40 Years Old, 2 Kids, Weight Loss- Saggy, Deflated Boobs

I have been thinking about getting a breast lift...

I have been thinking about getting a breast lift for years. Before I had kids my breasts were small, barely an A cup. During both pregnancies I gained a lot of weight, even though I exercised and was careful about my diet, and my breasts became enormous. After my second child I lost a lot of weight and my breasts continued to shrink and get more droopy. I finally decided it was time to have a consultation and see what options I had. I knew I probably needed a lift and might want implants as well. I picked my surgeon first on credentials and reviews, then after I met him I knew he was the one for me. Not only was he very knowledgeable, he was also kind and caring. He prefers to do the breast lift first, and then do implants about 3 months later. The reason for this is you will heal better after a lift without the added pressure and strain on the incisions from implants. Then you have a good, solid base when you go back to have the implants. I hate the thought of 2 surgeries, but I want the best results I can get. My lift will cost $5470, this includes physicians fees and anesthesia/facility fees. My Dr. thinks I may be completely happy with just a lift, but I'll have to wait and see after I'm all healed up. If I do get implants, the cost will be $3900. I'm nervous and excited, and I wanted to share my experience throughout this process to help other women. I will post before pictures, and I will update and add pictures after surgery to show my healing process and results. Also, I must add how I was able to pay for my surgery. I have horrible credit due to my ex husband, so getting financing was a challenge. I was able to get a small loan from Avant credit for $2000, and I made payments to the doctor's office for the rest. I made my final payment yesterday and I feel awesome that this surgery will be happening in 41 days!

Change of plans

After much thought and second guessing, I decided to see another surgeon. I kept thinking how much I hated the thought of 2 surgeries. So, I went for a consultation today and will be having a lift with augmentation on 5/12/14. I'm so glad I got another opinion!

Another change of plans

I got a call from my new surgeon this morning. After analyzing my photos he has decided I do need to have 2 surgeries. First the lift, then implants in 3 months. I'm disappointed, but I want the best outcome. The good news is he won't charge me any extra for the second surgery, so I'm getting both for $7700. His reason for wanting to do it in stages is my areolas are so large that it will take a lot to reduce them to the correct size and the concern is the pressure from the implants could cause the incisions to seperate and not heal properly. I'm impressed that the Dr. called me personally to give me this info and didn't have one of his nurses do it. I want to laugh and cry at the same time, this is the kind of luck I seem to have.

Part 1 is done!

I had my breast lift this morning and everything went great. I'm kind of out of it after anesthesia and pain meds so I'll keep this short. My pain level so far is not bad at all and from what I can see just peeking under my surgical bra looks great. I'll post pics in a few days when I can take my bra off and shower. I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning!

After pics

I'm day 7 postop and I feel pretty good. For some reason day 5 was the worst, but I think I did too much day 3 and 4. I still have a lot of bruising and occasionally have sharp pains, most likely nerve pain. I'm posting a few after photos but I still have tape on my breasts so it's hard to see everything, but there is a big difference from my before pics. I will be getting implants in 3 months and I've decided to go ahead and get a tummy tuck at the same time.

Almost 4 weeks postop

My incision are healing well and I feel pretty good. I finally found bras that work and feel comfortable. I will post pics of what I found works for me and doesn't rub the incision under my breasts. I'm also posting pics of my healing incisions. I still have asymmetry that will be corrected with my second surgery.

Pic explanation

The captions for my pics didn't show up. The first one is Adidas light support bra, the next is champion medium support bra, the third is combo if Tommie Copper camisole under surgical bra, the last 2 show my incisions 4 weeks post op.

1 month follow up appointment

I saw my surgeon yesterday for my one month follow up. He said I'm healing very well and the best part is it's safe for me to get into swimming pools, lakes, or rivers. Yay! We talked more about my second surgery which will be the implants and tummy tuck. My only concern is not being able to fully raise my arms for 6 weeks. I thought it was just 2 weeks, I guess I better start practicing now so I can figure out how I'm going to pull my hair up for work and complete some of my tasks at work. My boyfriend may have to be my personal hair stylist for a while. Lol! I plan to have my second surgery in about 2 months, I'll have an exact date next week. I'm nervous and excited!
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Omg one month and your breast scares look so good. Great results!
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you will be glad you did them separate. more precise. i just had # 2
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Awesome results - just had mine done - Love- just lift had enough tissue- You look Fabulous
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AWESOME Results..... Mine are perky as well!!!! 1 happy Camper
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Thanks! My surgeon is great. Can't wait for part 2, implants and tummy tuck. I'll finally have my body back! It's amazing how pregnancy can destroy some women's bodies and other women are only left with a few minor stretch marks.
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You look so good the way you are, jpjm! You're not only not saggy, but your shape is really great and you're not flat-chested at all. I know everybody's aesthetic is different, and we all have a different idea of what we'd like our bodies to look like, but... that being said, I suggest that you read some of the stories and info in the implant removal section here on RS before you decide to have the implants put in. Just so that you know all about everything that getting implants will mean to you. Whatever you decide, I really wish you well. And as I said, you look amazing!
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Thanks! I'm pleased with my results but this is only the first stage. I will be getting implants to restore lost volume and help "perfect" the shape. I know some women have them removed for various reasons, but I'm not worried. I'm not going to get huge implants, just getting back to my size before the lift/reduction.
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I wish you all the best.
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Best wishes to you! I just did a lift with implants one week ago and doing great. I had a facelift 3 months ago so waiting for implants was not an option for me. I'm so glad my doctor was willing to do them in one shot. Also I did not want to wind up a small c cup after the lift. I wanted the full d right away. Do your research on different implants when it's time.
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Jpjm Im so happy for you! Nanziva, my surgery is on the 7th also!
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Thank you! I'm so excited, counting down the days. Good luck to you!
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I wish you the best! I have my surgery coming up on May 7th...:) I am having a lift plus implants. I want to get it out the way and kill two birds with one shot...What exactly is Avant? I am curious...
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Good luck to you! I wanted to do both at the same time, but after talking with my Dr I feel this is the best choice. I may not even need implants after the lift. Avant credit is an online lender that does personal loans. The interest rate is high, but I plan to pay it off quickly so it doesn't really matter. I just needed a little boost to get it all paid for so I could have surgery during my vacation time from work. Since your surgery is a few days before mine, please keep me posted on how you're doing.
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I'm having a lift with implants also! Are you getting silicone or saline?
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