A Year and a Half with Implants Time to Get Them Out - implant removal, no lift, partial capsulectomy

I am 23 y/o and had my breast augmentation in Oct...

I am 23 y/o and had my breast augmentation in Oct of 2012. Both breast have started to have capsular contracture and a nodule in the cleavage of my right breast. I have 300cc in my left and 330cc in my right breast. Before the implants I was a full B/small C and now I am a D/DD. I have been debating getting a lift because if I am going to have small boobs again, I want them to be small PERKY boobs. After seeing 4 doctors, I have decided to go without the lift since I haven't had kids yet and will probably want a lift after I have kids and breastfeed (some day far far away). I am still VERY nervous about not getting the lift but I want to do the least invasive surgery possible…and if I am REALLY upset about the outcome, I can opt for a lift then (crossing my fingers I won't need it though!!!).
A lift is only helpful to raise the nipple-areolar complex above your inframammary fold (if your nipples fall below the crease under your breast) and to reduce the size of large, stretched areolas. Your youth, short time you've had implants, and natural perkiness of your breasts and still-small diameter of your areolas even with implants make a lift unnecessary at this point in your life. When you explant, it will take some time and patience for your skin to retract, but it will if you allow it to. Your idea of going with the least invasive surgery to get the job done is a good one, each additional incision and procedure adds risks of complications and undesirable outcome and must be weighed against the potential benefit. Your nipple-areola couldn't be more perfectly placed at this juncture in your life, so the benefit of a lift would be negligible, while the potential negatives of scars, loss of sensation, or future breast feeding complications could be devestating. With explant I believe it's better sooner than later, and better late than never. You have soon-ness and youth on your side, so take advantage of it and enjoy returning to your natural self.
Thank you so much for that insightful advice and support!
Sorry about the capsular contracture and nodules. I'm glad you're able to get them out though. At least now you know they're not for you. Please keep us updated on your journey back to au naturel. You have an automatic support group in us.

Less than a month until surgery!

So after seeing 5 different doctors I decided on Dr. Stoker in Marina del Rey, CA. I am going to do the explant with a partial or full capsulectomy. The doctor will decide whether partial or full is best during the surgery. This will also determine whether or not I will have drains post surgery which will be fine either way- although I would prefer to get back to work asap and I think I would have to take at least a full week off if I have drains. But I ultimately just want whatever the doctor thinks is best.

I decided on Dr. Stoker because he was honest and understood what I wanted and gave me great advice. I knew I wanted my implants OUT, I knew I didn't want to replace them, I wanted perky boobs again, I didn't want scars from a lift, and I wanted to have the least invasive procedure possible. Instead of pushing the idea of exchanging implants or proceeding with a lift (like many of the other doctors) he explained that since I am young and haven't had kids, that I would probably be pleased with just having an explant. He eased my nerves by saying that I should look at the decision of just getting an explant without a lift, as a relief. And if I am unhappy, I can always come back and get a lift and the scars would likely be smaller rather than jumping the gun and getting the lift and explant all at once.

So with this all being said, my surgery date is 5/6/14!!!! Nervous and excited!

I feel like I will have to hide my boobs from my boyfriend for a month though. :( I don't want him seeing them all deformed during the initial healing process... Is that terrible? Shouldn't I be comfortable? Ugh...


Had the surgery at 7am this morning. Everything went smoothly. I am currently wrapped up and haven't peeked at the ladies yet- I was told to keep all dressing on. I am very excited to take a look though. I have no drains and will be meeting with Dr. Stoker tomorrow- more pics to come.
You look great BTW! Happy day!
“I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.” -Paul Simon
Congratulations! Your implants looked good but your own breasts looked better, I bet you're excited to see them again! You didn't have them long so you have a great chance of getting back to how you were, just give it time. Best wishes.

Yay! I love my boobs again!

Went to my first post op appointment and got to see the girls! I love them- I still have swelling and drooping but I have faith that time will help! I have steri strips over my areola incisions- can't get them wet for 72 hours and have another follow up appointment on May 16th- they will be removing/changing the strips then. Overall I am very very happy that Dr. Stoker was an advocate for the implant removal without the lift! Less invasive, smaller scars, shorter healing time, and less $$!
Bless you. I am so pleased your boobs look as lovely as before implants. You are so young and were perfect before implants. Now you are perfect and natural. Wishing you quick healing. xx
you are so sweet. thank you so much :)
You look great! Rest and heal!

Soft boobs

So not much progress has occurred since the last picture I posted. My boobs are soft...very soft...I'm wondering if they will firm up a bit? I'm hoping so. I'm also super curious about my areola incision. I had some buckling under my nipples due to my breast augmentation scar adhering to the capsule around my implant. My PS has tried to correct it but only time will tell if that worked.
Wow, I hope I look that good post-op ! Congratulations!
I agree with Jessica87 you are beautiful breasts pre implant. You look good after your explant as well and it takes time to firm up. Happy healing. :)
You had great boobs pre-implant!!! & they already look pretty darn perfect post removal! You SO SMART to remove quickly and while your still young, implants only cause problems and it just gets worse the longer you have them! Enjoy your healing & your new soft natural set!!! :)

Wish I could go to the gym

I'm having trouble staying still and not doing anything active. Good news is I go back to work tomorrow...I just hope I don't overexert myself. Other than that I am very very happy. Besides my boobs being overly squishy, I think I like my boobs even more than pre implants. Is that crazy? Or maybe I just appreciate them a lot more... either way I'm a happy girl. I hope everyone is having a great day. xo
Beautiful results! I just had explant surgery seven days ago and feel liberated!! Hope you do too!
those look fabulous! So great to see a happy ending.
You look great fab results, good luck with the rest of your recovery :)
Dr. Stoker

Great thus far!

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