cream? I am definitely going to use what your using. Really your scars are so minimal, so early. Especially your vertical, I almost cannot see it at all.
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Hi puppydog, I use scaraway silicone scar sheets and pracasil plus scar cream. :-)
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Wow, your results are amazing!!!!!!
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Thank you miatbt. :-)
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Love your full lift results. Your scars are barely noticeable so soon. Congrats!
  • Reply
I have been using scar cream and sheets for the past few weeks. I'll update pics of the scar healing process soon. :-)
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Girl you look so dang good. Ugh I have a big rib cage and it does make my boobs look smaller. I love ur striped bikin but they all look really good on you. Ur scars are healed up really good too;*}
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hey! you are looking great! i've been so interested in your story because we are similar height/weight/breast size. i would be happy to have results just like yours. my surgery is scheduled for early september, i cannot wait! my ps suggested 350-375 mod plus with a full lift. congrats on your new girls, they look great!
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