Sientra 370 Silicone Gel Implants and Axilla Lipo

I am 23 years old and have always felt my chest...

I am 23 years old and have always felt my chest did not fit my body. I am 5ft 9 and around 160 lbs so I am not a small person yet have a pretty flat chest ( deflated C Cup) I have wanted surgery since I was 16 and now I think this is the right time for me to do it. I had a pre- op with Dr.Broadway in Denver and have surgery scheduled for April 9th 2014. I have decided on 370 High Projection, Shaped, Textured, Silicone Implants. I have also opted to do liposuction of the Axilla area to get rid of that annoying bra bulge near my armpit as long as I'm having surgery I may as well go for it , right? I'm incredibly nervous and have a lot of questions to ask at my pre op appointment on thursday but I goes that is normal. I will add photos as we go along.

over researching is sort of making me crazy

So tomorrow I fly out to Colorado where I will be staying for a week before my surgery with some friends. I am getting nervous about making the wrong choice and have been pouring through articles, web pages, forums ect trying to do more research about the shaped "gummy bear" implant. I have heard so many mixed things and the more reading I do the more confused I get. I have even gone as far as making a power point filled with questions and pictures to ask Dr.Broadway at my pre op appointment on thursday. I worry that I have a really long chest wall and that getting the shaped implants will leave me with saggy looking breasts. I want a natural look but I also don't want to have to still wear a push up bra all the time
( isn't that the point of getting breast implants!? ) I have read that some people were very unhappy with their shaped implants because they sit low on their chest and look saggy in clothing. Has anyone else read this?
The reason I initially was drawn to these implants was because of the natural look but now I am worried it will be too much of a slope and not make them look perky enough! I really want more breast fullness on the bottom and the doctor said this implant would help with that the most so I know I should trust him .
I really have liked Dr.Broadway when I met him so I want to trust him but I just have a lot of things I hope he can help me sort through before I choose my ultimate breast implant.
While I am looking through all this information on the internet I keep reminding myself of common phrases I think are so true. First- A little bit of knowledge is dangerous- I am reading all sorts of small tidbits of information and trying to piece them together to make a decision about my body regarding other peoples results. I think it is no wonder that I am driving myself crazy, I am looking forward to my meeting with the doctor so he can fully address my concerns and give me the whole picture. He is a triple board certified surgeon so I am trying to put some trust in him!
The other thing I have realized through my obsessive research is that the more I learn the more I realize I know so little. Sure I understand all the basics of the implant pros and cons , incision sites ecct. but when it comes down to it every person is different and I think I am just driving myself crazy trying to look at pictures of other people who I think have similar before pictures and assume I will turn out the same.
Sooo after that long rant I want to ask , has anyone else had the teardrop implant type and felt they were too saggy? or Hard? I also am wondering if anyone has recommendations on anything I should buy to make my days more comfortable while I am healing?

Some before pictures

I'm hoping to fill this dress out after my surgery!

Some more before pics

These are recent pics for more idea of before. I'm completely flat in a swimsuit.

Some more before pics

Pre operation appt

So I had my pre op appt and settled on 370/320 (my right is slightly larger to begin with) textured , high profile shaped implants. Dr.Broadway made me feel much better about the surgery and my choice of implant. I was worried about them looking saggy but since I'm not really to begin with I should have a nice natural result. I also really want the shaped because this allows him to give me more tissue under the nipple which I really want. He is going to use a dual plane method on my left(smaller/little lower) breast so that the implant is part over, part under the muscle, this will allow him to correct the symmetry issues I have and make the folds more even on my breasts along with using different sized implants he assured me I would be more symmetric than I am now. uses drains post op and that part is really grossing me out and I'm sure I will absolutely hate them but he says it really helps with swelling and bruising so I guess he knows what he's doing . I got a long list of prescriptions to pick up today to prepare for surgery. I also have a huge printout book of stuff to read about how to better prepare for surgery and recovery.
The last thing that really is bothering me is the fact that I'm supposed to be off my birth control but I really don't want to get my period during surgery or recovery. Has anyone else had this worry? It's just sort-of the last thing I want to deal with while healing and can't move...
I also am getting liposuction of the Axilla to remove the bra bulge , I'm really excited about this abd he said it will just make my final result that much smoother and prettier! It does add another 45 min and 2,000$ to the surgery but I think it will be really nice and worth it when I'm done:)

2 days till surgery! Really getting nervous and preparing

So in less than 48 hours I will have my new boobies! I am getting so nervous but also really excited. Tomorrow my mom comes to denver and I am picking her up and we are going to stay in a hotel right by the surgery center. My doctor gave me a sleeping pill to take the night before incase I am nervous and can't sleep. I have been using a nasal antibiotic for the past 3 days and have also been cleaning my surgery area with a surgical cleanser hibiclens. I bought a pillow wedge today so that I can prop myself up in bed. I am anxious to see how much pain I am in. I am really worried It will be horrible and I will be on pain meds and will be really hard to take care of. I love my mom so much and am worried I will be cranky to her or mean when I am on the pills. Hopefully I just sleep a lot. I had pockets sewn into the inside of a robe so that I can put my drains in it and not have to pin them on me. I think that is going to be one of the most annoying parts of the surgery. Does anyone have any recommendations that will help make my surgery recovery easier?

Surgery day!

I'm sort of freaking out. My stomach is full of butterflies and I'm just really anxious. Having my mom here actually makes me more tense, I don't know why. She does everything to try to be nice but I'm just nervous and don't really want to talk about things that stress me out right now. I made my bed up for when we get back to the hotel and went shopping for food. I'm really nervous and I just want this over with. My mom is really bad with hospitals so she is just going to walk me in and talk to the nurse about my meds and pick me up after. Sometimes she faints so I don't blame her but I'll be in there all alone! I'm also really nervous about the drains because she told me last night she isn't great with that type of thing either! Looks like I'm on my own. Stressing more about things after surgery than I am about the surgery. Well I'll let you know how it goes!!!

Post op

Well holy shit this sucks . I woke up in a ton of pain from surgery. I really liked the nurses while I was getting prepped. It took 3 people multiple try's to get my IV in. My right breast( smaller implant) hurts twice a such as my left, abd has been draining more. If tgey both felt like my left it would be much easier. Mom has been awedone and fed me abd favs me pills. Sitting up makes it week better and I have cold peas on it . They are super hard and I can't really see them yet. The nipple looks really low n pointy from what I've seen but I was told that's normak

Morning after surgery

So today about 20 hours post op and it still really sucks .i think the Axilla lipo is making it worse even though the nurse told me that's no big deal so I'm not happy about that. I called the office and they said I could double up on my diazepam to help w muscle relaxing. I'm pretty sure I'm not great w pain but it's to the point where I just physically can't even use my right arm past 6 inches without horrible tightening . Has anyone else had extreme differences in pain levels on each breast? I def can't get out of bed alone and even w help it's incredibly painful . I'm hoping it's all worth it cuz right now I can't really even see ltgem cuz they look like torpedoes w my nipples pointing down and I'm hoping they change!

post surgery lymphatic therapy

HI everyone! I hope I didn't scare anyone too badly with my last posts. I think that the axilla lipo ended up being much more painful then I was led to believe and this played a major role in my immobility. 3 days after surgery I had an ultrasonic therapeutic massage which was free from Dr.Broadway to help with recovery ( after lipo only) I scheduled another appointment for monday but i wish i knew multiple treatment were recommended because I would have made one for each day but by that time they were very booked up.

4 days post surgery

So every day gets a little better. I still am in no shape to be up and moving around for very long but I am generally in a lot less pain. At this point is is mainly discomfort and a ton of tightness. Now the left side hurts more than the right and is draining much more. I can't wait for them to drop since they look really high and weird. I am so excited to get the tubes out on monday! I think that will make a big difference.

Some pics

some random tips

So I just wanted to write down a few things that i noticed a few things that helped me as I was healing.
-If you are using drains, it can be sort of annoying to have to pin them to your shirt so I sewed pockets on the inside of a robe so they were not in the way and they were easy to remove to drain.
-I was stuck in bed for several days and had a really hard time getting in and out so I found it helpful to buy a wedge from bed bath and beyond to help keep me upright. I then used pillows for arm rests as well because it helped to keep my arms elevated.
-Another little trick was that I found it hard to scoot myself to the part of the bed I wanted to be at ( middle, so i had room for a pillow on each side to support my arms) So i put a big towel down and my helper would pull the towel along with me which helped a lot since i couldn't use my arms at all the first few days.
-instead of Ice I used frozen peas, they do not melt and they are small and soft and you can adjust the amount you want in each bag.
- ahead of time I downloaded a bunch of series that I wanted to see so I wouldn't get bored.
- my back ended up hurting a lot due to the bed rest so i bought a pulsating massager that really helped loosen up my muscles. ill post a picture of it later incase you are interested. It has several settings and I actually used it before surgery too ( due to other injuries) and I would highly recommend it.
- have someone help you for more than 2 nights. At least have the option , you may not need it but it sure is nice. I would be having a really horribly hard time without my mom here to help me.

Getting my drains removed- Pushing implant down with my hands??? not very happy

So today I finally got my drains removed. It hurt but not that badly , it was more of a stinging sensation. I was a little disappointed at how rushed I felt my appointment was. I had some concerns that I felt like I had a fever and they just took my tempature and said I was fine but didn't really ask any other questions. My main concern was that my right has not dropped hardly at all and I think it looks horrible compared to the left. There right has hardly any fullness under the nipple even though before the surgery this one originally had more fullness. I am not supposed to wear any bandage or bra but the advice I was given was to push down on my breast/implant to try to make it drop. He also said that there is a chance that sometimes they have to open you up to reposition the implant. I don't remember hearing about this before the surgery, I feel a little bit pissed off right now to be honest. Dr.Broadway showed me how to put pressure on my breast to push the implant down then he left.
By the time I got home I was almost in tears, I feel super emotional today because I am worried my right breast will always look like this and I absolutely hate it. I look disfigured . It looks like a bird talon stuck on my chest. (and this used to be my 'good boob" I called the nurse who was at my appointment and asked how often I am supposed to be pushing it down and she said whenever you can, as in ALL THE TIME. I said, "so I am supposed to sit in bed for the next week and use both hands to push down on my breast?" pretty much she said. I feel a bit mislead that I was not told this before the surgery. Luckily I do not have a job right now but most people don't have 10 days off to use both hands to push down their implant. I just wish I was told about this. From reading other peoples stories they just naturally drop or they wear a bandeau to help push them down. I may call back and ask why can't I wear a bandeau? I paid 10.000 4 for surgery I guess I shouldn't feel like a bother. I guess I should end this post so I can get back to my job of pushing my implant down for the next week. Good thing I have someone to take care of me! I just felt rushed and I think that is what is making me the most upset right now. I know it is normal to have ups and downs after surgery and that all surgery has risks but I just felt I wasn't informed that my full time job was to push my implant down. Also why was I not told this when he saw me the day after surgery?! Have I been wasting time that could have possibly ruined my breast? Im going to go cry now. (while pushing down my implant)

Pictures after drains are out

Righty won't drop

Pain pills make me crazy emotional- I finally got to shower!

So last night I was a wreck. I panicked after seeing the doctor because I felt rushed and felt like I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing. I felt like I may have something wrong because my right hasn't dropped yet but after looking at other peoples pictures I guess I am not alone. It just made me nervous when he said to keep pushing down on it or it may have to be reopened. I have a lymphatic treatment later today so hopefully that will help. Again sorry about my rant. I really do like Dr.Broadway I think I just felt insecure and needed a little more hand holding and reassurance that it would be ok. Ill let you know how it goes. Today I am leaving my hotel and my mom is going home so I will be on my own. Well sort of, I'm staying with a friend but am not expecting her to help me at all. I finally got to shower today and that felt awesome! I still get really exhausted after doing anything for more than 30 min so I guess i will need to just take it easy. I am cleaning my wound with half water and half hydrogen peroxide and putting neosporin on it after. Sometimes it feels like I am stretching the wound open so I just put extra creme on it. That never leaves my side! I have reduced my pills to one muscle relaxer during the day and one at night with a pain pill if I can't sleep but I really don't want to use them at all. I was told I can come off the antibiotic now so that is nice as well. I take tylenol every 6 hours and that has been holding me pretty good so far!

9 days post op

So I'm really starting to feel normal again. I went out with some friends last night for drinks (only one for me! I know booze is a no no while healing) the hardest part is figuring out what to wear since I can't wear a bra yet. The right implant is still riding higher and tighter but not nearly as bad. My armpit area still is pretty sore because of the lipo but I love the results. Sometimes my nipples are really sensitive and the incision point is healing pretty good. I have dissolvable stitches and one was sticking out and poking my scar so I I had my friend snip it and it was way better after! It just was a tiny part sticking out I don't think it made any difference in my healing. The photos don't make them look as good as they do in person. I'm really happy with them so far. There is zero bruising and I have only been taking Tylenol during the day and occasionally a muscle relaxer. I've still been going out of my way to rest a lot and lay down when I feel tired. I ordered a bra for when I can wear it hopefully starting Tuesday!

Bikini pic

This is the same suit, a month before surgery and 9 days after. I only put it on for a pic. I'm not supposed to wear anything yet
Denver Plastic Surgeon

I've only met him once but I thought he was great. I have my ore op appt tomorrow!

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Hi, wondering how your recovery is going?
  • Reply gets better!!! I had a really rough first 4 days then all of a sudden I was doing everything on day 5....still pretty sore sometimes though:/ I was told the same thing as you, just massage up down and to the sides and eventually they will drop. I actually decided to use a soft bra and put it over the top of my breasts like a compression works great and I can actually tell where the pockets he made are! I wear that a couple hours a day, and massage five times a day:) Good luck!!
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I know the emotional roller coaster can be draining but you know it passes and it will get better. Your results look great and after your through the healling process you will be happier :) I really wanted to get lipo with my surgery but i just couldn't afford it. Can i ask if you had cellulite before your surgery? I wanted lipo to get rid of some hail damage but my PS says lipo wouldnt do that :( If you had any I'm curious to know if you see any changees throughout your recovery process. Good luck i hope your mood gets better. try getting 5HTP it's at any whole food store or vitamen shop. It helps balance your mood. :D
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Thanks so much for the recommendation. I actually have some that ill take this afternoon! I Just had a melt down last night ,this process is truly a roller coaster and I think the pain pills make me super emotional. As to your question about the lipo I didn't really have cellulite before in the area that I had the lipo done. I only had it on the axilla where the armpit meets the top of your breast tissue. If you look at the picture where I am wearing the pink sports bra you can see the excess "tissue" that sticks out that I had the lipo done. (that picture makes it look worse than it actually was) I was told that the axilla is actually breast tissue and having a lot of it high up like I did was genetic. I did not have cellulite in that area, it was more like thick skin. I think there are new procedures that aren't as invasive as lipo which can help with cellulite, ask your PS. Thanks so much for the support, I feel much better already today and just needed to realize that this is not what my boobs are going to look like forever! Best of luck!
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Hi, I had mine on Monday, it's been not been a easy recovery, I'm sore, hard and swollen, one hurts more then the other and nipples looking pointy I've been told this is all normal, No brusing to what I can see as there covered in sticky dressing which I can take off on Saturday, Are you feeling any better today?
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I just doubled my muscle relaxer that helped. I have really gotten to look at them cuz it's too painful to look. I think the Axilla lipo makes it worse but it's the top that hurts the most abd it's hard to move at all and I keep slipping down in my bed abd it's nearly impossible to get back up
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Ahh bless you, hopefully a few more days and you're feel a bit better, I was told rest rest and rest, I have and feeling 75% better, I'm on day 5 on recovery.
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how are you feeling? Im on day 5 now and I feel quite a bit better. Most of it is mental at this point and I'm just freaking out that my right one is not dropping like the left! do you like your results?
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Hi, I'm day 8 now, I drove today for the first time, it was ok but I wouldn't want to do longer distance , I can do most things now just a lot slower and carefully. My boobs are still very hard and softer around the sides, I don't have any sensation on one of my nipples, I'm happy with them, I'm finding these sports bras uncomfortable , how about you? How's it going now?
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Good Luck!!!!!
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Good luck today! Can't wait to see your after pictures. Not many examples on here of the tear drop shape.
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I'll post some as soon as I can stand up long enough or take off the bandeau. I'll try to get some with the drains too just so you have an idea!
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Eeks. Creepy. If can see medically things on other people (only for a second) but seeing a drain on me... yikes. If would really need to be on xanax or something the whole time to keep me from passing out.
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I did not go out my birth control (apparently when they suggested me to do it, it would have been too late anyway). I had no troubles at all . Good luck.. post pics when possible :) C
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Thanks!! I didn't either and I'm fine now!
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Hi, I have my BA May 29th. Have to decide between shaped or round textured sientras. maybe 410cc at least. After reading a lot online I'm thinking that I'm going with the round textured..... going to talk to my Dr about why shaped would be better but I don't want to have to wear a push up bra... I liked the idea of them looking more natural but I think its really not the look I want to go for after all. Would you let me know what your dr suggest and why? Thanks
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Congrats on deciding to get the surgery! I just had my pre operation consult yesterday and it went great. I was worried about the shaped implant making me look saggy but Dr.Broadway help reassure me that I wouldn't. He said a lot has to so with the shape of your breast before surgery and also the fact that I'm choosing high profile shaped implants. The high profile will give me the fullness I desire on top (not necessarily have to wear a push-up) but also help me gain fullness below the nipple which is something important to me. He also suggested the textured since he believes that espically in shaped implants they stay put much better and he has had less that .5% capsular contraction rates which is much lower than the national average. I also really liked that the shaped /textured ones seem to last longer without moving/changing shape at all since I am pretty young I would like to keep these implants for 20 years then get them replaced after I have children ( hopefully!) I was really nervous about the shaped implant looking saggy but just talk to your doctor and have realistic expectations, I found it frustrating not having a lot of pictures to look at because they are relatively new but ill post some of my surgery you can see before you make your final decision in May! I also am super nervous about having pictures of my breasts on the internet but I really feel I needed to help others see results of this type of implant since there isn't a lot of pictures!
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I didn't know the shaped came in mp hp so on. That does seem nice to have natural AND higher profile. I'm going to ask my Dr about this. Did your Dr talk about the oval shape too? I'm so excited to get boobs. Cant believe that its actually going to happen. Keep us posted on your surgery!!
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My doctor gave me the choice of moderate or high profile for the Sientra anatomically shaped implant. Both the oval and the round base offer a high profile option from Sientra. I actually never did talk about the oval, I just told him what I was looking for and based on my body he recommended the hp round for my desired results. Im so nervous. My mom comes into town tomorrow night to stay with me and take me to my surgery the following morning. Ill keep you posted on how everything goes!
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