Removing my 500cc over the Muscle Silicone Implants

In 1992 when I was 20 I had my first set of...

In 1992 when I was 20 I had my first set of implants. I was a skinny kid with 32AAA breasts. Here are the surgeries I have had: 1992 - 325cc saline implants. I went from a 32AAA to a 34B+ 1993 - had 325cc implants overfilled to 350cc because of rippling. Now a 34B++ 1997 - went from 350cc saline to 550 silicone round smooth implants. Now a 34D 2003 - went from 550cc silicone implants to 700cc silicone implants. Now a 34DD/36D (amazing that that's all the "bigger" I was) 2007 - went from 700cc silicone implants to 500cc silicone implants. This is where I am currently at and I'm a 34D. I want them removed. My scars are long and visible under my breasts (or really just on the lower part of my breast under the nipple). I have zero sensation to the point that I don't even like my breasts being touched on the lower half because it freaks me out. Both my plastic surgeon and my OB/GYN have expressed their concerns over my wanting to have them removed because of the fact that I have absolutely NO natural breast tissue. There is a tiny sliver of breast tissue directly behind my nipples but that is it. I am 100% implant. I have considered just getting a very small implant instead (like a 150cc) but I really just want to be free! I so much appreciate the women who have shared their stories on this site. It truly has helped so much. The only thing that I see that really worries me is that all of the women either have at least some amount (even if itty bitty) breast tissue or they have none but only had the implants in for a short period of time. I have zero breast tissue and I've had these suckers for 20+ years. I'm currently at 115lbs.
Thank you for that, I agree. Does anyone else feel this.............Until these damn things are out, I just want to put life on hold. I've become a voluntary recluse!! I don't want to socialise any more with these ticking time bombs and reinforcing my big breast image. I want to disappear until I emerge flat chested!!! I keep reminding myself that Jane Birkin was flat chested and she put out the 'sexiest record ever' and Chanel called a handbag the Birkin after her!!! I know they weren't in quite the mess mine are going to be in but I have to cling on to the small things.....literally!!!!
Two weeks post healing is slow; perhaps due to my age, my immunity system or even the fact I could have had a poison slowly leaking into my body for the past... 32 years??? :0 I form Keloid scar tissue naturally; maybe I'll have enough scar tissue to fill a small bra cup!harhar BUT, WITH THAT SAID.... I am uber excited to have the feeling of loose "soft" skin in my hands!! It reminds me of being about 17 and complaining to my daddy (one of my absolute heros in life) about the size of my boobs and boys and yadda yadda; his reply? "Oh honey, you're so beautiful, besides...remember more than a mouthful is a waste". Oh that I would have relied on his words of wisdom and seen myself through his eyes. I suppose, MB, that you are a grown woman, and I'm just going to tell ya straight up... SET THE DATE, because you will feel soooo much better! Specialized bras can be a teence pricey, but hey, certainly far more cost effective than a 7k-9k surgery!! You could have one of every color and still come out ahead of that price range!! Oh, and...just on a "smaller" :-p note. This weekend at a wedding for close friends I was asked several times If I had lost weight...rofl. I chose NOT to share the surgery info with ANYONE but my daughter who was my ride to and from. That felt GREAT!! Oh, and I'm not a small person; I am 6'6 1/2" and go between 140-150 like a constant yo-yo...though not as proportionate as when they were in; to date it was/is still worth having them removed! Tata...for now!
Hi MBgirl. That is a lot of surgeries, a lot of money, a lot of pain....for, not much success. It seems your body doesn't like having implants, and that surgeons are more than happy to keep trying if you are. You said you want off the roller coaster, and it sure seems that's what it is, a roller coaster from hell, I'd say. Its completely understandable you want them out and this to be over, but are afraid of the results. We are all afraid. Some more than others depending on age, breast tissue volume, and implant size and duration. I had my removal 10 days ago, am 48, had implants for 10 years, very thin skin over implants, and minimal breast tissue. I was determined to get them out because I didn't want to continue with surgeries, plus they hurt every damn day. I realized I was not a good 'candidate' for removal in a plastic surgeons eyes, but I was a perfect candidate in my eyes. I did not listen to, 'you will not be happy', 'you will have flat empty sacs' and 'you will definitely need a lift, and possibly still, a small implant'. I decided my health and happiness was more important than perfect boobs. Period. If, after explant, like a year later I was devastated by their appearance, I may consider another donut lift...but it would have to be pretty damn bad! And, even at 10 days after explant, there is no way I will need further surgery. If I was in your situation, I would explant, wait a year, and consider a lift if you are absolutely unable to live with the appearance. I am not in your body though, and it is ultimately you who needs to be happy. I will be uploading pictures this week after I get the tape off, and that will be at 2 weeks post off. I weigh 115 and am 5'4". I couldn't be happier, feel so much better physically, have no further surgeries to worry about, and I would like to see you in the same boat.The happy boat. Instead of a slave to surgery, pain, worry, implant boat!

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