36 Years of Age, Cohesive Gel 200cc Over Muscle - Can't Wait to Get Them Out!

I had relatively small cohesive gel implants put...

I had relatively small cohesive gel implants put in in 2007. I was always very small, and always dreamed of having "normal" breasts. While my breasts protruded out from my body, they didn't have any hang to them - almost cone-like in shape. I always felt as if that made me insufficient as a woman. In my late 20's I had the funds, and figured I would treat myself to something I had always wanted.

I never wanted to have large breasts, I figured that would look too obvious on my small frame (105 lbs at the time, and only 5'1"). I did the rice test, and my surgeon was shocked that what I was looking for was only around 200cc , but was very supportive of my choice. I had gone into the process thinking that I wanted to get saline, as I figured it was the "safer" option, but let myself be talked into getting the cohesive gel instead.

Surgery was fine, no issues. I was out shopping the next day. At first I loved them - i actually felt normal. Over the next year I gained about 10-15lbs. At the time I just figured it had to do with lifestyle changes that had also occurred around the same time. While I ate relatively well and worked out most days of the week, there was nothing I could do to shake the weight.

Jump forward a couple of years, I wanted to get off of hormonal birth control, and figured that a copper IUD was the way to go. It seemed like the perfect solution - birth control without the hormones (I've never tolerated drugs well in general, and wanted to reduce or eliminate all drug intake). Immediately after getting the IUD I started getting cyst like acne on my face, chest and back. It's super embarrassing. Doctors were stumped, and could only offer up that it was my body's response to no longer being on the pill. As the years went on, the acne stayed, and I developed a slew of other symptoms. My weight continued to increase, my energy level decreased, my hair began to fall out in excessive amounts, my memory failed on a regular basis, brain fog was a reoccurring issue (words would disappear from my mind in mid sentence, and still do), libido plummeted, the ability to orgasm disappeared (I know! how does that happen?!?!), and anxiety/racing thoughts.

I did some online research, and found that there are other women who had been experiencing the same symptoms who also had the copper IUD. I had it taken out immediately - and while my symptoms didn't disappear, some did improve (hair is better, and orgasms are back - yay!, and some of the mind issues have been lessened). However the things that are bothering me the most - the weight, acne, and overall brain fog - are still an issue. That got me thinking. If my body reacted so strongly to a little piece of copper, which was inserted for utilitarian purposes, what could these implants be doing to me (which were done for purely cosmetic reasons)? While I only made mental notes of the symptoms after the IUD since the acne made it very obvious, some of the other symptoms were there before, specifically the weight gain, brain fog and hair loss. Those I just wrote off as part of the aging process - but now I'm thinking there's more to it.

While I wanted the implants to make me feel "normal" breast-wise, I'd give anything to feel "normal" again in every other aspect. I guess I'm glad I didn't go bigger, as I feel the decision to have them removed might be a bit harder. There's a tiny bit of me that wants to keep them, but then the rest of me hates that part.

I want the capsule removed, along with the implants. As the capsule can absorb and contain the silicone, I want it gone. Most surgeons in my area (Toronto, Ontario) will do an explant, however most want to leave the capsule as it gives a better look. I'm not interested in the look, and am more interested in my health going forward. I did some research, and found a few surgeons who will remove the capsule - and have a consultation booked for the end of May. I wish I could bump it up, but will take what I can get. I can't wait to have them removed, and hopefully begin to feel a bit more like myself.

Pre Explant Photo

I'm sure this Pre Explant photo will closely resemble many of your After Explant photos.
I just recently found my paperwork of the implant surgery, and I was wrong about the size, just slightly. They are 220cc.
I feel embarrassed that I did this to myself, what was I thinking? If I could go back and talk to pre implant me, I would have so many things to say.
Also, a huge thank you to everyone on this forum. You have all given me such amazing support just by sharing your stories and photos. It's very inspiring!
Have you managed to find a surgeon yet? I've had 2 consultations just to see what my options are, one said if I was explanted id be deflated, saggy and would need a lift, the second said the skin should retract quite well and I wouldn't need a lift, so hard! The second was Adrian Richards who has removed a lot of pip implants so figured he'd have a good idea x
Hi Tracy78 Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, I have found a surgeon, and have a consult in about a month. Due to the way the health care system works over here, I chose to do my own research and hand choose the surgeon I wanted. Had I just wanted a straight explant, I could have had them out months ago. I went through several explant message boards, and found a loacal doctor that sounds to be very open and understanding and would have no issues doing the explant with capsule removal. There are many other doctors who say they will do the capsule removal, but when women get into the process with them, they try to talk them out of it. That's not what I want, I want all of it out. I have decided that I will not get a lift. I'm sure there will be a bit of saggyness, but I think I'm ok with that. Sounds like Adrian Richards would have a fairly good idea of the final outcome if he has a lot of explant experience. Having looked at a lot of the before/after explant photos on this site, it looks like only the women who have gone quite big and/or have rather saggy breasts require a lift. Plus, it takes a bit of time for the skin/tissues to retract, so how they look week 1 post will be nothing like how they will look at 6 months post. Have you made any decisions? Booked a surgery date?
It's not easy is it! I'm penciled in for explant on June 9th , have a second consultation with Mr Richards tomorrow to go through the process more. Different surgeons have different approaches so gets really hard to know what's best.x

They are coming OUT!

And I couldn't be happier! Still about 6 weeks to go, but the countdown has begun. The surgeon will be performing a capsulectomy, no lift, and no drains. I'm really hoping that start to feel more like myself shortly after they are removed.
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